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PRESS RELEASE April 15, 2010

Fast forward your beauty regime with AG Hair Cosmetics’ new fastFWD>> dry shampoo (Burnaby, BC, Canada): When you find yourself with a list of things to do, but no time to do it, why not fast forward your beauty regime and refresh your hairstyle without the suds? AG Hair Cosmetics’ new fastFWD>> dry shampoo, launching May 1, 2010, is the solution for freshening your hair when time is of the essence. fastFWD>> absorbs oil and restores life to your style with the push of a button, instantly giving your hair incredible volume and softness with the bonus of a fresh, citrus scent. “Dry shampoos are becoming extremely popular with consumers as their lives get busier and more hectic,” says John Davis, AG Hair Cosmetics’ CEO and Co-Founder. “On days when washing and blow drying is just not an option, AG’s fastFWD>> provides consumers with a way to simply get up and go.” Containing active ingredients like rice starch, which absorbs oil and dirt, and other ingredients which provide hair with additional body and shine, fastFWD>> removes visible grease while leaving hair clean and refreshed. To use fast FWD>>, shake well and spray thoroughly through dry hair. Work the product in with your fingers and brush or comb through, then style as normal. AG’s fastFWD>> dry shampoo, 86g/3oz, retails for $22.00 CDN/US and will be available in salons across North America on May 1, 2010.

-XUse. Love. Repeat. It’s a philosophy AG Hair Cosmetics’ customers have been following since 1989, and for good reason. Founded by Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year John and Lotte Davis, AG is one of the leading manufacturers of salon hair care products in Canada and is sold in more than 11,000 salons internationally. You can find AG’s more than 45 products in salons by visiting For more information, please contact: Tatiana Jovic MANAGER, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS p 604 294 8870 ext 130