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What does it mean to dive ' into Mexico?

“Dive into MĂŠxico is a cultural immersion. global issues and community service program that provides a view into the mexican culture The participants will have the oportunity to learn about the diferent cultural, social and economic realities of the country. The content of this program is focused to provide the tools in order to dive into different mexican ways of life

Dive into MĂŠxico is a program of diversities, on which you can develop: New perspectives Go beyond the comfort zone Live intercultural experiences Know diferent realities

2 weeks in MĂŠxico city

Site seeing activities

2 weeks in Chiapas

Comunity Service activities

32 Hours of spanish lessons Intercultural Learning Activities Cultural immersion activities

2 Locations, 2 perspectives

MĂŠxico City


MĂŠxico City

Chiapas • Intercultural projects with people from different parts of the world. • Productive agro-ecological projects in favour of sustainability. • Educational projects with the local community. • Solidarity projects that benefit the development of the local community.

Extras '

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Carolina Becherell Organizational Development coordinator José Martí 186 Bis Colonia Escandón Miguel Hidalgo, México, D.F. CP 11800 Tel: 55257555

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Dive into México