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VOLUME COMES ON STRONG Make some noise with our lineup of incredible volume products. MARCH–APRIL 2010 Canadian version

Going au natural. A trend that’s taking off.

Rolling out the red carpet. AG goes to the Oscars.


Natural is where it’s at. Why is it that the most confident women look like they just got out of bed, simply ran a brush through their hair and walked out the door? The confident look of au natural hair never goes out of style. This year is no exception. A look around the streets of Paris and you’ll see more so now than ever before, styled but never over-styled hair. Spring 2010 runways all featured loose, not-too-perfect hair. From Ralph Lauren to Alexander Wang, the look was free-flowing, carefree and romantic. And check out the people so many look up to. There’s a reason Jennifer Aniston’s hair is coveted year after year. Celebrities like her, Kate Hudson and Cate Blanchett have earned a reputation of looking natural and approachable. That’s why we’re giving you what you asked for and what we’re seeing on the streets, runways and red carpets — loose hair with plenty of movement. From the cover of our AG Magazine to our website and point-of-purchase materials, our new look is natural and attainable. Whoever said going natural takes work, never met AG.

Lotte and John Davis CEOs and Founders AG Hair Cosmetics


AG goes to the Oscars. Again. Is there anything bigger than the Oscars? We think not. And what is better than being asked to be a part of the Oscar gift bag? Being asked back! AG is there for the second year in a row. AG’s colour savour shampoo and conditioner, foam, split end spa and brand new fastFWD dry shampoo will be included in this year’s coveted Oscar Nominee gift bags. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Our company. Our products. Introducing AG’s newest addition. It’s shiny, it’s smart and it’s asked for time and time again. AG’s Product Knowledge DVD is finally here. Meet Celebrity Hairstylist and AG Artistic Director Jami Symons as he walks you through how to use our more than 45 products. Hear how John and Lotte Davis, AG’s Founders and CEOs, made it work by taking their brand literally from their basement to thousands of salons internationally. Ask your AG sales representative how you can get your copy or check out portions of the DVD on AG’s new website.


Volume makes noise. Fine or limp hair needs a lift, not more product that simply weighs it down. AG’s Volume products are formulated to keep your hair looking voluminous and sexy, day or night. thikk wash volumizing shampoo Remove the oil and dirt that weigh on you and reveal volume you never knew you had. thikk rinse volumizing conditioner Moisturize and condition, while adding volume to finer hair. spray body soft-hold volumizer Boost fine hair with light, natural support. VOLUME FACTOR 2 OF 5

foam weightless volumizer Lose the weight, gain the stares — guilt-free. VOLUME FACTOR 3 OF 5

bigwigg root volumizer Gets to the root of the problem and boosts volume exactly where you need it. VOLUME FACTOR 4 OF 5

plastique extreme volumizer Go the extreme with gravity-defying volume and hold. VOLUME FACTOR 5 OF 5


thikk wash

thikk rinse

spray body




volumizing shampoo

volumizing conditioner

soft-hold volumizer

weightless volumizer

root volumizer

extreme volumizer

Get the look. He created the cover look you love. So what does AG’s Artistic Director Jami Symons have to say about the product that brought his model’s hair to life? “Bigwigg is a must in my salon. It allows me and my clients to put major volume in fine, lifeless hair and helps my thick-haired clients get lift at the root, especially on heavy hair. It’s also a great root refresher after a long day of work. It’s hard to keep bigwigg on my shelves.”

Jami Symons AG Artistic Director

HOW TO USE Spray bigwigg directly to the roots of clean, damp hair. Blow dry for incredible lift. WHY TO LOVE Because millions of consumers couldn’t be wrong. Bigwigg is one of our top sellers, and for good reason. It gets to the root of fine, limp hair and asks for


nothing in return. Visit to learn more.

bigwigg root volumizer

What are people saying about bigwigg? “Just as with all AG products, bigwigg does what it claims to do without fail. The product flies off my shelves faster than I can keep it stocked.” Lindsay Murray, Keepers Salon, Stratford, Iowa

“Its name really says it all. My stylists use bigwigg on their clients and it’s one of our best sellers by far. Love it.” Sameer Nurani, Q Salon, Orlando, Florida

“Volume comes from the root and bigwigg does the job. It’s great to see its white foam and be able to control the amount of product you are using.” Colette Laplante, L’Atelier Salon, Vancouver, BC

Did you know?

Each of AG’s six product categories feature 2 of our top 12 sellers. So while you’re introducing the categories to your salon or home, you’ll be trying our most popular products.

TOP COLOUR CARE PRODUCTS sterling silver shampoo (5) & colour savour shampoo (11)

TOP MOISTURE & SHINE PRODUCTS xtramoist shampoo (8) & fast food (4)

TOP CURL PRODUCTS re:coil curl activator (1) & mousse gel (10)

TOP VOLUME PRODUCTS thikk wash shampoo (12) & bigwigg (2)

TOP THERAPY PRODUCTS tech two shampoo(6) & conditioner light (9)

TOP STYLE PRODUCTS ultradynamics (3) & aerodynamics (7)