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ACT I Scene 1 Chris is standing alone at the funeral. He seems as if he is neither sad nor happy; as if he is in a state of no emotion, just realization.


ACT 2 Scene 1 The car puts on it’s left signal and turns on to Main Street. They are now only a few blocks away from the market. MARTIN The plan is to be in and out as quick as possible. James runs in and points the gun at the cashiers face while I go around the desk and empty the cash into the bag. Leonard and Chris you help James out controlling the cashier. The cameras are already disabled and if we’re quick there’s no way we can get caught. LEONARD Sounds like a plan, lets do it baby. MARTIN Hell yeah, you guys got any other questions? LEONARD Nah its game time. Lets go we got this. JAMES Yo Chris, you good? CHRIS Yeah. The car is closing in on the market as the traffic light in front of them turns red. CHRIS Sorry guys. As the car comes to a stop Chris opens the door, jumps out, and runs away. JAMES Chris where are you going?! LEONARD Man we don’t need that pussy anyway. LEONARD (Yelling out the window at Chris) PUSSSYYYY! MARTIN Yo shut the fuck up man. We’re still fine with the three of us, lets not loose focus.


ACT 1 Scene 2 Chris continues to stand there silently. The funeral has been going on for a couple of hours now and people are beginning to leave. As the number of people lessens, Chris doesn’t move a muscle or take notice to anything besides what is going on inside of his mind.


ACT 3 Scene 1 (Six months prior to the robbery) After school ends Chris walks out to the parking lot only to find his car window smashed and all of his valuables stolen out of it. CHRIS (In Complete shock) You have got to be kidding me. Chris drives his busted car home and calls up his best friend James to vent/tell him what happened. CHRIS (on the phone) Yo James. JAMES Yo waddup man. CHRIS Its all gone man what am I gonna do. JAMES What’s gone? CHRIS All my fucking money man someone broke the back window of my car and somehow busted open my glove compartment too. JAMES How much was in there? CHRIS All of it. My Ipod was in there too and this motherfucker even had the balls to take that too. JAMES Calm down, how much is all of it? CHRIS 14 thousand and they took the drugs i had under the seat. JAMES Oh shit.




CHRIS I’m gonna find out who did this. Ive supplied this town for way too long and worked way to hard to see it fall into the hands of some thief. JAMES (begins to start saying something but then is cut off by Chris) CHRIS Hey and when I do find out, they are so fucked you have no idea. JAMES Alright man just chill out. I have to go eat dinner but stay put for now and don’t do anything stupid. We’ll talk about this more tomorrow. CHRIS Alright, bye. Scene 2 Within the following week after he is robbed Chris spreads the word to the people that he trusts and asks them to keep their eyes and ears open for any clues to who could have done it. 1 WEEK LATER Today in school, Chris receives a potential clue from one of his friends Hubert. HUBERT Yo Chris, I got some info that you might like. CHRIS Whats up? HUBERT Gerald asked me today if I wanted to buy an Ipod from him for a hundred dollars... CHRIS Are you serious? Do you think its my Ipod. HUBERT Idk man but it seems pretty sketchy to me. No one sells an Ipod for a hundred dollars unless they stole it and have no other use for it. Idk if it’s your Ipod or not but he had to have jacked it from somewhere.




CHRIS Yeah you’re right. Ok here, take this hundred and buy it from him. If I see it I’ll be able to tell whether it’s mine or not. HUBERT Ok. CHRIS Alright thanks, I appreciate it. HUBERT No problem. A couple of hours later Chris meets up with Hubert and is able to identify the Ipod as his. Scene 3 Instead of going straight home after school, Chris goes over to his buddy Martin’s house to hang out with a couple of friends. CHRIS I’m going to kill him. I kid you guys not, he is dead. LEONARD Hell yeah, finally that scumbag is gonna get what he deserves. MARTIN Haha you’re a crazy motherfucker Chris, I like it man. CHRIS I’m actually glad in a way that he did this just so I can see him pay the consequences. JAMES Yo shut up, you’re retarted. CHRIS No Gerald’s the retarted one, he messed with the wrong person. JAMES Yeah, nice. So after you kill him what do you thinks going to happen? You’re going to get all of your money back and be able to go along like nothing happened? If you think that then you’re way more of a retard than he is.




CHRIS I don’t care what happens to me as long as Gerald gets what he deserves. Scene 4 Although James gave Chris a good talk the night before and by the end of it thought he had Chris settled down, Chris’ adrenaline still prevails. After a long night awake thinking about what he was going to do Chris brings his knife into school with the intentions of killing Gerald. LATER THAT DAY Chris has been looking for Gerald the entire day but it isn’t until lunch time when Chris is given a clear visual. He waits until James is distracted and then heads in the direction of Gerald’s table...


ACT 2 Scene 2 After running about four blocks, Chris stops to take a breath and to think about what had just happened. CHRIS (To himself) Shit. I can’t believe I just ditched like that. I should have just spoken up, I’m an idiot. Whatever I’ll just explain it to them tomorrow I don’t even care about the cash. I just hope nothing goes wrong.


ACT 3 Scene 4 (continued) ...He waits until James is distracted and then heads in the direction of Gerald’s table. CHRIS (To himself) This motherfucker is gonna get it. As Chris is within feet of Gerald he pulls his knife out from his sleeve when suddenly his face hits the ground. CHRIS What the hell?! James?? After turning over and seeing James on the ground bleeding from the stomach Chris takes a second to realize what is happening. RANDOM PERSON Someone call an ambulance! he’s bleeding! Chris gets up quickly and runs to dispose of the bloody knife, he comes back into the cafeteria as James is being taken away to go to the hospital.


ACT 1 Scene 3 The funeral is basically over now, only a couple of people including Chris remain. Still though, he has not moved or lost his train of thought. CHRIS’ MOTHER Chris. Chris continues to stare off into space. CHRIS’ MOTHER Chris come along now its time to go home. Chris follows her into the car and goes home.

T206 Project 1  

This is Project 1, here I had to write my own creative story

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