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A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization

2016 I 2017 Course Catalog

a note from the executive director

Dear friends,

As we enter our 18th year at ASAP!, we are as passionate as ever about creativity and learning. ASAP!’s community of families, friends, and schools has grown dramatically because we are united in the belief that the arts are at the heart of educating the whole child. At ASAP!, we see children as inventors, explorers, discoverers, leaders, and collaborators. Our students are full of curiosity, wonder and surprise, and we are here to support their individuality and help them in every possible way as they grow to become young adults. The creative process is a journey into the unknown. It requires exploration, observation, a willingness to falter and the determination to see things through. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing children light up with excitement when discovering that they can do something they thought was impossible. These are the human moments that ASAP! celebrates. It is a gift and privilege to be a part of each child’s life and we are grateful to work with our communities far and wide providing opportunities for children from all walks of life. I look forward to another year of nurturing children’s creativity and thank you in advance for supporting our journey. All my best,

  JoAnne Torti Executive Director

Cover Photograph: Sweetest Escape by Timothy Lenz Celebration of Young Photographers, 2015


To foster creative, hands-on learning through the arts: ASAP! ASAP! is a nonprofit arts organization that reaches 8,000 children a year throughout Connecticut. Our program impacts kids by exposing them to experiential learning opportunities that encourage them to think creatively, ask questions, and explore possibilities.


When we honor children’s imagination, invite them to create, encourage them to take risks, and trust their resourcefulness, they will become the empowered and resilient adults the world really needs. Studies have shown that kids who participate in arts programs are more likely to: Develop essential life-long skills including problem-solving, creative thinking, teamwork, and open communication. These skills have been directly linked to, not only higher academic achievement, but an overall well-being.

who do we REACH? The ASAP! community includes families and children of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds from over 100 different towns. Program locations include: Bridgewater • Hartford • Kent • Litchfield • New Milford • Newtown • Roxbury • Southbury Torrington • Washington • Waterbury • Woodbury

5 6 9 11 12 14 16 18 19 Artist: Emmalee Levesque ASAP!’s Summer Grant Recipient, 2015

ages 3-5 grades K-5 grades 6-12 +adults field TRIPS ASAP! Weekends special Events in-school Programs & Projects summer PROGRAMS ASAP! AWARDS

ages 3-5 Yoga

Ages 3-5 | Lanie Flanagan Wersebe Hall, Washington Green Your child will adore this fun and light-hearted take on traditional yoga. Professional children’s yoga instructor Lanie Flanagan will introduce yoga postures and sequences in a nurturing and compassionate environment. Your child will connect with his or her body and breathe, which improves overall coordination, strength, and well being. A wide range of music adds to these lively classes.

2016 | Wednesdays, Oct 12–Nov 16 | 1:00-1:45pm 5 sessions: $75

Sing! Shout! Turn Yourself About!

Ages 3-5 | Sari Max St. Andrews Church Parish House, Kent Singer/songwriter Sari Max engages children in exploring the fun and magic of music with a variety of musical games, stories, and songs from around the world. Each session will encourage your child to explore the world around them by incorporating an array of instruments collected from different cultures. Hoops, parachutes, and other props will be used to engage children in the enriching and fun-filled world of music.


Ages 3-5 | Pilobolus Wersebe Hall, Washington Green

Your child will work directly with a member of the internationally renowned Pilobolus Dance Theater to explore movement, experience collaboration, and discover the thrill of performance while learning Pilobolus’ signature method of creating dances. Parents and friends are invited to enjoy the last class with the students.

2017 | Wednesdays, Jan 25–Feb 22 | 1:00-1:45pm 5 sessions: $75

2016 | Wednesdays, Nov 30–Dec 21 | 12:45-1:30pm 4 sessions: $60


Ages 3-5 | Anne Gallagher Wersebe Hall, Washington Green This introduction to the kitchen is a fun exploration of how food can be both yummy and good for you. Chef Anne, co-founder of the nationally recognized coalition Plow to Plate, leads this workshop of cooking, games, and storytelling, which will inspire your young chefs. Together they will use all of their senses to explore the art of cooking, discover how delicious vegetables can taste, and much more.

2017 | Wednesdays, Mar 8–Mar 22 | 1:00-1:45pm 3 sessions: $45 | 860.868.0740


grades K-5 FAIRY Houses & MAGIC GARDENS


Grades 3-5 | Kezia Hearn Burnham Elementary School Art Room, Bridgewater Create a magical terrarium with its own ecosystem. Make miniature furniture from found objects and foraged materials. Learn how to care for this miniature world and then take it home to keep it alive and thriving for that special fairy looking for just the right place to live.

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ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Burnham School students after school until the workshop begins.

2016 | Thursdays, Oct 6–Nov 10 | 3:45-4:45pm 5 sessions: $60 for Region 12 residents $75 for nonresidents


Extended After Care Enrichment available until 6:00pm through ACE. $7/day. Email:







Grades 3-5 | Kezia Hearn Washington Primary School Art Room, Washington Does your child love to create and wish for more time in the art classroom? ASAP! ArtCo expands creative time after school. Using a variety of mediums including clay, wood, sculpture, pastel, and tempera painting, students have fun developing their skills to produce their own unique works of art. Inspiration will also come from the different artists and styles introduced at each class. ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Washington Primary School students after school until the workshop begins.

2016 | Tuesdays, Oct 11–Dec 6 | 3:45-5:00pm 8 sessions: $96 for Region 12 residents $120 for nonresidents


Create Your Own Superhero Grades K-2 | Lesley Neilson-Bowman Booth Free School Art Room, Roxbury

Your child is invited to bring their imagination and any super powers they have to create their very own superhero. Students will work alongside professional costume designer, Lesley Neilson-Bowman to design and create their own costume, headpiece, and mask. Using a variety of fabrics and embellishments, children will bring their superheroes to life. ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Booth Free School students after school until the workshop begins.

2016 | Thursdays, Dec 1–Dec 15 | 3:45-4:45pm 3 sessions: $36 for Region 12 residents $45 for nonresidents

Hip Hop & Party Dancing Grades K-5 | Austin Dailey

Children who love to move and groove won’t want to miss this high energy fun class with Austin Dailey. Kids will learn new party dance moves to the beat of hip hop music: breakdancing, waving robotics and line dancing. They will learn hip hop/ breakdance vocabulary and basic routines, too. Children learn how to express themselves through movement and build self confidence as they become aware of how to use their bodies in dynamic and fun ways. *ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Booth Free School and Hill and Plain School students after school until the workshop begins.

Booth Free School Gym, Roxbury 2017 | Feb 2-Feb 23 Grades K-2 | Thursdays, 3:45-4:30pm* Grades 3-5 | Thursdays, 4:45-5:45pm

Hill and Plain School Gym, New Milford 2017 | Mar 7-Mar 28 Grades K-2 | Tuesdays, 3:30-4:15pm* Grades 3-5 | Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm

4 sessions: $48 for Region 12 residents $60 for nonresidents


Wizards School of Magic

Grades K-2 | Tom O’Brien Burnham Elementary School Gym, Bridgewater Take a peek behind the curtain and enter into the magical world of sleight of hand. Professional magician Tom O’Brien invites students to his School of Magic where they will learn how to captivate their audience with a variety of magic tricks. Children receive kits containing the props necessary to keep the magic alive at home. Upon School of Magic graduation, students will be given a magic wand. ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Burnham School students after school until the workshop begins.

2017 | Wednesdays, Mar 8–Mar 29 | 3:45-4:45pm 4 sessions: $48 for Region 12 residents $60 for nonresidents Extended After Care Enrichment available until 6:00pm through ACE. $7/day. Email:

Cooking at The Silo Grades 3-5 | Nancy Stuart The Silo, New Milford

Join us in The Silo kitchen for a fun exploration of how food can be both delicious and good for you. Silo Director of Youth and Family Culinary Programs Nancy Stuart will guide you in how to combine fresh ingredients to make lots of yummy dishes. Like all great chefs, you will use all of your senses to find just the right ingredients and create a favorite recipe.

2017 | Wednesdays, Mar 29–May 3 | 4:00-5:30pm 5 sessions: $60 for Region 12 residents $75 for nonresidents | 860.868.0740


grades K-5

Inter-district THEATRE

Grades K-5 Shepaug Valley School stage, Washington Through play and fun theatre games we learn about acting, role-playing, and developing a character. This theatre workshop brings new and old friends together to make something wonderful from your imaginations. We will explore how actors think, move, and use their voices to become fearless, shy, funny, and more! You’ll have a chance to write, collaborate, and create ideas for a play to share with friends and family. ASAP! provides transportation, a healthful snack, and supervision for Region 12 students after school until the workshop begins.

2017 | Jan 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21*, 25, 26, 27 | 4:15-5:45pm (*Saturday 1:00-4:00pm) 11 sessions: $132


Fashion Fun

Grades 3-5 | Lesley Neilson-Bowman Washington Primary School Art Room, Washington Come design your own beautiful and wearable works of art with professional costume designer Lesley Neilson-Bowman. Create your own outfit using embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, feathers, and more. Mix and match fun necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories to complete your dream outfit. On the last day we’ll hold a fashion show for friends and family. ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Washington Primary School students after school until the workshop begins.

2017 | Tuesdays, May 2–May 16 | 3:45-5:00pm 3 sessions: $36 for Region 12 residents $45 for nonresidents

grades 6-12 +adults SmartPhone Photography Grades 9-12 | John Kane Silver Sun Studios, New Milford


Smartphone cameras are universal and potent tools. We now carry in our pockets cameras that have capabilities of what, in the old days, would have required tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and a crew of assistants! Whether you are interested in entering a photo contest or you just want to learn some tricks on getting the ultimate photo with your smartphone, this workshop will provide you with the tools to do both. Learn some new approaches and even some tricks you can try with your phone. Photos taken in this workshop can be submitted to ASAP!’s Celebration of Young Photographers. ASAP! provides a healthful snack during the workshop.

2016 | Saturday, Sep 24 | 2:00-5:00pm 1 session: $35




Grades 6-8 | Alex Echevarria Shepaug Valley School Art Room, Washington Ever wonder how that amazing action sequence in your favorite movie was filmed? Aspiring young artists and filmmakers will plan, visualize, and execute their own functional storyboards. This process will include writing an original sequence, scouting locations, creating overhead plans for camera location and movement, drawing “thumbnail” sketches, and finally drawing finished storyboards. By following this process, students will learn hands-on the first crucial step in the journey of bringing the written word to life on the big (or small) screen. ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Shepaug Valley School students after school until the workshop begins.

2017 | Wednesdays, Feb 22–Mar 15 | 2:35-4:05pm 4 sessions: $48 for Region 12 residents $60 for nonresidents



Grades 6-12 +adults | Will Talbot Shepaug Valley School Art Room, Washington Learn the basics of hand-building and wheel throwing while discovering your style as a potter. Participants will make coil pots, pinch pots, and slab pottery along with working on a pottery wheel. Getting familiar with centering the clay on the wheel will enable you to create a bowl or mug. *ASAP! provides a healthful snack and supervision for Shepaug Valley School students after school until the workshop begins.

2016 | Mondays, Nov 14–Dec 5 Grades 6-8 | 3:00-4:30pm* Grades 9-12 +adults | 6:00-7:30pm 4 sessions: $48 for Region 12 residents $60 for nonresidents | 860.868.0740


grades 6-12 +adults The Commitment to Creativity: WHERE IT COMES FROM + WHERE IT CAN GO For Anyone (18+) | Michael Moschen Washington Montessori School, New Preston Creativity gets weeded out of us unless we’re lucky or stubborn. Creativity comes from: De-stabilizing our preconceptions

Jumping into learning with all of our senses

Raw visceral experience and perceptions

Allowing the simplest, bare bones stuff to inspire you and sing Creating something new is impossible – until you do it Michael Moschen won’t bring you answers – that’s not what he does. He’s a question guy. You’ll go for interesting and difficult questions. We experience so much more than we know. Class 1: Play

Class 2: Chaos/Control-Risk

Class 3: Skill

2016 | Saturdays, Oct 15, 22, 29 | 10:00am-12:30pm 3 sessions: $195


inter-district strings program

Grades 6-12 +adults | Waterbury Symphony Orchestra Shepaug Valley School Band Room, Washington Students who play the violin, viola, cello, or bass won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to work and perform with musicians of the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra. Young musicians will learn a varied repertoire from WSO professionals in small groups, focusing on fundamental techniques, ensemble skills, and musical interpretation. This project culminates in three in-school performances where participants play side-by-side with 20 WSO musicians. A minimum of one year of experience playing a string instrument is required.

2016/2017 | Tuesdays, Dec 6–Mar 28 | 6:45-8:30pm 13 sessions: $156 Dress rehearsal: Apr 3 | 6:30-8:30pm In-school performances: Apr 4, 5, 6 (Snow Date: Apr 7) Evening family performance: Apr 8 | 7:00pm


MOVE & CREATE Adults | Pilobolus Washington Club Hall, Washington Team up with members of the world renowned dance company Pilobolus and community members from across Connecticut for an exhilarating, collaborative dance workshop. In this one-of-a-kind class, you will explore, invent, interact, and become involved in a unique style of dance all while making new friends. You’ll see the limitless possibilities within the medium of movement as you become more comfortable with being physically creative, collaborative, and expressive.

2017 | Saturday, Feb 11 | 10:00am-5:00pm 1 session: $65

field TRIPS

L  ivingston Ripley waterfowl conservancy Grades 3-5 55 Duck Pond Road, Litchfield, CT

ASAP! will pick up Region 12 students from school at dismissal on a scheduled half-day for this trip. ASAP! students will have the chance to meet and interact with birds from around the world! Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy is a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of waterfowl and wetland habitats through research, education, and conservation action. The Conservancy is primarily a breeding facility for rare and endangered species of waterfowl and is home to over 300 birds representing approximately 70 different species. Students from ASAP! will have the opportunity to tour the breeding facility and meet several of our Avian Ambassadors right up close while learning about their unique habitats and adaptations. These Ambassadors will help your students fall in love with conservation this fall! Before returning back to school, we will stop at our favorite ice cream shop for a delicious treat.

2016 | Wednesday, Oct 19 | 12:45-5:00pm Trip Fee: $20

The Aldrich Museum Grades 3-5 258 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT

ASAP! will pick up Region 12 students from school at dismissal on a scheduled half-day for this trip. We will visit the renowned Aldrich Museum where we will have fun exploring and inventing art! Before returning back to school, we will stop at our favorite ice cream shop for a delicious treat.

2017 | Thursday, Mar 23 | 12:45-5:00pm Trip Fee: $20 | 860.868.0740


ASAP! WEEKENDS Hip Hop & Hand Drumming

Ages 3-10 | Austin Dailey & John Marshall Washington Montessori School, New Preston Percussion instruments, fast-paced dance moves, and great music create an awesome afternoon. Austin Dailey brings his love of dance and the latest hip hop moves to participants. John Marshall teaches the rhythmically fun counterpart of this afternoon with his ever-popular Hand Drumming workshop. Participants explore different rhythms and styles of drumming on instruments from around the world. ASAP! provides a healthful snack during the workshop.

2016 | Saturday, Oct 29 | 1:00-3:30pm 1 session: $35


calling chefs & artistS!

Ages 3-10 | Chef Anne Gallagher & Jenna Robb Washington Montessori School, New Preston Make delicious food and serve it with fun and flair. Your taste buds will jump for joy while discovering new flavors and how to combine ingredients for a favorite dish. You will then learn how to create a colorful table setting with your very own hand-dyed place mat. Your home-made meal will look fantastic and taste great.

2017 | Saturday, Feb 4 | 3:00-5:30pm 1 session: $35 Snow date: Sunday, Feb 5 | 3:00-5:30pm




All Ages | Austin Dailey Shepaug Valley School, Washington DJ Red Supreme is down for some fun with you and your friends. Whether you are a hip hop pro or just like to dance in your living room, this is a party you will not want to miss! Leave your dresses and khakis at home and wear your most comfortable clothes. Get ready to loosen up, laugh, and learn the hottest dance moves with the best DJ around.

2017 | Friday, Feb 24 | 6:00-8:00pm Ticket Fee: $8 per person



Ages 3-10 | Alex Franjola Macricostas House/Judea Garden, New Preston Celebrate the magic of spring! How do you feel when you see flowers bloom? What colors do you notice that you haven’t seen all winter long? Come explore the meadow and garden at the Macricostas Preserve in New Preston with staff from Steep Rock Association and ASAP! artist Alex Franjola. We will discover hidden treasures and then create a work of art inspired by the natural world.

2017 | Saturday, Apr 29 | 3:00-5:30pm 1 session: $35 | 860.868.0740


special EVENTS


SPECIAL EFFECTS PRESENTATION With Master Makeup Artist Tyler Green All Ages Washington Montessori School, New Preston Let your imagination go wild as we enter the world of Special Makeup Effects with a spectacular live demo with creature creator Tyler Green. Tyler will not only share the tricks of the trade he will also be bringing a character to life onstage! Uncovering the fundamentals of character design, sculpting techniques, prosthetic application, painting, and costume design, Tyler Green will share his success in the business and his experience on the SyFy channel hit reality series Face Off. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions during the presentation.

2016 | Saturday, Oct 1 | 4:00-6:00pm Ticket Fee: $15 per person


6th Annual Celebration of Young Photographers The White Barn at South Farms, Morris

Join us for a unique exhibit of images by talented young photographers from across our region of Connecticut. A panel of renowned photographers and collectors will jury smartphone photographs submitted by students in grades 6-12, each expressing a unique interpretation on this year’s theme, #CYPsmartphoto. Following the exhibit will be a presentation celebrating our selected top young photographers. View the work of these talented students, have a glass of wine, and enjoy delicious local hors d’oeuvres at the historic White Barn at South Farms.

2016 | Sunday, Nov 13 | 2:00-4:00pm

2016 honoree, Ellen McCourt (centered)

12th annual celebration of young writers The Gunnery, Washington

Please join us as we celebrate our talented Young Writers of 2017. The event begins at 5:00pm with a festive cocktail reception and silent auction followed by the readings of exceptional poetry and prose at 6:30pm. The night concludes at 7:30pm with the presentation of the Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching to an outstanding teacher. This will be a very special evening, a highlight of the season you will not want to miss!

2017 | Saturday, June (date to be decided) | 5:00pm 2013 host, Frank Delaney with young writer, Afua Nsiah | 860.868.0740


in-school PROGRAMS ASAP! aligns with schools to supplement their curriculum by using the visual and performing arts to engage students academically and foster higher-order thinking skills. These unique programs develop students’ individual creative strengths and talents while giving students the confidence and problem-solving abilities they need to succeed.

MUSIC FOR THE SCHOOLS Established in 2007, the Inter-district Strings Program brings together middle and high school students for the chance to work with musicians from the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra (WSO), where they prepare to perform in concert side-by-side with the orchestra. ASAP! recognizes the need for schools to have unique learning experiences provided for them and is working together with the WSO to bring students the rare opportunity of experiencing a live symphony concert as part of their education. This year, ASAP! is proud to present Side-by-Side: The Inter-district Strings Program with the Waterbury Symphony Chamber Orchestra in concert for students across Litchfield and New Haven counties in grades K-12. The concerts will be led by the WSO’s conductor Leif Bjaland at New Milford High School, Litchfield Intermediate School, and Nonnewaug High School.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER, VISIT: Music Pilot PROGRAM ASAP! desired to deepen the impact of Music for the Schools for a specific school population in order to further embed arts learning in schools. ASAP! sought and found a strong partner to run this pilot program, which consists of in-school student workshops and teacher training. Region 14 schools, in particular the faculty of Woodbury Middle School, are very forward thinking and welcomed the opportunity to work with WSO musician’s in the classroom to deepen the impact of arts learning, integrate music into other subjects, and provide knowledge, insight, and collaborative planning for teachers.


 COMMUNITY Programs with pilobolus This year ASAP! will bring special programs to Newtown and Southbury. We work collaboratively with schools and community organizations to bring together seniors, primary and middle school aged children, and atypical learners for a vibrant experience of creativity and motion with world-renowned dance company Pilobolus.

& PROJECTS THE METAMORPHOSIS PROJECT ASAP! is thrilled to partner once again with Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust and Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust to bring this year’s Metamorphosis Project to third, fourth, and fifth-grade students. The project will include trips into nature where the students work with expert ecologists and master teaching artists to explore, discover, and reflect upon the natural wonders of the world. In the classroom, students develop science vocabulary and strengthen their writing skills. Under the direction of ASAP! teaching artists, students collaboratively create an exhibit to be presented to fellow schoolmates and parents based on their experiences throughout the project.

ASAP! with THE INTER-DISTRICT PROJECT ASAP!’s Inter-district Project includes collaborative arts projects, uniting kids from across economic and social classes promoting cultural diversity in our extended community.

REACH is a pre-school program situated at Washington Primary School. ASAP! will provide three workshops throughout the school year including movement, yoga, and cooking. Students will explore their bodies in space through movement, learn stillness and breathing techniques through yoga practice, and awaken their senses as they create different kinds of yummy and nutritious foods.

Inter-district Mural Project, Torrington, Connecticut | 860.868.0740


summer PROGRAMS SUMMER THEATRE INTENSIVE Grades K-5 & 6-12 Shepaug Valley School, Washington

NYC actress, author, and director Emily Hubelbank will again lead our Summer Theatre Intensive. The experience includes acting, costuming, and set design & construction. The workshop will culminate in a showing for the public. Limited to 25 students. ASAP! will provide a healthful snack during this 2-week program.

2017 | Dates to be announced January 2017


Ages 13-17 Washington Montessori School, New Preston Individuals who participate as members of the Crew will see a unique side of the summer camp experience intended for older participants. The opportunities offered include working and teaching with professional artists, acting as supervisors and models for younger campers, and developing leadership skills through exclusive Youth Crew workshops, both at camp and in the community. ASAP! will provide a healthful snack during this 2-week program.

2017 | Dates to be announced January 2017


Washington Montessori School, New Preston Ages 4.5-13 ASAP!’s full-day summer camp offers a comprehensive arts camp experience like no other in the area. Campers have the chance to take part in visual arts, creative writing, dance, drama, music, photography, textile arts, circus arts, magic arts, yoga, and costume making with teaching artists who are all professionals in their fields. The camp will culminate with a festival on the last day featuring participants’ art in special exhibits and performances. An ice cream party and refreshments will be included as part of the festivities. ASAP! will provide a healthful snack during this 2-week program.

2017 | Dates to be announced January 2017


ASAP! AWARDS THE FRANK McCOURT PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING The Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching honors the spirit of Frank McCourt, a teacher himself in New York City schools for some thirty years before achieving fame with the publication of his Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir, Angela’s Ashes. Despite the immense success of this book and its two sequels, ’Tis and Teacher Man, Frank McCourt remained a teacher at heart. A resident of Roxbury, he gave generously of his time, talents, and energy to ASAP! and other local causes. He was instrumental in establishing the Celebration of Young Writers and making it the wonderful event it is today. The chief goal of the annually awarded Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching is to recognize teachers whose imaginative assignments and techniques have inspired students to become enthusiastic learners. A secondary goal is to find and promote ideas and practices that can be adopted by other teachers. Teachers in area schools are encouraged to nominate themselves for the McCourt Prize. They may also be nominated by other teachers, administrators, students, or parents. Those who wish to be considered must submit an application, a résumé, a short description of how they have inspired students through creative, innovative tactics and planning, and a related lesson plan. The Celebration of Young Writers focuses on students, but ASAP! believes it is important to honor great teachers, too. The applicants are an exceptionally strong group, including teachers of diverse subjects in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school. The ASAP! panelists who select the winner hope that the runners-up will consider applying for next year’s McCourt Prize. Congratulations to Rena Winton, recipient of the 6th Annual Frank McCourt Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Rena Winton

Nonnewaug High School, Woodbury, Connecticut When you walk into a classroom led by Rena Winton you can immediately recognize that creativity, innovation, and critical thinking rule. Student engagement and success are direct results of Rena’s art and design projects that make real-world connections, offer different perspectives, and build a learning culture based on mutual respect. While keeping the local community in mind, she enjoys writing lessons that integrate other disciplines and build 21st Century Skills. Outside the classroom, Rena enjoys reading blogs, listening to music, and traveling with her partner Shaun. | 860.868.0740



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Bernice Wollman & Warren Rubin

Marj & Bill Coleman

Jill Mangone & Intesar Haider

Maureen & Jerry McWeeny

Mary Anne & Donald Russell

Lynette & Linc Cornell

Julie Hallowell

Nicole Mersky

Saltwater Grille

Barbara & Norm Cover

Keith & Flo Hatcher

Margaret Miner

Lin & Michael Sapack

Cramer & Anderson LLP

Jane & Bill Havemeyer

The Mnuchin Foundation

Linda & Richard Schapiro

John P. Davidson

Audrey & Ken Hecken

Bola & Brian Mooney

Karen Silk

Mark DeCruccio

The Hermans Family

Joanie Morosani

Jennifer Singleton

Nancy & Daniel Domoff

Anne & John Herrmann

Vita West Muir

Molly Leach & Lane Smith

Jane & Tom Doyle

Maria & John Honigmann Amy & Tom Houston

N. Pologeorgis Furs, Inc. in memory of Sanford Parker

Susan Monserud & Ric Sonder

Sarah Gager & AJ Dubois, Jr. Mark Egan

Anthea Disney & Peter Howe

Lisa & Lee Einbinder

Trish O’Reilly & Jim Huffstetler

Carole Clew Elms

Laurie Hughes

Reginald Fairbairn

Ruth & Bob Jaffe

Lori & Steve Fineman in honor of Tal Fagin Enid & Alexander Fisher Holly Flor Joan & Frank Foley Martina Forman Mr. & Mrs. J. Winston Fowlkes Linda & Paul Frank Julie Davis Friend Fur Information Council of America in memory of Sanford Parker Elissa Germaine Carole Gibney

Stephanie & Eliot Johnson Caroline Levy & Leonard Kady Workshop 114, Inc. Carolyn Klemm Maria & David Kretschmer Henry Kunhardt Regine LaVerge Schade Katharine & Daniel Leab Robin & Kevin Ledversis Ilene Leff Litchfield Magazine Bonnell Lombardi

Alice Naude & Stephen Saxl Andrea Newman in honor of Rob Parker Newtown Rotary Club Foundation North American Fur Auction, Inc. in memory of Sanford Parker Hayden T. O’Connor Willow & Timothy Oberweger Paula Lazeski & Marc Olivieri

Perry Stephenson Robin & David Teh Elizabeth Tilly Harold Tittmann Tony Trotta & Robert Topol William J. Vanden Heuvel Tony Vengrove C. Carter Walker, Jr. Cynthia & Stephen Warshaw Maureen & Doug White

Eric Olsen Melissa Cohn & John Paris Wendy & Fred Parkin Kristin & Craig Patrick Suzanne Paxton Mr. & Mrs. Phillips H. Payson Rod Pleasants & Steve Godwin

Andrea & Jerry Wiant Evelyn A. Williams Catherine & David Wolfe The New York Community Trust Roxbury Fund Mary Daniel & Tom Yost Alicia Zalka

Elaine & Peter Pratt

Merle & Barry Ginsburg

Julie Loughran & Brendan Foulois

Susan & Gary Giordano

Elizabeth MacDonald

Barbara Gold

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Macdonald

Caitlin Fiss & Scott Goldsmith

Macy’s Bloomingdale’s

Harold Gootrad

Social Comments LLC

Monica & Holcombe Green

Ann Mallory

New York Community Trust Barbara Paul Robinson & Charles Raskob Robinson Fund

Linda & Mark Greenberg

Jeanne Coppola & Paul Manson


Paul Grossman

Susan & Philip Markert

Abbey Darer & Tom Rosenwald

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Purves Barrie Johnson Beth & Tom Rickart Pamela Riess | 860.868.0740


Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage



Permit No. 411 Waterbury, CT

6 Bee Brook Road, Unit B P.O. Box 15 Washington Depot, CT 06794


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ASAP! 2016-17 Course Catalog  
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