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Nina Afshar


Nina Afshar 81 Bristol Rd Apt2 Medford, Ma 02155 (949)456-4231

Education, Master of Architecture

University of Colorado, Denver



Bachelor of Physics

Feb-Sep 2013

Study Abroad, Compidoglio School of Architecture, Rome, Italy 2011

Mueseum of Realist Arts, Boston, Massachusetts Renovation, Historic Preservation

I. Azad University of Tehran



Mar-Sept 2012

Design Fabricators LLC Feb-Sept 2013

Architecture for Humanity, Boston May-Sept 2013

Learning by Design, Boston

One day workshops for K12 kids. Feb-May 2011

Low Income Housing, Kit Carson, Colorado

Helped prepare construction document drawings for a HUD grant project. Sept-Jan 2010

Design Build Bluff, Bluff, Utah

First home designed and built by the students from University of Colorado, Denver.

Hyper Building- Vertical City Competition International Study, Tongji School of Architecture, China, Shanghai

Skills, Digital Revit AutoCad Rhino 3D Adobe CS Sketchup 3D max Vray



YAAG Award,

3D Printer Laser Cutter Pencil Graphic Wood Foam

First place in Best Built category for DesignBuildBluff Windcathcer house

Sutdy Abroad Photography Contest, University of Colorado, Denver

Second place award for capturing the light in Saint Peter’s Cathedral

Miscelanouse Work

Digital Fabrication

High Altitude Research Center

The Tacher House

The Windcatcher House

Hyper Building-Vertical City Competition

Stapleton Recreation Center

Museum of Realist Arts

Design Fabricaor’s LLC

Design Fabricators LLC

Food trucks / Sports bars / Kiosks / Food stands Mar-Sep 2012.


Innovative design and manufacturing firm specializing in crafing custom designs for culinary and interior design, food carts and kiosks, retail and display design, food courts and mobile kitchens.



Objectives: Create unique, fine food carts and kiosks specific to different venues.

The designs were done in Sketch up and Revit, and then rendered in Revit and Cinemax. These designs were rendered for clients nationwide.

Proposal for the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC

One of the proposals for the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Carlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The process began with design work for a new food sercice kiosk to be installed in the main hall of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Proposals for different kiosks and food stands for different clients in the city.

East Boston Realist Art Musuem Program:

Historic preservation, new


East Boston, Ma

Architecture for Humanity Boston To introduce the new form of art, ‘Realist Arts’ to attract and encourage people to come and visit the museum.

Objectives: To preserve the East Boston To preserve the old East Public Library as one of the oldest libraries in the New England area, and to turn that into a Mueseum of Realist arts. Also to add an additional building to the back part of the library as part of the meuseum.

Boston Public Library as part of the historic East Boston. And also to add a new building to create more space for the exhibition of the art pieaces.

East Boston

N Boston Public Library New Building The Site




Escape Stairs Bathrooms Admin Offices Admin Offices Second Floor Exhibition Space, New Building Second Floor Exhibition Space, Existing Building

Bathrooms Admin Offices Admin Offices Ticketing, Coat Rack Area First Floor Exhibition Space, Existing Building Entrance


First Floor 1’=1/8”


Second Floor 1’=1/8”

The Windcatcher house Location: Program:

Summer and Fall 2010. Group project 20 students from UCDenver

Bluff, Utah Two bedroom house Navajo Reservation Land, Utah Each Navajo family is given a big land in the reservation.

1450 SF house. For a single mother and her son. One of the design features of the house is a windcathcer tower in the middle of the house, to aid with ventilation. Another is 3 rammed earth walls which are both ascetically pleasing and provide structure.

Objectives: To build a sustainable In the construction part

house, with local along with 19 other materials, was the students we built the purpose of this projct. house from August through December.

Conceptual diagram

1. 2. 3. 4.

Kitchen 5. Dining area 6. Living room 7. Flex space 8.

Bathroom Bedroom Master bedroom Car Port 1



8 4 5

Staking out the site and pouring the Concrete

Taking the frame work off of the rammed earth walls.



Advanced framing for the exterior of the house.

The carport. Next to the house.

Cement Board Rain Screen. Next to the Carport

Cedar Ceiling in front of the East door.

Interior of the house.

The Tacher house Location: Program:

Under construction Spring 2011. Group Project. Nina Afshar. Jessica Garfin. Amber Danzl

Kit Carson. Colorado. Two to three bedroom 1450 SF house. For a family of house two or three. Low budget. Town of Kit Carson. Small town. Cold winters.

Objectives: The goal of this project was to build an affordable house for people of Kit Carson. The city was given 1.000.000 $ HUD Grant, for five houses. Five teams of students were assigned to design them.

The city needed housing for future teachers. They also wanted to get more people to come and visit the city.

Built and rendered in Revit and Photoshop


Circulation around the site 2


Access from Church St.

4 5

Possible area to built on the south.

Final result.


1. Kitchen 2. Dining Room 3. Living Room 4. Bedroom 5. Guest Bathroom

6. Bedroom 7. Washer and Dryer 8. Master Bedroom 9. Master Bathroom

7 9


Built and rendered in Revit and Photoshop

Stapleton Recreation Center Program: Location:


Spring 2011. Group project. Nina Afshar. Jocelyn Turkowski

Recreation Center Denver, Congress Park

Holistic approach : Yoga, Mediation, Reiki

Site Demographics: Density (Persons per Mile)5815.00 Median Age 38.62

Traditional approach: Rock Climbing, Swimming pools, Gym,


Proposal for a recreation center in Congress Park, Denver, Colorado. To create a social node for the neighbourhood. Make all generations interact.

Reintroduce mobility and dynamism to the Park. Running tracks, walking paths inside and outside of the building.

Totall SF

North South grid

Circulation diagram

Downtown grid

Healling Core

Aquatic Sports Aerobic Sports

Meditation, Rock Climbing

Meditation Rooms Wellness core, Yoga and Meditation Classes

Rock Climbing Child Care Center Seniors Section Admin Offices Wellness core, Yoga and Meditation Classes Lockers

Professional Pool

Revit Model

Spider clips

Tension Rods

Physial model Scale 1=1/4�

Hyper Building-Vertical City Comptetion Location: Program:

Summer 2011. Group project Nina Afshar. Jennie Muchow

center for XiaGuan Nanjing, China Diversified Urban Complex cultural activities, movie theatres, sport centers, commercial centres, Site Demographics: administration offices, etc. XiaGuan is one of the As well as open public for locals oldest capital cities in spaces, as recreation, China. The site is located such exercise south to Jian Ning physical Road, west to Yi Feng and official business. Gate of the city wall,

Objectives: The goal of this competition Social was to design a multi- the functional complex for both the neighbourhood. locals

node. Make neighbourhood enjoyable for and tourists .


Interior +Exterior Space

Interior Circulation

Pedestrian circulatin

Building Foorprint

Risign Dragon Building Area

5M Setbacks

Conceptual diagram

Retail Shops Art Galleries Food and Drinks Craft Stores Art Studios

Site Section

Moves Theatres Creative OfďŹ ces

The subway entrance

Western part of the building. 80.000 SM Height 30 M Art Galleries Depart. Stores Food and Drinks Retail Shops Eastern part of the building. 38.000 SM Height 12M Craft Shops Craft Studios Art Studios Basketball courts Food and Drinks

High Altitude Research Centre Location: Program:

Spring 2009. Individual Project Nina Afshar.

Colorado High Altitude and Research Site High National

Springs. A complex of Art Galleries, Visitor Research offices, Center Conference rooms, green walls and green rooves. The research center is Demographics: to provide information elevated. on how to grow Park. plants in high alltitude.

Objectives: To attract both

tourists and local residents to the site, was the main goal of this project. To achieve this we were to design a high altitude research center and art galleries.

All the renderings in this project are done by hand and no computer was involved.

1. Entry 2. Bathrooms 3. Cloak room. 4. Ticketing 5. Waiting area

6. Cafe 7. Kitchen 8. Lecture hall 9. View room 10. Gallery

Wind direction


View from the site

Height differences

Final location

11. Admin Offices 12. Admin Offices 13. Work room 14. Kitchen 15. Cafe and Copy

16. Conference Room 17. Research Office 18. Laboratory 19 Library 20. Bathrooms

Section A


Final Roof Details


Digital Fabrication Location: Program:

Fall 2011. Group and individual projects

Anywhere Thinking out side of the box. The pipe, using Rhino and traditional crafting techniques to make interlocking surfaces in form of a pipe. The Quilt, a tessellated surface in shape of one piece of a paper quilt.

To use the digital media as a tool to come up with new designs, out side of the box.

The Pipe.

Rhino model. Creating Ribs and Columns.

Ribs and culumns.

The Quilt

A combination of Rhino and Grasshopper with the traditional handcrafting techniques to make a tessilated surface with in the parameters of 12� by 12� to make a quitl like assembly.

Sketch Pod

Fall 2011 Moment of Pause. Group project. Nina Afshar Joshua Paulsen. Amanda Cadwell Anastasia Heid. Jonah Rogin

Get away from the hectic office for a second and sit by your self? Sketch new ideas? Talk on the phone? You can enjoy this moment of pause in your busy day and sit inside this structure.

It started with Material Exploration and study models, and then to develop a digital model to represent it. Next step was to print out templates from the digitally developed model to build the physical model out of. To bent the straight stripes of ply wood we designed three different sizes of wedges. Each stripe was connected to the other with longer pieces of wooden wedges. To create the final nest like form.

Construction Document Drawings

In this 3 credit course we were given different design drawings to put in Auto cad and to make construction document drawings.

Stucco statues. Flee market. China Summer 2011

Saint Peters dome, Vatican. Summer 2009

Choghazanbil Zigorat. Shoosh, Iran. Spring 2012

Basewood models.

Second semester, Spring 2009

Third semester, Fall 2009

Pantheon, Rome, Italy. Summer 2009

Jubille Church by Rhicard Meier. Rome, Italy. Summer 2009

Pantheon, Rome, Italy. Summer 2009