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A message to Twin Cities Local members from Committee members:

Get the Work Back! New Project Unveiled: Come to our annual membership meeting and join us for food, drink and details about an exciting new project conceived by local AFTRA members, who will be there to introduce you to! 6:00 p.m. - Monday, November 14 Jack’s Café 818 West 46th Street (at Bryant Avenue South) Minneapolis, MN 55419

If you believe that working under a union contract is important then this membership meeting is for you! AFTRA Twin Cities Local is getting ready to launch, a new website with a calculator function for estimating all-inclusive union rates. This site will make it easier for producers to determine what they can be expected to pay when they hire union talent. A member committee of five has been working on this project for over 9 months. Here's why we are so passionate about “We have seen our work in non-broadcast and radio go non-union because we have allowed the perception that going union means complicated, expensive, and punitive.” - Cathy Fuller “We are doing something. We are being proactive. We aren’t waiting for someone else to do something for us. I’m empowered by this project with a renewed since of optimism.” - Sue Scott “Enough watching from the wings as more and more of our fellow actors turn fi-core, and we do nothing about it.” - Jim Miller “I attended a meeting last February to strengthen my resolve and discovered that I had the 'fire in the belly', the strong urge to rabble-rouse and the belief that I could make a difference.” - Tena May Gallivan “This site and information is for the producer, fed up and frustrated... This will open up the possibilities for the union talent pool to be considered because the answers the producers seek are right there at their fingertips." - Tammara Melloy

Join us at Jack's on Monday, Nov. 14 @ 6:00 p.m. and get empowered! Sue Scott, Committee Chair; and Cathy Fuller, Jim Miller, Tena May Gallivan, Tammara Melloy

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Numbers Committee Invitation  

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