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April 16, 2012

IN THIS ISSUE SAG-AFTRA Conservatory and KMRC present VIRTUAL AUDITIONS Agent Access Broadcast Conference Freelance Tidbit New Member Orientation SAG Foundation Events Senior Radio Players May 1 Scholarship Support Culture in Chicago

Agent Access with Maryann Ziesch, Actors Talent Group Maryann Ziesch of Actors Talent Group, a franchised agent, will interview SAG-AFTRA members for the purpose of representation on Friday, April 27 in the KMRC. Deadline for submissions is 5 p.m., Thursday, April 19.

Photos Please! Documentary Summit

Details below.

SAG-AFTRA Conservatory and KMRC present VIRTUAL AUDITIONS: The New Casting Frontier presented by Sharon Garrison A trend has emerged in the regional casting process in virtually every market, including Chicago: virtual auditions. More efficient than ever before, casting directors can now seek out the best possible talent for their casting projects in markets far beyond the perimeters that restrained them in the past. Many casting directors are already proclaiming that videotaped auditions (at least for the first round of a casting project) are the new normal for casting. This development presents unlimited opportunities for actors who live and work outside of the Los Angeles and New York areas to be seen, respected and BOOKED on jobs previously out of their reach. Dallas-based actor Sharon Garrison has put herself on tape and has videotaped auditions for more than 100 actors. Casting directors around the country often request her, and her tapings have yielded her a recurring role on the popular Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva. Sharon has put together an informational seminar sharing what she's learned about this process. Her goal is to empower actors to feel confident and have fun as they create their own virtual auditions. She'll introduce the nuts and bolts of successful video auditions, from the basic tools of taping through scene preparation, and include hints about lighting, sound, makeup, hair, movement, wardrobe and more, culminating in submission via the Internet.

VIRTUAL AUDITIONS: The New Casting Frontier presented by Sharon Garrison 6 - 9 p.m. Monday, April 16 KMRC, One East Erie, Suite 660, Chicago IL 60611 Please RSVP to Latisha Wagner at Park for $10 at 10 East Ontario. Enter on the north side of Ontario between Wabash and State, then take a ticket. When you sign in, you may purchase a four-hour ticket for $10. You will need both tickets to exit the parking structure. Cash only. Agent Access with Maryann Ziesch, Actors Talent Group Maryann Ziesch of Actors Talent Group, a franchised agent, will interview SAG-AFTRA members for the purpose of representation on Friday, April 27 in the Kaufherr Members Resource Center. Deadline for submissions is 5 p.m., Thursday, April 19. Submission instructions for this event are available at with one small change. You no longer need an outer and inner envelope. We need your headshot, resume and a note with your member ID number. If you have any questions, please call the SAG-AFTRA office, (312) 573-8081. SAG-AFTRA Chicago's Casting Access/Agent Access program is an ongoing, cooperative venture for the mutual benefit of Chicago talent agents, casting professionals and SAG-AFTRA members in good standing. It is not a workshop, training or "feedback" program or a guarantee of work or future audition or employment opportunities. It is an opportunity for casting professionals and talent agents to hold "generals" and become better acquainted with the wide variety of talent in Chicago's SAG-AFTRA membership. AFTRA Broadcast Conference The Chicago Broadcast department is proud to present its first AFTRA Broadcast Conference on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The conference is open to all SAG-AFTRA broadcasters (TV and radio) and will be an opportunity to network with colleagues from other stations. Judith Matloff of the International News Safety Institute - North America will discuss ways broadcasters can stay safe when reporting from situations of civil unrest. The AFTRA Foundation serves as the official U.S. home to INSI. Other topics include maximizing the potential of social media while retaining ownership of your on-air personality, successfully negotiating Personal Service Agreements, the legal rights of union members, understanding AFTRA Health and Retirement benefits, and much more! AFTRA Broadcast Conference 9 a.m. Saturday, April 21, 2012 DePaul University 1 E. Jackson Boulevard, 8th Floor Chicago, IL 60610 Free to members, registration required. Register online at For more information, please contact Kayla Hernandez at the AFTRA/SAG office, (312) 573-8081, or by email at Brought to you by SAG-AFTRA Chicago.

Freelance Tidbit Producers are allowed to call performers for a third or fourth commercial audition without payment for the first 2-hours if the producer: a) limits the audition to 3 or fewer performers per role; b)none of the performers called back for the role are on their first audition. New Member Orientation, Wednesday, April 25 New members represent the future for SAG-AFTRA. The stronger they are, the stronger the union and all members are. The goal of the New Members Subcommittee of SAG-AFTRA Community Outreach, Community Organizing (COCO) is to get new members actively involved in our unions volunteering, voting and learning - as early as possible. The New Member Orientation event is just one part of the process. Topics covered include every step involved in the union experience - from initiation fees and the dues structure to the correct way to execute member reports and contracts. Other areas include agents and commissions, casting directors, resolving claims, health coverage, set demeanor, committees, staff, etc. Plan now to attend the next New Membership Orientation and stay informed. The next orientation is at noon Wednesday, April 25. Please email Natasha Beals at or call the office, (312) 573-8081, to reserve a spot. SAG Foundation Events in Chicago at the KMRC The Secrets of the Casting Process With: Bonnie Gillespie, casting director, author and coach Jason Terisi, Breakdown Services, Actors Access and Eco-Cast Bring your questions to this session and get ready to learn how to tier-jump! Please join us for a 90-minute interactive behind-the-scenes look at the casting process, from breakdown to submissions to selects to self-taped auditions. Bonnie Gillespie returns to Chicago with her "Self-Management for Actors" tour and meets up at SAG Foundation with Breakdown Services Mid-West representative Jason Teresi, so the duo can host a dynamic presentation from "the other side" of the casting process. You'll see elements of the online systems that actors never see, and finally get your questions answered about what casting directors are looking for, when you self-tape! Bonnie will help you tackle the biggest career mistakes actors make while Jason will walk you through Eco-Cast, the first virtual preread system on the planet. Looking for the edge in your market, as you hope to create global reach? It starts here! There will be a drop box for headshots. Secrets of the Casting Process 7 p.m. Friday, April 27 KMRC, One East Erie, Suite 660, Chicago IL 60611 RSVP at Don't Miss Chicago SAG-AFTRA Senior Radio Players on May 1 Dodsworth, directed by Parker Gronwold Sam Dodsworth is a highly successful businessman who finally gives in to his wife Fran's urgings to sell his car manufacturing company and spend some time traveling overseas. In Europe, Fran holds off her dread of growing older by running around with several youngish guys. She finally convinces herself that old Sam is irrelevant in her entrancing, exciting European existence and asks him for a divorce. He resists - at first - but the best is yet to come as Sam makes some lifechanging discoveries about Fran and himself. Dodsworth 7 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.) Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Claudia Cassidy Theater, 77 E. Randolph (at Michigan Avenue) Admission is free, however seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The George Heller Memorial Scholarship Fund of the AFTRA Foundation The George Heller Memorial Scholarship Fund of the AFTRA Foundation was established to honor the key founder of the union, George Heller, and now memorializes him as well as many other AFTRA members and executives who cared about and contributed to the union. Scholarships are offered by the Foundation to AFTRA members and their dependents for academic study in any field, including broadcast, journalism and labor relations, or for professional training in the arts. Eligibility requires AFTRA membership in good standing for at least five years. The criteria for the limited number of scholarships available are academic excellence, financial need and acceptance/enrollment in a university, professional school or other accredited institution of higher education. Each year, the deadline for submission of applications, including all required materials, is May 1. Applications are carefully considered and award decisions will be made in June, and applicants are notified accordingly. Twelve to 15 scholarships, not subject to renewal, are currently awarded up to a maximum of $2,500 each, and are funded entirely by tax-deductible contributions to the George Heller Memorial Scholarship Fund of the AFTRA Foundation. Applications are available online. This service is administered by an entity independent of SAG-AFTRA. Questions must be handled by the provider. SAG-AFTRA does not endorse this service.

Support Culture in Chicago Do you care about culture in Chicago? Do you support our museums and galleries, the theaters, poetry slams, and film festivals, and our dance companies, orchestras and music clubs? For the first time in 25 years, Chicago is creating a new vision and new strategies to support the arts and artists throughout the city. It will take the broad support of thousands of Chicagoans who care about culture - people like you - to turn this plan into real policy benefiting arts and arts education. Show your support for arts and culture. Sign the Culture Counts petition. SAG-AFTRA Chicago has joined forces with dozens of cultural organizations to get 5,000 people to speak out for the arts and arts education. Will you be one of them? Please help guarantee that city leaders know that culture counts in Chicago. Sign the Culture Counts petition.

Photos Please! We are looking for a couple of types of photos of members of the Chicago Local. First, we want pictures of you at work. This can be in the studio, on a set, or even at rehearsal. Where ever you are working under a union contract, we want that photo. Even if it isn't an oncamera job-take a picture please! Second, we know that you do more than work. SAG-AFTRA members are among the most generous people in the world. We'd like photos of you doing volunteer work. It might be for a school, or charity, or church, or synagogue. Are you stuffing envelopes, racing for a cure, or walking a dog? Send us a shot. Please send your high resolution, digital photos to Linda Swenson at By submitting a photo you are agreeing to it possibly being included in Playback or displayed in the KMRC. Be sure to include your name and information about what is happening in the picture.

The Chicago Documentary Summit - Discount for SAG-AFTRA Members The Documentary Summit is coming to Chicago on April 21-22, 2012. This fantastic two day event is hosted by the authors of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook in association with Columbia College Chicago, Kartemquin Films, Zacuto, Leavens, Strand, Glover & Adler, LLC and Chicago Filmmakers. The two days are filled with panels that will discuss many of the important topics surrounding non-fiction. It's a great networking opportunity for actors, voice over talent and presenters to mix with producers and filmmakers. For more information and to book tickets, go to The student discount price of $80 (normally $149) is available to SAG-AFTRA members with code: SAGAFTRA. Seating is limited so book now! In response to members' requests to stay informed, The Activator may include notice of rallies, pickets and other actions by unions and the labor movement that have not been sanctioned by the National or Chicago Board of Directors of SAG-AFTRA. This information is provided as a convenience. The information contained herein regarding workshops, vendors, special offers and the like is provided for informational purposes and is not intended to imply endorsement by SAG-AFTRA of them or the information, material, products or services provided. SAG-AFTRA makes no warranties or representations regarding the use of the material or the quality of the services or service providers. SAG-AFTRA Chicago: (312) 573-8081 Hot line: (312) 867-3710 Email: WEBSITE

Activator - April 16, 2012  

Activator - April 16, 2012

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