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Toastmaster: A pathway to difference Most of us live in the society where our limitation are born before we are born. A set format of life is handed to us, we are bond to follow it. In this process we ignore our inner calling. My story is no different. Factors after factors be it financial constraints, imposed choices and “Elders are experienced & think better for you”, ”You are too young to take decision” types of mentality turned inner thunderous voice into mild. This pseudo superiority force even turned that mild voice into no voice. I accepted what was imposed & followed a life that was handed. Silence is the dangerous thing, it brings the storm of questions, and it attacks from all the directions. It gets worsens when it uncovers that inner calling. That calling I suppressed by proving myself inferior, by surrendering to others orders. That day, at the lunch an inner me became uncontrolled & raised Questions & Questions. “Do you like what you do?” Does it give you satisfaction? This is what you wanted to do? Do you even know what are you doing? My answer was common to all the questions “No” “A big No”. These questions appeared quite often, gave me numerous sleepless night, watered eyes on the way from office to home, a list of complains to life. My Financial obstacles, fear of losing the love of my people never let me follow what I wanted, even never let me listen what I wanted. But it is said Questions are good, they lead you to introspection. They led me too. Next time when I was at lunch, instead allowed me to sink into despair, instead of complaining life I took the charge to search the answer to my question, I took the charge to bring satisfaction, I took the charge to follow my inner calling. Answers lies within, mine was in me too. I grasped it too & promised to never let it go. I found an unpenned writer, an unspoken speaker were within me .Next step was to hand the pen to writer & discover the audience for the speaker. Time flies when we work towards what we want to do. Next one year flew .I could not get any success in the one year span to reach the point where I could start living my dream but I found purpose in that one year & gave full heart to it. As Buddha said “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” I came to Doha & started working, at the same time I kept on searching for Public speaking courses. And one day beauty happened. While searching online I came across Doha Toastmasters .I attended the next meeting & joined the club without second thought. Here I recall Paulo Coelho word “When you want something entire universe conspires in helping to achieve it.” How perfectly this fits into my case. When I discovered my purpose & took the stepped

universe & parallel universe conspired me to reach to the wonderful people who helped me to shape me skills in every aspect be it speaking, writing and leadership. Toastmasters has given me a purpose in life, it gave the satisfaction & it challenged my limits & expended it. Now, I am not doubtful about my future, now I am not scared to face the mirror, now I returned home with no tears but with smile, with enthusiasm. I set my targets and my wonderful fellow Toastmasters help me to achieve them, they applaud my every performance, they encourage me to better & better. Toastmasters is an answer to my limits, Toastmasters expanded my horizon, Toastmasters is a pathway to limitless life . Toastmasters has brought difference in me. Toastmasters is a difference for me.

Toastmaster a pathway to difference  
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