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Debut album release

n May 1994, a year after Øystein Aarseth’s death, Mayhem’s first album “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” finally saw the light of day and it was released to the public. It featured the lineup of Euronymous on guitar, Hellhammer on drums, Varg Vikernes on bass and Attila Csihar on vocals. Euronymous’ family asked Hellhammer to replace the bass tracks laid down by Vikernes. Though he promised to do this, he had no idea on how to do it and the album ended up with Vikernes’ tracks on it (Chris Campion, 2005). The cover had a picture of the Nidaros Cathedral, and its speculated that its use had other intentions behind it for promotion of the record. Anders Odden stated that there were plans for blowing up the Cathedral on the “Once Upon a Time in Norway”

documentary. Kjetil Manhem also offered some insight about this on the same documentary: “Øystein’s plans to do that were very real. He’d never have been able to get a hold of enough explosives to wreck the building. It would only have been minor damage.” Upon its release, the album was heralded, and still is nowadays, as one of Black Metal’s greatest masterpieces and is considered to have been highly influential in the development of this music genre. It reflects Mayhem’s entire creative path since its ’87-‘91 era with Dead, up until Euronymous’ death.

Reformation and Wolf’s Lair Abyss


ayhem had effectively ceased to be in 1993, but it wouldn’t remain that way for a long

period of time. At Euronymous’ funeral, former bassist Necrobutcher talked with Hellhammer about the possibility of bringing back Mayhem with a new line-up. Necrobutcher was at the time in a band called Fleshwound with one of Mayhem’s old acquaintances who hadn’t been with the band since ‘87, a certain vocalist named Sven Erik Kristiansen, but commonly known in the Mayhem lore as “Maniac” (Pure Fucking Mayhem, 2009). In an exclusive declaration to AGAINST MAGAZINE, Necrobutcher talked about how he saw the band in the 17 months he had been absent, up until his return: “I started this band when I was 16 years old, I’ve always lived and breathed for this band. The 17 months I was out of this project, I was struck by grief when my best friend blew his brains out. So I was kind of emotionally crippled for a little bit of time and when I started to get to myself after a year, Euronymous

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Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)  


Against Magazine #8 (April 2014)