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The Proper Phimosis Treatment For Men A phimosis treatment is designed for men who are unable to retract or have tightness problems with their foreskin. Before we analyze various treatments, it is important to understand different cases of phimosis. For example, it is completely normal for a new born to experience this issue if he has not been circumcised. This is because the problem "usually" solves itself overtime as the child grows up. However, some men grow up with this problem being unresolved. This means that they have difficulty retracting or are unable to retract at all. There are others who were able to retract and suddenly are not able to. In either of these cases, phimosis treatment is necessary to solve the problem. Which phimosis treatment is the best? While there may not be a best phimosis treatment, there is one that has worked every time. Circumcision is the cutting of the man's foreskin to the point where the head is left totally uncovered. While this is a sure way to solve your problem, it can also be very painful at such a late age. The men who choose this option will need plenty recovery time and may have difficulty moving at first.

Is there an alternative phimosis treatment that is not as drastic? There is an alternative phimosis treatment that involves stretching. Majority of tight foreskin cases can be improved with careful stretching of the foreskin. However, it is important to do this properly so that it does not result in para phimosis. This is where the person is not able to pull the skin back. It usually results in sharp tight pain and dark colors around the head. It can be uncomfortable and is the result of improper stretching of the preputial ring. There are topical cremes that contain steroids. Betamethasone cream can be applied to the tip of the foreskin 2- 3 times daily. If this phimosis treatment does not prove effective after 3 months, it should be discontinued. An alternative phimosis treatment can be attempted before considering circumcision. Many men have been able to resolve their tight foreskin with manual stretching techniques. However, it is important to do it safely and properly to maximize results and avoid para phimosis. There are men who make the mistake of trying to retract too soon and cause a lot of pain. Stretching of the foreskin should be a marginal process and not one that is instant. This is because the human skin tends to stretch a little and then tighten up. While stretching does not need to take more than 5 to 10 minutes at one time, it is very important to do it on a regular basis. The proper phimosis treatment will be determined by the patient and doctor. If you have already been booked for a circumcision, you may want to try stretching exercises to see if you can loosen your foreskin without cutting it off. If manual stretching exercises or topical steroid cremes are not producing results over time, surgery will be the last option.

The Proper Phimosis Treatment For Men  

The Pr oper Phimosis Treatment For Men A phimosis treatment is designed for men who are unable to retract or have tightness problems w...

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