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spring 2011 | ar ound concord 4 3 courtesy of cynthia knauf landscape

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|landscaping & outdoor spaces|

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THE GREAT OUTDOORS “Overall, people are enlarging their outdoor living spaces as they are spending more time eating, lounging, and entertaining outdoors.” George Pellettieri, President, ASLA Pellettieri Associates, Inc. Warner, NH


hether it’s due to the economic challenges of the past few years or it’s simply a nod toward comfort and convenience, families are staying home more than they used to. This nationwide trend means homeowners are investing to make their living spaces more functional, more beautiful, and—quite simply— more fun.

Indoor living is moving out as boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces are changing. Well-appointed outdoor kitchens bring alfresco meal preparation and dining together. Beyond fabulous grills, outdoor kitchens feature refrigerators, sinks, even espresso machines and pizza ovens. From a morning cup of coffee to a gracious dinner party, outdoor meals are becoming part of daily life.

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Opposite: Residential pool with plants to add color and texture. Top: Natural stone patio and pool with water feature. Top right: A relaxing backyard pool. Below: Relax outdoors with furniture by Telescope Casual Furniture.

spring 2011 | ar ound concord 4 5

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|landscaping & outdoor spaces|


utdoor spaces are becoming more useful. Fire pits—from simple stone circles to features with hearths and seating—provide gathering spots for family and friends. Landscape architect Peter Schiess of Bow-based Landforms, Ltd. says he’s noticing a demand for enhanced barbecue areas. “We’re seeing more attention to the actual cooking area with maybe a small refrigerator or a small sink in the space,” says Peter. “Fire pits are also very popular, and we have designed spaces with fireplaces that use wood, propane logs, or propane burners.”

OUTDOOR TRENDS “One trend we’re seeing is interest in walkways and patios, irrigation, lighting, outside kitchens, and firepits.” Gary Tasker, Tasker Landscaping Loudon, NH

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|landscaping & outdoor spaces|

outdoor COLOR “People are looking for expanded outdoor living spaces,” says Gary Tasker of Tasker Landscaping in Loudon. “Color is important with patios—the seasonal colors of flowers, shrubs, and trees, and the color in the patio itself. For seasonal color, perennials give you the biggest bang for the buck, but you also want to choose trees and shrubs to highlight the patio space and give shade, color, and texture.”

Naturally Elegant & Surprisingly Affordable! Custom Cutting is Our Specialty!

Steps, Posts, Hearths, Mantels, Pavers, Edging, Curbing, Cobblestone, Flagstone, Fieldstone, Wallstone, Benches, Fountains, Bird Baths, Pool Coping, Wall Cap, Veneers, Flagging, Granite Signs, and Custom Fabrication 369 N. State St., Concord, NH 03301 603-225-4322 Or A Location Near You In New England

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additions f or t h e outdoors

Must-have outdoor items include (clockwise from top) Weber’s Summit Grill Center with Social Area, patio heater, mahogany bench, French garden urn, settee and fabrics from Telescope Casual Furniture, ebony fire pit. Patio Heater with Anti-tilt Switch and Automatic Shut-off Device

spring 2011 | ar ound concord 4 9

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|landscaping & outdoor spaces| Go Native Trends in landscape design are bringing homeowners and their guests outdoors. Landscapes are becoming even greener and more sustainable with greater awareness and use of native stone and vegetation. Fieldstone and New England granite are not only beautiful and at home in our region, they do not require the fuel consumption of stone shipped from overseas. Maples, blueberries, cattails, and other indigenous species thrive here naturally and have fewer maintenance and disease issues than imported exotics.

local is best “Stone comes from all corners of the globe. People are still interested in imported stone, but we have also seen an increase in interest in stone from the northeast, as people look at products that come from closer to home.� Vince Trento, Rumford Stone Pembroke, NH

Vince Trento, Rumford Stone Pembroke, NH

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Laconia 603-524-2292 Londonderry 603-432-2521 Portsmouth 603-431-7771 Conway 603-356-0387 Claremont 603-542-5901

Courtesy of All Decked Out/Telescope Casual Furniture

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JFK Landscape Design johanna kuss creates natural environments


s an award-

instead of a separate

winning designer

entity. Her specialty gar-

who has been

dens reflect her knowl-

published in vari-

edge of perennials, or-

ous journals, Johanna F.

namental grasses, herbs,

Kuss brings over 25 years

and groundcovers and

of expertise in landscape

have earned her respect

design to your project.

from landscape masters

Her design skills en-

such as Wolfgang Oehme

compass all aspects of

and James van Sweden.

landscape design includ-

Her mastery of color,

ing site planning, master

texture, and scale work

plans, swimming pool

together effortlessly in

design, mitigation design,

her designs.

deck and patio design,

Johanna has served

specialty gardens, and

as a consultant on many

more. Your home is the

urban design projects us-

most important environ-

ing her extensive knowl-

ment you live in. It serves

edge in European design

aesthetic, utilitarian, and

to create user-friendly,

psychological functions

textural, and durable

to the owner, visitors, and

landscapes that enhance


a community year-round.

Being in the forefront

There are important

of the “green movement�

elements in the design

long before it was popu-

process which are often

lar, Johanna recognizes

overlooked. A custom

the importance of using

landscape design should

indigenous plants to have

address functional issues

a low impact on the en-

such as drainage, orien-

vironment. Working with

tation, existing utilities,

a wide array of clients,

erosion or stabilization,

she designs spaces that

proper or corrected

complement her clients’

grading, and any ma-

lifestyles while address-

jor excavation issues.

ing functional needs.

Johanna begins every

Using her background

design by ensuring her

in horticulture as well

clients that the results

as Landscape Architec-

of their project will yield

ture, Johanna creates

a functional, successful,

landscapes that comple-

and beautiful landscape.

ment native habitats. Her

Johanna can be

landscapes ebb and flow

reached at (603) 856-

through the seasons, as

3391 or log on to www.

in nature, allowing the

house to become an

to begin your landscape

integral part of the site

design process.

5 2 w w w. a r o u n d c o n c o r d n h . c o m

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hours by apt. only. 603-856-3391 23 ridge rd. concord nh 03301

spring 2011 | ar ound concord 5 3

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|building & remodeling|




hether you’re building a new home from the ground up or remodeling your existing space, local contractors can guide you to making smart choices. They’re familiar with all the latest materials, technology, and energy-efficient options available today. “Families are making changes to accommodate multigenerational lifestyles,” says Jerry Kingwill of Cobb Hill Construction in Concord. “Older kids are living at home as they start their careers. Grandparents may be living there. Three-generation families are becoming a trend and families are building additions and repurposing space to accommodate these changes.” Jerry continues, “We are seeing a real trend toward additions and renovations, especially a lot of basement repair and redesign. Many families are converting that unused space to an entertainment room or area for the kids to get away.”

simple style “I was just reading that the home project that gets you the most value is replacing your front door and improving your entry. It strikes me as something simple and affordable that gets you that ‘Wow!’ curb appeal.” Jerry Kingwill, Cobb Hill Construction Concord, NH

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OPEN SPACES Newly built homes for today’s consumers reflect open floor plans, with most offering master bedrooms on the first floor and updated appliances and granite countertops in kitchens.

spring 2011 | ar ound concord 5 5

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|energy efficient| green



ith new construction, the emphasis is on Energy Star–rated homes,” says Matthew Rabideau of Total Climate Control in Concord. “These have energy-efficient water heating systems, low-flow faucets, and higher insulation values on their duct work. There are a lot of criteria—with them people use less fuel and save money.” Homeowners are also looking to alternative

energy sources to save money and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. “There are three main trends with solar systems,” says Paul Stillwell of GreenSource Energy Solutions in Concord. “Solar is really good for electricity and hot water heating; now solar air heating is just beginning to take off.” Paul explains, “Quite a few folks start with solar hot water. It tends to have a quicker payback and can be a smaller investment. With solar hot water, you have collectors that collect the incoming solar energy and then the heat is transformed with a closed loop to the tank. Instead of using electricity or fossil fuel to heat the water, you are using the sun.” Paul continues, “Solar hot air is the stepsister that people don’t know about. It is a very simple solar air panel installed on the exterior of a south-facing wall on the house. A small fan pulls interior air into the bottom of the panel; it is heated by the sun and rises and flows back into the house. When the sun rises in the morning, it’s just like the fuel truck pulling up and giving you free fuel. One of the systems, BrightGarage, is manufactured right here in New Hampshire. Properly oriented solar hot air panels can offset 50 gallons of oil or more in a heating season. It does this for years and years and pays for itself many times over its lifetime.”

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3/18/11 8:41 PM

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DID YOU KNOW? Despite the recent economic recession, the US green building market has expanded dramatically since 2008 and is projected to double its size by 2015, says a new report by McGraw-Hill Construction.

SAVING ENERGY Residential architects in the latest AIA home design trends survey report a growing interest in sustainable and cool roofing, tubular skylights that provide natural daylight, and low-maintenance cladding materials such as fiber cement, stone, tile, and natural-earth plasters.

did you know? The average family spends $2,200 a year on energy bills, nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling. Solar hot water heater,

spring 2011 | ar ound concord 57

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3/18/11 8:41 PM

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|energy efficient|

SOLAR ENERGY Every home needs hot water and electricity. So why rent it from the utilities when you can own it yourself. Solar Hot Water and Solar Electricity: • Clean • Easy • Reliable • Affordable

* Most solar hot water systems pay for themselves in 5 – 7 years and could save you $30,000 - $50,000 over twenty years.

Your local renewable energy and green living superstore 22 Pleasant Street , Downtown Concord

603-856-8035 •





GREENSOURCE ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LLC Bringing energy independence to the Granite State

Grid Free or Die™


water. People are moving away

Matthew Rabideau of Total Climate

from standard hot water tanks

Control in Concord says, “The big-

to on-demand systems. These

gest trend is a change to hybrid

heat water only when you need it

climate-control systems. These

instead of constantly heating and

have a fossil fuel system with a heat

holding a whole tankful. With the

pump attached. The heat pump

new systems you get unlimited hot

does both heating and air condi-

water when you need it. These are

tioning. In warm weather, it takes

very nice for homeowners.”

the heat from inside the house and puts it outside. In winter it takes the

Sustainable Building

heat out of outside air and puts it in


the house. The condenser outside

Materials such as wood, glass,

has a valve that moves the refriger-

cork, rubber, and plastic can be

ant in reverse thus allowing it to

recycled and reused by companies

both heat and cool a home.”

that turn them into construction

Matthew continues, “The other

Grid Die Grid Free Free or Die

™ ™

materials like flooring, decking,

major trend is energy efficient

countertops, cabinets, and even

systems for both heat and hot


5 8 w w w. a r o u n d c o n c o r d n h . c o m

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s p e c i a l a d v e r t i s i n g section

Geothermal Energy Done R ight! To realize geothermal’s full potential as a clean, energy saving technology, you need a geothermal expert. With over 500 geothermal installations and 20 years experience in heating and cooling, we pledge to deliver • An accurate cost estimate • Reliable scheduling • A system that works as promised Contact us today for a free estimate!


New England’s #1 Residential Geothermal Installer

LED lighting LED lighting is a creative and energy-efficient way to add decorative lighting to any space, indoors and out. LED lights are an easy way to bring a little eco-

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Serving New Hampshire Since 1960

friendly style into the home. Radiant Heated Flooring Radiant heating is more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through ducts. Plus, the lack

INSTALLATION & SERVICE Plumbing Systems • Heating Systems • Water Systems Backflow Preventers • Water Heaters • Drain Cleaning • Gas Piping

of circulating air is perfect for those with severe allergies. Hydronic systems, which are liquid based, use little

225 - 6929

electricity and can be heated with a variety of energy sources, from gas, oil-fired or wood-fired boilers, and even solar water heaters.

3 Bow Bog Road • Bow, NH 03304 • Master Plumbing License # 478C • Gas License # GFE0700012 • Pump License #76 spring 2011 | ar ound concord 5 9

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think color

Courtesy of Copeland Furniture

“We are seeing two trends in colors. Some people still want warm and cozy with warm tones including oranges, rusts, and browns. We are also seeing a lot of gray tones used as neutral colors instead of cream or beige.” Patti Phelps, All in the Details Interior Design Bow, NH

“We are seeing a lot of people nesting in and staying in their homes longer,” says Patti Phelps of All in the Details Interior Design in Bow. “Their focus is on remodeling and making their homes great. People are willing to spend money updating master bathrooms and redecorating master bedrooms because it serves a dual purpose in making people happier and more comfortable, and the bathroom upgrade will often pay off down the road if they decide to sell.”

6 0 w w w. a r o u n d c o n c o r d n h . c o m

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AN EYE TO GREEN “Interest in green products and healthy green lifestyles is really growing,” says Meredith Gonzales of Your Home, Your World in Concord. “Consumers are much more educated than they were just four years ago when I opened. They know more about products and choices.” Meredith continues, “There is a growing awareness of organic lifestyle. The bedroom and your mattress are great places to start. We spend one-third of our time in bed. We have organic mattresses made of natural rubber and organic cotton and wool—and also bedding made of organic cotton.”

BLINDS & SHADES “People are staying in their homes longer and it can be very cost effective to make them more energy efficient,” says Jodi Roos of Love Is Blinds in Concord. “We have energy-efficient shades that pay for themselves by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. These are honeycomb or cellular shades that trap the air and limit the heat going out or coming in. They are very attractive and are available in hundreds of different colors and different opacity levels.”

From design to installation, Love is Blinds can do it all within your budget.

Custom Window Treatments Shop at Home 229-0313 spring 2011 | ar ound concord 61

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|interiors| family space

“Kitchens are expanding and becoming the hub of the home. The kitchen often opens into the family room.” Patti Phelps, All in the Details Interior Design Bow, NH

GO NATURAL “Natural materials are still the number-one choice in today’s kitchens, so look for wood cabinetry with a hand-applied finish that allows brush marks and wood grain to show through,” advises Patti Phelps of All in the Details Interior Design. “Stone countertops are still in, but we will see more honed finishes rather than polished. A wider range of metal finishes is being used—from stainless steel and polished nickel to bronzes and brasses.”

STYLE FOR TODAY Regarding trends in appliances, Patti says, “People are investing in new appliances, and there is a lot of interest in new gadgets. For example, refrigerator and freezer drawers with ice makers can be built into islands and cabinets. The family still has a larger refrigerator—often opting for one with French doors to hold large platters—but the separate refrigerator or freezer drawers provide convenient food and drink storage space throughout the kitchen. Refrigerator door handles can be hard for small children to reach, but a refrigerator drawer in an island is accessible and easy to stock with juice boxes and healthy snacks. A lot of people are adding wine and beverage coolers in kitchens, dining rooms, or finished basements.”

6 2 w w w. a r o u n d c o n c o r d n h . c o m

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GLASS TILE “Glass mosaic is really big. It’s popular for kitchen backsplashes and in bathrooms, especially for shower walls. There are literally hundreds of styles—from glass that looks like old Coke bottles to very contemporary glass and stone mixtures.” Bill Smethurst, New Hampshire Tile Pembroke, NH

THE NEW BATH Rand Hinman of The Granite Group says, “As people are staying in their homes longer, they are remodeling their master bathrooms, often taking out tubs and adding custom showers. Custom showers often have overhead rain showerheads. They may have body sprays—valves mounted in the wall that spray water on your back and shoulders. Many people are adding steam to their showers.” Rand continues, “People are also creating more of a spa experience in their master bathrooms. Many are installing air tubs. With an air tub, you can add salts and oils that have therapeutic benefits. Unlike whirlpools, air tubs blow warm air into the water.”

spring 2011 | ar ound concord 6 3

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Build, Remodel, Decorate  

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