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Dear school, dear teacher

The Mission of AFS

AFS Intercultural Programs is an international, voluntary, non­governmental, non­profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. We pursue our mission by providing quality intercultural learning opportunities for a growing number of young people, families, other stakeholders and wider audiences, thus developing an inclusive community of global citizens determined to build bridges between cultures. Real life experiential learning, supported by structured reflection, is the core of our programs. We endeavor to link our intercultural learning opportunities to the defining global issues facing

humanity. We reach out to past, current and future participants, volunteers, and other stakeholders using the media and technology they use. Volunteers and volunteerism are who we are. Our organization brings about changes in lives through and for our global community of volunteers. We are recognized as an educational organization by schools and the appropriate authorities. We work to create a regulatory environment that supports our programs. As a learning organization, we welcome change and critical thinking. We are innovative and entrepreneurial in advancing the strategic directions, working together with others whenever appropriate.

The Curve of Motivation




At the beginning After 9 – 10 months

After 2 – 3 months Do you want to know more about how culture works? Check and have a look at ‘Intercultural Link’ – the magazine of Intercultural Learning by AFS.

Angående niornas svåra val till gymnasiet 2011

E n a n n o r l u n da u p p l e v e l s e f ö r a l l a e l e v e r . AFS har platser kvar på skolprogrammet i höst. Deadline för ansökning är 22 april. Har ni i skolan funderingar om hur gymnasiereformen och ett utbytesår kan kombineras redan i år så informerar vi gärna. Kontakta oss på

What happened to the �Internationalisation of schools�? by Annika Becker

Annika Becker has been a school director for 15 years and now she works as a school consultant in Stockholm. She spent an AFS exchange year in the USA in 1965/66

Arriving in August

Alexandra from Czech Republik is interested in waterpolo余 outdoor activities like hiking & camping余 going to concerts Sebastian from Germany likes skiing and handball, play guitar and sings in a gospelchoir Pornsiri from Thailand is a good piano player and likes also badminton and swimming

You will find more detailed descritpions of our students on

AFS Teacher Training in October

This year in October the International Board of Trustees of AFS will have a meeting in Stockholm. At the same time a training workshop for our volunteers will take place. And we will offer a special workshop about Intercultural Learning processes especially for schools. We will tell you about theories of intercultural learning and exciting stories of our students who were abroad. Participants will be able to exchange their experiences in teaching exchange students and in the end they will take part in a panel discussion about the topic: “The importance of Intercultural Learning to avoid violence and conflicts – what is needed and who is responsible to make it happen?” Martti Ahtisaari from Finland who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 will attend the panel discussion.

Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. Our contact information can be found at the last page. More information will be sent out in May.

Skidresa till Ramundberget

How Is School In ... ?

om oss

Diversity Guide nr 1  

scholletter # 1 by AFS Sweden

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