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AFTRA Detroit Broadcasting Unit Update – September 2011 ►Submissions or suggestions? Please send to ◄ Follow AFTRA On...


►AFTRA at Work: AFTRA Detroit Member Moments

Watch the latest AFTRA Detroit Member Moment with Roop Raj at Fox 2 Detroit –WJBK-TV today! We have a wide variety of talented members in Detroit, each of you having your own interesting story to tell. If you’d like us to travel to your station to feature your own unique experiences at work and with AFTRA, please contact the Local. All AFTRA Detroit Member Moments are archived in the AFTRA Detroit Playlist on the AFTRANetwork on YouTube. Interview and taping compliments of Local Board Members Lynne Woodison and Tom Watson.

►Detroit Civil Rights Trilogy

Experience the “poignant stories of three that lived the history, told in their own words.” The Civil Rights Committee of the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO invites you to a presentation of the Detroit Civil Rights Trilogy – three personal stories that chronicle Black History in Michigan. Time/Date: Thursday, November 10th at the NALC Branch 3126 union office, 28806 John R. Road, Madison Heights. Doors open at 6:30 pm, movie commences at 7:00 pm. Light snacks and beverages will be available. There is a suggested donation of $5.

►Consolidation Galore - Broadcasters Join Forces “I think it is absolutely essential in a democracy to have competition in the media, a lot of competition, and we seem to be moving away from that.” – Walter Cronkite AFTRA broadcasters across the country are working together via AFTRA’s Broadcast Ownership Councils. These Councils bring together members who work under the same station owner from coast to coast. We’ve also connected with union brothers and sisters in Canada to coordinate efforts under Bell Media. It’s vitally important in these times of consolidation to share information and coordinate efforts, in order to build and maintain strong collective bargaining agreements for all broadcasters. Contact AFTRA Detroit if you’d like to join your colleagues in these periodic meetings, to represent your own bargaining unit.

AFTRA Detroit ● 248.228.3171 ● 23800 West Ten Mile Road Suite 228, Southfield, MI 48033


Unite Here – Local Union Hotels Sheet Metal Workers – Heating/Cooling, Siding, etc. UFCW – Groceries, Pharmacies, etc. UAW and CAW – Cars, Trucks, Vans & Much More AFA-CWA, APFA, TWU – Airlines IBT – Shipping, Freight, Airline, etc. APWU – American Postal Workers And More....


►Supporting Union Products & Services – We Are One

►Members Strengthening AFTRA Detroit!

AFTRA Detroit members are busy around the state and country, volunteering for their fellow union members. Don’t be surprised to hear Board Member Ed Kelly in your homes in the coming weeks, as he volunteers to spread the word to union members via AFL-CIO educational robo-call about the latest anti-worker “Right-to-Work” push in Michigan. Board Member Alex Davis will represent the Local at the Michigan AFL-CIO Convention in Detroit on October 3-4th, and Local President and WWJ Shop Steward Jayne Bower will travel to represent your interests at both the AFTRA National Board Plenary Meeting in New York and the Broadcast Steering Committee Meeting in Los Angeles over the weekends of October 1st and 22nd. Dedicated members of the Organizing Committee and other elected leaders and members regularly volunteer for signatory, school, labor community, festival and trade show outreach. Detroit Labor Day Parade 2011 ►Your Weingarten Rights

Weingarten Rights are an employee’s rights to union representation during investigatory interviews, such as conversations and meetings. The NLRA gives employees these rights to assistance, based upon the U.S. Supreme Court case NLRB v. J. Weingarten Inc. The purpose of these rights is to prevent management from intimidating employees. One of the duties of AFTRA staff and stewards is to be available to attend these meetings. ►AFTRA H&R & General Retirement Questions

Be sure to call AFTRA H&R first if you’ve participated in that pension plan via your collective bargaining agreements, but don’t hesitate to call the AFTRA office if you have concerns or would like to research an employer’s past contributions. Members from a variety of stations have contacted the Local to research past contractual pension contributions. Each station has different provisions in this area – many have a combination of both company and AFTRA H&R retirement benefits. NOTE: For those American members who have worked at the Windsor stations over the years, you may also have benefits via the Canada Pension Plan. For Canadian members who’ve worked in the United States, you may have Social Security benefits.

AFTRA Detroit ● 248.228.3171 ● 23800 West Ten Mile Road Suite 228, Southfield, MI 48033


October 1, 2011 – AFTRA National Board Plenary Meeting, NY & LA October 3-4, 2011 – Michigan AFL-CIO Convention, Detroit October 4 & 7, 2011 – WWJ/WXYT CBS Radio Negotiations Conference Calls October 4, 2011 – AFTRA Detroit Conservatory – Your Close-Up/Audition October 13, 2011 – Windsor Station Visit October 14, 2011 – Fox 2 Station Visit October 17, 2011 – AFTRA Detroit Local Board Meeting October 19, 2011 – Metro Detroit AFL-CIO Delegate Body Meeting October 22-23, 2011 – Broadcast Steering Committee Meeting, LA October 25-26, 2011 – WWJ/WXYT CBS Radio Negotiations, Detroit


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AFTRA Detroit Broadcasting Unit Update September 2011  

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