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one of the project’s main contractors after the death of a worker. The probe uncovered undocumented Chinese workers working illegally on the site. Imperial Pacific moved to announce new workforce rules banning any individuals who are not authorized to enter the construction site. On May 1, 2017, the Imperial Pacific Security Department hired Island Protection Services to secure the Garapan construction site was adhering to rules. Still, the workforce issues have not gone away. Labourers claiming back wages picketed the opening of the casino and more recently 37 have refused an offer to be paid and sent back to China, seeking further compensation. IPI held a “preview” of its casino facilities at the end of March, but it wasn’t until July 6th that the casino finally opened its doors to the public, offering about 70 tables and 190 machines, including baccarat, blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, roulette and sic bo. However, it was only the casino that opened in July. The company filed an amended timetable for the rollout of the rest of the facilities in

August, pledging the full opening of the initial facility no later than August next year. This will include at minimum, a 329-room four or five star luxury hotel; 14,140 sqm of gaming area; 3,870 sqm of food and beverage outlets; 186 sqm of retail space; 930 sqm of meeting space; 15 villas; 1,500 sqm of spa/fitness area; and associated parking, site improvements, landscaping, furnishings, fixtures, utilities and infrastructure. Revised timetable Phase one is to be completed no later than August 13, 2023, and shall “result in the establishment of a fully functional integrated resort, while the full rollout is expected by 2028. The group stopped publishing monthly VIP rolling figures in June, though said it would make an announcement if the amount were to drop below $2.5 billion a month, which so far it hasn’t. For the first half of the year, it reported an 8.9 percent increase in profit to HK$912 million ($116.9 million). Revenue was up to HK$7.3 billion, up from HK$3.98

billion in the prior year period. Best Sunshine Live saw VIP table games rolling rise to HK$196.3 billion in the half year, compared to HK$104.7 billion in 16H1. The mass market business did gain, but was negligible compared with the VIP. Elsewhere in the region, little progress has been made developing casino resorts. The Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, whose license was revoked in 2016, was ordered to pay a $191,400 civil penalty to the U.S. Department of Labour for infringements of workers rights. While, the company behind the $130-million Tinian Ocean View Resort and Casino launched an online petition seeking support after the denial of a Master Siting Permit. The Bridge Investment Group (BIG) has already spent more than $13 million on construction of the casino resort, but a roadblock emerged when the commonwealth regulatory agencies determined that the proposed activities at the Tinian Harbor, by which the casino resort is located, did not meet the technical definition of “port-related activities.

Asia Gaming Briefings | November 2017

AGBriefings November 2017  
AGBriefings November 2017  

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