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Best Internet Marketing Concepts For 2014

Best Internet Marketing Tactics that will Dominate 2014 The Internet has transformed the way information is shared, and has caused a deep impact on marketing. The two primary areas of investment in marketing for 2014 are likely to be Mobile and Social Media Marketing. Let’s discuss my predictions on the top Internet marketing trends of 2014.

More DIVERSITY IN Social Media Optimization Till few years back, companies were limited to only social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for their promotion. Off late, new social media sites like Tumblr, Pintrest, Google+ and Instagram are becoming highly result oriented. So, leverage on them for effective marketing.

MORE SMARTPHONE AND MOBILE FRIENDLY CONTENT With the increase in the usage of smartphones, it has become easier to reach out to the end customer. Looking at the easy user experience, the companies are able to pitch in the exact target audience. In addition, traffic and lead generation has been accelerated at large magnitude as well. It is expected that 2014 will witness massive mobile marketing. Rapid use of mobile content is expected to arise. To all the writers, here you have a chance.



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Best internet marketing strategies for 2014  

Internet marketing strategies of 2014 will include many more social media signals and authorship than in 2013. Spammers will no longer be ab...