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AFS Perspectives AFS helps schools around the world develop effective intercultural initiatives



Join a Global community of changemakers and people like you. Serve as a change agent in your community. Change the world by changing minds.

A world-class intercultural education organization. AFS helps the world learn to live together.




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AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 1 |

get lemons in life, don’t complain that others got Amul butter, KFC….! Get busy with your lemons, start making lemonade and see it. Eventually, one day you can barter them for Amul butter or KFC and whatever else you may need.



Divya Arora | National Director If you aim for excellence you will achieve it Start enjoying whatever you are doing. In each of us there is an eternal desire to do challenging tasks, but unfortunately, most of us sit around waiting for opportunities to knock on the door. They do. But most of us don’t hear the knocks, as we want to hear the “big bangs”. And the fact is that many good opportunities knock very softly. In the meantime, we become stressful. Some hear the “small knock” and get going – they get busy, they start liking what they are doing. So get up, open the door even if you don’t hear the knock, get busy and start liking whatever God gives you. Why not stand there and keep the door open and grab whichever opportunity comes in first? Even if you


- Helping the world learn to live together -

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way”, says Martin Luther King Jr. Excerpts from the book by Mr. Promod Batra

Dear friends, there are many ways of excelling, but this one is very important.



the famous Disney World!

Excelling is slow process. Very slowly we start and against several odds, we go on improving our performances till we excel in our work. It is important to take small steps and keep moving ahead. I started as an average student, and over the years I have worked hard to be at the position I am in. I should continue working hard to excel in my job. Each day, I am faced with new challenges and new issues that need my attention and I need to solve them. I keep learning and trying new things that help me to gain better understanding of my job. I meet new people and try to learn from them – their working style, their way of handling difficult situations. I never give up. I believe in myself and instead of thinking “Why me?” I think “Why not me?” Why can’t I be a bestselling author? Why can’t I become an actor? Why can’t I start a milliondollar company? If others have done it, why can’t I? If I believe in something, and I go after it with everything I have, someday all that hard work and sacrifice will come together and I will become the Best in my work. And, therefore, I rejoice fully, with no regrets whatsoever.


Never forget – Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude! If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney started with drawing cartoons at 10 cents each, and ended up with

AFS helps schools around the world develop effective intercultural initiatives

In this article you will find out how AFS works with schools and educators to promote and advocate for global education. Over the past few years, AFS has actively worked with schools and education ministries to expand their intercultural learning and better address diversity in the classroom. This includes: • Intercultural learning workshops for students • Intercultural competence trainings for teachers and school administrators • Educator conferences • Class exchange programs • Teacher exchange programs • Lesson plans and other learning materials and resources for teachers.

TRAINING TEACHERS TO FACILITATE INTERCULTURAL EXPERIENCES For the past three years, AFS Australia has provided orientations and intercultural teacher training for the Victorian Young Leaders Program to China, a six-week program for Australian high school students to go to China. The program prepares students to live and work as citizens and future leaders in an interconnected global community. All teachers involved in this program attend training events on intercultural learning and learn how to become better facilitators. IN-PERSON AND ONLINE TEACHER TRAININGS Seven AFS organizations from the Caribbean region offer unique educators programs for teachers interested in improving their intercultural understanding through an in-person teachers’ exchange. Schools participating in this

program host an educator from another country to share working methodologies and aspects of their local culture, while also learning about the local reality. AFS Guatemala also developed a training course that combines four on-line modules and one inperson training to improve teachers’ preparation for the experience. Teachers don’t have to go abroad to participate in this training course; they can opt to focus only on the intercultural learning modules. For more information about the AFS Educator & School Relations initiative and all of the best practice examples listed above, please contact us at

Here are some of the best practice examples of AFS initiatives to integrate intercultural learning in schools. INTERNATIONAL TEACHER CONFERENCES Seven years ago AFS Turkey established an annual Spectrum of Education conference for teachers, which attracted 45 educators in 2016. Today Spectrum focuses on intercultural learning, and offers practical workshops that help teachers to reflect on their learning experience in Turkey. INTERCULTURAL WEBINARS FOR EDUCATORS Since 2009, Intercultura (AFS Italy) has offered webinars for teachers, principals and other educational professionals. The webinars, which attract up to 800 teachers, cover topics such as preparing students for study abroad programs, working with international students in the classroom, organizing intercultural class exchanges, policies related to intercultural learning and more. This article is written by Eva Vitkova, Educator Relations & Strategy Specialist, AFS Intercultural Programs, for Connect: Intercultural Insights for Global Citizens, the digital publication of AFS Intercultural Programs which focuses on intercultural and global citizenship education, voluntarism and social impact within the AFS global network and beyond. More information at You may find the article by visiting the link

AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 2 |


- Interaction with our Partners -

Conversations with Ulrik Wehner, Partner Director of AFS Denmark Interviewed by Divya Arora, National Director, AFS India

Ulrik says, “My name is Ulrik Wehner. For three and a half years, I have worked as the Partner Director of AFS in Denmark. Before that I was the head of a department of a nursing school and I have worked as the Vice Director of a home for neglected and abused children. My education is Social Worker, and I have a Diploma in Leadership.

What initiatives has AFS DEN undertaken to shape the international education worldwide?

To say that AFS DEN has undertaken many initiatives to shape international education worldwide might be to overstate it. However, we have taken new initiatives such as our cooperation with Ranum Efterskole College to provide a hosted Cambridge Certificate year program in Denmark allowing students to start their international I was an AFS host brother to a student from USA in 1991 and I was academic education in Denmark. an AFS exchange student to Japan on the year program 19911992.

Since my return, I have been involved with AFS as a volunteer on local, regional and national level and I have served on the National Board of AFS Denmark on two terms.”

Any suggestions as to how the intercultural learning can be given due importance/ awareness in lesser explored areas so as to reach out for more openness and awareness in obtaining intercultural learning.

As described, we work together with schools to offer ICL How do you feel that AFS as an organization can workshops and seminars in order to reach people we contribute to fostering intercultural competence around otherwise might not reach. the world especially during these times of uncertainty? I believe that AFS has an important role to play in the world today. The vast experience we have in bringing people of diverse cultures together can be used in many ways to make an impact in local communities all over the world.

volunteers? A combination of educational and social activities works well when it comes to motivating our volunteers. For example our annual national training event where we gather around 200 volunteers for a weekend filled with workshops and fun activities. We also find that our volunteers are very motivated by doing things with a deeper meaning and where they are able to make a difference for others. So we are doing our best to highlight how our volunteer’s efforts are meaningful and to show how others are impacted and are able develop thanks to the efforts by the volunteers. How has the AFS experienced/helped you? My own AFS experienced has helped me in so many ways. Often I still discover new learnings that I can relate back to my exchange year in Japan or my experience as a host brother. Specifically my own AFS experience has taught me to see things from another perspective before making a decision. This helps me a lot in my current job. My AFS experience also gives me an understanding of the needs and challenges of the students and host families. For instance I can put myself in their shoes when dealing with a difficult support case.

The key for us as an organization with a long history is to dare to change. Intercultural exchange programs has for 70 years been our main activity in enhancing intercultural understanding. It is high time for us to look at other ways of pushing our mission in the world. Education has always been the key to expanding the vision of people. How do you feel intercultural learning incorporated within the educational framework to help in broadening the overall learning process for individuals?

(Photo Above: With AFSers)

Intercultural Learning is a great example of non-formal education which our program participants, be that students or host families, are exposed to everyday. Most of them don’t even realize it before reflecting on it. This is a reason why reflection upon intercultural learning among the participants is so important.

Schools are important partners in growth of AFS programs. How has AFS involved schools in country to make them strong partners? What are some kinds of activities that AFS has been doing to improve school relationships, and can be an example for others in the field of Global Education?

I strongly believe that by placing intercultural learning into AFS DEN offers workshops and seminars to schools a formal educational framework we have the possibility to and we are focusing on how we can cooperate about. make an impact on many more people than we do today. For instance, a student hosted by a school, we talk to the schools about how they can benefit from hosting a By offering intercultural learning sessions and workshops student during the daily life at the schools. in cooperation with local schools our mission would reach many people who for several reasons might not be able Volunteers are the pillars when it comes to the to attend our exchange programs. functioning of AFS. What can more initiatives be brought forth to garner motivation amongst the 4

(Photo Above: EFIL Governance and Leadership seminar 2016 in Prague) Also the fact that I have been a dedicated volunteer for AFS makes me understand what drives our volunteers and understand the challenges they face. AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 3 |



A Trip to Kerela There were 48 students along with 4 staff on the optional trip facilitated by AFS India, from 3rd to 9th April. AFS India initiated the grant of scholarship to participants who undertook in applying for a 1 minute video on creating awareness on World Autism Day. There were 6 scholarship winners, who were selected by an NGO’s expert who work exclusively in the area of Autism awarness. The places visited were Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Kovalam, Trivandrum and Kanyakumari. This road trip has been poised with variety of sightseeing from the hills of Munnar to the beaches of Kovalam. This also had the opportunity to know the cultural aspect of Kerala, where they witnessed the ancient martial arts and classical dance, kathakali, apart from eating Dosas and drinking Coconut water. The students enjoyed the fun part with elephant safari, being on the houseboat of Alleppey and further viewing the sunsets of Kanyakumari. The entire trip was poised with mixed feelings of reunions and to recognize the worldview of entirely different culture.






1. At Tea Gardens, Munnar 2. Elephant Safari, Thekkady 3. On houseboat, Alleppey 4. En route to Munnar, Cheeyappara Waterfalls 5. At Kovalam beach

talks and sessions, which were focused to prepare them for re-adjustment and re-entry to the natural countries. The students were given individual counseling moments, recognising the DIVE of their exchange journey. The orientation served as moments of introspection for the participants with the real and unreal expectations. This also becomes a reason to retrospect on their actions

show, where the students performed their cultural learning in the form of music, dance and various other talents. There were Embassy representatives from Belgium, Ghana & Thailand, who applauded the students on their completion of exchange year. It was also attended by the AFS Board Members & Hosting Team.

(Photo Above: Hosted participants with embassy representatives)

Overall, 57 Host participants attended the orientation, who also had the opportunity to visit Taj Mahal in Agra.

and look forward on their goals, the short comings to pick themselves up and recognize the positivity in their learning for the future. With ICL components as part of the session, they were given better understanding of adjustment process & settling back in their country.

The facilitators equipped the participants with various

On 5th May, the evening was lightened with the cultural

End of Stay Orientation The End of Stay Orientation was successfully completed from 3rd to 8th May 2017. It was conducted in New Delhi. The focus of the Orientation was mainly towards preparing the participants for their return to their respective countries. For students, this becomes a

common vantage point to join the dots of their exchange from the beginning and end of the journey.

AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 4 |

Best wishes to all the students who came to India on AFS exchange program.

I have learnt Hiraganna Adjectives Verbs (past, present, negative) and numbers in Japanese and my teachers are also very happy with my progress.


this experience was to say good bye to my natural family. But now I feel, Good bye means “let’s meet again in a good and different way”. During my exchange year, I did a lot of activities and adventure which I never thought of doing in my entire life. Few weeks ago, I visited to many interesting places and I was a part of a typical Italian wedding as well. It was so much fun.

Time in Japan By Juhi Mandhare, From Indore, Hosted in Japan “I have started my school and it has in all been a wonderful experience for the past month. I live in Noguchi Hirakata prefecture of Osaka. My host family is very nice and welcoming. I have three sisters who are all elder than me. They are very fun to be around and also very relatable as two of them are AFS returnees.My host mother is very sweet and kind. She prepares a lunch box for me everyday even though she has a lot of work to do. She also took time from her busy schedule and came to see my performance in the Sorts Festival held at our school. My host father and I talk about sports and other current affairs during dinner. I go out with my family for dinner and other events like racing. My school is Called Doshisha Kori and it take about 40 minutes to reach there everyday. My Japanese teacher is Ms. Forbes who is originally an American so it is easy to communicate with her and also she is my homeroom teacher which helps me a lot. I met most of the AFS members and fellow students during the end of the last month when we went together for a hiking trip and Japanese lessons. To cover up with others I have taken special lessons with our AFS teacher Tange-san. So far

(Photo Above: With friends in Japan) I am very thankful to all for this wonderful opportunity and I certainly will make the most of it. ARIGATO GOZAYIMASU (Thank you very much)”

New Experiences By Zalak Kapadia, From Vadodara, Hosted in Italy “I am about to complete my exchange year but it seems as if I have started my life here couple of months back. Meeting new people, living in a new environment with a new family was equally exciting and apprehensive. It was very different but I don’t know how this difference helped me to know more about myself. I’m learning every day since the day of arrival. The hardest part was only one in

(Photo Above: With friends) This exchange year has truly enhanced my understanding towards people, different cultures. It has made me feel that we all same just with different names and identities. I always wanted to learn a new language and a different culture which I could do during this exchange. I feel learning a new language has deeply helped me in growing and strengthening my relationship with the people here. I learned that a good relationship never requires words to understand the other person. Hope this experience never ends. For the rest of my time in Italy, I am really excited to explore more of this beautiful country.”



YES Alumni Small Grants Under 2017 YES Alumni Small Grants, few YES Alumni submitted their projects. It is great to share that the projects of Chintan Mehta (YES’13) and Akash Kumar (YES’14) have been approved for the grant. Chintan has been selected under individual category for The EduSol Project and Akash under group category for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Society. Akash Kumar: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Delhi) A group of YES alumni and other similar minded individuals concerned about the low level of awareness regarding the (SDGs) at the grassroots level. Akash as the group leader will lead the group to design, develop and carry out training modules and workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the school children in Delhi which would focus on incorporating sustainable practices in day-to-day lives. The project eyes towards personality development of the children by engaging them in developmental work and solving local problems. As a part of long term initiatives,the team is looking towards creating a culture of youth engagement in developmental work in schools of Delhi. This would in turn create a framework for achieving sustainable development along with engaging the youth. The project will start from August 15, 2017 and it will go on till September 27, 2018.

Chintan Mehta: The EduSol Project (Rajkot-based alumni, studying in Bangalore) The EduSol project is designed to educate the middle school students about the emerging field of Renewable Energy with focus on the Solar Energy. The unfamiliarity of Renewable Energy among the school students is the primary target. The current Indian school curriculum doesn’t include Clean Energy and various career opportunities in this emerging field. Also there’s a need for proper statistics pertaining to the ‘Awareness of Solar Energy among students in India’. The first part of the project involves acquiring practical skills and building small scale Solar Powered Projects. The second part of the project involves creating scientific awareness about Solar Power among students. This Project will also include conducting a Pre and a Post Survey for the students so that a Statistical Report can be prepared.

AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 5 |


This year for Global Youth Service Day, the new theme was Ecology: Caring For the Planet, where volunteers were asked to strategize plans to work towards saving the planet.

balls of this are made and one seed is embedded in each. These are then dried in shade and hardened. Any arid dry patch of land is identified and just before onset of monsoon, these are thrown and scattered on these areas. Once the rains come, these seeds germinate and then mother nature takes over. Acres of barren lands have been covered with trees and have become mini forests Chennai | Tree Plantation at MCC School


(Photo Above: Kids showing the gifts given by students & staff members of RKK) Mumbai | Educating others on Water Conservation

Ahmedabad plantation at Blind People Association (Photo Above: Volunteers & hosted student getting ready for tree plantation) 9 Chennai volunteers participated in the tree planation at MCC School, this school was selected because it is one of the schools which had several trees uprooted during the Cyclone Vardah which hit Chennai in December 2016. They bought 10 saplings and planted it on 1st May 2017 at MCC School. Delhi | With Kilkari

(Photo Above: Volunteers & kids during awareness session)

(Photo Above: Group photo)

The aim of the project was to create awareness on water conservation. The volunteers used some placards to educate the slum people in Goregaon. They moved to the street and performed a play about the importance of water where many bystanders gathered. At the end, stars (highlights) and wishes(improvements) were discussed.

On 3rd May 2017, 11 Ahmedabad volunteers participated in GYSD activity at a very beautiful place of specially gifted people, Blind People Association (BPA) where they planted 20 small plants. This activity could not have been done without the help of Ms. Ushma Das and Ms. Kavina Khatri, who are the staff members of BPA. The chapter is really grateful to them. Anand | Plantation at IB Patel English School


Nashik | Cleaning river bed with Manav Uthan Manch 5

(Photo Above: Volunteers with flower pots & kids) 8 volunteers of Delhi Chapter went to Kilkari (Tiz hazaari) on 20th May 2017 with 20 flower pots. Bhavya Arora gave a presentation and they also conducted a drawing competition for all the children. Jamshedpur | A Cleaning Initiative

(Photo Above: Planting saplings) 25 volunteers of Anand chapter participated in the Plantation that was done at IB Patel English School. Bangalore | Seedballs at Sankey Tank Volunteers of Bangalore got together and made seedballs at the activity center of Sankey Tank, Bangalore. Altogether, all of the AFSers made about 1000 seedballs.

(Photo Above: Volunteers in action)

(Photo Above: Volunteers with bags full of waste after cleaning the river bank) Jamshedpur chapter volunteers took the initiative for cleaning of the banks of the Rivers meet, the confluence of River Subarnarekha and Kharkai. The host family was also very excited to do this activity. Jodhpur | Educating with fun activities

(Photo Above: Making seedballs) This is a project to increase the green space on earth. Seeds of various fruits are collected and dried. A mix of red soil, sand, cow dung and other natural manure are added and mixed with water or diluted cow urine. Small AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 6 |

The students of Jodhpur chapters prepared an awareness dance. On 29th April 2017, few staff members & students of RKK took an initiative to visit the Government High School, Jaleri, 15 kms away from Jodhpur to enlighten the students of Primary Classes about importance of good habits and Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy life. It was highly satisfying to serve the society by inculcating environmental values and personal cleanliness through speech, street play and dance. 13

Nashik Chapter volunteers celebrated GYSD with an NGO “ Manav Uthan Manch. They cleaned the river bed. There is wall across the river bed/edge. Slogans and messages were made to create awareness and collect plastic bags, papers, cloths and clean the edge of river bed. Srinagar | Paper Recycling Delhi Public School, Srinagar adopted a local school at Chandhara Village four years ago that harbors about 130 students from classes Pre-nursery to 8th. The motive of the school is to work towards the betterment of the children at the local school by providing them with quality education and better infrastructure to meet its goal. Therefore, for the event of Global Youth Service Day, Srinagar chapter thought of conducting an activity day with the children of the local school. The objective of this activity day was to give them a break from their academic oriented curriculum. Since the theme for the event was “Care for Planet”, the chapter looked forward to activities

involving paper recycling. About 130 students from the local school took part in the activity day conducted on

(Photo Above: At Chandhara village) 7 May 2017. 11 volunteers along with a teacher from the school took part in the activity day. The group of 130 children were further divided into 4 groups on the basis of their age and each group was headed by a group leader, accompanied by 2-3 volunteers, made paper boat, paper hat, hand fan, envelope and paper bag using newspaper. Bookmark and booklet using craft paper. Apart from that, the school provided almost 100 books from the library for the purpose of donation. Vadodara | Schooling Program with Paathshala Foundation

An exciting opportunity to participate in a Talent Hunt, organized by Living Talent. Living Talent aims to provide a unique combination of competitive spirit and entertainment which coupled with education aims at holistic development of the youth. The organization is attempting to bring together the most talented young minds of our country under one roof, and to provide a platform for them to showcase the enormous talent and creative intellect that otherwise goes unnoticed. Objectives of the contest • • • • • •

Provide a launch pad for students to acclaim their talent on an international platform Enrich individuals with creative intelligence Provide a platform where creative thinking and innovative skills are honed and nurtured Develop and enhance healthy competitive spirit Enhance confidence and help students back their abilities Provide a productive break from regular academics

Event Roadmap Invite > Register > Gratitude > Selection > Zonal > National > Final Closure (Photo Above: Kids during activity) AFS Vadodara partnered with Paathshala Foundation. Paathshala serves homeless and underprivileged kids and conducts a schooling program with them. Based on the theme of environment, AFS Vadodara educated the kids on the importance of environment preservation and tree plantation. Further, engaged them in a few activities and at last, volunteers, along with the kids, planted trees near the school. Also, to ensure sustainability, each volunteer adopted a tree and ensured its maintenance. Varanasi | Park Cleaning AFS Varanasi Chapter celebrated Global Youth Service day 2017 with a great enthusiasm and zeal. Gulab Bagh park & Kabir Matth were spotted for the project. Park was very dirty and so was the Kabir Matth. 45 students, teachers and chapter volunteers went Gulab Bagh. They cleaned the area, the grasses were in bad shape and it

(Photo Above: Volunteers cleaning park) was difficult for children to play and utilize the park. Thus, grass cutter helped to shape up the ground. Dustbins were full of contaminated water and the area was full of garbage. Thus, the things were all cleaned properly and volunteers took charge to visit the place often to check the maintenance. The next day, the brigade went to Kabir Matth, one of the heritage place in Varanasi. Pond was cleaned. 5 Dustbins were placed to avoid unwanted garbage in the garden. AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 7 |

AFS Meet 2017 A World of Opportunities 18th to 21st May, 2017

The AFS Meet 2017 | A World of Opportunities was held in New Delhi from the 18th - 21st of May’17 with 59 volunteers participating from Pan-India. It was the first time AFS India organized Process Training back-to-back for all departments (AFS Sending, YES Sending, Hosting, Finance & Sentio), and it was received well by all the Chapters. The Meet focused on providing exposure to the various departmental processes as well as sharing of knowledge and best practices with the participants. Staffers from respective departments played the role of facilitator in the trainings. AFS Hosting Meet and YES Sending Meet was conducted from 18th-20th May wherein AFS Sending, Sentio and Finance Meet was from 19th-21st May, 2017.


This was the first time, training on Sentio and Finance was provided to volunteers at National level. On 20th morning, a training on Volunteer Development was also facilitated that brought all the participants together where sessions on Volunteer Journey, Volunteer Strat Plan, World Café, AFS & You Form, Branding etc. were held. The highlight of session was the team-building exercise titled Rollercoaster Challenge focusing on working together as a team with active participation and engagement. This year, a lot of new volunteers were given the opportunity to attend National Level training, thus in a way, empowering and educating the next generation of volunteers.

Throughout the meet, staffers focused on sharing ideas on processes, relevant concepts on intercultural learning, methodologies & strategies to plan, facilitate and execute the programs in a significant way. The participants have taken back with them learning, new ideas, clarity on the processes along with memories and lots of new friends. Volunteers were given an evening off on 19th May, so they can enjoy Delhi, go shopping and do fun-activity with other volunteers by exploring the city. Overall, the sessions were very interactive and fun-filled which made understanding the process easier for the attendees. We’d like to thank all the volunteers who took out time to attend the meet.





3 8

4 10 AFS Intercultural Programs India | May 2017 | Page No - 8 |

9 1. Director, Divya Arora, welcoming volunteers to the meet 2. Participants for Finance Meet with trainer 3. Fun activity with the participants 4. Balloon activity to know each other 5. YES Group during the AFS Meet 2017 6. AFS Sending Group during the AFS Meet 2017 7. Volunteer Development Group during the AFS Meet 2017 8. Sentio Group during the AFS Meet 2017 9. Hosting Group during the AFS Meet 2017 10. Rollercoaster challenge during Volunteer Development Meet

AFS Intercultural Programs India Newsletter | May 2017  

Your source to stay up to date with AFS Intercultural Programs India's activities, events & opportunities. AFS provides intercultural learni...

AFS Intercultural Programs India Newsletter | May 2017  

Your source to stay up to date with AFS Intercultural Programs India's activities, events & opportunities. AFS provides intercultural learni...