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AFS is education beyond the classroom. We create global citizenship to make a real difference AFS Intercultural Programs is an International, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. AFS activities are based on our core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance.

Photo: Bhavya Gupta, Parth Patel and Dhru Fuletra from India


AFS delivers mission-driven impact three ways

AFS delivers mission-driven impact three ways

We develop active global citizens to take action

We globalize schools and institutions with tools and programs

We expand access to intercultural education with scholarships and outreach.

AFS India School Membership Committee helps create active global citizens, globalizing schools & expand access to intercultural education through membership opportunities to Schools in India. Through membership, AFS has supported and equipped educators, schools in delivering effective intercultural learning programs that build global competence. AFS India is headed by Mrs. Divya Arora and chaired by Mrs. Angela Roye. The AFS India School Membership Committee is chaired by Mr. Pramod Sharma and the Co-Chair is Mr. Jayant Hari Har Lal .

Ms. Divya Arora, National Director, AFS India

Mrs. Angela Roye

Mr. Pramod Sharma

Chair, Board of AFS India

Chairman, AFS India School Membership Committee

Mr. Jayant Hari Har Lal Co-Chair, AFS India School Membership Committee

“India, I know that this will be an experience that I will never forget, From learning about various religions, especially Jainism, through my host family, to experiencing the respect that is given to elders, this program was filled with cultural learning. The connections we made with our host families, local students, and friends were impactful and broke down cultural stereotypes and burners. Furthermore, the meaningful intercultural connection we made will stay with us even as this life changing experience in Indore comes to an end.� - AFS Student

Top Photo: From Left: Shubham Kumar from India, Alice McGuinness from USA, Haziq Qari from India


Photo: Shristi Poudel from India


The examples of my personal growth are countless as I truly feel like a different person here, but most importantly I have gained a new perspective about the world and what’s really important to me, as I have bonded with people who live and perceive things differently from the way I have been raised and learned to live like them. The risk I took and the opportunity I was granted to study abroad have changed me for the better and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. - AFS Student

The aim of the AFS India School Membership Committee is to reach out to school students across the length and breadth of India and to impart intercultural learning skills and values of Global Citizenship.

Certifications for students, educators and school

Networking with Partner Schools (Exchanges included)

Scholarships for Student International Exchanges

Internship Opportunities for Students

Custom-made AFS Programs (Hosting & Sending)

Conference, Webinars and Talks for students and educators

Community Service Programs

Educator’s Program at National and International level

Entitled to purchase AFS India Merchandize

Engage with other AFS Partner and likeminded organization

Access to intercultural training and materials

Get promoted on AFS social media and various platforms

Being part of AFS Worldwide Alumni Network

Training & Workshops for students and educators

Display of AFS Logo (signed agreement) on website and other promotional materials


Fill the registration form Appoint a staff member to be an official AFS Contact Person Pay Annual Subscription fee for membership Use AFS India Logo on website and other promotional material except for fundraising Hyperlink AFS India logo on website (signed agreement) and get recognized on AFS India’s website as Partner Subscribe to AFS Weekly Update and AFS Newsletters Become an active member and reap the benefits of being AFS India Member Schools

Fee Structure: 1. INR 25,000 (including GST) per annum 2. Timely yearly payment of the AFS Member school is mandatory 3. AFS Member School Fee has to be paid every year (July of each year renewal must happen for continous membership) 4. Schools whose Gross Annual Fees is less than INR 50,000 can apply to avail a scholarship and pay Rs. 5000 (including GST) per annum. In case of non-payment of the Member Fee, in due time, AFS India reserves right to suspend enrolment of the school

Guidelines & Fee Structure

Note: if the school comes during the year and want to be AFS Member school then the fee applicable will be: • Jan – July – pay 20 percent fee for the current year • July – December – Pay the annual subscription as per criteria 4

Photo: Svenja Nendza from Germany


As a member school you will be required to: 1. Display AFS Membership Certificate prominently at the school reception or central visitor area 2. Dedicate a section, on schools’ website, for the AFS India details. AFS India will also put the Logo of the school on their website under the partner school 3. Use AFS Logo in all school publications while following Branding Guidelines given by AFS India. The size of the AFS Logo should not be shorter than any other logo appearing on the same page. 4. Send participants to various events conducted by AFS India, as per the eligibility criteria set by AFS India 5. Host one Regional Event per year or to host One National Level Event in two years 6. Participate in AFS India’s core programs every year (hosting and/or sending)

AFS Duties (Non-compliance) Penalties for non-compliance AFS India reserves the right to discontinue the association with AFS Member school in case it finds any non- compliance issues 1. Failure to comply with the mission & vision of AFS 2. Any action that constitutes a material breach by AFS India

Photo: David Gyula from Hungary



Summer programs are a great alternative for students who want to gain intercultural experience, but don’t have the flexibility to study abroad for an entire semester or academic year. These programs run from two weeks up to three months.


We have class exchange program between two schools, one from India and other from any AFS partner country, who can match their standards in terms of type of school/ age of students/language of communication, and, possibly of considering the applicant’s requests and preferences. Groups can also consist of students from two or more classes but in this case they should have a common preparation in advance.


With a set of varied cultures in India, AFS feels the need to develop in the future generation the skill to be culturally competent and to be able to adapt and cope up with cultural shocks and differences. This exchange program focuses on exchange between two AFS India Partner Schools in a different state and spend time with a family arranged by the school they will be attending.


Training & Special Programs Photo: Jash Shah from India

The AFS Intercultural Link Learning Program helps our volunteers and staff improve their intercultural skills, teaches them about key education theories and practices, and makes them better able to support the learning of others.

International programs provide individuals, young adults and professionals above the age of 18 years with the opportunity to expand their skills, knowledge and experience on the intellectual, professional, personal, social, cultural and global front, leaving them with the opportunity to choose from Academic, Internships, Volunteering, and Teaching programs.

Intercultural Learning


It is an educational program offered as online learning and live training for our 18+ participants to help achieve the goals of self-awareness, awareness about others, emotional intelligence, and bridges across differences. The GCC can be undertaken by anyone for example University Students, Professionals as well as teachers. GCC helps to understand people from other culture and different background better, thus building confidence and motivating a person when working in a multicultural environment.


AFS works with participants and schools who want to develop their own programs depending on their need, interest & requirements. 6

The introduction course to the Learning Program, What Every AFSer Should Know about Intercultural Learning™ 2.0 (known as “Level W”), participants learn the fundamentals of the AFS Educational Approach, models of culture, cultural values and dimensions, communication styles, cultural adaptation and the AFS Educational Methodology.

Process Training

AFS India Process Training focuses on providing exposure to the various departmental processes associated with AFS India as well as sharing of knowledge and best practices with the participants.

AFS Mission AFS Intercultural Programs is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. AFS Values AFS enables people to act as responsible global citizens working for peace and understanding in a diverse world. It acknowledges that peace is a dynamic concept threatened by injustice, inequity, and intolerance. AFS seeks to affirm faith in the dignity and worth of every human being and of all nations and cultures. It encourages respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion or social status.

Anand Bhawan, 12, Hailey Road, New Delhi- 110001, India

To know more log on to: www.india.afs.org or e-mail at india@afs.org

or call us at

+91-11-42512498 +91-11-41501672 +91-11-41540827

Connect with us at:

facebook.com/afsindia youtube.com/afsindiaofficial instagram.com/afs_india/


AFS Intercultural Programs India


AFS activities are based on our core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance.

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AFS India School Membership Brochure  

Would you like to be n AFS India Member School? Check out the brochure to know about AFS India Think Tank, benefits of becoming member, AFS...

AFS India School Membership Brochure  

Would you like to be n AFS India Member School? Check out the brochure to know about AFS India Think Tank, benefits of becoming member, AFS...

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