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/10 “Harvest”, the previous

album from this Finnish Black Metal outfit had a running time of 44 minutes divided into four songs, which already says a lot about this band. Some didn’t appreciate the fact that Blood Red Fog were so repetitive in their songs... My take on this? It was brilliant! But now they’re back with their third full-length entitled “On Death’s Wings” and it couldn’t be different. Well, not that different as the band kept their consistency and authenticity but as far as variety in their song structure goes, this one marks a new chapter in the Blood Red Fog’s career. The vocals sound like a ghost trapped in a haunted house telling his laments, and all this is accompanied by a beautiful sound which carries some Folk elements making of “On Death’s Wings” an extremely wellwritten Black Metal album and one of the best of 2014! [Joel Costa!]

/10 Most of the times a

Neo Prog Band tries too hard to have a classic or vintage sound, like Opeth or tries too hard to be technical, like for example Dream Theater. These Norwegians can effortlessly incorporate their main influences, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson and Caravan in their sound without becoming tiresome or tedious. Record in a Jam like environment in their own studio, it seems like every song is intertwined in a weave of guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. Highly recommended for Neo Prog fans that are searching for a band that doesn’t try too hard to be anything else than what they already are, a band that incorporates their influences in a contemporary sound with ease. [Nuno Babo]

AGALLOCH The Serpent & The Sphere Eisenwald


/10 Agalloch are

around us for almost twenty years, but have never hit the masses possibly due to their shadowy posture. Nevertheless, they are an important and iconic living


record that is easy to get into with very little surprises. This doesn’t affect the replay value at all, as this release contains interesting elements of hardcore punk fused into extreme metal that comes across almost like a black and death metal record. The pacing is one of the more interesting elements, with blazing fast drum rhythms that get the adrenaline pumping to powerful, doom-esque guitar sections that drags your face onto the ground. If you’re more into the direct approach style of metal that relies on different influences to keep it interesting, this one is for you. Sometimes getting straight to the point is a good thing. [Jeffrey Allee]

You will not have a free ride in this life. If you want to go around in style you must buy the ticket! This is a lesson that Sweden’s Deathdestruction (a band that features some members from Evergrey in their lineup) have learned the hard way. Because if you think life hasn’t been sweet to you and often strikes you with bad luck, wait to hear these guys story! Abandoned by their manager when they were about to hit the road with In Flames and with a lot of tension within the band, they have managed to go around that and create “II”, a powerful album that lives and breathes Groove Metal while sounding a bit grungy sometimes. There’s a lot of aggression on it and their songwriting was taken to a whole new level when compared to their self-titled debut. Deathdestruction shows here that they have arised from the ashes stronger than ever and the future sounds very, very promising!

band and everything they create turns into gold. The newest “The Serpent & The Sphere” is no exception concerning the art of doing magnificent music. The neo-folk passages with the using of an acoustic guitar are present like never before in several song parts and more evident in tracks like “(Serpens Caput)” and “(Serpens Cauda)” working as intro and outro, respectively. Even if I think this album is their softer one, there are some Agalloch typical moments of aggressiveness in “The Astral Dialogue” contrasting a final mellow passage in “Dark Matter Gods”. Solos are also something Agalloch didn’t forget as we have an emotive and lined one in “Celestial Effigy”. A post-rock soundscape

can be heard in “Vales Beyond Dimension” due to the echoed lead guitar followed by a condemned musical feeling in the last part of the song – this type of approach isn’t new in Agalloch, but it never been so vivid like now. Recalling the past, the twelve minute instrumental “Plateau Of The Ages” reminds me of the fantastic “Ashes Against The Grain”, released in 2006, because of the sad and catching melody once again delivered by the lead guitar. As a final analysis, John Haughm’s voice is one of Agalloch’s trademark and it keeps recognizable at the very first words sang by him. Agalloch are here to stay! Another record is out and, of course, worth to listen to! [Diogo Ferreira]

/10 Pantheist is a


[Joel Costa]

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Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)