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New business partner


n order to help with this year’s MGS 2017 theme – Smart City, Innovation and Interactive, Laxino is will be introducing a new business partner, Pacific Intellectuals Alliance (PIA), to launch their very first cloud-based gaming platform “GameSource” to the land-based casino market.

GameSource is a revolutionary product that streamlines the operation and monitoring control for land-based casinos. In addition it is an infotainment platform offering a wide variety of game choices to players. Furthermore, with the introduction of the Game Developer Program, it will open up direct market access to global game developers to integrate their games onto the platform, which will be made available to the land-based casino market via GameSource. PIA believes that with the introduction of GameSource, it will create an innovative impact in the current gaming industry, and it will assist

LT Game




Robot dealers T Game is one of the major gaming and casino providers in Macau and in the world. Some of its avant-garde gaming products include the Live Multiple Games System, which has live dealers, supports multiple tables and has a terminal-based multi-game selection system, as well as electronic table game products and cash handling products. LT Game is striving to provide a Total Casino Solution and to be at the forefront of the global gaming industry. This year, the ADV1 will be featured. ADV1 is a cutting-edge technology product that can repeatedly deals cards in Baccarat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It aims to resolve situations where there is a lack in human resources and fatigue in staff. The product is able to improve accuracy of card dealing, and reduce human error, and also provide a real-time monitoring and management system. Meet the team at stand AJ18.

Asia Gaming Briefings | November 2017

the operators to offer enhanced entertainment to current players, and attract a new line of millennial players. Blue Technology Limited, a representative of Hydako throughout Asia and a sales agent for Novomatic and Apex within Macau, is also exhibiting with Laxino in MGS 2017 this year. They will showcase three of their latest slot machines in the MGS Slot Experience Center and believe these slot machines can surprise and enhance the overall player user experience. Find Laxino and their partners at stand AV38 during the Macao Gaming Show.

Matsui chips

atsui will be showcasing the latest Matsui Chips product line at MGS 2017. The company has extended its gaming currency portfolio through focused investment behind the new security and newly designed moulding segments. Added to the traditional security features such as Visible & Invisible UV, Matsui will introduce their exclusive MG EYE security including MG EYE EDGE and newly added Laser Trace security. As well as those security features, their newly developed heavy weight decal chip series will be introduced. Shigeki Machida, managing director of Matsui Asia commented “We are very excited to introduce those new gaming chips as well as our other core products such as high durable heavy weight layouts to our customers at MGS 2017. We are also excited to launch a new series of chips with our standard decal style products but with heavier weight. Those new chips have capability of accommodating RFID technologies as well.” With its Macau branch celebrating its tenth anniversary, Machida said. “Thanks to all our loyal customers,we have just finished our Macau subsidiary’s tenth anniversary year with the best results ever. We received millions of chip orders and thousands of layouts were delivered in the Asia Pacific area. To respond to customer’s very high demand to our products, we needed to expand the production capacity at our factory. New machineries and equipment have been installed to further speed up the production while the facility has also been strengthened, manufacturing security for gaming chips with state of the art technology”. “We are very glad that Matsui Chips and Layouts are chosen by operators all over the world. Our team members are looking forward to meeting our friends and new customers at MGS.” said Machida. Visit Matsui at stand AO24.

AGBriefings November 2017  
AGBriefings November 2017  

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