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hELLO MY NAME IS aga natalia krol I am a polish graphic designer and architect, who lives in Barcelona. I love graphic and editorial design, space-creation and photography but I am also interested in new technologies and innovative solutions. Currently I am pursuing Master’s Degree on Design and Communication on ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Moreover, I complieted a degree in engineering on Warsaw University of Technology. I was studying architecture and urban planning for 4 years. I am fluent in use of programs such as Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, SketchUp as well as in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Looking for a graphic design experience, I started cooperate as an art director and a graphic designer in advertisement agencies DDB Warsaw and Martis SA. In addition, I worked in architectural studio +48architecture. As a freelancer, I successfully develop my professional activity. I would like to focus on designing corporate identities, posters, books, webs and photography. I am creative hard-working and reliable designer, who can work well individually or in a collaborative team. I realize importance of teamwork and the value of sharing tasks and exchanging ideas. I am deeply convinced that I want to pursue graphic and editorial design as a career.    




Ecomuseum Moia COMM San Sebastian Children of Nobody Credit card PKO BP Boarder + ing Phonographic studio House by Pilica river Family housing Photography

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graphic | identity


graphic | identity

ecomusEUM moia project of visual identiry for EcoMuseo MOIA near Barcelona project realized during Master studies on ELISAVA School of Design. Barcelona 2013 7

graphic | identity | communication

El lado bueno de la telefon铆a

COMM project of visial identity and communication strategy for new phone company COMM. mostly I worked on editorial and graphics. in cooperation with other students from ELISAVA School of Design - Ana Picado, Andrea Puyalto y Ram贸n Villarreal. Barcelona 2014 8

graphic | identity | communication


lettering | typography | graphic | identity


lettering | typography | graphic | identity

SAN SEBASTIAN looking for new font and logotype for San Sebastian city brand during lettering classes. work in progress. Barcelona 2014 11

graphic | identity


graphic | identity


self-promo | graphic | identity

CHILDREN OF NOBODY project carried out during practice at advertising agency DDB Warsaw as a art director. I took photos and did all the graphic work. public campaign for non-profit foundation Children of Nobody against child domestic violence 14

slogans say: Dad loves me with all his strength; sleep my dear, all the kids sleep already but you still don’t. (this is a part of the Polish lullaby) Warsaw 2011

| graphic

pko bp graphic design project of credit cards for young customers of PKO BP Bank the project was realized during my internship in advertisign agency DDB Warsaw. Warsaw 2013 15

photography | editorial


boarder + ing photography and book project concentrated on city’s boarders. the project was realized with Kuba Boruc during self-publishing workshop with 8HBooks Cracow 2013 17

architecture | graphic | 3D

PHONOGRAPHIC STUDIO Phonographic studio building, situated in Cracow. The main idea of the project was to create a complete urban tissue. Link to the adjecent houses. In the urban scale, filling gaps in the frontage of the quarter was to preserve the continuity of the street face. 18

Architectural design involves a five-storey building with four ground floors. Referring to the original function of the existing building at this location, the intention is to create a place not only related to the music, but also for social purposes. At the confluence of Wielopole street, there is an island of greenery designed in such a way to serve as a summer season garden and a meeting place outside.

The facade of the building, depending on the system acts as a protection from excessive sunlight or advertising space and screen. It was my graduation project on Warsaw University of Technology. Warsaw 2012


architecture |

HOUSE BY PILICA This project participated in exhibition “Plans for future. Architecture of Warsaw in projects.” under patronage of President of Warsaw. I was assigned to work on this house’s plans and create shape of the building. 20

Project was realized in colaboration with members of design studio +48architecture (Karoli Szparkowski, Kamil Miklaszewski) Warsaw 2012

architecture | graphic| 3D

FAMILY HOUSING Serie of family houses was situated near Szczesliwice Park in Warsaw.

Sunlight comes inside through huge windows located in extra parts.

Shape of the bulding is a simple block with two different extra parts. In the first one there are stairs and in the second children’s rooms.

The project was realized during my architectural studies. Warsaw 2010 21

photography | people | travel

PHOTOGRAPHY I am also interesting in photography. My favorite topics are portraits, details and architecture. Analogue photography has always fascinated me because of the fact that until you do not finish film you can not be sure of the results.


photography | architecture


some companies that I had oppotunity to work for


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hello I am AGA and this is my PORTFOLIO of creative work