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March 2013 Wholesale

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African Print Skirt Set in Green and Pink One size fits most; fitting up to a 44” bust and 68” waist. Top is 30” long and skirt is 50” long. 100% cotton brocade. Made in Ghana. C-W030 $39.95

Green and Brown African Print Dress Go out boldly. Fits up to Bust 52” and Waist 46”. Length is 54”. Back has zipper. Made in Nigeria. C-W038 $24.95



Raija Dashiki Rich gold embroidery at a price anyone can afford. 35” length. Fits up to 50” bust. Includes hat. Made in India. C-M068 $13.95

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Queen Nefertiti Necklace Set: Red Up to 20” band. 2” earrings. Made in India. J-S321 $7.95

Black Jeweled Elephant Necklace Set Up to 26” band. 2” pendant. Made in China. J-S325 $5.95

If you are unhappy with anything you order for any reason at all (or even for no reason), you can return your item(s) for a full refund or exchange: whichever you choose. All returns must be undamaged and returned within 30 days of your purchase for a complete refund. Clothing must not be soiled or laundered. We do not pay shipping costs for returns.

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2 Black/ Burgundy









Navy/Blue Rust Navy/White

Traditional Floral Print Kaftan 51” length. Fits up to 72” bust. Made in India. C-WS395 $11.95

Shimmering Queen Of Lava Kaftan 51” length. Fits up to 72” bust. Made in India. C-WS393 $13.95

Embroidered Short Dress Bold and beautiful with a colorful embroidered trim. 100% rayon; best if hand washed. One size fits most; fitting up to a 48” bust. 45” in length. Made in India. C-WS374 $13.95


Red Black


Turquoise Shimmering Animal Print Kaftan 51” length. Fits up to 72” bust. Made in India. C-WS394 $11.95


Dazzling Oasis Print Kaftan 51” length. Fits up to 72” bust. Made in India. C-WS396 $11.95

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3 Orange


Light Blue



African Print Skirt Set - Lime/Brown Embrace a distinctive African look with this lime skirt set. Completely hand-crafted of 100% brocade for a luxury that will have you feeling and looking your best. One size fits most; fitting up to a 44” bust and 68” waist. Blouse is 30” long and skirt is 50” long. Hand wash for best results. Made in Ghana. C-W032 $39.95


Embroidered & Sequined Skirt Set Made of 100% brocade cotton. Top fits 46” bust, 30” L. Adjustable Skirt: 44” high. Includes head scarf. Made in Africa. C-W039 $39.95

Beaded Long Skirt Inject instant style into any wardrobe with this ethnic print skirt. Beaded accents add a hint of shimmer. One size fits up to 41” elastic with drawstring waist, 37” long. 100% rayon. Hand wash separately in cold water. Made in India. C-WS357 $9.95


Elegant White 4pc. Skirt Set Includes skirt, sleeveless blouse, jacket, and head wrap. 55% polyester, 45% rayon. Hand wash. Available in free and plus size; free size fits up to a 52” bust, 62” hips and waist. Duster is 31” long, shirt is 27” long, and drawstring skirt is 37” long. Made in India. C-WF694 $24.95

Black Purple Embroidered V-Neck Skirt Set Make a statement in this 100% rayon skirt set with matching head wrap. Gold embroidery adds a royal touch. One size fits most. Top fits up to 56” bust and is 35” long. Skirt is 36” long, fits up to 62” waist and is drawstring. Hand wash cold water. Made in Pakistan. C-WF400 $24.95


Ghana Hand-Carved Walking Stick Each piece varies slightly in design. Approximately 4.5” X 38” long. Made in Ghana. A-WC643 $14.95 each

Gold Brocade Pleated Skirt Set Stand out in supreme elegance with this gold brocade pleated skirt set. Completely handcrafted with authentic brocade fabric. 100% cotton brocade. Fits up to a 52” bust, 60” waist, and 37” long skirt. Made in Senegal. C-W510 $39.90

Medium Ghana Fang Mask Symbol Purple Approx. 19” x 4”. Made in Ghana. A-WC971 $11.95 each

Purple Ruffled Sleeve Brocade Skirt Own the look of African queens with this traditional ruffled-sleeved skirt set. This is an all time customer favorite. Comes complete with wrap skirt, buba (long blouse), and Gele (head wrap). Fits up to a 52” bust and 60” waist. Skirt is 37” long. 100% Cotton brocade. Made in Senegal. C-W523 $39.90

Medium Ghana Fang Mask Symbol Redwood Designs will vary slightly from each piece. Approximately 19” x 5”. Made in Ghana. A-WC970 $11.95 each

Black Ashanti Mask 10” in diameter. Made in Kenya. A-WC480 $11.95

Medium Ghana Fang Mask Symbol Brown Hand made, each mask will differ slightly in design. Approx 18” x 4”. Made in Ghana. A-WC969 $11.95 each

Medium Ghana Fang Mask Symbol Black These hand-crafted masks are engraved with meaningful African symbols. Approx. 18”-24” tall. Made in Ghana. A-WC967 $11.95 each

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Antique Flower Engraved Silver Cuff 7” band. J-B166 $6.95

Beaded Flower Bracelet Fits up to 8” wrist. Flexible open end. J-B165 $4.95

Queen Nefertiti Necklace Set: Turquoise Up to 20” band. 2” earrings. Made in India. J-S320 $7.95

Queen Nefertiti Necklace Set: White Up to 20” band. 2” earrings. Made in India. J-S322 $7.95

Set of Six Single Cowrie Shell Earrings Made in Africa. J-SET204 $5.95

Set Of 12 Gemstone Tear Drop Earrings Comes in 6 colors. Earrings are 3.5” long. Made in China. J-SET207 $9.95

Turquoise Stone & Silver Bead Bracelet Adds a splash of brilliant color and lustrous silver to your look. Elastic band fits any wrist. Made in China. J-B164 $3.95

Turquoise Stone Necklace & Earring Set Up to 21” band. Made in China. J-S319 $4.95

Queen Amina Necklace & Earrings Set 26” band. 1.5” earrings. Made in India. J-S323 $7.95

Turquoise Jeweled Elephant Choker Set 16” band. Made in China. J-S324 $5.95

Set of 12 Tribal Queen Earrings Comes in 6 colors. Earrings are 2.5” long. Made in China. J-SET205 $9.95

Set of 12 African Glamour Earrings Comes in 6 colors. Earrings are 2.5” long. Made in China. J-SET206 $9.95


Black Jamaican Castor Oil For generations, Jamaicans have been using castor oil as their home grown remedy for medicinal purposes, as well as skin care, hair care and everyday aches and pains. 4 oz. M-P221 $7.95

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil You can use coconut oil as a healthy and delicious replacement for butter or fat; sauteed vegetables, roast sweet potatoes, add to smoothies or mix into cereal. 54 oz. M-224 $29.95

Whitening Facial Toner Madina Facial Toner contains pure mineral water and fruity extract to fragrantly refresh your skin and soothe minor skin irritation. (110 mL) M-P222 $2.95

Black Seed Lotion Essential Black Seed oil deeply absorbs into your skin, providing the required nutrients and moisture. Vitamin E and natural oils protect the skin from pollutants and sunlight. 8.45 oz. (250 mL) M-P223 $3.95

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Egyptian Musk Black Soap 5 oz. M-S461 $1.99

Organic Flax Seed Oil (100 Caps) 1000 mg For heart, brain, and joint health. M-562 $9.95

Neem Soap 100% vegetable based with herbal actives to gently cleanse your skin. This soap contains neem oil well known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. 3.5 oz. Made in India. M-S613 $1.99

Black Seed & Olive Leaf (100 Capsules) 500mg Our traditional formula is 500 mg of Black Seed herb. The herb itself has been use traditionally to provides nutrients necessary for proper function of the immune system. M-563 $9.95

Antibacterial African Black Soap This is a gentle soap with lemon grass that effectively cleanses away dirt, germs and odors without drying the skin. Leaves the skin smooth and soft. 3.5 oz. M-S222 $1.99

Diabalance Herbal Blood Sugar Balance (60 Capsules) Diabalance gives the pancreas the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Set your body in balance and supplement a balanced diet with Diabalance formula. M-564 $13.95

Quick Slim Hoodia Gordoni (60 Capsules) 435mg This is an all-natural formula that kills the appetite, attacks obesity, controls sugar cravings and boosts energy. M-565 $13.95

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Slashed Prices

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Purple Plush Poncho With Faux Fur Trim 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WF367 $9.95

Pink Mudprint Sleeveless Duster Comes in S/M and L/XL. C-WF284 $7.95

Brown Animal Print Cardigan Comes in 2X. C-WF368 $7.95

Stretch Fabric Pant Set: White C-WF441 $14.95

Sequined Elastic Belt Fits up 36” waist. Made in China. C-A943 39¢ each or $3.90/dozen Velveteen Sash 87” long. Colors: Dark Brown, Forest Green, Tan. Made in China. C-A116 79¢ each or $7.90/dozen

Angel Trio Statue 5” X 5”. Made in China. A-M916 $4.95

Set Of 12 Feather Extensions: Long H-W012 $3.95 for 12 Set Of 12 Glimmering Round Earrings J-SET128 $5.95 for set of 12

Set Of 12 Oversized Gold/Silver Spiky Earrings J-SET165 $5.95 for set of 12

Black Set Of 12 Long Feather Dangle Earrings J-SET136 $3.95 for 12

Limited Time Price Special!


Mudcloth Beaded Bag 15” x 15”. Made in Burkina Faso. C-A016 $17.95



Red Orange


Royal Blue

Orange Sheer Long-Sleeve Sequined Top: Coral Comes in S, M, and L. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS372 $2.95

Drawstring Market Workers Poncho One size fits up to 48” bust, 32” long. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS377 $5.95

Pink Baby Doll Dress 36” bust; 25” length. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Made in India. C-WF495 $3.95

Coastal Skirt Yellow Comes in many colors. 33” long. Available sizes: 1X-3X. Made in India. C-WF496 $4.95 Pink

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Choose your perfect size. 1/3 oz. $1.95 4 oz. $9.95 1 oz. $3.95 8 oz. $17.95

New Oils this Month!

Christina Aguilera (W) Type Dragon’s Blood Escada: Especially Pink (W) Type Bombshell Diamonds (W) V.Secret Kenneth Cole: Reaction (W) Mariah Carey: Never Forget (W)

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1 lb. $28.95 O-C71 O-D33 O-E46 O-B77 O-K28 O-M53

Closeout Oil Moroccan Rose (1 lb only)

O-M54LB $14.95

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Dead Sea Mud Soap - 7 oz. M-S701 $3.99 each or $39.90/dozen.

Dead Sea Salt Soap - 7 oz. M-S702 $3.99 each or $39.90/dozen. These soaps combines genuine Dead Sea mud or salt with a pure vegetable base to provide a truly natural cleansing experience. Put simply—The Dead Sea is really old, but using this bar of soap will help you and your skin look and feel younger. You just won’t believe it until you try it.

Electric Oil Burning Light Create a whole new atmosphere with these electric oil burners. You can adjust the lighting on each one for a hint of a glow, or bright light. Choose from different colors- Blue, Clear, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red. 5” tall. Made in China. O-167 $6.95

African Drum Key Chain Play to a beat of a different drum. Made of leather. Comes in different colors. 1” high. M-640 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen.

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Natural Healing Oils Sampler Set - ½ oz. Moisturize your hair and skin. Heal split ends. Ward off flu and cold symptoms. This set of ten oils will give you a solution to numerous health and beauty concerns. This sampler set comes with: Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Karanja Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Emu Oil. ½ oz. X-020 $14.95

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March 2013 Wholesale Flier  
March 2013 Wholesale Flier  

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