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2017-18 Course Catalog

a note from the

executive director

Dear friends,

As we enter our 19th year at ASAP!, we are as passionate as ever about creativity and learning. ASAP!’s community of families, friends, and schools has grown dramatically because we are united in the belief that the arts are at the heart of educating the whole child. At ASAP!, we see children as inventors, explorers, discoverers, leaders, and collaborators. Our students are full of curiosity, wonder and surprise, and we are here to support their individuality and help them in every possible way as they grow to become young adults. The creative process is a journey into the unknown. It requires exploration, observation, a willingness to falter and the determination to see things through. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing children light up with excitement when discovering that they can do something they thought was impossible. These are the human moments that ASAP! celebrates. It is a gift and privilege to be a part of each child’s life and we are grateful to work with our communities far and wide providing opportunities for children from all walks of life. I look forward to another year of nurturing children’s creativity and thank you in advance for supporting our journey. All my best,

  JoAnne Torti Executive Director

On the Cover:

Lost in a Cloud of Color by Marwa Mohamed, Bethel High School Celebration of Young Photographers, 2016

voted #1 Cultural Arts Organization in Northwest Connecticut



To foster creative, hands-on learning through the arts: ASAP! ASAP! is a nonprofit arts organization that reaches 8,000+ children a year throughout Connecticut. Our program impacts kids by exposing them to experiential learning opportunities that encourage them to think creatively, ask questions, and explore possibilities.



When we honor children’s imagination, invite them to create, encourage them to take risks, and trust their resourcefulness, they will become the empowered and resilient adults the world really needs. Studies have shown that kids who participate in arts programs are more likely to: Develop essential life-long skills including problem-solving, creative thinking, teamwork, and open communication. These skills have been directly linked to, not only higher academic achievement, but an overall well-being.

who do we


The ASAP! community includes families and children of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds from over 100 different towns. Program locations include: Bridgewater • Danbury • Hartford • Kent • Litchfield New Milford • Newtown • Roxbury • Southbury • Torrington • Washington Waterbury • Woodbury

5 6 9 11 12 14 16 18 19 THE METAMORPHOSIS PROJECT, FALL 2016 Children’s Community School, Waterbury

ages 3-5 grades K-5 grades 6-12 + adults FIELD TRIPS ASAP! Weekends Events in-school Programs + Projects SUMMER PROGRAMS ASAP! AWARDS

ages 3-5







ArtCo Junior Ages 3-5 | Kaitlyn Clark Washington Primary School Ready…Set…Go…ArtCo! Children will have fun expressing themselves in this multimedia class. We will use a variety of materials including clay, paints, collage paper, and more. A master artist will be introduced during each class and then using the artists’ technique as inspiration, children will explore shapes, colors, and space to create their very own masterpieces. Bring a smock or t-shirt to cover clothes.

2017 | Wednesdays, Oct 4—Nov 1 12:45-1:30pm 4 sessions: $48

creative movement

Ages 3-5 | Pilobolus Washington Primary School, Washington Your child will work directly with a member of the internationally renowned Pilobolus Dance Theater to explore movement, experience collaboration, and discover the thrill of performance while learning Pilobolus’ signature method of creating dances. Parents and friends are invited to enjoy the last class with the students.

2017 | W  ednesdays, Nov 29—Dec 20 | 12:45-1:30pm 4 sessions: $48

“C” is for COOKING...

Ages 3-5 | Chef Anne Gallagher Wersebe Hall, Washington This introduction to the kitchen is a fun exploration of how food can be both yummy and good for you. Chef Anne, co-founder of the nationally recognized coalition Plow to Plate, inspires young chefs through games, storytelling and hands-on cooking adventures. Children will use all of their senses to explore the art of cooking and discover how to make vegetables and other nutritious foods taste delicious.

2018 | Wednesdays,  Mar 14—28 | 1:00-1:45pm 3 sessions: $45

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740




Grades K-2 | Nancy Stuart

Grades 3-5 | Nancy Stuart The Silo, New Milford

Join us in The Silo kitchen for a fun exploration of how food can be both delicious and good for you. Silo Director of Youth and Family Culinary Programs, Nancy Stuart will guide you in how to combine fresh ingredients to make lots of different and fun dishes. Like all great chefs, you will use all of your senses to find just the right ingredients and create a favorite recipe.

2018 | Wednesdays, Feb 7—Mar 7 4:00-5:30pm 5 sessions: $75 • $60 for Region 12 students

HAND DRUMMING & percussion Grades K-5 | John Marshall

INTER-DISTRICT theatre project Grades 1-5 | Nick Jonzcak Shepaug Valley School, Washington

Think like an actor, speak like an actor, breathe like an actor, move like an actor…become an actor! Learn how the professionals create characters that are funny, shy, suspenseful, fearless, and more! Using our imaginations and exploring theatre games and roleplaying we will discover how to develop characters and bring them to life. The project will culminate in a play created collaboratively by participants. Invite friends and family to the premiere of your very own play.

2018 | Wednesdays-Fridays, Jan 11—Feb 2 4:15-5:45pm 11 sessions: $132


Come explore rhythm, pulse, and improvisational exercises in traditional rhythms from across the world with internationally recognized master percussionist John Marshall. In this workshop, participants get the opportunity to use a variety of tuned percussion instruments including frame drums, Egyptian tambourines and dumbeks, congas, djembes, and a drum kit. This workshop culminates in a student performance where your child will get the chance to share their newly acquired musical skills with family and friends.

Washington Primary School, Washington 2017 | Mondays, Oct 16—Nov 13 Grades K-2 | 3:45-4:30pm Grades 3-5 | 4:45-5:45pm 5 sessions: $75 • $60 for Region 12 students Hill and Plain School, New Milford 2018 | Thursdays, Mar 8—Mar 29 Grades K-2 | 3:45-4:30pm Grades 3-5 | 4:45-5:45pm 4 sessions: $60

MOVE & create

Grades 1-5 | Pilobolus Burnham School, Bridgewater Work directly with a member of the internationally renowned Pilobolus Dance Theater for an exhilarating, collaborative dance workshop. You will explore, invent, interact, and become involved in Pilobolus’ signature style of creating dance. You‘ll see the limitless possibilities within the medium of movement as you become more comfortable with being physically creative, collaborative, and expressive. There will be an informal “showing” from 5:30-6:15pm on the last day of the program for family and friends.


Grades K-2 | Will Talbot Washington Primary School, Washington Get ready to play in the mud and use your imagination to design fun pottery pieces! Experience the joy of working with clay while learning about structure, shapes, and form. Think of your favorite animal…is it a monkey? A dog? An elephant? You can make these animals part of your very own bowl, mug, or pitcher.

2018 | M  ondays, Apr 2—Apr 30 3:45-4:45pm 4 sessions: $60 • $48 for Region 12 students

2017 | Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Nov 27—Dec 8 3:45-5:15pm 5 sessions: $75 • $60 Region 12 students

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


Zentangle is an abstract drawing

created using repetitive patterns!


Grades 3-5 | Krista Marti Matthews Booth Free School, Roxbury

4 sessions: $60 • $48 Region 12 students


4 sessions: $60 • $48 Region 12 students

magical chefs

Grades K-2 | Chef Anne Gallagher Wersebe Hall, Washington Come join us for this hands-on cooking class in a fun, safe environment. We will focus on seasonal eating and how to flavor our food to be the most delicious it can be. Like a magician, you will turn any vegetable into something yummy! Make new recipes and learn cooking skills that you can use in your kitchen at home.



2018 | T  uesdays, May 8—29 4:00-5:30pm

2018 | Tuesdays, Mar 6—Mar 27 3:45-4:45pm

3 sessions: $45 • $36 Region 12 students

Grades 3-5 | Steep Rock Association Macricostas Preserve, New Preston

Explore nature at the Macricostas Preserve with Steep Rock Association Program Leader, Rory Larson. As a group, determine the perfect place to create and design a secret fort. Collect sticks, rocks, branches and so much more on a wild scavenger hunt. Working together, you will draw a design and learn about constructing a lasting structure in the magical woods of Steep Rock. Only true explorers will be able to find this secret place.

Join the fun of Zentangle, an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images. Zentangle improves focus, supports creativity, and provides artistic satisfaction. Participants will discover there are no mistakes, only foundations for new patterns that take you in unexpected new directions. There is no eraser in life and there is no eraser in Zentangle. Students will see something that may look complicated and learn anything is possible one stroke at a time.

2018 | Thursdays, Mar 1—15 3:45-4:45pm

calling all explorers

GRADES 6-12 + ADULTS ASAP! Print shop

Grades 8-12 | Jenna Robb


Learn to screen print images and drawings on t-shirts and totes like the pros! We will cover all the steps from converting your artwork to transparencies, to burning screens in the darkroom, and registering multiple colors. You will walk away with the knowledge and skills to print your own items at home. Be prepared to work in small teams as we will collaborate on our first project.

2018 | Thursday, Mar 22 | 5:00-8:00pm Friday, Mar 23 | 5:00-8:30pm Visit for more details.



Grades 6-12 | Pastry Chef Amanda Glover Wersebe Hall, Washington Participants will experience Chef Amanda Glover’s love for baking as she guides you through five basic types of cookie making — YUM! Each class will be hands on with different recipes, new ingredients, and delicious cookies to sample and share. You will learn basic baking skills that include: proper temperature, thickness of dough, and artful decor you can use for every holiday and special event. Bring your apron, bring your sweet tooth and get baking!

2017 | Tuesdays, Nov 14—Dec 12 | 5:00-6:30pm 5 sessions: $75 • $60 Region 12 students


Community dance project Grades 9-12 + Adults | Pilobolus Danbury and Newtown

Team up with members of the world-renowned dance company Pilobolus and community members from across Connecticut for an exhilarating, collaborative dance workshop. In this one-of-a-kind class, explore, invent, interact, and become involved in a unique style of dance all while making new friends. You’ll see the limitless possibilities within the medium of movement as you become more comfortable with being physically creative, collaborative, and expressive. A showcase of your work will be featured in a full-scale Pilobolus performance, see page 15 for details. This is a chance of a lifetime!

2017-18 | Nov 12—Jan 4 Sundays, 1:00-5:00pm & Wednesdays, 5:45-7:45pm 11 sessions: $132

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740



Grades 7-8 | Pilobolus Westside Middle School Academy, Danbury & Newtown Middle School, Newtown Team up with members of the internationally renowned Pilobolus Dance Theater and other students from across Connecticut for an exhilarating, collaborative dance workshop. In this one-of-a-kind class, you will explore, invent, interact, and become involved in Pilobolus’ signature style of creating dance while making new friends. You’ll see the limitless possibilities within the medium of movement as you become more comfortable with being physically creative, collaborative, and expressive. At the end of the project a showcase of your work will be featured in a fullscale Pilobolus performance, see page 15 for details. This is a chance of a lifetime!

2017-18 | Wednesdays, Nov 1—Jan 4 | 3:15-4:45pm 10 sessions: $120

inter-district strings project

Grades 6-12 + Adults | Waterbury Symphony Orchestra Shepaug Valley School, Washington Students who play the violin, viola, cello, or bass won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to work and perform with musicians of the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra. Young musicians will learn a varied repertoire from WSO professionals in small groups, focusing on fundamental techniques, ensemble skills, and musical interpretation. This project culminates in three in-school performances where participants play side-by-side with 20 WSO musicians. A minimum of one year of experience playing a string instrument is required. Space is limited per instrument.

2017/2018 | T  uesdays, Dec 5—Mar 20 6:45-8:30pm 13 sessions: $156 In-school performances: Apr 3, 5 Evening family performance: Apr 5, 7:00pm

movemenT Adults | Pilobolus

Spend three days in a creative movement workshop with a member of the renowned dance company Pilobolus. Experience gentle dance movements and learn seated stretches and standing dance moves to limber your body and your mind. You will work collaboratively using your imaginations to create simple and fun dances. This workshop is open to all physical abilities. No previous dance experience necessary — just a desire to move your body in a fun and safe setting with great music.

Newtown Senior Center 2017 | Wed-Fri, Oct 4—6 9:00-10:00am 3 sessions: $45


Bridgewater Senior Center 2017 | Mondays, Nov 27—Dec 11 10:00-11:00am 3 sessions: $45

field tripS

Receive a Junior Ranger Badge!

“TAKE PART IN ART” AT Weir Farm Grades 2-5 735 Nod Hill Rd, Wilton

Spend an early release day at Weir Farm National Historic Site (NHS) and experience Take Part in Art – creating art outside in nature. During our stay, Park Rangers will provide an exploration map that will engage your sense of sight, sound, smell, and touch. This adventure will uncover the history of the park and artists who lived there. All EXPLORERS will receive a Junior Ranger Badge. Before returning back to school, we will stop at our favorite ice cream shop for a delicious treat.

2017 | Friday, Oct 20 12:45-5:00pm Trip Fee: $15 includes admission, transportation and ice cream

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


ASAP! weekends HENNA

Grades 3-5 & 6-12 | Elyse Sadtler Washington Montessori School, New Preston Henna is a form of temporary body art that has been used by many cultures across India, northern Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years. Come join henna artist Elyse Sadtler to discover this ancient art. Learn about what henna is, where it comes from, the science of henna on skin, henna across cultures and how to do basic design elements. You will receive your own kit, containing organic henna paste and supplies to begin your henna journey. All participants also receive a henna design of their choice by Elyse.

2017 | G  rades 6-12 Saturday, Sept 30 3:00-5:30pm

2018 | G  rades 3-5 Saturday, Apr 7 3:00-5:30pm

1 session: $35

1 session: $35

special FX halloween makeup

Grades 6-12 | Kyle Pascuitti Washington Montessori School, New Preston Put your best foot forward, lend an ear, and try not to get caught red-handed – especially when you realize that none of those parts are still attached to the body! This two-hour hands-on Special FX class will show you the tips and tricks that the pros use while giving you some pointers you can do right at home to improve your Halloween makeup.

2017 | S  aturday, Oct 14 11:30-1:30pm 1 session: $30


Make your own Holiday Bark & Gift Wrap

Ages 3-10 | Alyssa Robb & Pastry Chef Amanda Glover Washington Montessori School, New Preston

What a perfect time to create a holiday gift for family and friends. Join Pastry Chef Amanda Glover in creating two types of chocolate bark; one is a festive white chocolate peppermint bark and the other a dark chocolate fruit and nut-studded bark. Of course you need something to wrap this savory gift! Artist Alyssa Robb will introduce patterns and stamps to compose playful designs relating to the holiday season and print handmade wrapping paper for our chocolate bark. Everyone will take home a bundle of delectable, beautifully designed packages for sharing and gifting.

2017 | Saturday, Dec 2 | 3:00-5:30pm 1 session: $35


Take home your custom Graffiti Hat!

HIP HOP Party dancing & graffiti art FAMILY fish stocking

All Ages | Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust Smyrski Farm, New Milford This is a special experience for the entire family and a fun way to celebrate spring. Here is your chance to learn from our local fisheries about how fish are raised and understand the health of our rivers and streams. Everyone will get their very own bucket of fish to release into the river. Rain or shine – wear your galoshes!

2018 | Saturday, May 5 1:00-3:30pm 1 session: $35

Ages 3-10 | Austin Dailey & Emil Serrano Jr. Washington Montessori School, New Preston Children who love to move and groove won’t want to miss this high energy, fun class with Austin Dailey and a creative journey that explores the infinite possibilities of graffiti art with professional artist Emil Serrano, Jr. Kids will learn new party dance moves to the beat of Hip-Hop music and have fun with breakdancing, waving robotics and line dancing. Participants will learn Hip-Hop/ breakdance vocabulary and basic routines, then work with Emil and learn how to make letters in bubble, block, 3D, and abstract form. Designs come to life with added highlights, outlines, and background. Children will take home their custom graffiti hat to wear while showing off their new dance moves!

2018 | S  aturday, Jan 27 | 3:00-5:30pm 1 session: $35

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


events join us at

Creativity: Where It Comes From and Where It Can Go with Michael Moschen

Makery Coworking, New Milford Michael Moschen is a world-renowned visionary performing artist and MacArthur Genius Award recipient. Through performance Mr. Moschen reveals the essential elements of creativity. Please join us to explore how curiosity, play, selfchallenge, little risks, and imagination contribute to our skill of creativity. “Creating something new is impossible until you do it.” — Michael Moschen

2017 | Sunday, Oct 22 | 3:00-4:30pm For ticket information visit



with Julie Lythcott-Haims Makery Coworking, New Milford

Please join us for an inspiring conversation with Julie Lythcott-Haims, the New York Times bestselling author of How to Raise an Adult and Real American: A Memoir. Special guests from the New Milford community will accompany Julie for the event. In her latest book Real American: A Memoir, LythcottHaims stirringly evokes her personal battle with the low self-esteem that American racism routinely inflicts on people of color. Real American expresses also, through Lythcott-Haims’s path to self-acceptance, the healing power of community in overcoming the hurtful isolation of being incessantly considered “the other.” Her memoir will be available for purchase at Makery Coworking.

2018 | Thursday, Feb 1 | 5:30-6:30pm For ticket information visit

7th annual celebration of young Photographers

The White Barn at South Farms, Morris

Join us for a unique exhibit of images by talented young photographers from across our region of Connecticut. A panel of renowned photographers and collectors will jury photographs submitted by students in grades 6-12, each expressing a unique interpretation celebrating this year’s theme, Every picture has a story to tell…What’s YOUR story? Following the exhibit will be a presentation celebrating our selected top young photographers. Have a glass of wine and enjoy delicious local hors d’oeuvres at the historic White Barn at South Farms.

2017 | Sunday, Nov 5 | 2:00-4:00pm | Free Exhibit

ASAP! presents Pilobolus Danbury High School, Danbury

For 45 years Pilobolus has tested the limits of human physicality to explore the beauty and the power of connected bodies. They have created and toured over 120 pieces of repertory to more than 65 countries, and they perform for over 300,000 people each year. Recently Pilobolus was featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, NBC’s TODAY Show, and MTV’s Video Music Awards. Pilobolus has been recognized with many prestigious honors, including a TED Fellowship, a 2012 Grammy® Award Nomination, a Primetime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cultural Programming, and several Cannes Lion Awards at the International Festival of Creativity. In 2015, Pilobolus was named one of Dance Heritage Coalition’s “Irreplaceable Dance Treasures”.

2018 | Saturday, Jan 6 | Performance times: 2pm & 7pm For ticket information visit

13th annual Celebration of Young writers The Gunnery, Washington Please join us as we celebrate our talented Young Writers of 2018. The event begins at 5:00pm with a festive cocktail reception and silent auction followed by the readings of exceptional poetry and prose at 6:30pm. The night concludes at 7:30pm with the presentation of the Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching to an outstanding teacher. This will be a very special evening, a highlight of the season you will not want to miss!

2018 | Saturday, June 2 | 5:00pm For ticket information visit

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


in-school programs + projects THE METAMORPHOSIS Project

Children’s Community School, Waterbury & Forbes School, Torrington Teamwork, a safe space for exploration and risk-taking, and an understanding of the creative process are imperative to nurturing the minds that will face the challenges of our future. ASAP!’s Metamorphosis Project provides the opportunity for students in grades 3-5 to apply scientific concepts to real-life design and engineering projects. Metamorphosis teaching artists empower students to understand their value as artists, writers, designers, scientists, and engineers. Outside of the classroom, students work with environmental scientists spending time in nature at Connecticut land preserves learning about stream ecology, endangered species, and gathering data. Back in the classroom, students further explore their outdoor experiences, which helps them develop an understanding of what they can do to help the environment. Metamorphosis culminates in an exhibit for the schools where the designs and creations of these talented young minds are displayed for the public and school community.

MUSIC for the schools

ASAP!’s writing WORKSHOP

Established in 2007, The Inter-district Strings Project brings together middle and high school students with musicians from the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra (WSO), where they prepare over several months to perform in concert side-by-side. ASAP! provides the rare opportunity for its participating strings students to perform with the symphony as well as expose school children of all ages to a live symphony concert as part of their education.

Poetry is the creative exploration of language. It is about a writer sharing with the reader a significant experience or conveying strong feelings. Poems are written with words chosen for their sounds and beauty as well as for their meaning. They provide an exciting and expressive language element within any classroom, allowing freedom of expression that enables all students to be successful.


ASAP! composer project

REACH is a pre-school program situated at Washington Primary School. ASAP! provides workshops throughout the school year including movement, dance, cooking, yoga, and music. Students will explore their bodies in space through movement, learn stillness and breathing techniques through yoga, develop rhythm through music, and awaken their senses as they create different kinds of nutritious foods.

ASAP! brings together composers with school choruses, bands, orchestras, and music students of all levels. The goal is to compose a piece of music collaboratively with students and teachers that can be performed in a region-wide concert. During each school visit the composer uses different methods to stimulate material from the students and teachers, which ultimately inspire and influence the final composition.

Region 14

Region 12


Children’s Community School, Waterbury

Region 14 & Litchfield Middle/High School

ASAP!’s nurturing young artists Region 12

We are all inherently creative. But somehow, in the process of growing in our world, the artist in each of us isn’t always nurtured. ASAP!’s Nurturing Young Artists program celebrates every child as an artist. Primary school children are given the opportunity to work with professional musicians and visual artists who are passionate about creativity and experiential learning. Children will be supported in their creative endeavors as they explore and develop their artistic process. The innate collaborative nature of this project encourages students to consider the overarching concept that a diversity of minds, ideas, and hands allows the creation of something unexpected and unique. The project culminates in a performance or gallery showing for the school and public.

ACTING UP!  Children’s Community School, Waterbury & Litchfield Intermediate School, Litchfield A week-long theatre workshop teaches individual expression through collaborative creation. In five 90-minute sessions, students learn the basics of creating their own short plays from scratch by using their bodies and voices to develop original characters and scenes. Through a series of improvisational exercises and activities, students will not only generate dynamic scenes that tell a clear beginning, middle, and end, but they’ll build confidence to speak in front of a group and share their individual ideas in an articulate way. Participants will also learn when to modify or let go of their own ideas in service of the group as a whole. The program culminates in a school-wide showing of the work chosen in conjunction with teachers and refined by the students who will tell the stories most important to them. Their teacher will have additional tools to use in her classroom, which will enhance learning on a wide range of subjects.

THE inter-district project The Inter-district Project (IDP) brings together young people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to explore the arts through collaborative projects. Through the IDP children from urban and rural areas of CT team up to create poetry, photography, murals, dance, music, and theatre.

INTERESTED IN BRINGING A SPECIAL PROJect to youR school? Additional In-School programs and Special Projects include: Percussion and Sounds From Across The World; Building Relationships Through Book-Making; Say it Through ScreenPrinting, and Melding New and Old Through Sculpture. If you are interested in bringing a special project to your school please contact:

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


summer programs Create Your Own Play! Ages 6-10 & 11-18

In this week-long workshop, students will learn how to create their own plays from scratch using improvisation, character development, collaborative storytelling, and daring physicality. Instead of starting with a written script, students will learn how to develop original performances on their feet as part of an ensemble of artists discovering how to make something together that they can’t make apart. The program will culminate in a special sharing for families and friends.

2018 | Dates to be announced January 2018

ASAP! summer camp

Ages 4.5-13 Washington Montessori School, New Preston ASAP!’s full-day summer camp offers a comprehensive arts camp experience like no other in the area. Campers have the chance to take part in visual arts and design, Capoeira, poetry, creative movement and improvisation, drama, music, textile arts, circus arts, African dance, yoga, ceramics, performances and more! All teaching artists are professionals in their fields. The camp culminates in a festival featuring participants’ art in special exhibits and performances. An ice cream party and refreshments add to the fun.

2018 | Dates to be announced January 2018


Ages 14-17 Washington Montessori School, New Preston Develop your leadership skills through the lens of art, imagination, and collaboration. Youth Crew (YC) will inspire you with challenging and unique opportunities. As a member of YC, you will attend classes in visual arts, printmaking, ceramics, theatre, movement, hand drumming, creative writing, music and so much more. You’ll have the chance to select ASAP! Teaching Artists to shadow and learn about how you can choose a career that you feel passionate about. Some days will be spent off campus exploring the local community and beyond. YC will help you find your passion, meet new people, and form meaningful friendships.

2018 | Dates to be announced January 2018


ASAP! AWARDS THE FRANK McCOURT PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING The Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching honors the spirit of Frank McCourt, a teacher himself in New York City schools for some thirty years before achieving fame with the publication of his Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir, Angela’s Ashes. Despite the immense success of this book and its two sequels, ’Tis and Teacher Man, Frank McCourt remained a teacher at heart. A resident of Roxbury, he gave generously of his time, talents, and energy to ASAP! and other local causes. He was instrumental in establishing the Celebration of Young Writers and making it the wonderful event it is today. The chief goal of the annually awarded Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching is to recognize teachers whose imaginative assignments and techniques have inspired students to become enthusiastic learners. A secondary goal is to find and promote ideas and practices that can be adopted by other teachers. Teachers in area schools are encouraged to nominate themselves for the McCourt Prize. They may also be nominated by other teachers, administrators, students, or parents. Those who wish to be considered must submit an application, a résumé, a short description of how they have inspired students through creative, innovative tactics and planning, and a related lesson plan. The Celebration of Young Writers focuses on students, but ASAP! believes it is important to honor great teachers, too. The 2017 applicants were an exceptionally strong group, including teachers of diverse subjects in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school. The ASAP! panelists who selected this year’s winner hope that the runners-upwill consider applying for next year’s McCourt Prize. Congratulations to Kim Harrell, recipient of the 7th Annual Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

KIM harrell King Philip Middle School, West Hartford, Connecticut Kim loves teaching seventh-grade language arts. Her students describe her as “calm and caring” and as someone who “understands her students.” They also stress that she “expects a lot from students but takes the time to make sure everyone understands what they’re learning.” These statements reflect Kim’s belief that an essential part of teaching is developing a relationship of trust with students. By creating a classroom in which students feel known and cared for, she is able to challenge students to take risks to extend their learning. Outside of school, Kim enjoys long walks, reading, and spending time with her husband and three children.

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740



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For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


FRIENDS OF ASAP! Contributions July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

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Diebold Foundation

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Loyal Friend ($5,000 - $9,999)

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The Goldring Family Foundation

Town of Bridgewater

Gloria & Martin Greenstein

Town of Roxbury

Anne Hayes

Union Savings Bank (USB)

Maria & David Kretschmer

Woodbury-Bethlehem Community Music Foundation

Lilac Foundation Sidney & Michael McCullers

Close Friend

David & Laura Rosenblatt Family Gift Fund

Barbara Page & John Liu

Nicholas Solley

($2,500 - $4,999)

Pamela & Scott Bowman Tal Fagin & Robert Copen, in memory of Leah Fagin

Leslie & Todd Powell

(up to $499)

Associated Refuse Haulers

Carole Gibney

The Lawrence J. Portell and Natalie D. Portell Foundation, Inc.

Pam & Jack Baker

Shauna Holiman & Robert Hackney, Jr. Jill & Michael Lloyd, in memory of John Millington Paula & Eric Madoff Marandola Oil Ellen McCourt

Torrington Elks Lodge #372

Joann Barthelmess, in honor of Kent W. Barthelmess

JoAnne Torti

Ann & Andrew Bazos

US Trust

Ben Grinberg

Leslie & Greg Warner

Daniel Benaim

William Pitt Sotheby’s, in memory of The 26 S.H.E.S. Angels

Lili Dyer & Nick Benson

Bart-Jan Hoedemaker & Michael John Williams

Anne & Philip Bergan

Kelly Kurz & Jim Worth

Eagle Electric

The Carlton D. Flyer and Jenny R. Flyer Fund

Joanna & Joe Gitterman

Town of Washington

Gould Family Foundation

Valley Spirit

Julie & Bob Bailey, in honor of Rob Parker

Susan & Murray Haber

Kate & Tony Vengrove

Hilary Blumenreich

Anita & Thomas Hargrove

Watts Fund

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

Janet & Mel Lewinter

Good Friend

Lori & Steve Fineman, in honor of Tal Fagin

Rebecca & Jim Neary

Scott and Samantha Adams

Joan & Frank Foley, in honor of Jill Faherty Lloyd

Newman’s Own Foundation, in memory of John Millington

Barbara Oneglia Alvarez Tycienski (B.O.A.T.) Fund, a fund of The Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut


Friend Cheryl Anderson

Southbury Community Trust Fund at the Connecticut Community Foundation

Northwest CT Community Foundation

Richard Wallgren & Marty Rook

Sheryl Leach & Howard Rosenfeld

Susie & Kevin Davis

The Kestrel Foundation, in honor of Jill Faherty Lloyd

Elizabeth Rea, Dungannon Foundation

Farmer’s Insurance

Margaret Ferguson & Dan Sherr

National Iron Bank

Paul and Else Blum Private Foundation

John Murphy & Jack Rosenberg

Elizabeth & Jay Chandler

Michele Jackson & Wayne DeVeydt

Persbacker Foundation

Willow Oberweger

($1,000 - $2,499)

Amy Julia & Peter Becker Tamara & Brad Bernstein

Rebecca & Ted Bent

Aaron Bernhardt Andrew Bernhardt

Dear Friend

Audrey Bernhardt, in honor of Ali Psomas Eryn & Michael Bingle

($500 - $999)

Wendy & Jim Gorman Ingersoll Auto of Pawling Kent Presents, Inc. Caroline Levy Val Materne

Jordan Braunshweiger Ann Burton Gay & Carlos Canal Franca Caouette Dan Lee & Todd Catlin Louise Churyk Charles Cogut, in honor of Bruce Haims Marjorie & William Coleman, in honor of Jill Faherty Lloyd Chad Conway & Mark Drendel Claire & David Copen

Paul Cornell Jr.

Anne & Friso Hermans

Kailyn & Ben Nadeau

Diana & Joe Rowan

Barbara & Norman Cover

Anne & John Herrmann

Andrea Newman

Reemah Sen & Sumit Roy

Deborah DeQuattro, in memory of Carmella Torti

Megan & Aaron Hodge

Michelle Nitto Leveille

David Saunders

J. Seitz & Co.

Carol & Lawrence O’Toole

Tom Saunders

Emily Jackson

Kerry & Joe McKeon

Marisa Scarnati Ruppel

Cheryl Johnson

Paula Lazeski & Marc Olivieri

Stephanie Johnson

Eric Olsen

Linda & Richard Schapiro, in honor of Rob Parker

John Kane

Eliza & Michael Paolucci

Lynne Kearney

Melissa Cohn & John Paris

Fran Keilty

Rob Parker

Joan Kelly & Steven Duda

Wendy & Fred Parkin

Paula & Tom Keltner

Kristin and Craig Patrick

Joan Kirwin

Kenneth Paul, in honor of Roger Reid

Mary DeQuattro Marie & Gary Difilippantonio Stacey Dillard Nancy & Daniel Domoff Jane & Tom Doyle Meghan & Richard Dubois Natalie H. Dyer Cindy Eastman & Angelo Farenga Ilene Edlitz Hanin Lisa & Lee Einbinder Anne-Cecilie Speyer

Charlotte Koskoff, in memory of John Millington

Jessica Fiedler

Valerie & David Sedelnick Ira Shapiro Ted & Hannah Shear Glenn Sherratt Angie Silverstein Jennifer Singleton Molly Leach & Lane Smith

Susan & John Payne

Randi & Mitchell Solomon

Robin & Ken Ledversis

Sarah & Phillips Payson

Kiera Stampp

H. Lee Fisher

Shanna & Bruce Leuchter, M.D.

Kirsten Peckerman

Jesse Steinmetz

Gala Flagello

Steven James & David Lewandowski

Marion Pennell

Emily & Hicks Stone

Rod Pleasants

Trudy Swenson

Eileen & Michael Posnick, in memory of Jonathan Wolken

Barbara & Peter Talbot

Lanie & Bob Flanagan

Darcy Lockwood

Holly Flor

Susan Long

J. Winston Fowlkes

Jenn Pote

Adele & Norman Taylor

Michelle & Jeff Frankland

Jean Lythcott, in honor of Bruce Haims

Sidney & Rod Funston, in memory of John Millington

Carroll & Michael Macdonald

Elaine & Peter Pratt, in memory of John Millington

Amy Gantert

Ronnie & Michael Maddalena, in honor of Benedict Silverman

Steven Price, D.V.M. & Priscilla Kerbin-Price, D.V.M.

Elissa Germaine

Susan & Philip Markert

Virginia Prisco

Susan Giordano

Jill Matichak

Linda & Tom Psomas

Victor Torti, in honor of JoAnne Torti

Wilson Henley & Bruce Glickman

Susan McCone

Ali Psomas

Ralph Torti

Barbara Gold & Jerry Larrabure

Mark McIntire

Drika & Alexander Purves

Matthew Torti

Philip Grausman, The Block Grausman Fund

Maureen & Jerry McWeeny

Barrie Johnson & Galen Quist

Michael Torti

Nicole Mersky

Gregory Reppucci

Denise Trevenen

Margaret Miner

Beth & Tom Rickart

Carter Walker

Patricia Mink

Pamela Riess

Wesley Rouse

Vanessa Hammond

Dianne Mongeau, in memory of Carmella & Michael Torti

Alyssa Robb

Mary Jane & Michael Williams

Keith & Flo Hatcher

Jenna Robb

Catherine & David Wolfe

Joan & John Morosani

Elizabeth Hearn

Emily Robb

Amy Wynn

Jessica Morozowich

Audrey & Kenneth Hecken

Nancy Mott, in memory of John Millington

The New York Community Trust Barbara Paul Robinson & Charles Raskob Robinson Fun

Elizabeth Yannett, in memory of John Millington

Annie & Tony Musso

Abbey Darer & Tom Rosenwald

Sue & Mario Musso

Beatrice Rossi-Landi

Kim Groves Jill Mangone & Intesar Haider Joan Hammond

Sara Heller Barbara & Craig Henry

Robin Teh Thomas Taylor Christopher Torti Norma Torti

Alicia Zalka

For more information and to register, visit: | 860.868.0740


Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage



Permit No. 411 Waterbury, CT

6 Bee Brook Road, Unit B P.O. Box 15 Washington Depot, CT 06794


A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization visit:

THE METAMORPHOSIS PROJECT, SPRING 2017 Forbes School, Torrington

ASAP! 2017 18 Course Catalog  
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