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/10 Although this is the

debut album from this Portuguese quintet, “Renaissance” confirms the potential of the band hailing from Sintra has to explore in the fusion heavy and progressive textures. Punchy, melodic and melancholic at the same time, the ten compositions in the record transpire also a maturation of the composition and technical skills. Now with only one male vocalist, Peter Miller, the band has more freedom to explore new ground and find their own identity. The production, signed by their bass player Caeser Craveiro at his own studio, is also very full and clinical, accentuating the powerful hooks and different atmospheres. Despite being released in a digital format, the record is also available in a limited edition digipack. [José Branco]

/10 These ambient black

metal titans release their fourth full length album to the masses and I’m not sure anyone is prepared for it. The name of this project perfectly depicts the style of music they play, snow and blackness. With darkness as the backbone, black metal fans will definitely enjoy, as the music contains raw and abrasive vocals, driving drum rhythms, and an overall sense of dread cast overhead. What really has me drawn into this record is the use of ambient/atmospheric elements that place itself on top of the music, like a blanket of snow (see what I did there?). This is pure majesty. [Jeffrey Allee]

MANILLA ROAD Mystification Shadow Kingdom Records


/10 Few bands have

such a great back catalogue like Manilla Road. Formed in 1977, it’s weird how they never got bigger. Still, even if they never did rise to the pantheon of heavy/thrash, they were able to gather a dedicated

/10 Honestly, this album

is pretty weird. The vocals really threw me off when I first gave this a listen (and still do to an extent), giving off an awkward tribal take on the neofolk sub-genre, which is described as cave wave by some. Hard to explain unless you give it a listen for yourself, which I can say is something you should do. Despite the first impressions, I gotta say that I enjoy it. The music is hypnotizing, with a repetitive streak that accentuates with the vocalist well but is able to keep the pace going forward. If you’re looking for a different style of neofolk, look no further. [Jeffrey Allee]

cult of followers to their ranks. When Manilla Road released “Mystification” (their 6th album) in 1987 they already were in their 10th year, had released the legendary “Deluge”, and were attempting what always seems impossible: to create an album that could exist outside the shadow of “Deluge”. Looking back, we can now admire Manilla Road for their ability to adapt. “Mystification” was the first album in which the band infused Thrash Metal. It would prove to be a wise decision: it was the next step in the history of a Heavy Metal institution, and where “Deluge” had achieved perfection in the genre, “Mystification” needed to be more aggressive. The new album contained faster riffs, more aggressive vocals


/10 At first, some may

think there isn’t too much to talk about a release than contains only three songs. But when it comes to extreme music you’re not allowed to be skeptical if you truly want to experience something really freakin’ awesome. And with Nux Vomica’s self-titled LP it’s definitely the case! No wonder Relapse Records chose to release it, this album breathes darkness and despair. It will offer you over 40 minutes of dirty ‘n’ angry crust which eventually will turn towards a more slowly but dreary realm; you’ll know what I mean once you hit the very first song “Sanity is for the Passive”, whereas moving forward with “Reeling” and finally “Choked on the Roots” you’ll experience a little more sensitive melodic parts. [KEvin “Junk” Kidd]

and tighter drumming. Thrash had been injected into Manilla Road’s DNA. They still kept that epic ambience, but they were able to bring about a strength not seen before. The 2nd track “Spirits Of The Dead” has that old school atmospheric thrash intro that we know and love, soulful warrior vocals with heavy riffs and technical solos. “Children Of The Night” has a different formula: fast riffs and marvelous slow shredding in the solos. This reissue is a perfect example of early heavy/ thrash. It shows that “Mystification” not only stands the test of time, but it also still influences many bands of the thrash revival scene. A must have for fans of the genre. [Carlos Cardoso]

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Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)