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At U.S.Trust, we believe art and culture are vital assets to a community’s worth. That’s why we’re proud to support After School Arts Program. For over 200 years now, we’ve not only seen the benefit of helping clients pursue their own philanthropic goals, we’ve seen the benefit these cultural endeavors can have on families and neighborhoods alike. U.S. Trust operates through Bank of America, N.A., and other subsidiaries of BAC. WHAT IS WORTH is a trademark of Bank of America Corporation. Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC. © 2012 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved ARO0P251 | UST-106-AD

“Winter Maple” oil on linen, 16 x 20, by Ella Knox

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A Celebration of Young Photographers ASAP’s second annual A Celebration of Young Photographers invited students in grades 3 through 12 from across Northwest CT to submit photographs reflecting their interpretation on this year’s theme: YOU + GREEN. Our goal was to bring together students from a diverse group of communities, encouraging them to express their artistic vision through photography and provide a chance for exploration, creativity, and fun. We asked the participants: What does the word “green” mean to you? We hear terms like global warming; reduce, reuse, recycle; endangered species; acid rain; pollution; green design and green energy; carbon footprint; and many others, in our daily lives--whether it’s in the media or from our friends and families. We know that humans have changed the earth drastically, and we know that in order to live happily and healthily, we need to work together to solve our environmental problems. We all respond to this thought—of changing our ways to become a more “green” society—in different ways; and those meanings may be represented in wonderfully creative ways. Our judging panel, comprised of a renowned group of photographers, collectors, and art directors, was assigned to a specific age group, and was tasked with choosing their top selection of photographs from within that age group, as well as one outstanding piece from each. The selection process was blind: names of students and schools were removed from each photograph. All of the photographs are thought provoking, and ASAP is grateful to the participants, representing public and private schools, as well as home schooled children, for joining us in this event. Each submission was personal, and we thank you for sharing yours with us and with the community. Of course, it is that sense of community that brings us together today; we are delighted to be partnering with the wonderful people of Arethusa Farm, for whom community is clearly a priority. ASAP is enormously honored to have had the commitment and talent of our panel of judges: Miki Duisterhof, Visko Hatfield, John Kane, Joseph Montebello, Rich Pomerantz, Jessica Rose, Kathy Root, and Barbara Hyde Talbot. ASAP gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Arethusa Farm, Ella’s Limited Fine Arts and Framing of Bantam, Caesars Camera, Anne Gallagher, Bantam Bread, Hannah’s Bakery, Averill Farm, and all those who helped make this event possible.

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Young Photographers of 2012 GRADES 3 - 5 Katharine Benson, Age 8, Grade 3, Rumsey Hall School, Nature World. “The globe represents people, and the leaf represents nature.” Arabella Boljonis, Age 10, Grade 5, James Morris Elementary School, Droplets. “Green, Nature. They flow together. Green-nature.” Kate Greene, Age 9, Grade 4, Mitchell Elementary School, Spring Has Meaning. “The flower tells us spring is coming and the bird’s nest reminds us that mother birds have babies and that keeps the generations going.” Buckley Huffstetler, Age 10, Grade 5, Washington Montessori School, Me and My Shadow. “My tree and I need each other to survive. If we don’t take care of our trees we could all just become shadows on the earth.” Anderson Warshaw, Age 10, Grade 5, Warren School, A Future Tree. “I support growing trees, like this little Blue Spruce sapling, to replace others that have fallen, because they supply the oxygen that we need to live, and house creatures like birds and squirrels.”

GRADES 6 - 8 Jacob Allen, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Giving Tree. “I took this picture because I think it is an important part of nature.” Coco Booth, Age 12, Grade 7, Rumsey Hall School, The Worms Reuse. “When worms are fed our scraps and newspaper they produce fresh and healthy soil for our plants.” Emmalyn Brenner, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Take A Walk Home. “I took this picture because every day I walk up those stairs and whenever I see them, I think of home on planet earth.” Alex Fowler, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Down By the River. “I like this picture because it expresses my love for the fall.” Louise Gagnon, Age 12, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Spot of Life. “Good things come in small packages - they can fit anywhere.” Madeline Gorra, Age 13, Grade 8, Shepaug Valley Middle School, Reflection. “This is a photo of my dad bathed in sunlight on a cool fall evening contemplating the natural world that is so precious to our existence.” Young Gun Lee, Age 13, Grade 7, Rumsey Hall School, The Gathering. “I took this picture because the bee looked so green and diligent, and I wanted to be like that too.” Grace Hemmingstad, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Rainy Yard. “When I took this photo I was very calm and looking to take advantage of the rain so I went to my stoop and took one picture of our Japanese maple tree.” James Kane, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Commonground. “Common Ground represents my interpretation of fallen leaves using green grass as a backdrop.” Katie Lecher, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Misty Tree. “A fall tree, in the rain, that does not have any leaves.”

Jae Woo Lee, Age 15, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Green is From the Ground. “What is green? I think green represents nature. But, where is nature from? It is from the ground. That is why I took the picture of the ground - to represent nature.” Jonah Levigne, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Rebuilding Character. “I took this picture because this tree was cut down and I loved how at whichever angle you saw it, it represented just one more amazing thing. Complexity, survival, and wonder were what I saw and when it was cut down, all of those things were lost. But the hope to rebuild and to keep the love with you remained. I named it ‘rebuild’ because that’s what I want to do and what I think nature is trying to do.” Caroline Mahan, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Sunny Pond. “The sun’s reflection on the pond in the fall.” Marissa McMahon, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, One Green Leaf. “I took this photo because it reminded me that fall is almost over and they are going to be no more leaves left. The green leaf is fall and everything else in the photo is winter.” Sawyer Moore, Age 12, Grade 6, Rumsey Hall School, The Nut. “I like this picture because the nut in the middle will be another flower.” Riley Norris, Age 11, Grade 6, Washington Montessori School, Green Food Cycle. “My picture represents my chicken making fertilizer for her food to grow, that she then eats, allowing her to produce a healthy egg that can be eaten or may be the next generation of chickens.” Liza Parinova, Age 12, Grade 7, Rumsey Hall School, The Sky is the Limit. “I think the sky is the limit. It can take you up and away.” Taylor Paul, Age 11, Grade 7, Shepaug Valley Middle School, Cherry Berry. “This Cherry Berry was found in the front yard of my school.” Emiliano Sainz, Age 14, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Light. “I took this picture because it symbolizes how the light gives life to what is green.” Maddie Savage, Age 12, Grade 7, The Spence School, Green Survivor. “I chose this photograph because it represents the world and all the buildings overpowering nature.” Caroline Svarre, Age 14, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Blue Green Thumb. “I took the picture because flowers are green and the view felt right.” Abbey Turner, Age 13, Grade 8, Rumsey Hall School, Spotted Grass. “I like my picture because it represents the beautiful green life in Connecticut.” Jenny Young, Age 11, Grade 6, Rumsey Hall School, Love Nature. “This photo shows my love for nature.”

GRADES 9 - 12 Fatema Al Meshqab, Age 18, Grade 11, The Gunnery School, Nature is Bleeding. “The photo shows a cross section of a chopped tree where the red liquid symbolizes the tree’s blood drops. It represents the sequences of our disrespect to nature and that we should stop hurting it.” Emily Alworth, Age 15, Grade 10, Shepaug Valley High School, Crawlers. “Green to me is living in harmony with the world around us.”

Lorenzo Ash, Age 17, Grade 12, New Milford High School, Driving in a Winter Traffic Land. Miles Booth, Age 14, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, Beets by Dr. Dre. “This is the last of our garden that fed my family over the summer.” Amanda Braatz, Age 15, Grade 10, Nonnewaug High School, After The Rain. Nicole Dannen, Age 14, Grade 10, Pomperaug High School, Untitled. “Riding your bike to work cuts down on pollution.” Katie Devlin, Age 14, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, Change of Autumn. “My picture shows the changes leaves go through during the season of Autumn. The transformations that occur in nature are what define the word green.” Justin Emmans, Age 17, Grade 12, New Milford High School, Fall Days. “Driving on a nice fall afternoon.” Ria Han, Age 18, Grade 12, The Gunnery School, Deterioration. “In today’s ever-changing society, physical proximity and nature became even more difficult to preserve. I attempted to bring awareness through the photograph to show how our daily behavior can cause a threat to the nature, or green, such as losing the color of green.” Marissa Hanson, Age 17, Grade 12, Pomperaug High School, Field. “This is my favorite field. This is where I get away. Going green to me is literally watching everything around me change, and in this case, the clouds are moving. When I go in the morning I can view the sunrise, or even at night at the opposite side, I can see the sunset. All around me the view is changing.” Emily Hersch, Age 17, Grade 12, The Spence School, The Green Within. “In response to the pressing environmental issues of today, I was inspired to create The Green Within, an image that blurs the line between nature and humanity, symbolizing our deeply rooted connection to the world we live in and our ability to either protect or destroy it.” Kimberley Higgins, Age 17, Grade 11, Litchfield High School, Go Green Leaf. “This photograph is a colorful fall leaf taken to show the potential of a clean environment that can be obtained.” Chris Horn, Age 14, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, The Grass is Always Greener. “I took this photo because grass is the first thought when green is mentioned to me.” Chandler Houldin, Age 14, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, Leaf Form. “A lush green plant colored and brought to life by the sun.” Kevin Keane, Age 17, Grade 12, Nonnewaug High School, Prius. “Hybrids, such as this Prius, are the future of transportation.” Jack Kuppens, Age 17, Grade 11, The Woodhall School, Green Lagoon. “To me the color green is a representation of life. Beauty is everywhere and most of the time it is simply overlooked and taken for granted. I know I’m not one to preach about global warming or all of the little things we could be doing to better the environment, but I do recognize how we humans have been harming our home. Personally I love the outdoors and enjoy spending time outside, but it is only a matter of time before rising water levels or other natural forces destroy some of the most beautiful places on Earth. I’ll be the first to admit I am by no means perfect, wasting things like gasoline on the weekends and water just about every time I turn the knob, but I have made a conscious decision to

do the small things. Everyone needs somewhere to start, a reason or incentive, and the second I ask myself how I would feel if Earth’s beauty were to dissipate, I begin to change. In the end, all of our efforts to better the environment are centered around respect, so before you throw that cup out the window or leave the water running, just remember the Earth has been good to you and the least you can do in return is be respectful.” Ashley Lian, Age 17, Grade 12, New Milford High School, Keep In The Time. “The sun rises as the leaves fall, while sparks of life emerge from the debris of autumn; I am once again reminded that nature is beautiful in its own untainted right, for all is well when Earth is well.” Jesse Longo, Age 17, Grade 12, New Milford High School, Cracks. “Cracks are left behind where water once flowed.” Gabriella Martinez, Age 14, Grade 9, Marvelwood School, Olivia Swimming. “Green is Summer... swimming with my friends!” Susan McLean, Age 17, Grade 12, Pomperaug High School, One With the Woods. “This photograph attempts to capture what I believe is the human responsibility to blend with the environment.” Madison Musco, Age 17, Grade 12, Watertown High School, Untitled . “My photograph shows the purity of nature that is so quickly diminishing in the growing industrial world.” Julia Pryor, Age 14, Grade 10, Pomperaug High School, Bins and Cans. “Recycling cans and bottles not only helps the environment but reduces pollution greatly.” Evelyn Rinaldi, Age 17, Grade 12, Naugatuck High School, Certified Organic. “Mother Earth knows best.” Erik Saalmuller, Age 18, Grade 12, Nonnewaug High School, In the Greenhouse. “The Ellis-Clark greenhouses represent You + Green to me because they protect the plants raised by students at my school and nurture them for the continued preservation of nature in our society.” Brienne Saraceno, Age 17, Grade 12, New Milford High School, Old Windmill. “Green to me is anything that helps conserve energy, even something such as this old rusty windmill.” Julie Shin, Age 14, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, Green Hope. “The tree is growing and the hope is also growing.” Sebastian Taylor, Age 15, Grade 10, Shepaug Valley High School, Ascension. “This photograph depicts the hazy, abstract form of a blue heron taking flight as a parallel of how ecologically amiable projects in the last few years have been themselves, thus capturing the hope of reaching greater heights in the future we must now face.” Emma Wang, Age 15, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, The Last Leaf of Summer. “The last ‘green’ is also the end of the summer. For memorizing this happy and wonderful summer, I shaped it.” Keetu Winter, Age 16, Grade 10, Litchfield High School, Resilience. “The small leaf symbolizes life’s (Nature’s) resilience against everything that we (humans) have thrown at it.” Angel Wong, Age 15, Grade 9, Rumsey Hall School, Awake Leaf. “The green plant stood out in the picture. It is different than the others. It is special.”


THE JUDGES Miki Duisterhof was raised in Africa and Switzerland before moving to the US in the 1990s. She has built a diverse portfolio capturing some of the world’s most beautiful places. Best known for her food photography, Miki Duisterhof’s striking work encompasses a range of subjects, including lifestyle, interiors, portraiture and children, and travel. Her vision is inspired by textures and colors, playing with light and contrast. Her work has appeared in numerous ad campaigns and magazines including Town & Country, Country Living and Coastal Living. She lives with her husband and two children in the hills of Litchfield County, CT. Visko Hatfield says photography is “a skeleton key allowing me to gain entry to the lives of diverse people.” He was born in Salem, Oregon and grew up in Washington, D.C. After receiving a BA at the University of South Carolina, he moved to New York and began a five-year assistantship with the renowned photographer and filmmaker Albert Watson. Photographing “bankers to beekeepers,” Mr. Hatfield has created portraits of notables such as Queen Latifah, Bill O’Reilly, Rob Thomas, and Roy Lichtenstein, and posters of sports figures such as boxers (the Klitschko Brothers and Felix Trinidad) and several Olympic biathletes and swimmers, and his work has been featured in magazines like Maxim, Paris Match, and Cosmopolitan UK. John Kane photography is widely published and can be found in both private and museum collections. He has illustrated several books, including The Human Alphabet, Fashion and Color, and Twisted Yoga, and his photos have appeared in many of the biggest consumer magazines and books and photo essays on fashion, travel, food, and dance. Publisher’s Weekly says “Kane’s transcendent images ... elevate viewers to a higher state of consciousness”; the School Library Journal describes his work as “a stunning visual feast.” Mr. Kane’s photography has been recognized by the New York Art Director’s Club, the Webbys, and other professional organizations. Wendy and John Kane raise their sons Tristan and Jamie on a small farm in Northville, CT. Joseph Montebello is the host of “Between the Covers,” a radio show that produces in-depth interviews of authors from every genre. The show airs weekly on WVOX in New Rochelle, NY. Prior to his radio career, Mr. Montebello was VicePresident and Creative Director at HarperCollins Publishers, where he worked with some of the most prominent contemporary authors. He also founded his own imprint, Harper Style, publishing books on fashion, photography, and interior design. He is a contributing editor for Litchfield Magazine and has written for The Litchfield County Times. Mr. Montebello is a graduate of Syracuse University and lives in Litchfield, CT. He is on the Board of Directors of ASAP.  

Rich Pomerantz’s photography has appeared in diverse periodicals ranging from Fine Gardening, Design New England and Outdoor Photographer to Coastal Living, Traditional Home, Berkshire Living, Connecticut Home and Garden, and National Geographic for Kids. He has published three books: Wild Horses of the Dunes, Great Gardens of the Berkshires, and Hudson River Valley Farms. Rich conducts photography classes at his Washington, CT studio, the NY Botanical Gardens, and Botanical Gardens and horticultural organizations throughout the country. Additionally, Rich photographs a select number of weddings for discerning clientele; he was the only photographer in Connecticut chosen by for their prestigious editor’s choice award. Rich’s work can be viewed at Jessica Rose is an interior designer with fourteen years of experience, at first Jed Johnson Associates and then at Studio Sofield, both in New York City. Specializing in residential interiors, her projects have ranged from vacation homes in Aspen and Palm Beach to New York City apartments and restoration brownstones. In addition to her interiors work, Jessica has recently launched Judson Printworks, a line of hand printed linen for the interior design trade focused on historic patterns and color. Prior to her work in interior design, Jessica worked in the arts for artist Mark diSuvero and his studio Space Time as well as Socrates Sculpture Park and The Holly Solomon Gallery in New York. She currently splits time between New York City and Washington, CT with her husband Jared Clark and cat Bean. Kathryn McCarver Root is a gallerist and dealer specializing in fine art photography. KMR Arts, located in Washington Depot, celebrates its 5th year anniversary this year with a momentous exhibit of vintage prints by Diane Arbus, a hugely influential photographer known for her darkly beautiful images. McCarver Root gained her experience over two decades in New York City while working as a photography editor for books (Lillian Bassman, Bulfinch, Weekend Retreats, Rizzoli) and prestigious magazines (Esquire, US Weekly, and InStyle). Appealing to both the established collector and the first time buyer, KMR Arts continues to celebrate photography.   Barbara Hyde Talbot is a composer, pianist, and singer, and has also worked in visual media for nearly 30 years. Her short film Arborotica is an evolution of manipulated photographs and original paintings and drawings. She has produced the first of several sculptural “conduits” for film and photographs under the title “PaperTreeFilms.” She has also composed scores for Pilobolus Dance Theatre; performance recordings for artists Tommy Simpson & Pilobolus; and music videos, including a gold medal winner at the International Film and Video Awards in NY. As a song writer/performer, Ms. Talbot performed throughout the country as a folk/jazz/alternative musician for 15 years. Ms. Talbot is a resident of Washington, CT.

a special

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to the students and schools for their participation in ASAP’s 2nd Annual Celebration of Young Photographers.

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ASAP The After School Arts Program (ASAP)® provides opportunities for children to create, collaborate, and express themselves through exposure to and participation in the arts under the guidance of arts professionals. Founded in April 1999, ASAP’s original goal was to engage local middle school children in arts programs otherwise unavailable to them. ASAP held its first eight workshops in music, dance, and art with 72 students. With success and increased demand for programs, ASAP expanded its geographic reach and extended the range of the children it serves. Reconstructed as a nonprofit organization in 2004, it has produced hundreds of workshops and events, touching the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults from 86 towns across Connecticut. In addition to ASAP’s general workshops in the literary, performing, visual, culinary, and martial arts, we established the Inter-district Project (IDP) in 2005. The IDP was created as a way to bring kids together from diverse backgrounds to explore the arts through collaborative projects. Over the years, children from urban and rural areas of CT have collaborated in a variety of projects to create unique poetry, photography, murals, dance, music, and theatre. Because tuition fees for ASAP courses are significantly less than actual program costs, and because financial aid is given to any child who needs it in order to participate, ASAP depends heavily on fundraising events as well as support from foundations, local and state governments, and individual donors.

ASAP is funded in part by Union Savings Bank; the Diebold Foundation; A gift of the Jean and Julien Levy Foundation for the Arts, Inc.; Regional School District #12; Gould Family Foundation; The Lilac Foundation. Support also comes from The Connecticut Office of the Arts; Bank of America Foundation; Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation; Community Table Foundation; Neary Family Charitable Fund; Shred-it; the towns of Bridgewater, Roxbury, and Washington; US Trust; the Ellen Knowles Harcourt Foundation; Holmes Foundation; The Watts Fund; the Community Foundation of NWCT; Webster Bank; The Rene Bloch Foundation; The Connecticut Community Foundation; The Benedict Silverman Foundation; The Big Wood Foundation; Dungannon Foundation; Eagle Electric Service LLC; Klemm Real Estate, Inc.; The James E. and Faye L. Preston Fund; Free Enterprise, LLC; Manolo Blahnik USA, Ltd.; Newpol Foundation; Copes Rubbish Removal; Winfield Foundation; The Armstrong - Nickoll Family Foundation; Privet House, and many generous individuals.

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Kristie Bishop . Jill Lloyd . Joseph Montebello . Rob Parker . Peter Rogness Kathy Root . Jessica Rose . Barbara Hyde Talbot . JoAnne Torti ASAP P.O. Box 15 6 Bee Brook Road, Unit B Washington Depot, CT 06794 (860) 868-0740 Please visit our website

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Acquaintance ($25 - $99) Zylie the Bear Riley Norris Washington Supply Company Cathy Colella Mary Ellen Spiegel & Mitchell Fishman Studio Museum in Harlem Warner Theatre Joan & Frank Foley Lori Larsen Mary E. Adams Kris MacDonald Margaret Neimeth Bantam Tileworks Infinity Music Hall & Bistro Katharine Leab Brenda Marsh Happie Baker Woodward House Susan & John Long Andrew Becker Donald Billinkoff Joy Brown Patricia Caffrey Gina Daniel Robert L. deCourcy Jane & Tom Doyle H. Lee Fisher Dinah Fulton Jack Gilpin Carolyn & Bill Greene James Greenfield Judy & Doug Hamilton Joan Hammond Lucinda & Ed Hart Trish O’Reilly & Jim Huffstetler MasterCard Matching Gift Program Kathy & Kevin McGarry Andrea Newman Carol O’Toole Paula Lazeski & Marc Olivieri Eileen & Michael Posnick

Drika & Alec Purves Kristen Ringham Whitney & Fran Ryan Julie & Tom Seger Scott Solfrain Cindy & Steve Taylor Paula Van Ness Susan Bishop Bridgewater Chocolate Bon Lombardi The Garden John Boyer Terri Tibbatts & Franklin Nichols Catherine & David Wolfe Anne-Marie & James Davenport Green Granary Stuart Saunders & Christopher Meredith Chestnut Hill Enterprises, Inc. Dariel & Bill Curren Philip Grausman Barbara Hamlin Hidden Valley Eatery Dennis Hussey Stacie & Ed Kavle Mamies Maple Bank Farm Lenka O’Connor Kenneth Paul Karen Silk Joanna Hammond & Theodore Van Nahl Cynthia & Stephen Warshaw

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w w w . b t s g r a p h i c s . c o m

AVERILL FARM congratulates the Young Photographers! 250 Calhoun St. Washington, CT, 06794 860-868-2777

Serving business and individual clients for over 50 years




Other Offices: L i t c h fi e l d , N e w M i l f o r d , K e n t , D a n b u r y 6 B e e B r o o k R o a d • P O B ox 3 2 1 • Wa s h i n g t o n D e p o t , C T 0 6 7 9 4 ( 8 6 0 ) 8 6 8 - 0 5 2 7 • r fi s h e r @ c r a m e r - a n d e r s o n . c o m w w w. C ra m e r- A n d e r s o n . c o m

Congratulations to all the young photographers of ASAP



Mr. Gunn’s School Established 1850

www. - 860-868-7334 - 99 Green Hill Road, Washington, CT 06793 Photo by Yi-Lin Yeh, Digital Photo I student

Canterbury School An independent Catholic coeducational boarding and day school for grades 9-12

Canterbury’s excellent Fine Arts curriculum offers Digital Photo I & II.

a deeper knowledge a world of possibilities

101 Aspetuck Avenue • New Milford, CT • 860-210-3934 •

RUMSEY HALL Congratulates the Many Talented Students who Participated in ASAP’S SECOND ANNUAL


An Independent Coeducational Day & Junior Boarding School for Grades K-9 in Washington, CT 14 Kinney Hill Road Tel: (860) 868-7923 Washington Depot, CT 06794

Westover is known for its graduates—confident young women prepared both academically and personally to get the most out of their college experience. At Westover your daughter will have opportunities to explore and discover her strengths through signature academic programs, including Women in Science and Engineering, Global Exchanges, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Online School for Girls. Here your daughter will grow both academically and personally within a collaborative community of students from 17 countries and 16 states.

for more information about westover or to schedule a visit, please call the Office of Admission at 203.577.4521 or visit Westover School

Middlebury, CT

ASAP Program Ad Dec. 1st version.indd 1 11/19/12 2:31 PM

By Hand From Scratch • Mostly Organic Artisanal Breads • Rustic Desserts

860-567-2737 853 Bantam Rd. (Route 202) Bantam, CT 06750

Connecticut Magazine Readers’ Choice Restaurant Poll 2012

DENISE D. TREVENEN JEFFREY L. COPLOFF PAUL L. CORNELL, OF COUNSEL 18 Titus Road, P.O. Box 331 Washington Depot, CT 06794 Telephone: (860) 868-7366 Facsimile: (860) 868-3735 email:

Antiques • Upholstery • Home Accents Clothing & Gifts for Men & Women • Jewelry Interior Design Services Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Furniture

Hannah’s Catering & Bakery Tuesday - Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm Sunday 9:00am to 2:00pm 239 West Street, Litchfield, CT 06759

860-567-COOK (860-567-2665

New Milfor d orthopedic AssociAtes, p.c.

Andrew N. Bazos, M.D. Sports Medicine / Arthroscopy Knee and Shoulder Surgery General Orthopedics

31 Old Route 7 131 Kent Road (Route 7) Brookfield, CT 06804 New Milford, CT 06776 (203) 775-3000 (860) 355-8000

244 West 54th Street Newtown Orthopedic New York, NY 10019 153 South Main St. Newtown, CT 06470 (212) 262-7246 (203) 426-6600

e-mail: website: Madison Square Garden (212) 465-5122

Caesars Camera Photographic and Digital Imaging 205 Chase Avenue Waterbury, CT 06704



American & Asian Fine Art 6 Green Hill, Washington Depot, CT 06794 Fri 11 – 5


Sat 11 – 5

860.868.1655 |

Sun 12 – 4

Bees, Fleas & Trees White Pine, Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, Concolor Fir, and Blue/White Spruce trees! Open Saturday, Nov. 24 – Sunday, Dec. 23 Monday through Friday - 1:00 to 4:30 PM Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 to 4:30 PM 610-780-5847 • 610-698-5058

551 South Plains Litchfield, CT 06759

More than a bank … WE’RE PART OF



At Union Savings Bank, we take great pride in our communities. That’s why, in addition to supporting our customers through a variety of financial products and services; we also support our communities through financial donations and employee involvement. We’re proud of the people who make up our vibrant community, and we’re especially proud to support the After School Arts Program "Young Photographers" exhibit. 203.830.4200 866.872.1866 Member FDIC

2nd Annual Celebration of Young Photographers  

ASAP’s second annual Celebration of Young Photographers invited students in grades 3 through 12 from across Northwest CT to submit photograp...

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