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ongratulations on your new record, “A Stab in the Heart of Christ”. Can you elaborate on the album title? Thanks! Our music is a weapon against organized religions, mainly Christianity as that is the prevailing parasitic dogma plaguing our country. But since god and Jesus Christ aren’t real and are merely a concept implanted into people’s brains at an impressionable age there is no real physical way to fight god. The real way to fight religion is to turn people away from this concept. One great tool that has been successful in doing this throughout the years in unholy black and death metal. We are one of the many warriors fighting this aural attack on god. We are a stab in the heart of Christ. What about the lyrics? What has inspired you to create such filthy and fury lyrical contents? Well in the early incarnations of this band we were just perverts addicted

violence and sex so our lyrical content was very simple and reflected that; killing Christians, fucking whores. But as I grew older so did my contempt for the human race and now I write more about the extermination of this worthless species. But I still tend to dabble in the old subject matter as well because after all, I still love violence and am a pervert.

to any conventions of the aforementioned styles. How would you describe your approach to music and what was necessary to do to find your own sound and push it to the limit? We mainly just try to rip off all the black, death and grind bands we’re into and it comes out sounding nothing like them and we just roll with it.

The artwork is fantastic and the colours and shades convey this heavy and unbearable atmosphere. Who’s responsible for such a great achievement? That would be none other than the amazing Rafael Tavares from Brazil. I’ve had this concept in my head for many years and I was afraid when it finally was created I would be disappointed as I have built it up in my head for so long, but he nailed it!

The guitar and the drums sound insane! Can you walk us through the writing and recording sessions for this album? We rehearse the songs for months and months and months until we can play them good enough to record. Then we go to the studio and (hopefully) get it down in a couple takes and the engineer polishes it off. The recording studio we go to is right next to our rehearsal room so it makes recording and re-doing takes at that studio very convenient. After the album is recorded we then pretty much stop

You play a fusion of Black Metal with grindcore, however we can easily tell that you’re not locked

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Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)  


Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)