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2013 End of Year

Gift Catalogue

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered - Proverbs 11:25

Agape in Action Gifts of Hope If gift giving is part of your family tradition for the holidays, consider giving a really meaningful gift to a very needy family on behalf of a loved one. Here’s how it works: 1) CHOOSE a gift from the following pages. 2) ORDER online or by mailing the form at the end of this catalogue to Agape in Action. 3) RECEIVE a card electronically or by mail to give to your loved one describing the gift you have donated in his or her name.

These gifts are the most meaningful you’ll give this year! They are the perfect solution for someone who has everything. Order online and instantly receive the gift card. They will be sent in 4x6” jpeg format to allow for easy printing.


Hen to provide food and a continuous source of income through the sale of eggs. For a family in Kenya. A02 $10


2 Hens and 1 Rooster

to provide milk and offspring. Goats thrive well in harsh conditions and provide great nutrition for families living in poverty.

to provide food and a continuous source of income through the sale of eggs and offspring.

For a family in India or Kenya. A01 $50

For a family in Kenya. A03 $35

Chicken coop for the Agape in Action farm in Kenya. The income and the eggs will be used to support school nutrition programs in Kenya. For the Agape in Action farm in Kenya. A04a $500 (or $100 for a 1/5 share A04b)

Seed & Fertilizer

Banana trees

for a widow in India or Kenya. This gift will support a vegetable garden to provide nutritious food and a source of income.

to provide food for residents at the Edith Home of Hope for the Aged in southern India.

For a widow in India or Kenya. A05 $35

For the Edith Home of Hope in India A06 $20

Moringa trees for a family in Kenya; the leaves of moringa trees are overflowing with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, and magnesium. It’s no wonder this tree has been dubbed the ‘miraculous moringa’. This superfood provides just what is needed for growing kids... and adults alike. For a family in Kenya. A07 $20

Greenhouse to provide food all year round for needy children and young people in Kenya. For the Agape farm in Kenya. A08a $1000 (or $250 for a 1/4 share A08b)

Education School Fees for an entire year so a child in Pakistan or Kenya can go to primary school and get a head start for the future. For a child in Pakistan or Kenya. E09 $150


Employ a teacher

to and from school for one of the children at Faith Home in India... for an entire year.

at an Agape in Action primary school in Kenya or Uganda for an entire year.

For a child at Faith Home in India. E10 $40

For a teacher. E11a $1000 (or a 1/4 share for $250 E11b)

Equip a student

Equip a teacher

with all the essentials for a full school year (pens, pencils, ruler, pencil case, school bag, etc).

at one of Agape in Action’s schools in Kenya or Uganda (pens, chalk, notebooks, text books, calculator, bible, teacher training materials, etc).

For a student in Kenya. E12 $20

For a teacher in Kenya or Uganda. E13 $40

Sport’s equipment

Art supplies

for the students at an Agape in Action school or children’s home (soccer balls, volley balls, running shoes, etc).

for the Agape in Action Academy’s art and drawing club (pens, pencils, paper, paint, etc).

For a children in Kenya. E14 $20

For the Agape in Action Academy. E15 $20

Health and Nutrition

Emergency medical care for a child in need. Common medical needs include treatment for infectious disease, infected wounds and diabetes. Access to acute care saves lives. For a child in Kenya. H16 $30

Hygiene kit

Mosquito net

for a family in Kenya. These kits (which include items such as a wash bucket, soap, tooth brush and towel) go a long way to promoting health and preventing disease.

for a family in a malaria endemic region of Kenya. Malaria is the number one killer of children in Africa, and is completely preventable.

For a family. H17 $15

For a family. H18 $5

Eye glasses

Meal supplement

for a child or adult in Kenya (includes optometry assessment and prescription glasses).

including fresh vegetables and fruit; for students at an Agape in Action schools in Kenya.

For a child or adult in Kenya. H19 $20

For a school. H20 $40

Nutrition drink for malnourished children in Kenya; given 3 times per week for an entire year. One of the most cost effective interventions to support the physical and intellectual development of a child. For a malnourished child. H21 $30


Bible in English or Swahili; given to a young person or adult in Kenya. For a young person or adult. M23 $10

First principle notes

Kingdom camp

for 4th form students at the Agape in Action Academy. The students will each be given the ‘Way of Life’ workbook and other study materials.

for a child from the Faith Home in India. The child will be supported to attend this vacation bible school held 500 kms away in Hyderabad.

For a student. M22 $15

For a child from Faith Home. M24 $10

Solar lighting to poor families living in remote areas without electricity. Solar lights save money and improve health by reducing dependency on kerosene lamps... and they provide more productive hours in a day for homework, domestic tasks and income generating activities! For a rural family in Kenya. M25 $30

Bed and bedding for a resident at the Edith Home of Hope for the Aged in India. For a resident at the Edith Home of Hope. M26 $40

Clothes for a widow in Kenya or India (the clothes will be made by an Agape in Action supported tailoring group!). For a widow in Kenya or India. M27 $20

Micro-loan to support the growth of a small business in Kenya. This gift will help lift a family out of extreme poverty. When the microloan is repaid, it will be reinvested over and over again. For a family business in Kenya. M28 $200

Mobilization to mission support the mobilization of an Agape in Action representative to evaluate program activities in the field. This is an essential part of making sure Agape in Action has maximum impact on the ground. For an Agape in Action field worker. M29 $50

Sponsor a child on behalf of someone you love and provide them with an opportunity to develop a relationship with someone living in very different culture thousands of miles away. Sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that transforms lives. For a child in Kenya, India or Pakistan. M30 $360 / year

Other gift ideas that support Agape in Action An invitation to forever A novel by Anna Tikvah. Proceeds are donated to Agape in Action. A great gift and a great read. Order online: 3961150 or on amazon.

Paintings for sale Sis Romona is a professional artist who has a page with about 80 original oil paintings that she is donating 20% of proceeds to Agape in Action for a limited time. Check out her amazing work!

Order form If you have internet access, please order at If you do not have internet access or would like to pay by cheque, please: (1) Complete this order form, (2) Write a cheque in any currency (equivalent to CAD dollar amounts below), made out to “Agape in Action”, earmarked “gift card”, and (3) Mail the order form and cheque to the relevant Agape in Action office (see Payment options below) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Please provide your name and contact information below: NAME:__________________________________ EMAIL: ________________________________ ADDRESS: ______________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ or

Please email be the gift cards to me

Please print and post the gift cards to me (note, $2 will be added for printing and postage) PAYMENT OPTIONS Please make out your cheque to 'Agape in Action' and earmark 'gift cards'. Please include this page when you mailing the cheque. The cheque can be in your own currency for the equivalent amount in CAD (approximate conversions are sufficient). Please post your cheque (and this order form) to the following address: Australia: Agape in Action 14 Windemere Rd. Albany Creek, QLD, 4035 Australia United States: Agape in Action 521 Valmont Dr Monrovia, CA, 91016-2352 USA Canada and elsewhere: Agape in Action 39 Manor Park Cres Guelph, Ontario, N1G 1A2 THANK YOU for your order. If you have any questions, please contact Agape in Action:

Agape in Action Gifts of Hope (2013)  

Agape in Action Gifts of Hope (2013)

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