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EXPERIENCE. CREATIVITY. SIMPLICITY. At Afstudio Design, we believe that a successful design solution must be constructed to be visually engaging and perform flawlessly. For 20 years, we’ve enabled some of the most innovative companies in the Bay Area to stand out from the crowd — while reducing the cost and effort of complex creative projects. We work with a talented network of professional designers, illustrators, and photographers, all of whom have collaborated together on many projects over many years. This allows us to quickly scale up or down to meet client demand, and to offer the quality design services typically associated with larger agencies without all of the associated costs. Over the past 10 years, Afstudio has been awarded three American Design Awards for design excellence and seven American Graphic Design Awards for print and web design from Graphic Design USA Magazine. Blending experience, creativity and simplicity, our studio is known for bringing forth collaborative efforts that merge a diverse blend of complementary skills to produce creative solutions.

PRINT From business cards and brochures to trade show collateral and publications, we design printed materials that are clean, informative and compelling for a strong and lasting impact. Afstudio design really understands client needs and can deliver compelling solutions across media. I can give Andrew a project and not have to worry about a thing. He gets our brand, our culture, and is a true pleasure to work with. Doug Beach, Creative Director, Adobe Systems Inc.

For example, we brought our straightforward design approach to Adobe Systems to introduce new products and to Wowza Media Systems, who needed everything from business cards to booth graphics to launch their new brand.

IDENTITY A corporate identity goes well beyond a logo. It must convey your company’s mission clearly and concisely, no matter the medium. We collaborate with you to create an unforgettable and visually compelling identity that speaks with clarity to your target audiences.

INTERACTIVE Whether on the desktop or on mobile, via Twitter or the latest social media platform, your website is the hub where it all converges. We pride ourselves on creating engaging and interactive sites that strengthen your brand across all media with the latest innovation in design and technology. We make sure your company’s message gets through to its audience.




As with all of our Adobe projects, we coupled the Adobe feel with a clean, user-friendly design to showcase product features and information. With the intention of making this booklet friendly and fun for wary newcomers to InDesign, we photographed Afstudio staff members playing leapfrog over InDesign boxes.

WE HAVE FRESH IDEAS, READY TO PRINT The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), a nonprofit think tank, approached Afstudio to update their capabilities brochure. Our new solution emphasized typography and custom photography while working within their PPIC style guidelines and reusing existing elements to stay on budget.



All of our web design projects at Afstudio share the common visual goal of creating a high-impact site that is easy to navigate, easy to read, and inviting to the viewer. Site designs for (above) and Studio E Partners (right)

WE PRODUCE DEVICE-READY DESIGN Using our expertise in instructional design and information graphics, Afstudio created a simple online Getting Started guide for Adobe Revel, an application that lets users access, edit and share photo libraries from any device, anywhere. The guide has a unique UI (user interface) with collapsible topic sections and original illustrations and is designed to work across multiple devices.


TYZX : Systems That See company TYZX: Systems That See Providing a platform of hardware/software services for building products that see the world in three dimensions.

brand themes Contemporary | Clean | High-Tech | Clean Visionary | Forward Thinking









Black C




This startup company pioneered the use of video in tracking the movement and activities of shoppers in order to gather data and better understand the effectiveness of specific products and marketing campaigns. We created a logo for TYZX, which plays on the shape of a human eye using the letter t, reflecting both the company’s name and mission.

Wowza provides high-quality, innovative software ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ a b c d e f g h i to j k l mbuild, n o p q r s t udeploy, vwxyz and manage customized 0123456789 streaming solutions for organizations in more than 150 countries. With that in mind, Afstudio created a dynamic and culturally versatile logo that could be applied seamlessly across a diverse range of product offerings while maintaining a strong brand identity.



Dextra Technologies company Dextra Technologies IT/Engineering Services

brand themes Contemporary | Clean | Technical | Bold






RGB 43.96.171

RGB 35.35.35


DEXTRA Dextra Technologies was founded in 1997 as a consulting company focused on software technologies. Afstudio created a logo for Dextra which plays on the idea of bringing highlevel solutions into sharp focus. Of the many solutions presented, the client chose a playful juxtaposition of a D and a T.



ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

As a young and ambitious DJ, Nate Vogel was ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXZ looking for a logo that would make his company a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q rs t u v w x y z 0 1 2 3 4 5instantly 6789 recognizable. Afstudio designed one that is clean, bold and confident for a strong visual impact, but also versatile enough to be comfortable in the boardroom and in the clubs, not to mention flexible enough to evolve as the company grows.


Wowza Media Systems CHALLENGE:

Wowza Media Systems was preparing to launch its new Wowza Streaming Engine, the most flexible and extensible video streaming software. The challenge was to create a wide range of identity pieces – solution brief, workflows, and case studies -- to be used across the marketing spectrum, from live trade shows to the web.

Just the Facts:

any browser—on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. With cloud and on-premises deployment options, Wowza® customers can leverage the components and APIs of the Wowza Streaming Engine they need to tailor workflows to suit their needs.

• Drives streaming systems for corporate communications, distance learning, concerts and sporting events, worship services, legislative affairs and web cams.

Wowza GoCoder App for iPad and iPhone makes it easy to TM

• Deployed in more than 150 countries • Powers 45% of Content Delivery Networks worldwide • Used by more than 140 educational institutions

broadcast HD quality live events on the go from any location to any screen with H.264 adaptive bitrate streaming for real-time audio and video streaming.



Wowza Transcoder AddOn automatically transforms


incoming live streams from encoders, IP cameras and other live sources into multiple streams for H.264 adaptive bitrate delivery on any device.


The Next-Generation Software for the Streaming Media Era



Wowza nDVR AddOn enables network-based DVR features on live broadcasts to deliver time-shifted features like pause, rewind and fast-forward with minimal storage requirements.

The new Wowza Streaming Engine TM is powerful, robust, customizable, and scalable server software that delivers reliable streaming of any high-quality

The world leader in digital media streaming software, Wowza ® Media Systems enables any organization to harness the power of streaming media to grow their business. Our software reduces the complexity of delivering high-quality video and audio in any format to any device, to ensure an outstanding viewing experience for any application.

A History of Streaming Leadership In 2005, Wowza founders David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good recognized the impact and potential of online video as an emerging medium. However, they also quickly became aware of a technology gap in the industry: no server software existed to simplify the complex process of media delivery. The lack of an accessible, affordable and efficient solution created a major barrier to entry for many businesses and the wide range of applications they envisioned. So, they decided to create their own. Built from the ground up to simplify media streaming and provide a flexible, reliable and scalable solution for both live and video on demand (VOD), Wowza Media Systems has since become the industry leader, not only providing the most comprehensive server software on the market, but also shaping the future of the streaming media industry.

Flexible streaming software you can trust Fortune 100 to SMBs, nonprofits to leading Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), plus educational institutions, government agencies and more, organizations in more than 150 countries rely on Wowza to deliver the power, reliability, and performance they need. From corporate training and educational programming, to micro broadcasts, worship services, brand campaigns and live streaming

of global events and local public meetings, Wowza empowers organizations of any size to build, deploy and manage live and on demand streaming solutions.

With nearly a decade of experience in streaming media, Wowza remains at the forefront of the streaming technology evolution, charting the technology course for the industry to follow.

management (DRM) platforms to deliver on-the-fly studio-approved secure encryption of live and VOD content to any screen.

video and audio to any device, anywhere. An inuitive web-based adminpanel lets you configure and monitor your server from anywhere. Convenient setup, monitoring, management, and measurement is all right at your fingertips from

Get started with a free trial today. Visit

Wowza Live Distribution Workflow


Input/ Publishing TM

Content Source

Any format to any device Wowza platform-and format-agnostic software eliminates formatting and hardware barriers, accepting any video input to play on any connected device, giving customers an end-to-end, customizable, intuitive, and scalable streaming software that puts them in control of the content and delivery. Our powerful APIs integrate with other systems and third-party solutions to help organizations leverage current technology for future growth.

Wowza DRM AddOn integrates with multiple digital rights

SHOUTcast or Icecast

Wowza Streaming EngineTM Output/ Playback

Wowza® GoCoder™


Prepare Camera

IP Camera

• Transrate

• Apple® HLS

• Transcode


• Transmux

• Adobe® HDS

• Encrypt

• Microsoft® Smooth Streaming

...all on the fly!

Choose Player


Wowza supports all common 3rd party players

• Multicast

Customer Quotes: “Working with Wowza, we can enable government agencies to connect with citizens in meaningful new ways online, over mobile devices, or social networks. Through our partnership with Wowza, our customers can increase citizens’ access to government, while boosting staff efficiency and controlling costs through automated online processes that can be managed at any time, from any location.” -- Javier Muniz, CTO, Granicus


Supported Protocols: » RTSP/RTP » MPEG-TS » RTMP » ICY


Your Server

Deploy OS-independent Wowza Streaming Engine on your physical server or in the cloud

Any 3rd party cloud provider

OTT Gaming

Devices Key Capabilities


Extended Features • Closed caption

• Extensive APIs

• Transcoder AddOn

• High-quality video streaming (across all devices)

• Browser-based manager

• nDVR AddOn

• Live Adaptive bitrate streaming up to 1080P • Live stream recording & archiving

• Security/content protection

• Multi-format Streaming


Afstudio redesigned the Wowza Media Systems company logo to be dynamic and versatile. Establishing the “Streaming W” as the core element allowed it to become a recognizable ‘anchor’ across all branded materials. In addition, five product icons were created that ‘family’ together to provide clear branding for the various product offerings.

• DRM AddOn

Tablet Computer Mobile

© 2014 Wowza Media Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. Wowza and related marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wowza Media Systems, LLC. Third-party product names and related marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of such third parties. Use of third-party product names and marks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by such third-parties.

The crisp and clean graphics created for Wowza’s new identity and product logos effortlessly integrate into print and interactive applications to dynamically tell the Wowza story.

Andrew Faulkner is the creative guru at Afstudio and works closely with his skilled and seasoned

creative team. He’s a veteran of demanding design and production environments, and as senior designer for Macworld Magazine he gained his reputation for always displaying grace under pressure. Following his creative passions, Andrew launched Afstudio in 1993, and has built a solid reputation for making complicated projects look easy.

Clients Adobe Systems Inc. Antech Diagnostics A & R Partners Autodesk Chronicle Books Deloitte Dome Construction eBay Inc. Harper Collins

Intuit, Inc. JLN Solar The Leap Group Lescure Company, Inc. Lindsay’s Teas Monotype Macworld Magazine Newsweek Magazine Oracle

Partner Re Peachpit Press Public Policy Institute of California Salesjobs SAP Sunlink, Inc. Sunset Publishing Trilogy Integrated Resources, Inc. Wowza Media Systems

w w w. af s tu d i o . co m • 1010 B Street • Suite 215 • San Rafael, California 94901 • 415.459.4300

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