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Unified Summer Grants Collaborative Common Application – Summer 2010 After facing a critical shortage of summer youth programs post-Katrina, a group of local foundations and organizations created the Unified Summer Grants Collaborative (heretofore USGC or The Collaborative) in 2006 to support safe activities for New Orleans-area youth. The collaborative has continued to address the ongoing need for affordable, safe, educational and recreational youth activities and to leverage partner resources through this collaborative effort. Vision: All children and youth in the Greater New Orleans Area – regardless of socio-economic status – have

access to high quality summer programming options. Mission: The Unified Summer Grants Collaborative works to ensure that children and youth – especially those that are high need – can access summer programming options. In addition, we support the capacity- and qualitybuilding initiatives of summer programs across the region. Over four years, the Collaborative has awarded grants totaling $4.4 million to a variety of summer programs across the New Orleans area that serve vulnerable, low-income youth, who, with this support, have had opportunities to engage in academic enrichment, cultural and arts programs, sports and physical recreation, cooking, and nutrition activities. GRANT CRITERIA 

Proposals must be submitted by public or charitable, non-profit (tax exempt) organizations or may be sponsored by such an organization. We will only accept electronic applications.

All participating organizations or sponsoring organizations must operate within one or more of the seven-parishes Jefferson, New Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington parishes.

Proposed projects must be designed to be completed within the scope of the Grant timeline: June 1 - August 31, 2010.

Grants are due on February 22nd at 5pm CST. Grants received after this time and date will not be considered.

Specific questions will be answered by EMAIL ONLY to:

A project may focus on a wide variety of youth issues or may be very narrowly focused. At least one of the following priority issues, however, must be included as a primary focus of the project: Psycho-Social component to help children adjust to their changed environment Educational component to support continued learning Disaster Preparation in anticipation of the upcoming hurricane season Physical Activity/Nutrition Culinary Arts Enhancement of Individual Responsibility Inclusive Activities for Children with Disabilities Cultural Enrichment

PLEASE NOTE: An informational workshop and networking event will be held at the United Way for the Greater New Orleans area, 2515 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 for those who have any questions about the application forms, process or would like to coordinate activities with other summer programs. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, January 26, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM.

2010 Unified Summer Grants Application Timeline Month




RFP for Summer Funding Officially Released Informational & Networking/Training @ 9:00 United Way (Webinar also available), sign up for Summer Program Peer Learning network


26th February 22nd Feb. 24th- April 19th

Applications Due – submitted online Grant reviews and funding recommendations

April 21st

United Way mails funding letters out to agencies, sends email updates


Mandatory grantee final report training/grant check distribution United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area


Optional training for grantees


Potential hiring fairs for summer programs (in partnership with local Universities and area colleges)


Peer Network fair on summer program field trip options

June - August

Site Visits September 14th

Agencies submit final reports

Unified Summer Grants Collaborative List of Potential Summer Program Curricula (Suggestions only, not required) January 25, 2010 LITERACY AfterSchool KidzLit

Tel: (800) 666-7270; Website: Contact: Megan Weber, Manager of After School ~~ A research-based K-8 program that uses great books and engaging activities to make reading come alive after school. The program, which includes 120 values-rich books and a leader’s guide for each book, increases children’s motivation to read while building literacy skills. The Children’s Aid Society uses this as one of our two core literacy programs in our after school programs (the other is Foundations). The Comic Book Project

Tel (718) 263-6377 Website: Contact: Dr. Michael Bitz, Director ~~ The Comic Book Project is an arts-based literacy and learning initiative. Through the Project, children in grades 2-12 forge an alternative pathway to literacy by writing, developing, and designing original comic books on a designated theme. Defined Mind Vocabulary Accelerator Tel: (212) 925-5138 Website: no current website, curriculum available on Contact: Keith London, CEO, Exec. Producer ~~Vocabulary Accelerator consists of a CD of 12 real songs from a variety of genres, including hip-hop and rock, coupled with a comprehensive study guide that exercises students' grasp of the song's key words. Encompassing over 300 "SAT" words, the CD and study guide take advantage of music's appeal, and use lyrical and musical contexts to increase students' retention of the key words' definitions and usage. Foundations Tel: (888) 977-KIDS; Website: Contact: Claudia Weisburd, Executive Director for After School and Community Education ~~Afterschool Style Guides provide activities and projects for learning, skills, and development, coupled with targeted tools for high quality implementation and follow-up. Easy to use and based on resources most programs have or can readily access.

MATHEMATICS AfterSchool KidzMath Tel: (800) 666-7270; Website: Contact: Megan Weber, Manager of After School ~~ A hands-on, research-based K-6 mathematics program designed specifically for out-of-school time. Through cooperative math games and literature-based activities, the program increases children’s enjoyment of mathematics, their mathematical understanding and skills, and their ability to work with others. Cyberchase Tel: (212) 560-2023/ (877) 290-9912; Website: Contact: Natalie Gabrelian, Cyberchase Program Director ~~ CYBERCHASE, the math mystery cartoon series seen daily on PBS KIDS GO! engages kids 8-11 in the fun and challenge of mathematics and problem-solving. The fun continues with a popular Website, educational materials, and national outreach. After School staff gets trained to lead interactive workshops that allow kids to build on concepts introduced in the series. Materials available for FREE while supplies last! Figure This!

Website: ~~ Fun and challenging math problems, based on the NCTM standards, designed to help middle school students strengthen higher-order math skills. FREE! Junior Achievement Tel: (719) 540-8000 Website: ~~ Jr. Achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people in grades K-12 understand the economics of life. Developmentally appropriate activity modules cover basic concepts of business and economics, how education is relevant to the workplace, career exploration, personal finance and how best to prepare for one’s educational and professional future. FREE! The Math Explorer Tel: (800) 666-7270; Website: Contact: Megan Weber, Manager of After School ~~ The Math Explorer comprises a book and a kit—everything a leader needs to implement 23 engaging, standards-based math activities (for up to 30 kids). This program, geared towards middle-school youth, was created by the Exploratorium, San Francisco’s nationally recognized leader in inquiry-based, hands-on education. 24 Game Tel: (800) 242-4542; Website: ~~ A fun math game that reinforces basic skills, mental mathematics, problem solving, pattern sensing, concentration and critical thinking. Available in levels K-12.

SCIENCE Dragonfly Quest: Discovery at Every Turn Boys and Girls Clubs of America Tel: (404) 487-5986; Website: Contact: Erica Saxby, Director, Education Programs ~~ Dragonfly Quest shows Club members ages 10-15 how to conduct their own investigations using the scientific method. The Exploratorium Tel: (415) 397-5673; Website: Contact: Kurt E. Feichtmeir, General Manager, Learning Tools ~~ The Exploratorium is San Francisco’s nationally recognized museum of science, art and human perception. The museum has been online since 1993, and its website contains over 18 thousand award winning Web pages exploring hundreds of different topics, including free math and science activities available for download. The museum’s online store offers hands-on activity kits, curricula, books and games. Girls Inc. Operation SMART (Science, Math & Relevant Technology) Tel: (800) 374-4475; Website: ~~Operation SMART is an informal education program for girls 9-11 designed to stimulate girls’ interest in science, math and technology. The program offers hands-on, participatory activities that involve girls in the process of inquiry, builds their confidence, and encourages them to think about pursuing nontraditional jobs and careers. The Science Explorer Tel: (800) 666-7270; Website: Contact: Megan Weber, Manager of After School ~~ The Science Explorer comprises a book and a kit—everything a leader needs to implement more than 30 engaging science activities with up to 40 kids. The Science Explorer program was created by the Exploratorium, San Francisco’s nationally recognized leader in inquiry-based, hands-on education.

World In Motion Tel: (724) 772-8514; Website: Contact: Kathleen O’Connor Byrnes, K-12 Program Manager for SAE International ~~ Hands-on engineering design program for grades 4-6, in which children are challenged to build three toys: a balloon-powered car, a fan-powered sailboat and a rubber band-powered rolling toy. All challenges allow children to explore science, math and technology. The program is free and all materials, for up 34 children, are included.

MULTICULTURAL-MUSIC Putumayo “World Playground: A Musical Adventure For Kids”

Tel: (800) 995-9588; Website: Contact: Putumayo, New York ~~ Multicultural education curriculum incorporating world music.

LIFE SKILLS/YOUTH LEADERSHIP Adventures in Peacemaking Tel: (212) 870-3318; Website: Contact: Lillian Castro, Director ~~Adventures in Peacemaking, designed by Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) and Project Adventure, is an after school curriculum that uses stories, games, puppets, arts and crafts and music to teach children skills such as expressing their feelings in healthy ways, cooperating in a group and working out their differences without fighting or name-calling. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America Tel: (404) 487-5700; Website: Contact: Erica Saxby, Director, Education Programs ~~ BGCA Program Services offers a wide array of youth development and youth leadership curricula for Boys and Girls Clubs affiliates, including “Passport to Manhood,” a very good rites-of-passage program for 11-13 year old boys, and a version for girls called “Smart Girls.” In The Mix Tel: (212) 684-3940 or (800) 597-9448; Website: ~~Videos by young people for young people on topics of interest to young people such as teen immigrants, selfimage and cliques. The videos come with lesson plans and discussion guides, including book recommendations that tie-in to the themes of the videos. Overcoming Obstacles Tel: (212) 406-7488; Website: Contact: Matthew Damm, Director of Professional Development ~~ A life skills curriculum for middle and high school youth that helps young people make reasoned decisions, set and meet goals, communicate effectively, learn conflict resolution, and develop sound study skills. The activities incorporate and help youth build stronger literacy skills. Project Adventure Tel: (978) 524-4500; Website: www. ~~ An “Adventure Education” program (both recreational and academic based models available) that helps children build self-esteem and strengthen their social, teamwork and leadership skills.


Website: Follow the “Publications/Store” link to view curriculum packages and (free) webinar trainings, e.g. Global Graffiti Wall