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t’s been two years since the release of your sophomore album “Harvest”. What does “On Death’s Wings” brings new? The biggest difference is probably on the songwriting. The songs flow better, so to speak. There are some line-up changes too but nothing too drastic. Overall, the style remains the same when compared to earlier releases and the riffs are as adamantine as always.

are easier to get a hold to. The shortest song is about 5 minutes so they aren’t exactly short though, but when compared to earlier releases there is a clear difference. I am sill extremely satisfied with Harvest but of course there are things I’d do differently now. I think it’s the same thing with every artist. You can always find better ways of execution after you have had the time to distance yourself from the work at hand.

“On Death’s Wings” is going to be released now but it was recorded during 2008 and 2008 with some additional recordings taking place between 2012 and 2014. Could you elaborate on this? Have you had any difficulties throughout this time? Nothing too exciting about that. I recorded the drums and guitars in summer 2008 and Desolate’s bass and Shoo’s guitar solos were recorded during 2008 & 2009. I had some trouble writing the lyrics so I didn’t record the vocals until late 2012 and re-recorded them in part in early 2014. Partially this delay was also because of the smaller releases during the years and Harvest too. Writing the lyrics is always the hardest part of a song to finish as I find the lyrics to be an important part of the whole and I don’t feel comfortable singing lyrics I’m not happy with.

What makes you to approach Blood Red Fog with such intensity and emotion? It’s hard to say really. I am a melancholic person so it’s only natural that the sound is like that also. I make honest music without trying to sound like any other band or consciously trying to be unique. I channel my inner world through the music so I think that might be one reason for the intensity etc.

Some claimed the songs in “Harvest” were a bit repetitive but in my opinion those doomy elements were one of the key points of the album as it wasn’t repetitive in a boring kind of way and for some reason it was what you need to create a perfect atmosphere and consume the listener with the fire. “On Death’s Wings” seems to follow a different path. Would you consider this a new approach to your music or nothing is different? The new album is different, yes. The riffs and the atmosphere are as always but the songs flow better as I mentioned earlier. I have evolved as a songwriter and there is no unnecessary repetition on the songs. The songs are much shorter also so they

You invited Shoo to record solos for the songs “Black Hole Soul” and “As Lightning From Heaven”. How would you describe your relationship and how important is him for Blood Red Fog’s work? We have known each other for almost ten years and been connected with different musical projects. He was irreplaceable in making Harvest. He played drums and guitar solos on it, wrote half of the lyrics, sang the clean vocals and recorded and mixed the album. He also played live guitars for a few gigs and still does clean vocals on stage. Nowadays we are also on a same traditional doom band called John the Baptist, a name you’d do well to remember. I play drums and he sings. We are about to record our debut release in the coming summer.

What made you sign to Saturnal Records after releasing two EP’s and one full-length with Saturnian Productions? Saturnal Records is more or less a continuation to Saturnian Productions so it was quite natural choice to make. Also the deal they proposed and the plans they have for promotion etc. are very good so I was very happy to sign with them.

The Finnish music scene is growing day after day with new talents coming in all the time. What can you tell us about the Finnish Black Metal scene and how do you compare it with the scene from your neighbors Norway and Sweden? Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with the scene nowadays and I only know a handful of new demo bands (Uhrimalja, Rienaus, Araqiel and Kuilu come to mind first). About the other scenes I know even less but I think that each of the countries do have their distinctive sound. Finnish bands tend to be more mid-tempo and melodic, whereas Norwegian and Swedish bands sound more ominous and dissonant. Of course these are but shallow generalizations and there are myriad of different sounding bands in every country. What are you doing currently to promote your new album? Will you play live sometime in the future? Yes, we will be playing some gigs after the album is out. First gig is a release party with Hellspirit whose album is out the same time as ours. This will happen 6.6. in Tampere. In fall we are doing a mini tour together with Russian Blackdeath. We are also planning on doing a minitour abroad around the same time but that is still uncertain. Other than interviews and gigs, we’ll leave the promotion to the label. What are your other plans for 2014? Hopefully we’ll be able to finish recording our fourth full length and a split ep. There should be a split coming out this year to which I recorded BRF’s side already in 2006.

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Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)