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AGBU ARMENIA NEWSLETTER Yerevan, Armenia IN THIS ISSUE  AGBU Central Board meets in Geneva (p. 1)  AGBU President speaks about French Senate’s draft bill on Armenian Genocide (p. 2)  AGBU-AYA “Ahramjian” Center opens in Beirut (p. 2, 3)  AGBU Central Board member Sam Simonian received by the Yerevan Mayor (p. 3)  AVC virtual tour in Matenadaran (p. 4)  AGBU AVC presentation in Tbilisi (p. 4)  AGBU AVC announced Spring Term 2012 (p. 4)  Second phase of NUR starts in Artsakh (p. 5)  AGBU Yerevan Scouts ascend mount Hatis (p. 5)  Eduard Topchjan’s first concert with Spain’s Premium Symphony Orchestra (p. 6)  Winter events of AGBU Youth Centers (p. 6)  UGAB Jeunes receives RA Diaspora Ministry award (p. 7)  AGBU Diaspora Youth programs in Armenia and Moscow for summer 2012 (p. 7)  Editor-in-chief of AGBUAYA “Khosnag” magazine Hampig Mardirossian awarded RA state medal (p. 8)


ARMENIAN GENERAL BENEVOLENT UNION CENTRAL BOARD MEETS IN GENEVA The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Central Board of Directors just completed two days of meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, where Board members discussed a host of topics, including new programs and projects, education initiatives and upcoming events across the globe. Also attending the meetings were representatives of AGBU Council of Trustees, AGBU Europe and the Strategic Advisory Council to the Board. "It had been the practice and tradition of the Central Board to hold its meetings from time to time in Switzerland, where the worldwide organiAGBU Central Board and AGBU CB member Vahe Gabrache of Geneva zation has been incorporated since 1924. In addition, Geneva provided an ideal location for Board members from around the world to convene, report on projects underway and break ground on new initiatives," said AGBU President Berge Setrakian. "With Armenia, Karabakh, our Church, and the Diaspora all at critical junctures, the work of AGBU and our chapters on every continent has never been more important."

Central Board member and representative of AGBU in Switzerland, Vahe Gabrache of Geneva, coordinated the weekend meetings and discussions, Andreas Zoulikian passed and with his spouse, Huguette Gabrache, helped organize the social activiaway (p. 8) ties. Among the events was a dinner hosted by the Hagop Topalian Foundation, a Swiss-based AGBU affiliate, where local Armenian community leaders had the opportunity to meet and speak with the AGBU leadership on issues specific to the Geneva community, as well as Armenia and the Diaspora.

AGBU Veteran member Dr.

"To have all these talented professionals from diverse backgrounds and geographies come to Geneva was gratifying," said Board member Vahe Gabrache. "Their commitment to AGBU and its many programs in Armenia and the Diaspora is obvious as was their appreciation for the hospitality of the local Armenian community here in Geneva." Armenian General Benevolent Union was incorporated in Lausanne in 1924 and it serves as the holding company for most of AGBU's assets in Europe and the Middle East. Vahe Gabrache serves as its "administrateur délégué" and legal representative of the organization in Switzerland. AGBU carries its activities in Switzerland through its affiliate organization, the Topalian Foundation.

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AGBU PRESIDENT SPEAKS TO FRENCH NEWS ABOUT PASSING OF GENOCIDE BILL BY THE FRENCH SENATE On January 24th, ignoring all the threats of sanctions from Turkey, French senators approved a measure outlawing the public denial of genocides, including the Armenian Genocide. The draft law passed by the Senate makes it illegal for anyone to deny that the mass killing of ethnic Armenians by the Ottaman Turks in 1915 amounted to genocide. Under the law public denial would be punishable by a jail sentence of one year and a €45,000 fine. The vote, which came after an eight-hour debate, is now likely to incite the wrath of Turkey who had earlier threatened to impose “permanent” sanctions against Paris if the law was passed. Soon after the passage of the bill in the French Senate which criminalized denial of the Armenian Genocide, France 24 spoke to the AGBU President for his perspective: “This law will bring the Armenian issue to a different international forum,” said AGBU Berge Setrakian, speaking to France 24 from New York. “The major powers will focus more on this issue and hopefully now we can try and find a solution with Turkey. This will be good for Turkey too because they have been in a permanent state of denial about it.” Setrakian accepted the fallout from the bill could have a detrimental effect on Armenia’s own relations with their neighbours. “I think it is most likely Turkey will retaliate and render our lives more difficult, but this is a price the Armenians are willing to pay”, he said. France’s lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, had already approved the bill in a vote on December 23, 2011. That vote had prompted Turkey to recall its ambassador for consultations. The author of the bill was Valerie Boyer, member of the French parliament, who could not help her tears and excitement after the adoption of the bill. The AGBU President Berge Setrakian bill was approved by a vote of 127 and 86 and empowers the courts to jail anyone who denies the genocide claim. However, the parliament members, who were against the adoption of the bill, managed to collect 76 signatures, instead of the required 60, to appeal the bill in the Constitutional Court of France. The Court discussed the matter on February 28th and declared the draft law anti-constitutional. President Sarkozy assigned the government to prepare a new draft. France officially recognized the Armenian killings as genocide in 2001.

RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY TAKES PLACE FOR AGBU-AYA AHRAMJIAN CENTER IN BEIRUT Attended by a crowd of hundreds of enthusiastic AGBU members, community supporters and leaders, the opening of the AGBU-AYA Ahramjian Cultural Center took place on January 28, 2012, in Beirut Lebanon. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of the founding of the AGBU Armenian Youth Association (AYA). Cutting the ceremonial ribbon was AGBU President Berge Setrakian. In attendance were Lebanon's Minister of Industry Vrej Sabounjian; Armenia's Ambassador to Lebanon Ashot Kocharyan; AGBU Lebanon District Chairman Gerard Tufenkjian; Archbishop Kegham Khatcherian, Prelate of the Diocese of Lebanon; Lebanese MP's Arthur Nazarian and Hagop Pakradouni; Bourj Hammoud mayor Antranig Misirian and Baouchrieh-Jedeideh mayor Antoine Bshara; AGBU President Berge Setrakian (second from left) AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian; cuts the ceremonial ribbon to the AGBU Ahramjian Cultural Center AGBU AYA Lebanon Chairman Garo Djeghelian; benefactor Yercho Samuelian, and several other AGBU Lebanon and AYA members to applaud the joyful occasion. (Continued on page 3)

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RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY... (see page 2) On this occasion, welcoming remarks were delivered in Arabic by Aida Rizk, who noted that the intention of the Ahramjian Center was to encourage youth and to cultivate educational programs. She also expressed the hope that this facility would play its role in society to promote Armenian culture.

Hampig Mardirossian, editor of Khosnag, the official organ of AGBU Lebanon District Committee, emphasized that, despite various difficulties, the Lebanese-Armenian community has maintained its vitality and continues the commitment in preserving and cultivating the Armenian identity. In his remarks, AGBU President Berge Setrakian gave special thanks to all those who made this project a reality. He went on to emphasize AGBU's role in unifying the efforts of all Armenian organizations operating in Lebanon. Speaking on behalf of the AGBU Central Board of Directors was Vasken Yacoubian, the body's Middle East and Armenia coordinator, who noted that this center was bound to become the hub of the entire local Armenian community through its productive and lively activity. Stressing in his benediction that the establishment of this center was the continuation of AGBU's devoted service to the Armenian nation, Abp. Khatcherian adAGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian addresses those present ded that the contribution of benefactor Yercho Samuelian, founder of the Tricolor Fund, reflected true philanthropy. Through a major gift, Samuelian had underwritten the costs for furnishing the entire facility. Appreciation was also expressed to Shahe Khatchadourian, who had donated not only a piano, but assisted in the task of equipping the center, and to Vergine Jerejian, who had donated the entire book collection belonging to her husband, Vahrich. The Ahramjian Center was originally built in 1953 through a donation by the Ahramjian Brothers to AGBU, and was used as a school for some five decades by the Prelacy of the Armenian Church of Lebanon. Following the closure of the school, the facility was transferred to AGBU. The structure will now house the Khosnag offices, the Vahram Papazian Theater Group, the Amanos Chapter and youth division, a small library, as well as a seated auditorium.

FOUNDER OF “TUMO” CENTER AND AGBU CENTRAL BOARD MEMBER SAM SIMONIAN RECEIVED BY MAYOR OF YEREVAN Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan had a meeting with AGBU Central Board member and the founder of Tumo center for creative technologies Sam Simonian and the administration of the center. Greeting the implementation of out-ofschool educational programs of the center, Taron Margaryan offered continuous support of the Municipality in the center’s activities. Speaking about the activity and the mission of the center for creative technologies, the founder of the center Sam Simonian noted that this center had been the dream of his family for 10 years and it came true in the capital. “Children’s love towards our center encourages us and we look forward to implementing joint education programs with the Municipality”, said Sam Simonian. Since 2011 the center has provided free training for teenagers in animation, video game design, website development and digital media. The Mayor expressed his gratitude to the founders of “Tumo” for the implementation of such large investAGBU Central Board member Sam Simonian received by Yerevan Mayor ment programs in the capital and expressed willingness to cooperate within the frames of educational programs, as the policy of the Municipality in education is also targeted at the quality increase through the use of information technologies as well. The Mayor presented the guests the programs and activities being implemented in general education. He also thanked the “Tumo” center founders for active and continuous participation in the improvement and landscaping of the largest park in Yerevan’s Achapnyak district - Tumanyan Park. Page 3



A VIRTUAL TOUR WITH AGBU AVC TO ONE OF THE WORLD’S RICHEST REPOSITORIES OF ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS - MATENADARAN On February 1st, the AGBU Armenian Virtual College organized its first Online Virtual Tour of “Matenadaran”, one of the world’s richest repositories of ancient manuscripts located in Yerevan. Students from all over the world took part in this unprecedented virtual event. It was an hour of fascinating information about the ancient manuscripts conducted through an unforgettable virtual tour also aired on the Matenadaran official website. It also included a new informative presentation and some very interesting stories prepared by AVC online instructors, and as well as an introduction to the recently constructed addition to the “Matenadaran”. Through the virtual event, students were able to see one of the world’s richest depositories of medieval manuscripts and books which span a broad range of subjects, including history, philosophy, medicine, literature, art history and cosmography in Armenian as well as other languages. The event was a huge step forward in AVC’s mission of educating its students in Armenian language, history and culture while also creating and providing a strong bond and social network among students from all over the world.

AGBU AVC PRESENTATION IN TBILISI On February 26th, in cooperation with the Embassy of Georgia in Armenia and through the initiative of “Hayartun” Cultural Center in Tbilisi, the official presentation of the new lab of the AGBU Armenian Virtual College was held in the “Calouste Gulbenkyan” hall in Tbilisi attended by representatives of different organizations, community figures and AVC students. The coordinator of the AVC branch in Tbilisi, Marie Arakelova, started the event with a brief introduction of AGBU’s mission and role in preservation of Armenian identity and especially the invaluable work and commitment of the union in the field of education. Through a film, the audience learned about the teaching mechanisms of AVC, which can be used by everyone regardless of age, country or level of knowledge. Later on, the AVC new lab, located in the Armenian Apostolic Church “Hayartun” Center, was presented. Its opening was made possible through the efforts of AGBU and Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan, head of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Thanks to AGBU, the AVC lab in “Hayartun” was fully equipped with computers. During the event a live connection was established with the AVC Yerevan office. Dr. Hasmik Khalapyan, the Academic Director of AVC, congratulated Official presentation of the new AGBU AVC lab in Tbilisi the audience on the occasion of the AVC new lab. AVC local committee member Talar Kazanjian and AVC online instructor and hybrid program coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan spoke about the new AVC lab in Tbilisi and upcoming events. After watching the film about AVC, Marie Arakelova answered questions and encouraged the audience to take this opportunity and learn the Armenian language, Armenian history and culture through the Armenian Virtual College, thereby increasing the number of people who speak the language of their ancestors.

AGBU AVC ANNOUNCES ENROLLMENT FOR SPRING TERM 2012 The AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is pleased to announce the opening of its enrollment period for Spring Term 2012. The following courses are offered in multiple languages (including Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) and on multiple levels:

    

Eastern Armenian Western Armenian History of Armenia Introduction to Armenian Architecture Introduction to Armenian Music

The classes start on April 2, and end on June 5. For enrollment, please visit the AVC portal at, create your log-in and submit your enrollment application.

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SCHOOLCHILDREN OF ARTSAKH GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH XO Second phase of NUR underway Phase 2 of the NUR (New Educational Strategy) program kicked off in the schools of Stepanakert and Shoushi on February 6th. 1-4th graders will be getting acquainted with the capacities and mechanisms of the XO computers designed specifically for educational purposes. Initially only 100 computers were distributed to start off training classes in three schools. Eventually, the process included all schools in Stepanakert and Shoushi. AGBU Armenian Representation’s NKR projects coordinator Sassoun Baghdassarian said on the occasion, “The duration of the introduction process depends on the number of children in the given school. The introductory classes in all the schools in Stepanakert and Shoushi will finish by the end of February”. Schoolchildren will receive their XOs by the end of March. To make the distribution process run more smoothly and finish it in a week’s period, lists of all the children, along with their personal data, are XO computers distributed among schoolchildren of Artsakh currently being developed. Another important part of NUR is internet accessibility at schools, which is why currently all the schools included in the NUR project are being connected to the internet. “According to our preliminary agreement the internet is being provided by the NKR government. The WiFi devices will be provided by the organizers of NUR. This issue will be solved by mid-March”, said Sassoun Baghdassarian. He also added that the children will receive their computers even if the installation of internet connection at schools is delayed due to technical reasons. The school of Qarin Tak, included in the NUR project, will also receive computers, despite certain difficulties. Raya Baghdassarian, a teacher of Stepanakert school #10, said during our conversation, “Since most of the children are familiar with computers, the introduction to XO is going very smoothly, and I am sure very soon these children will be much more advanced in using the XO computers than we, the teachers”. The first phase of NUR took place in autumn 2011, during which about 160 teachers of 1-4th classes underwent first practical and then 6-week online training courses mastering the educational software of XO called SUGAR. NUR was launched in January 2011 with the joint efforts of “Fruitful Armenia” and AGBU and the assistance of the NKR government. The main goal of the program is to provide the schools with computers and internet. As part of NUR about 3600 schoolchildren in Artsakh will receive XO computers.

AGBU YEREVAN SCOUTS ASCENDED MOUNT HATIS February 26th, was a much anticipated day for the AGBU Yerevan Scout group members. The scouts go hiking quite often, but the trip to the top of mount Hatis, especially after a heavy snowfall, was truly unforgettable. The scouts left the Arabkir Youth Center early in the morning. A traditional flag ceremony took place at the bottom of mount Hatis, after which the scouts started ascending the mount with patriotic songs and scout calls, accompanied by a stray dog, which enthusiastically joined the group. The hiking, not very difficult at first sight, brought a lot of hardships and challenges. The extensive layers of snow, burning rays of sun and cold made the ascending quite difficult and split the group. Not everyone reached the top. But the scouts AGBU Yerevan Scouts on top of Hatis met all the challenges bravely and overcame all the hardships, and a group of 10 scouts became the heroes of the day making it all the way to the top of Hatis. The return was even more enjoyable. Forgetting all the difficulties, the scouts rushed back. The day will remain forever in the memories of the scouts. They returned with a renewed feeling of self-confidence and ready for new challenges. Page 5



MAESTRO EDUARD TOPCHJAN’S FIRST CONCERT WITH SPAIN’S PREMIUM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA In the end of 2011, the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra’s Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Eduard Topchjan received an invitation to join the Premium Symphony Orchestra (PSO) as Principal Guest Conductor in 2012. Within the framework of this cooperation Maestro Topchjan will devote 9 weeks during the year to perform with the PSO all over Spain. The first concert with the Spanish orchestra took place on January 16th, at Auditorio de Cuenca, Toledo. Renowned musicians, Daishin Kashimoto (violin), Alexander Chaushian (cello), and Ashley Wass (piano) performed at the concert as soloists. This cooperation will not affect Topchjan’s main duties with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra. Moreover, the Maestro has major plans this year to start up the APO Academy for Armenian youth in September and start developing the future generation of musicians for the Orchestra. The best musicians of the APO, as well as the world renowned guest soloists, will be teaching the essentials of music and musicianship, in particular orchestral work, to young Armenian students. Another plan to start up the APO Endowment Foundation is also an issue that Topchjan feels strongly about and intends to realize within this year. AGBU has provided continuous financial support to the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra starting 1992. Thanks to AGBU’s support APO, heAPO Artistic Director and Principal Conductor aded by Maestro Eduard Topchjan, has gained international acclaim, Eduard Topchjan toured the world performing on the most renowned stages and recorded over 50 CDs. As part of this success, in 2011 Eduard Topchjan, has been invited to join the Premium Symphony Orchestra of Spain as the Principal Guest Conductor.

THE WINTER EVENTS OF AGBU YOUTH CETNERS Christmas and New Year events were organized by the AGBU and Holy Etchmiadzin Youth Centers from December 26, 2011 to January 12, 2012, during which Youth Center students, children of freedom-fighters, socially insecure families and boarding and secondary schools received New Year presents from the Armenian Apostolic Church and His Holiness, Catholicos of All Armenians. On January 12, a joint New Year concert of all the Youth Centers’ students took place at Aram Khachatrian Hall calling on all the Armenians of the world to return to their homeland. At the end of the concert all those present received New Year gifts from His Holiness Karekin II.

AGBU Youth Centers’ New Year event at Aram Khachatrian Hall

An intellectual game-contest dedicated to the 12th anniversary of His Holiness Karekin II’s enthronement took place on December 1st, between the children of the Youth Centers and the students of the Yerevan State University Theological department. 12 first and second year students of the YSU Theological Department and 12 Youth Center students competed. Group 1 of the YSU Theological department won with a final score of 325-299. All the participants received books as gifts, while the winners also received backpacks.

A happy New Year masquerade for the younger generation of the Youth Center students took place at the Nork Youth Center on December 26-28. Also invited to the masquerade were the children of the employees of the Aragatsotn Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. “Little Prince” was staged at the Arabkir Youth Center on December 26. Students of the Youth Centers’ choir and dance groups also participated in the performance. Among the invitees were the children of the schools of Yerevan’s Kanaker-Zeytoun district and the children of the employees of the Aragatsotn Diocese. A New Year performance entitled “The Magic Clown” was staged by YC teacher Arevik Santrosian at the Malatia Youth Center on December 27 for socially insecure children from different schools and registered at different NGOs. Page 6



UGAB JEUNES RECEIVES RA DIASPORA MINISTRY AWARD The award ceremony “For outstanding contribution to the preservation of Armenian identity” organized by the RA Diaspora Ministry and World Armenian Congress (WAC) was held on January 18, with the participation of RA Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hakobian, WAC Deputy Chairmen A. Sargsyan and V. Aghayan, intellectuals, journalists and guests. The purpose of the award is to encourage the preservation and development of Armenian identity in the Diaspora-Armenian communities and assess organizations’ and individuals’ efforts in this field. Awards were given in three categories: “Best teacher of Armenian”, “Best Youth Organization”, and “A Piece of Homeland” best youth research and composition on Armenian studies. Among the six winners of the “Best Youth Organization” was UGAB Jeunes (AGBU Youth France). In august 2011, a group of 32 volunteers, ages 18-26, Armenian and French by origin, headed by Raffi Der Agopian visited Armenia and Artsakh to implement a number of voluntary humanitarian, environmental, conUGAB Jeunes during their August 2011 visit to Artsakh struction, healthcare and educational programs. In the same category awards were given to “Groong” union of Lipetzk (Russia), SIVAM (Russia), “Ararat” union (Spain), “Youth Bridge” (Georgia), and Homenetmen Lebanon (Lebanon).



Age: 13-18 Dates: July - August, 2012 Price: 100 USD (air travel not included)

Age: 15-18 Dates: August 6 - 23, 2012 Price: 950 euro (air travel not included)

For more information please contact: New York Kevork Santourian Tel: +212 319 6383 Tel: +374 10 512251 Fax: +212 319 6507 +961 3 375 224 E-mail: E-mail: Website:

For more information please contact: New York Hermine Duzian Tel: +212 319 6383 Tel: +33 6 76 485873 Fax: +212 319 6507 +374 10 512251; 93 683173 E-mail: E-mail: Website:



Age: 19-26 Dates: June 22 - August 5, 2012 Price: 1950 USD (air travel not included) Scholarships available

Age: 19-26 Dates: June 22 - August 5, 2012 Price: 2450 USD (air travel not included) Scholarships available

For more information please contact: New York Yerevan Tel: +212 319 6383 Anna Aghajanian Fax: +212 319 6507 Tel: +374 10 512251 E-mail: E-mail: Website:

For more information please contact: New York Yerevan Tel: +212 319 6383 Anna Aghajanian Fax: +212 319 6507 Tel: +374 10 512251 E-mail: E-mail: Website: Page 7



EDITOR OF “KHOSNAG” AWARDED RA STATE PRIZE By Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan’s decree of February 21st, state awards of the Republic of Armenia were granted to a number of Diaspora-Armenian intellectuals on the occasion of the Native Language Day. Among the recipients of the Prime Minister’s medal was poet, writer, publicist and editor of AGBU-AYA Lebanon “Khosnag” magazine Hampig Mardirossian. For many years, Hampig Mardirossian was the executive secretary of AGBU Lebanon. He is the author of a number of poetry and prose compilations and has received a number of awards. Hampig Mardirossian has worked for “Zartonk” daily, “Shirak” literary magazine, as well as other Lebanese-Armenian and Diasporan publications, and has taken part in numerous public discussions on Armenian issues. Editor of “Khosnag” Hampig Mardirossian

We all congratulate Hampig Mardirossian on the occasion of the prestigious award.

AGBU VETERAN MEMBER ANDREAS ZOULIKIAN PASSED AWAY Dr. Andreas Zoulikian, respected cultural, national and social figure, one of the pillars of the British-Armenian community, passed away at St. Helier Hospital in London on January 14th. An orthopedic surgeon, Andreas Zoulikian was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1934, in a family of Cesarian emigrants. He graduated from Cairo State Medical University in 1961. Moved to London in 1967 and furthering his knowledge in the field became a sought after Consultant. In 1977, Dr. Zoulikian received an FRCS certificate becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. In 1974 he married CypriotArmenian Mary Hambardzoumian. Parallel to his professional activities Dr. Zoulikian was deeply involved in community life, social and national activities. Devoted to the ideologies and activities of three major Armenian organizations, AGBU, TCA, and ADLP, Dr. Zoulikian served his homeland and Holy Etchmiadzin unwaveringly. As a sign of gratitude for his services he was given the titles of a Veteran Member of AGBU and ADLP. In 1979, he was elected member of the British-Armenian community and church council, later becoming the Chairman of the Council. He was a member of the London Tahtayan Sunday School board. Dr. Zoulikian was one of the founders of the Tekeyan Trust, which erected the beautiful building of the Tekeyan Center in Yerevan in 1997, and the editor-in-chief of the “Erebuni” biweekly published under the Tekeyan Trust. He wrote a number of articles and AGBU Veteran member Andreas Zoulikian publications referring to the problems of Armenians all over the world and pursued the cause of the Great Genocide in favor of our nation. He was also one of the founders of the London Armenian Doctors’ Union. We all feel grief and sorrow at the death of Dr. Antranig Zoulikian, our friend and supporter, one of the national, social figures of the London-Armenian Community. A great patriot, thinker and a man of principles, Dr. Zoulikian remained faithful to his ideas, the Motherland and the Armenian Church till the end of his life. Dr Zoulikian will always remain very much alive in the memory of all those who loved, respected and treasured him.

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