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AGATA RYBICKA independent practice

SCREEN PRINTING An image created with Paul Philips on the screen printing wokshop. I love this technique and would like to explore it more in my independent practice.

LINOCUT A design for Christmas cards. This is probably a technique I liked exploring most. I could sit and carve lino for hours. This one took 4 to make. I have a small block printing press at home so I will continue to develop my skills and use it in future projects

TYPOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS My work from the workshops I attended. I enjoyed all the challenges and hugely extended my understanding and knowledge of typography.

A calendar page made at the workshop with Vaughan Oliver created together with Laura Nevill. I consider this a strong piece of work because it combines diferent media (collage, illustration, typography and computer aided design). It released our creativity when Vaughan pushed us to work on this piece more after we had given up on it.

VISUAL IDENTITY, CONTINUATION OF THE CONTRAST BRIEF Branding is an area I would like to continue exploring in my future personal development. I find it really fascinating and fun to do. It is particulary exciting because it uses different media and has to be applied in different contexts. I like the different stages of the process and that you can really push it more and there are always other solutions you can consider. I would like to try and do a live brief to see how I respond to the client needs/views. I decided to create an identity for a gallery and will develop it even further - layouts for possible posters, leaflets, merchandise etc.


LOGO 20mm

The Logo should only be printed in colours specified below or black and white.


C 7 M 0 Y 0 K 30 R 173 G 184 B 191


C 2 M 0 Y 0 K 5 R 234 G 239 B 242

TYPOGRAPHY Used for branding, headlines.

Used for signage.

Helvetica UL Condensed abcde ABCDE 1234

Used for copy.


Independent practice portfolio  

Independent practice portfolio