After the Pause: Summer 2017

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Susan L. Leary is a Lecturer in English Composition at the University of Miami. Naomi Ruth Lowinsky is a widely published poet, winner of the Blue Light Poetry Award, and a worried citizen. Sam Mills is a writer from Berkshire, who recently published a short story collection called 'Nightmares'. He is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Oxana Poberejnaia is a post-Soviet connoisseur. rawquel is a portuguese artist who creates visual poetry. "Silverware occupies an oversized place in children's minds (well, children raised in countries where forks, knives and spoons are the dominant utensils), and I basically humanize silverware in a delightfully "unheimlich" way and combined it with intimate poetry." Meet the project here: stephanie roberts is a poet obsessed with oceans and fire. AyĹ&#x;e TekĹ&#x;en is a research assistant at the Department of Foreign Language Education, Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, but above everything she is a fighter and a writer whose mission is to shake things up and show reality in its most elegant form. David J. Thompson would rather be in Spain. Amber D. Tran is a poet and novelist living in the Madison, AL area. Pragya Vashishtha is an Engineering student and an artist from India. Edward Wells II is not a nom de guerre of Shia LaBeouf. Jim Zola is a published poet and photographer.