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Study Abroad Program Catalog

Every journey needs a beginning. If you’re reading this right now, then you must be the kind of person who is driven by curiosity and motivated to take action. So, where to start? Go abroad with AFS and you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience immersion in another culture and way of life. Adapt to new customs and discover new strengths and skills. Uncover hidden passions and make friendships and connections that span continents. Stand out as a true global citizen. With a network spanning 50+ countries and more than 70 years of high school exchange under our belt, AFS is fiercely committed to providing you with an authentic international immersion experience. Our 150+ programs are led by locals and supported by a vast volunteer network. This means that whatever program you choose – whether it’s a two-week deep dive into a global issue, or 10 months living with a host family and attending a local high school – can provide unique insights that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Join a family of over 400,000 “AFS Returnees” whose lives have been changed by the AFS Effect. If you’re ready, we’ll help guide you every step of the way. What will your journey be?

Your journey

BEGINS HERE... The AFS Family is here to support you. With over 70 years of experience and 41,000 volunteers worldwide, we’ll help guide you on your global adventure.

Getting ready 1

Explore the 150+ AFS study abroad programs at to discover one that’s right for you.


Talk to your parents and guidance counselor to plan how the study abroad experience can fit into your school schedule.

on your application by telling us about yourself and your interests, then dive right into your journey by logging in to your personal CultureTrek guide.


Review your application with your Study Abroad Specialist and learn more about scholarships and fundraising.

Once you arrive, you’ll be supported by your group leader and/or host family, as well as a community of local volunteers. That’s the AFS difference.


Get ready for your adventure! Advance in CultureTrek to learn more about your host country, then pack your bags and get excited.

When you return 8


Get started

While abroad 5

As you explore our programs and prepare for your journey, your Study Abroad Specialist will answer any questions you have and help with details like visas, health forms, and scholarship opportunities.


Arrive at your destination and get to know your local support network. Meet your host family and/or your fellow AFSers.

Immerse yourself in your new daily routine as you settle in and adjust to the culture. Make friends, try traditional foods, learn the local slang, and say yes to new experiences. THIS is study abroad.

Your time abroad is only the start. Back home, you’ll join a network of more than 400,000 AFS Returnees worldwide, and gain access to workshops and opportunities exclusively for our community.

Return home

Make an impact

to your friends and family with new insights and perspectives. The skills gained by going abroad are bound to help you succeed in college and beyond.

as a global citizen. Your intercultural knowledge will stay with you throughout your life as a tool for creating peace through understanding.


Connect with the AFS Returnee community. Get involved by networking, or become a volunteer or host family for a student in the U.S.


Which program is right for you? Programs for 8th-12th graders Year | Semester Experience full cultural immersion. By living with a host family and attending a local high school, you can learn the intricacies of another culture and experience life from a different point of view. This is your chance to uncover new strengths and advance your language skills while developing true cultural fluency. Build lifelong friendships as you discover what it’s like to call another part of the world “home.”

4-8 week | 2-3 week Dive into an intensive, hands-on adventure. Experience an exciting new culture and explore contemporary global issues with our accelerated, short-term programs. Our 4-8 week programs offer intensive immersion through language classes, host family stays, or volunteering. Or, you could embark on a 2-3 week journey with one of our signature Global Prep programs, where you can gain a new perspective on topics ranging from wildlife conservation to youth education to art & architecture, all under the careful guidance of local staff and volunteers. 2-3 week Global Prep programs accept students in 8th12th grade. All other programs are 9th-12th grade only.

Programs for adults 18 and up

Recapture your global education. Deepen your intercultural understanding and build valuable skills while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. Our hand-selected AFSNext programs offer opportunities for adults 18+ to volunteer, study, intern, or teach abroad. Take the next step on your global journey as you jump-start your job search, redefine your college experience, or make a sustainable impact through hands-on volunteering.

AFS Global Prep program participants in India mentoring schoolchildren about health and nutrition. Participants lived with local host families and immersed themselves

Program offerings are subject to change. Go to for full details.


in the sights, sounds and tastes of New Delhi.

Table of contents Programs Africa (pp 5-6)

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Belgium Flanders


Belgium French


Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia

Americas (pp 7-11)

Czech Republic





Canada (French)






Costa Rica
















San Diego, USA

Portugal Russia

Asia (pp 12-14)




Hong Kong









Oceania (pp 23-24)


Australia Fiji New Zealand

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“Fight the urge to set expectations. Your most valuable experiences will be the ones you never saw coming.” -Mary Versa


A Day in the Life of Mary Versa, Year Program in Ghana Morning



When I wake up at 6:30 am, street

We eat lunch around 1 pm at the

From my compound’s balcony, I watch

vendors are already selling knick-

canteen. I fill my plate with jolof rice,

children play soccer in the street. Then

knacks and food. I eat eggs and bread

which is a red-orange color from the

my host sister and I play with our baby

from the bakery and change into my

tomatoes it’s cooked with. School

chicks until dinner at 6:30. My host

school uniform. At 7:30, my host dad

lets out at 3:30 and I hang out with

mom prepares stew and fufu, a starchy

drops me off at school on his way to

friends or go to club meetings before

dish made of vegetables. After dinner,

work. School starts at 8, but many

my host dad picks me up. We buy

I chat with my host family or finish up

students arrive early to help tidy up

plantains from our favorite vendor on

homework, and by 10 I’m more than

the grounds. Classes are taught in

the way home.

ready for bed.

English and we stay in the same room while our teachers rotate. AFS-USA PROGRAMS • (800) AFS-INFO • 5



Imagine breathing in the scent of deep-fried falafel and

Step off the beaten path and join a culture that values taking

freshly-squeezed citrus juice while listening to the calming

time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

call of mosques at prayer time. On our year program, you

Our year program in Ghana offers the opportunity to live with

can be fully immersed in Egyptian society and culture by

a host family and attend high school, allowing you to become

attending high school and living with a host family. You could

part of a vibrant community. You could also make a lasting

also get a taste of local food, language, and history over

impact throughout the summer by volunteering with children

the course of a summer. Our four-week summer language

at a local school on our four-week volunteer program. Before

program offers intensive Arabic classes paired with a host

long, you could be settling in to the laid-back lifestyle of this

family stay for increased learning opportunities. Or, opt for

friendly West African nation as you browse through fresh fruit

our two-week Global Prep program to explore the many

and vegetable markets or munch on fried plantains seasoned

facets of Egyptian culture and religion.

with chili pepper and ginger.



Discover the real meaning of safari (the Swahili word for

Have an adventure volunteering in the Seychelles, a group

“journey”) with a stunning summer adventure in Kenya! On

of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar.

our two-week Global Prep program, you’ll experience the

This two-week Global Prep program is based on Curieuse

culture and landscape of this breathtaking country as you

Island, a protected natural park and ideal place to get hands-

explore national parks, visit wildlife reservations, and stay

on conservation experience with local plants and animals.

with a local host family. As you pick up some useful Swahili

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the

phrases, you and your group will tour urban centers—such

world, you and your group will contribute to the long-term

as downtown Nairobi—and venture into the habitats of rare

survival of endangered species like the giant tortoise and

animals like lions, giraffes and rhinos. Get ready for two-

Coco de Mer palm trees. This is your chance to take part in

weeks of discovery and exploration in a country dedicated

critical environmental research with experienced leaders and

to preserving and protecting its vast natural beauty.

support the development of new conservation policies.


“I gained a permanent family that I maintain contact with regularly. I learned how to communicate entirely in Spanish, which I still use every day.” -Rachael


Typical Day in Chile for Rachael, Semester Program in Chile Morning



I wake up at 7:30 am and sit down

I go home to eat lunch with my host

I get home around 6 and spend some

to a breakfast of bread, jam, cheese

family at 1:30 pm. My host mom

time talking about my day with my host

and avocado with coffee or tea. My

prepares a big meal like salmon or

family. Then we visit with extended

high school is just a 10-minute walk

red meat and potatoes. I head back to

family and eat our evening meal, called

away, and I arrive by 8:30 after my

school at 3:30 for some elective classes

once. This is a light snack of tea and

stroll through the neighborhood.

or club activities like soccer and dance.

toasted bread with ham and cheese. For

I take a few minutes to catch up

When school gets out, my friends and I

dessert we have sweet German pastries,

with friends, and then have morning

walk around downtown. We like to go

which are popular in the south of Chile.

academic classes including math,

shopping at the mercado (market) or

Back at home, I get ready for bed and

history, and English.

hang out at our favorite café.

am asleep by 11, excited for whatever tomorrow brings!




Argentines are known for hospitality, so it shouldn’t be

With its delicious food, diverse population, and world-famous

long before you feel at home in their open, friendly country.

festivals, Brazil is an ideal place to immerse yourself in a new

By going to a local high school on a year or semester

culture. Learn the ins and outs of everyday life while living

program, you can experience immersion in the language

with a host family and attending high school on our year

and customs, and what you learn during the day will be

and semester programs. In your free time, you can hang out

reinforced at night while spending time with your host

with friends at a local café or play popular sports like futebol

family. You could also get a taste of the Argentinian lifestyle

(soccer). You might also get to explore cities like Rio de

from a typical teen’s point of view while living with a host

Janeiro and Brasilia or venture into the country’s lush natural

family and attending school on an eight-week summer

landscape. This is your chance to taste authentic churrasco

homestay program. Or, jump-start your Spanish skills on

(Brazilian barbeque) and form lifelong bonds with welcoming

an accelerated five-week summer language program and

family and friends.

host family stay.



Though Canada is close to the United States, life in the

In Chile you’ll find the cosmopolitan capital of Santiago,

French-speaking province of Quebec is indeed totally

the majestic Andes Mountains, the world’s driest desert in

different. With its historic architecture, thick forests,

the North, and the untamed wilderness of Patagonia in the

towering mountains, tranquil lakes, and picturesque

South. But it’s also a haven for thinking and learning—as

farmlands, there are lots of places to explore. Discover why

Nobel-prize Chilean poet Pablo Neruda said, the country is

the Québécois are so proud of their landscape and cultural

“made for poets.” This is your chance to discover beautiful

heritage on our four-week summer language program

natural landscapes in a place that’s also bound to educate

in Montreal. You’ll have the opportunity to advance your

and inspire. Experience all that Chile has to offer by living

French through classroom experience and day-to-day life

with a host family and attending high school on a year or

with a local host family. You’ll also get to expand your global

semester program. Or, learn about local customs first-hand

awareness by meeting AFSers from all over the world.

by engaging in a seven-week summer homestay program.




Colombia’s diverse, vibrant lifestyle is influenced by

Costa Rica is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” and

its indigenous, African, and European heritage. On our

it’s not hard to see why. Let the country whose national

two-week summer Global Prep program, you and your

saying is pura vida (pure life) show you how to take time and

group could explore the country’s dynamic culture and

appreciate the good things. Our year and semester programs

historic cities full of ornate churches, colorful markets,

offer the chance to fully experience Costa Rican culture by

and fascinating archeological sites. You might also

living with a host family and attending high school. You could

have the chance to venture into Colombia’s lush natural

also learn the language and get to know the people while

landscape for horseback riding and hiking. By living

taking part in a five-week high school and homestay program

with a host family, you can truly become a part of daily

(complete with a one week bus tour). Or, get a taste of Costa

life as you share stories and cultural insights around the

Rica’s tropical climate, fresh food, and relaxed atmosphere on

dinner table.

the two-week Global Prep program.



Discover Cuba’s evolving culture on our two-week summer

Get to know a vibrant, exciting culture by living with a

Global Prep program. You and your group will have access to

host family and attending a local high school in Ecuador.

a unique understanding of Cuban history while discovering

With our year program, you’ll have the chance to advance

local art and learning how different groups collaborate to

your Spanish and make tons of new friends. In addition

foster social change. You’ll meet with local high school

to Spanish, you’ll find that there are several indigenous

students to get involved in community projects. You’ll also

languages spoken in Ecuador as well. As you learn about

have the chance to try traditional dances like the mambo

the country’s rich cultural heritage, you may be able to

and the rumba, and listen to Cuban-fusion music like jazz,

explore the beautiful rainforests, mountains, beaches, and

hip-hop, and salsa. If you’re looking to spend your summer

islands that contain thousands of species of unique plants

in a fascinating, welcoming destination with a rich history,

and animals. In Ecuador, you won’t just be studying abroad,

then Cuba would be the place for you!

you’ll be finding a totally new environment to call home.




Take part in a hands-on summer adventure with our

Sign up for this semester program for the opportunity to

two-week Global Prep program in Guatemala. You and

skyrocket your Spanish and learn about Mexico’s rich culture

your group can build leadership skills and effect lasting

and history. By attending a local high school and living with

environmental change while discussing critical topics

a host family, you’re bound to create memories that will last

like sustainability at a local school. Work alongside

a lifetime. Mexicans tend to be very community-oriented

Guatemalan community leaders, advance your Spanish

and you can find that most people are helpful and open. As

language skills, and even explore some of Guatemala’s

you wander through streets bursting with colorful markets,

most beautiful attractions. Global Prep in Guatemala is

you can spot signs of the country’s diversity, including

so much more than a typical tourist trip—it’s a once-in-

skyscrapers next to historic 19th century architecture.

a-lifetime opportunity to join fellow teens in making a

Explore the beautiful deserts, jungles, mountains, and

difference in the world.

beaches with new friends to discover the real Mexico.



From the cosmopolitan Panama City, to the Chiriquí

Experience el corazón de Sudamérica (the heart of South

Highlands cloud forest, to the remote San Blas Islands in the

America) while immersing yourself in Paraguayan daily life.

Caribbean, there’s much to experience and learn in Panama.

By living with a host family and attending high school on a

With our year and semester programs, you can soak up the

year or semester program, you’ll get an inside look at the

country’s beautiful landscape and cultural heritage while

country’s fusion of Spanish and indigenous Guaraní cultures.

living with a host family and attending high school. Or, spend

You could also develop your passions and learn valuable skills

your summer helping out at an elementary school or other

with our year and semester community service programs.

local organization with our four-week community service

This is your chance to make a real impact by volunteering

program. In the afternoons, you’ll have the opportunity to

in childcare, development, or education. Or, learn Spanish

take Spanish classes as well as visit nearby historic sites in

through interactive classes while living with a host family on

order to get a complete picture of Panamanian life.

an accelerated six-week summer language program.




Whether you’re surrounded by the peaks of the Andes or the

Delve deep into contemporary, international topics at

modern metropolis of Lima, you can bet you’ll find yourself in

the University of California, San Diego and make friends

a warm and welcoming community. With our year program

with students from around the world. With our two-week

in Peru, you’ll attend a local high school and reinvent your

Global Prep program, you’ll take part in fun trips, volunteer

day-to-day. Get the full immersion experience by living with a

projects, and classes. You and your international group will

host family and speaking Spanish from sun-up to sun-down.

explore themes related to the environment, social issues,

There’s actually a tremendous amount of diversity in Peru,

and intercultural communication. For example, one day’s

with sizable populations of Europeans, indigenous peoples,

discussion of immigration policies may be followed by a visit

Peruvians of African descent, and Asians. As for wildlife, keep

to the U.S.-Mexico border. This is your chance to discover the

your eyes out for the many llamas and alpacas whose wool is

world—and your place in it—from a college campus just a

used in lots of Peruvian clothing.

short walk from the beach.

New cultural experiences for the whole family

Host an exchange student

Volunteer in your community

Your family can bring home a global education by

Building bridges between cultures is more important today

welcoming an international student to stay with you for a

than ever. Make a difference in your own neighborhood and

year, semester or 6-12 weeks. Each year, roughly 2,200 AFS

across the globe by joining our volunteer community. Roles

Exchange Students come to the U.S. from 90+ countries.

and commitment levels are flexible.


“In India you don’t only get to enjoy vivid colors everywhere you turn, you also get to experience warmth and hospitality from your host family and community.” -Prince


A Day in the Life of Prince, Global Prep volunteer program in India Morning



At 6:45 am, I wake up and enjoy some fresh

We head to the cafeteria at 1:30

Around 6, I play basketball with my

fruit with my host family. I take a bus to the

pm for a lunch of curry with dal

host brother and his friends, and at

school and arrive before my yoga class at

(lentils) and rajma (kidney beans).

9, my host family and I sit down for

8—an amazing way to start the day! At 9,

We then attend classes created for

a home-cooked dinner. My host mom

all the students share a traditional morning

us to learn about Indian culture,

prepares a delicious meal of paneer

snack of pao bhaji (bread with spiced

like Hindi, dance, music, or cooking.

butter masala (a sweet-ish sauce) with

and mashed vegetables). Afterward, my

School lets out at 3, and I go home

aloo parathas (fried dough stuffed

group visits different classes and performs

to relax and chat about my day with

with potatoes). By 11, I’m ready for bed

dances or dramas about topics affecting

my host family.

and a good night’s sleep!

children in the local community.




China’s global influence and diverse population make it an

On a year program in Hong Kong, a city that is both ultra-

exciting place to explore a new culture. With our year and

modern and firmly rooted in tradition, you can have an

semester programs, you’ll live with a host family and be

experience unlike any other. Hong Kong is one of the most

exposed to Mandarin Chinese through classes in your school

densely populated places in the world, so you can expect to

schedule. As you immerse yourself in Chinese culture, you

come across lots of new people! As you join in fast-paced city

can experience a way of life where the ancient and modern

life, you might see wheelbarrows parked next to Rolls Royces,

intersect every day. Or, get a taste of Chinese culture and

and herbal medicine shops side by side with trendy boutiques.

the Mandarin language on our four-week summer program.

Plus, by living with a host family and attending a local high

You’ll take introductory language classes during the day, and

school, you can have a uniquely immersive experience. This is

then put your skills to immediate use in a cultural context

your chance to taste delicious dim sum and learn Cantonese,

with your host family and friends at night.

although many people also speak fluent English.



Indian culture has been heavily influenced by the country’s

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is home to more

rich traditions, and Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism all

than 300 ethnic groups and 700 languages and dialects.

originated there. On a year program abroad, you have the

Experience this unique and fascinating society first-hand

chance to meet lots of people, learn new languages, try new

by attending a local school and living with a host family on

foods, and create lasting memories. By living with a host

a year program, and soon you’ll come to know why their

family and attending high school, you’ll get to experience all

national motto is “unity in diversity.” In the Indonesian

the warmth and hospitality that India has to offer. Or, on our

culture where friendliness and hospitality are of the utmost

two-week program, you can effect lasting change through

priority, you have the chance to experience the culture as

volunteering with local school children. As you get involved

a true member of the community. Immerse yourself in this

in impactful community projects, you’ll also have the chance

totally new environment, and you’re bound to gain a new

to soak up local culture with your host family.

perspective on life and the world around you!




With its intricate mix of tradition and modernity, Japan is full

Spend time volunteering in scenic Nepal on a two-week

of dynamic contrasts. On our year and semester program,

Global Prep program to make a genuine difference in the

you’ll attend high school and live with a host family, revealing

world. You’ll have the chance to learn about Nepali culture as

why this country’s pop culture, competitive academics, and

you build educational facilities or assist refugees from Tibet.

technological advancements are world-famous. You could

Along with a group of dedicated international volunteers,

also embark on a four-week summer program, where you’ll

you’ll grow close with members of the community and

attend Japanese classes and spend time with a host family.

take part in efforts to provide essential resources to people

Or, visit the island of Hokkaido with Japanese high schoolers

in need. You’ll also get to explore beautiful temples and

on the two-week Global Prep program. This uniquely-

monasteries and go trekking in the mountains. At the end of

immersive adventure offers the chance to study Japanese

your adventure, you’re bound to return home with stunning

while working on a school project with local teens.

photos and new cultural insights.

THAILAND More and more people are captivated by Thailand’s ancient

Getting school credit while abroad Many AFS students are able to get credit for the

traditions, delicious food, and tropical landscape. By living with

classes they take abroad, though ultimately any

a host family on our year program, you’ll be able to experience

credit you receive is at the discretion of your home

the full spectrum of Thai culture while attending high school.

school in the U.S. AFS provides resources and

Or, get to know the “Land of Smiles” on a six-week program

support for helping you navigate the process, from

with impactful volunteering. You’ll stay with a host family

talking points to use with your guidance counselor

and volunteer at a local hospital, school, or other community

to an easy-to-use form to track credits.

organization. You could also experience high school life in Thailand during summer break in the U.S. With the six-week program, you’ll go to school and live with a local host family,

For helpful tips to get started, visit

getting the unique chance to see the sanuk (fun) in all things.


“Take every opportunity to meet new people or try new things, even if you feel out of your comfort zone. After all, that’s where the magic happens.” -Katie

EUROPE A Day in the Life of Katie, Year Program in Portugal Morning


I wake up at 7:30 am and enjoy a

Lunch is the most important meal of the

Around 6, I go home to relax. At 8, my

breakfast of pastries and ham. My host

day in Portugal. I have a two-hour break

large host family gathers together for a

mom drives my host sister and me to

at 12 pm, so I buy a tuna sandwich from

dinner of codfish, vegetables, and rice.

school at 8:15. Classes are different

a nearby shop and bring it to the beach

Then I watch some TV with my host

each day, but I often have Physics,

to eat. I go back for a few afternoon

siblings, whose favorite show is a teen

Portuguese Literature, and Philosophy.

classes before school ends at 3:30.

soap called “Morangos com Açúcar,”

Like most students in Portugal, my

Afterward, I hang out with my friends,

or “Strawberries with Sugar.” After

classmates and I stay in one classroom

including two other AFS Exchange

finishing my homework, I head up to

while our teachers come to us.

Students, and play cards at a café.

bed at 11, ready for another day!





As the home of cultural giants from Mozart to Arnold

Develop your identity as a global citizen in this nation

Schwarzenegger, Austria is a great place to learn about

renowned for tolerance and diplomacy. Sign up for a

art, music, and history. With our year or semester program,

year program and your daily routine could take place on

you’ll embark on a study abroad journey that is bound to

cobblestone streets amidst medieval castles. As you go

challenge your mind and inspire your spirit. This is your

about your day, you’re likely to hear mostly Flemish (a

chance to become familiar with the language, customs, and

variation of Dutch), but you may also come across multi-

people of this multi-faceted country. By attending a local

lingual natives speaking French, German, and English. By

high school and living with a host family, you’ll experience

living with a Flemish host family and attending high school,

Austrian life from the inside. And since Austrians are known

your cultural savvy will reach new heights. It shouldn’t take

for their active lifestyles, get ready to spend your time

long to understand why this beautiful country has produced

breathing fresh air and exercising both your body and mind.

some of the finest artists and thinkers of Europe.



If you’re searching for a vibrant mix of European cultures,

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a quickly-emerging travel

look no further than French-speaking Belgium. As the

destination, filled with stunning stone architecture, friendly

headquarters of the European Union and NATO, it’s a hub

people, and rugged natural beauty. But by living with a host

of international activity. With our year program, you can

family and reimagining your daily high school routine on our

make yourself at home in a country with three official

year program, you’ll have the chance to gain a fascinating and

languages (French, Dutch, and German) in the epicenter

rare perspective. Because there are fewer foreign travelers

of the dynamically-shifting European identity. You’ll also

than in other parts of Europe, “BiH” can offer a particularly

of course get to experience the ins and outs of daily

immersive experience, allowing you to learn the language

community life—eating plenty of fries and waffles along

and customs like a local. This will be more than just a year

the way—by living with a host family in the southern half

abroad: it’s a chance to step outside of your comfort zone

of the country and attending a local high school.

and have your own, truly unique adventure.




This small Balkan country has a lot to offer, including

Known for its majestic castles, mighty fortresses, and

its exciting mix of Mediterranean and central European

ornate churches, the Czech Republic is a stunning place

culture, pristine coastline, and cosmopolitan cities. On a

to experience a new way of life. With our year or semester

year program in Croatia, you can expand your horizons

program, you can embark on an in-depth exploration of its

and expose yourself to new ideas, languages, and people.

history, as well as its friendly people and scenic delights. At

Croatians are known to be outgoing and sociable, so you’re

the crossroads of Europe, the Czech Republic draws influence

bound to make plenty of friends while living with a host

from Germany, Hungary, and Poland, especially in its hearty

family and attending high school. If you have a chance to

cuisine. By attending a local school, you’ll be immersed in the

explore the country’s beautiful landscape, you can catch

language and have the chance to get to know lots of new

sight of the foothills of the Alps, the vast inland forests, the

people. Then, at home with your host family, you can enjoy

mighty Danube River, or the medieval port city of Dubrovnik.

unparalleled access to everyday Czech culture.



Those who value coziness and comfort should head to the

Get an inside look at a nation that knows how to appreciate

tiny nation of Denmark, which is known for Hygge (a word

a steamy sauna and a hot cup of coffee. By living with a host

for the cozy, friendly vibe that’s fostered during winter). On

family on our year or semester program, you can witness

your year program abroad, you can become a true member

the wonderland-like beauty of Finland, learn the language,

of a Danish community while attending high school and

and take part in the customs that make both warm and cold

living with a welcoming host family. Spend your weekdays

months so lively. The Finns pride themselves on how much

getting around by bicycle, and on the weekends, pedal along

their culture values education, which makes this a great

their scenic bike highways to fairy-tale villages complete

destination for those who seek an intellectually-stimulating

with colorful town markets. Through spending time with

school curriculum. Or, spend your summer enjoying the

your host family and friends, you’ll have the chance to learn

“midnight sun” and exploring the country’s unspoiled natural

Danish, though many Danes also speak English.

landscape during our five-week homestay program.




If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling down the boulevard with

Germany is renowned for its precision and efficiency, but it’s

a fresh baguette in hand, you’re bound to feel at home in

also the land of “Dichter und Denker” (poets and thinkers),

France’s quaint countryside or charming, historic cities.

with world-class musicians and revolutionary environmental

By attending high school on a year or semester program,

policies. By living with a host family on a year or semester

you can set yourself apart through immersion into French

program, you can observe both sides of German culture

language and customs, and what you learn during the day

and become a part of the community. You’ll also experience

will be reinforced at night when you go home to your host

typical teenage life by attending a local German school, most

family. Or, spend your summer in the Côte D’Azur, where you’ll

of which are known for their academic rigor. Or, you could

eat, drink, and breathe French coastal culture on a four-week

take a deep dive into German culture by delving into critical

language program. You could also soak up the French way

topics like STEM, sustainability, or language-learning on a

of life on an activity-packed two-week Global Prep program.

two-week Global Prep program.



Want to dedicate your time this summer to making a

Hungarian culture, language, and history are unlike any other.

sustainable difference in the world? Help defend endangered

With our year or semester program, you’ll get an inside look



at this ancient yet dynamic nation. As you settle into life

Mediterranean on our two-week Global Prep program in







with a host family and friends at school, you’ll learn about

Greece. You’ll camp near the beach—within walking distance

the country’s folk traditions and old-world charm. Or, you

of the waves and wildlife—as you protect, study, and educate

could embark on an impactful journey with our two-week

the community about loggerhead turtles. During your free

Global Prep program. You and your group will take part in

time, you can venture into nearby villages, visit ancient ruins,

a homestay with a local family and gain valuable insight into

and learn about Greek culture from local experts. And if

Europe’s current refugee situation. You’ll visit Hungarian

you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch proudly as the tiny hatchlings

refugee camps and volunteer to help children tell their stories

make their way across the sand and into the sea.

through art and creative writing.




Known as “the land of fire and ice,” Iceland is covered by

Live on the rocky beach of northwest Ireland on our three-

stunning volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, lakes,

week Global Prep program. Led by a local PhD professor,

and geysers. The geothermal heat generated by hot springs

you’ll delve deep into global issues like civil rights and social

even provides energy to greenhouses, which produce all

justice while experiencing cultural immersion, Irish language

kinds of delicious fruit and vegetables. On a year program in

lessons, and outdoor adventuring. On a guided tour along

Iceland, you can take advantage of a culture that values this

the coastline, your group will grapple with topics like peace

beautiful natural landscape while making friends, learning

and understanding in the context of Irish culture, then spend

a new language, and gaining a deep understanding of this

your free time on the beach (even surfing, believe it or not!).

unique culture. By living with a host family and attending

By the end of your summer, you can develop a unique lens

a local school, you’ll find yourself at the core of Icelandic

through which to view conflict and resolution, while having

society, which is progressive and egalitarian.

an absolute blast with the locals.



Experience our year or semester program in Italy among

Immerse yourself in the folklore-rich culture of Latvia, infused

ancient ruins, sampling the world’s best gelato. It’s hard

with influences from Russia and many other European nations.

to resist the appeal of attending a local high school and

On a year program abroad, you’ll become exposed to new

experiencing a host family’s Italian hospitality and home-

ideas and customs and witness the country’s spellbinding

cooked meals. Or, soak up “la dolce vita” with our five-week

landscape, with its lakes, rolling hills, rivers, and pristine

summer homestay program. You’ll still find an opportunity

pine forests. By attending a local high school, you can make

for cultural immersion through one week of language classes

new friends and learn about the history of this Baltic nation,

and four-weeks with a host family. You can also explore Italy’s

which has been a cultural crossroads between the east and

legendary art scene with our five-week arts and culture

west for centuries. Living with a host family will provide the

summer program, where you’ll take language lessons and

opportunity to gain deep insights into Latvia’s joyful culture,

study sculpture and painting while living with a host family in

festivals and foods.

sun-drenched Tuscany. AFS-USA PROGRAMS • (800) AFS-INFO • 19



Our year program in the Netherlands offers the amazing

Through living with a Norwegian family and attending a local

opportunity to meet all kinds of new people and get to

school on a year program, you can gain insights that few in

know this open-minded, tolerant, and progressive country.

the world have. Norway is the land of friendship, tolerance,

Dutch schools are some of the best in the world, so you

independence, and equality. You’ll find that because of the

could get a huge boost to your academics. In your free time,

long winters, spending time outside is also a high priority for

explore the numerous bike paths and a countryside dotted

Norwegians, so be ready to explore the breathtaking glaciers,

with windmills. You’ll live with a host family and attend a

mountains, waterfalls, pristine forests, and coastlines. You

local school, where you can discover the language, history,

might even catch a glimpse of the spectacular aurora borealis,

and culture of the Netherlands through full immersion.

or northern lights. Plus, if you’re into skiing, it’s tough to do

By the end of your year abroad, you can look back at the

better than Norway, where it’s the official pastime.

adventure of a lifetime with a new global perspective.



If you’re interested in Central Europe, Poland has become

Study abroad in sunny Portugal and enjoy its rich history,

an increasingly ideal place to live. With our year program,

delicious cuisine, and world-famous hospitality. Live with a

you’ll stay with a Polish host family and go to high school in

host family on a year program while attending a local high

your community. Family meals are central to Polish culture,

school and learning all about this fascinating culture. The

so you’ll have plenty of time to learn firsthand about their

Portuguese are known for being friendly and welcoming to

cultural values while enjoying pierogis (stuffed dumplings)

foreigners, so it shouldn’t be long before you feel like you’re

or a hearty stew. Or, with our two-week Global Prep

part of the community. Everywhere you go, you’ll find open air

program, you can get a taste of the country’s hospitality

markets selling fresh produce and seafood. Cultural festivals

while exploring the local customs, foods, and perspectives.

are also very common in Portugal. Nearly every region, even

As you spend your days winding through Poland’s quaint

the smallest village, keeps its local traditions alive through

cobblestone streets, you just might fall in love.

colorful decorations, dancing, and music.




With its rich literary and artistic history, Russia is a country

On this year program off the beaten path, you’ll learn about

full of proud traditions. It’s twice the size of the United

Serbia’s fascinating history and get to know its people, who

States and is made up of many different regions, cultures,

are known for their hospitality and love of socializing. As

and environmental landscapes. Go on a year or semester

you explore the artistic and cultural history, you’ll get used

program to live with a host family and attend high school

to seeing striking murals and frescos covering the buildings.

while experiencing life in a nation that is continually

You can gain an understanding of the Serbian way of life by

growing on the world stage. At school, at home, and out

attending a high school in your community and living with

with your friends, you can experience immersion in Russian

a host family, who are known to gather with their extended

culture. You’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to

family on Sundays for big, traditional lunches. The richness

learn a critical global language and gain an intimate

of your experience won’t end there—there’s plenty more to

understanding of this fascinating and complex society.

discover in this vibrant destination.



Slovakia’s castles and natural hot springs may be what

Let the country known for the fiesta and siesta teach you how

bring most people to the area, but with our year program,

to get the most out of life, all while skyrocketing your Spanish

you can gain a unique understanding of the cultural sights,

(or Catalán!) and expanding your world-view. As you live

sounds, and flavors of this little-known European treasure.

with a host family and attend school on a year or semester

In larger towns and cities, you might become fond of the

program, you’ll be fully integrated into daily life. Spain’s warm

nation’s “café culture,” which values time at lunch to drink

atmosphere also makes it a picturesque place to spend your

coffee with friends and snack on pastries along cobblestone

summer. You can advance your Spanish-speaking skills with

streets. By living with a host family and attending a local

both formal study and first-hand experiences on our four-

high school, you’ll have time to develop Slovakian language

week language program in Málaga. Or, enjoy a two-week

skills and create close friendships with your classmates –

Global Prep adventure, where you’ll also take language

the only way to truly know a place and its people.

lessons while exploring cultural sites and meeting local teens.




Go abroad on a year program in Sweden and make yourself

With four official languages, Switzerland is an ideal place

at home in this Scandinavian utopia. As one of the most

to get a truly international education. In fact, the country’s

environmentally-conscious and sustainable countries in

motto is, “Unity, yes; uniformity, no.” At meals with your family

the world, Sweden is a global leader in organic agriculture,

or friends, you might hear anything from “en Guete” to “bon

recycling, and renewable energy. Attending a local school and

appétit” (both mean “have a great meal”). By living with a

living with a host family will enable you to learn the Swedish

host family and studying at a high school in your community

language and bond with your classmates and community.

on a life-changing year program, you could find yourself

You’ll also get to take in Sweden’s mix of sleek modern and

immersed in a culture that values cultural diversity, social

intricate medieval architecture. Many cities still have charming

harmony and lovely natural landscapes. Make Switzerland’s

cobblestones town squares, where you’ll see Swedes hanging

breathtaking mountain hikes and delicious fondue meals with

out and shopping for groceries at local markets.

friends a part of your routine next year.

TURKEY On a year program in Turkey, you can get familiar with the country’s world-renowned cuisine, spectacular cultural sights,





Our commitment to diversity At AFS, we believe that fostering inclusion is inherent to our mission of creating a more just

people. As you attend a local school and make new friends,

and peaceful world. By offering diversity

you’ll have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at this

scholarships, special webinars for LGBTQ students,

diverse nation, which is situated in between Europe and

support for non-U.S. citizens and much more, we

Asia. In your free time, you and your host family can share

strive to ensure our community represents the full

meals and explore the beautiful landscape together. Or,

spectrum of diversity in the U.S.

you could discover Turkey’s fascinating culture throughout the course of an unforgettable summer with our seven-

Learn more at

week homestay program.


“In Australia, you can get an incredibly valuable experience abroad without needing to know another language” -Laura


A Day in the Life for Laura, Semester Program in Australia Morning



At 7:30 am, I wake up and eat some toast

At 12 pm, I have a short recess

I go home around 5 and feed my family’s

with vegemite for breakfast. My host siblings

followed by lunch. My friends and

chickens. At 6:30, my host family and

and I walk to the bus stop, literally passing

I play kickball outside and then sit

I sit down for a dinner of pasta and

kangaroos hopping around in the bush.

down to eat our burgers. After lunch, I

kangaroo meatballs. As it gets dark, we

The bus picks us up and we arrive at school

have a few more classes before school

gather around a bonfire in the yard to

by 8:30. My classes are different each day,

lets out at 3:30. I head to the beach

talk. Afterward, I finish up my homework

but I might have English, math, history, or

with my friends or downtown to meet

as Australian football plays on TV in the

cooking. Everyone at my school is divided

up and trade stories with some other

background. By 11, I’m ready for bed

into a different “house” and sometimes we

exchange students in my area.

and a good night’s sleep!

have inter-house competitions.




Go on a semester program in Australia and see what it’s like

With its pristine white sand beaches and culture of

to turn your whole world upside down (or is it right-side up?).

hospitality, the island of Fiji is an amazing place to spend

By living with a host family and attending a local school,

your summer. On our two-week Global Prep program, you

you’ll be completely immersed in the culture and really get to

and your group will work alongside experts to assist with

know the friendly, outgoing people and beautiful landscape.

key infrastructure construction, set up community-based

Australians love to spend time outdoors, so you can expect

development initiatives, volunteer in schools, or contribute

to see people hanging out in their backyards, playing cricket,

to critical environmental studies. In your free time, you’ll

going sailing, or having a barbecue in the park. Australia is

have the chance to explore Fiji’s stunning natural landscape.

famous for its stunning beaches and welcoming culture—

You and your group might go hiking in lush forests, swim in

make them a part of your everyday reality when you study

hidden waterfalls, or visit the dolphins at Moon Reef. This is

abroad in the land down under.

your chance to make a difference and have a blast.

NEW ZEALAND New Zealand is known for its friendliness, magical landscape, and breathtaking coastal beauty. The culture is incredibly diverse, with a substantial Asian and Pacific Island influence on architecture, art, and music, along with a strong presence of the indigenous Maori people on the food and culture. With our year or semester programs, you’ll get to experience the casual Kiwi lifestyle while attending a local high school and living with a host family. In your free time, you can enjoy family barbecues in the backyard or hikes to the nearest beach. This isn’t just study abroad: it’s your opportunity for

CultureTrek: A step-by-step guide to your cultural adventure After starting your application, you’ll have complete access to country-specific quizzes, games, travel resources, and more. Each unique module was created by our intercultural experts with students like you in mind, all designed to help prepare you for your journey. Try it out for free at

an adventure you’ll never forget.


Make studying abroad a reality.

SCHOLARSHIPS At AFS, we believe that everyone who wants to study abroad should be able to. Each year, we award three million dollars in scholarships, supporting roughly 45% of our participants in their quest to see the world – regardless of their financial realities.

Merit- and Need-Based Scholarships Cultural Explorer

Vaya a América Latina

Global Leaders

$3,000 | Bosnia & Herzegovina,

$2,000 | Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica,

Amount varies by state and financial

China, Croatia, Czech Republic,

Panama, Paraguay

situation | All destinations

Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, Hungary,



India, Indonesia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia,

BP Global Citizens of Tomorrow

Thailand, Turkey

100% | Brazil and India


Need- and merit-based

Viaggio Italiano

Yoshi Hattori and Sakura

$2,000 | Italy

100% | Japan



AFS also provides resources, support and step-by-step guides for fundraising.

U.S. Department of State Scholarships

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad (YES Abroad)

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)

National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y)

Scholarships to spend an academic year developing global competence and an understanding of shared cultural values by living with a host family and attending a local high school in select countries with significant Muslim populations.

Scholarships to spend an academic year living with a host family and attending high school in Germany, gaining unique insight into current global affairs and German social, economic, and political life through citizen diplomacy.

Scholarships to learn less commonly taught languages in summer and academic year overseas immersion programs, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian (Tajiki), Russian, and Turkish.

Learn more about scholarships & fundraising at AFS-USA PROGRAMS • (800) AFS-INFO • 25

Scholarships offerings are subject to change.

Let your sense of adventure get the best of you. Experience unique cultural immersion while diving deep into contemporary themes like sustainable development, wildlife conservation, global health, child development and female empowerment.

For adults 18 and up.



Uncover your full potential and learn alongside experts as you help address critical global topics.

Create a meaningful and sustainable impact in some of the world’s most dynamic destinations.



Make your greatest adventures really count by earning college credit through service-learning abroad.

Experience your own eye-opening education while teaching in classrooms off the beaten path.

Explore Build your cultural fluency through active immersion and deep, personal interaction.

Learn more at Or call 877-AFS-NEXT to speak to a specialist.

The way to adventure.

Start your journey today.


120 Wall Street, 4th Floor New York, New York 10005

Check us out on your favorite social media!

Email us at

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