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Dear Friends, A question that some of our customers agonize over is: “How much product should I buy to set up a booth or start a new category of products with”. One of the biggest mistakes some people make is that they buy the wrong quantities. You could be working really hard and still lose money if you don’t think about this ahead of time.

Making a Difference Africa Imports helps people in Africa. Every time you purchase something from Africa, someone in Africa has a paid job making your items. Africa Imports also pays for food and other needs for orphanages in Congo. To know more, visit

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1. Dozens Discounts

Order twelve of any one item and get it for the price of ten! It’s like getting two items free.

2. Free Shipping

You get free shipping with any order of $400 or more (except for oversized items).

$50 Minimum Order Needed for all Wholesale Orders. Mix and Match Any Products to total $50.

Every week or so I get a call from someone wanting to order $50. or $100. worth of products to set up a vending booth with. If this person sells everything that they order, with nothing at all left over, they will still lose money at the event. The cost of the booth rental and other expenses (not to mention the value of their time), is more than the profit they will get by selling everything that they order. When I ask some of our best customers why they think they have done better than other people in their business, the most common answer is that the vendors who fail do not have enough product to sell. If you buy too much, you get slowed down by having too much inventory; but if you don’t have enough, you lose a lot of possible sales. You also lose the chance to get new customers who will come back to you over and over again later. I do not write this because I want you to buy more from us. Africa Imports never makes money from a single order. We only make money when you succeed and come back for more regularly. If you have enough product available to succeed, then we will see you back again faster. If you are wanting to have a booth at a special event this year, please make sure that you have enough to sell when you get there. There are a lot of other free tips and helpful tools for growing or getting your business started on our website at Thanks again,

Wayne Kiltz, President

100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you are unhappy with anything you order for any reason at all (or even for no reason), you can return your item(s) for a full refund or exchange: whichever you choose. All returns must be undamaged and returned within 30 days of your purchase for a complete refund. Clothing must not be soiled or laundered. We do not pay shipping costs for returns.

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Table of Contents: Women’s Clothing........... 4-33


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Kids Clothing........................37

Oil Burners....................83-85


Fragrance Oils...............86-96


Soaps......................... 97-109


Herbal Remedies...... 110-113


Personal Care.......... 114-127


Business........................64-67 Music Instruments......... 68-71 Artwork..........................72-79


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Skin-Healing Pure Shea Butter - Pages 126-127

Authentic Hand-Crafted D’Jembe Drums - Page 68


Hand-Woven, Hand-Painted Mudcloth - Page 60

why you love it “As always my orders are great, my customers are growing and I will be selling products at our local flea market this Saturday!” – Anita from South Boston, VA

Butterfly Lace Flower Skirt Set 100% polyester. Top is slightly tapered for a figure- flattering look with back zipper and eye/hook closure. Wrap skirt fits most and varies (fits from 63” to 67” waist and 43” to 45” long). Size 14 fits up to 40” bust/38” waist. Size 16 fits up to 41” bust/38” waist. Size 18 fits up to 44” bust/42” waist. Size 20 fits up to 45” bust/43” waist. Size 22 fits up to 50” bust/48” waist. Size 24 fits up to 51” bust/49” waist. Size 26 fits up to 52” bust/50” waist. Made in Thailand. C-WF439 $49.95 Find this and other special garments at


Totally fun. Totally traditional. Plum












White Fuchsia Yellow Traditional Print Halter Dress 100% rayon. Fits up to a 36” bust and 53” length. Made in India. C-WS178 $13.95

Alluring Traditional Print Halter Dress 100% rayon. Fits up to a 56” elastic bust and 46” length. Made in India. C-WF117 $14.95

Lime Green

Shimmering Batik Halter Dress 100% polyester; spot clean. Fits up to a 40” bust and 50” length. Made in India. C-WS252 $13.95

Blue Moss

Green Light Blue


Shimmering Traditional Shoulder Dress 100% polyester. Fits up to a 50” bust and 45” length. Made in India. C-WF279 $13.95



Long Shimmering Scarf Dress 100% polyester. Fits up to a 40” bust and 50” length. Made in India. C-WF278 $14.95

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5 Red











Brown Pink



Lime Purple

Traditional Print Long Sundress 100% rayon; Fits up to a 4” bust and 48” length. Made in India. C-WF226 $14.95

Shimmering Traditional Jewel Kaftan One size fits most; fitting up to a 52” bust. 56” in length. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WF385 $19.95

Royal Blue

Yellow Fuchsia Turquoise


Blue Blue


Dark Green




Dark Brown


Traditional Print Cotton Sundress 100% cotton; Fits up to a 54” bust and 39” length. Made in India. C-WF225 $11.95


Traditional Print Rayon Dress Exotic just got more fun with this breezy, ethnic-print tunic that can be worn as a dress or long shirt! 100% rayon. Fits up to a 60” bust, 41” in length. Made in India. Traditional Print Tunic/Dress. C-WF365 $11.95

Shimmering Traditional Sleeveless Top 100% polyester. Fits up to a 40” bust and 30” length. Made in China. C-WF266 $9.95


Experience authentic African fashions


Everything shown on these two pages is hand tailored in Africa

Pink C-W522

Purple C-W523

Light Blue C-W514

Dark Brown C-W525

All colors $39.90 each


White C-W520


(Plus size only)

Ruffled Sleeve Brocade Skirt Set Own the look of African queens with this traditional ruffled sleeved skirt set. 100% cotton brocade. Fits up to a 52” bust, 60” waist, and 37” long skirt. Made in Senegal. All colors $39.90 each Tiered Brocade Skirt Set Women across the continent of Africa wear these brocade skirt sets in weddings or formal events. 100% brocade. Available in free and plus sizes. Made in The Gambia. C-W470 $37.95 Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at




Embroidered Brocade Skirt Set Take your fashion sense to the heart of Africa with this exclusive elephant sleeved brocade set. 100% cotton brocade. Fits up to 47” bust and 66” waist. Wrap skirt fits any size hip measurement - 50” max. length skirt. Made in Ghana. C-W462 $37.95





Baby Blue

Forest Green

Mint Green

Red Pattern

Patchwork Brocade Skirt Set Wear the beauty and luxury that comes from hand-crafted African gowns. These unique skirt sets vary slightly from pictures. 100% cotton brocade; best if hand washed. Fits up to a 48” bust, 30” shirt length, 66” wrap skirt, and 50” skirt length. Made in Benin. C-W493 $37.95 Each of these skirt sets is completely hand-tailored. Brocade is a thick polished cotton fabric with interwoven designs that is worn for nearly all formal occasions in Africa. These are impossible to find elsewhere and will set you apart from anyone else.

Sunshine Yellow


Sky Blue

Black/Gold/Rainbow Embroidered Skirt Set 100% brocade; Fits approx. up to a 46” bust, 76” wrap skirt and 50” skirt length. Made in Togo. BB-169 $23.95

Women’s Skirt Set with White Embroidery One size fits all. Fits up to 54” bust, 66” waist and hips. Dry clean for best results. Made in Ghana. C-W469 $44.50

Embroidered Lace Skirt Set Fits up to 52” bust, wrap skirt fits any size waist or Blue hips. 100% cotton brocade. Made in Ghana. C-W465 $44.50



Dazzling Embroidery Rich in culture




(Plus size only)


Redwood (Free only)

Embroidered Dress, Duster and Crown Show off the regal style Africa is famous for with this gold embroidered dress and jacket. 100% polyester. Available in free and plus size Made in India. C-WF621 $39.95

Black African Brocade Skirt Set Dress like African royalty with this gold-embroidered black brocade skirt set. Completely hand-crafted with hand-woven brocade fabric. 100% brocade. Fits up to a 46” bust, 32” shirt length. 66” wrap skirt, 50” skirt length. Made in Ghana. C-W017 $39.95



Making a Difference Left abandoned in a town market, young Brice was much older than many of the children that arrive at Bethanie. No one claimed him so the local police brought him to the orphanage for help. To read more go to: http://blog.africaimports. com/wordpress/update-frombethanie-orphanage-in-congo


Red Upscale Design Embroidered Skirt Set 55% cotton and 45% rayon; Fits up to a 56” bust, 26” top length, 60” drawstring skirt, and 35” skirt length. Jacket is 37” long. Made in Pakistan. C-WF255 $29.95

Turquoise Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

9 Green

(Plus size only)


(Plus size only)




(Plus size only)



(Plus size only)

Shimmering Dress Set This george dress set has shimmering gold embroidery on the dress, jacket, and crown. 100% viscose; dry clean only. Available in free and plus size. Made in India. C-WF532 $39.95

Beige Traditional Print Ultra Quality Skirt Set Comes in variety of colors and embroidery. C-WF384 $69.95

why you love it Olive

Designer White Knit Church Suit Shell: 80% acrylic, 10% wool, 10% lurex; Lining: 97% polyester, 3% spandex. Dry clean only. Available in sizes 8-24W. Made in China. C-W302 $49.50 Find more church suits at


Embellished African Print Dress Slip into exotic femininity with this roomy African print dress. Fits up to a 60” bust and 53” length. Made in Nigeria. C-WS188 $19.95

“I am highly impressed by the quality of the products I ordered and very excited to add authentic African products to my product line. Also, a couple of friends and a local business have even expressed an interest in selling the products. – Letitia from Roanoke, VA


Unlimited Choices







Purple Jeweled Top Summer Dress Vibrant color meets exotic flair in this jeweled top summer dress. Tiny sequins scattered throughout add a hint of glimmer. Small fits up to 36” bust and 48” length; Medium fits up to 38” bust and 50” length; Large fits up to 39” bust and 51” length; X large fits up to 40” bust and 52” length. 65% silk / 35% polyester. Made in China. C-WS341 $7.95


Red Short Shimmering Scarf Dress 100% polyester. Fits up to a 40” bust and length. Made in India. C-WF277 $11.95









Tie Dyed Sun Dress 100% rayon; best if hand washed. One size fits all; fitting up to a 52” bust. 40” in length. Made in India. C-WF577 $9.95

Shimmering Paisley Halter Dress Fits up to a 40” bust and 50” length. Made in India. C-WS250 $13.95

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Comfort, Style, and Savings


Pink Navy Tie Dye

Rust Tie Dye Brown Tie Dye

Blue Red

Fuchsia Tie Dye Purely Elegant Sheer V-Neck Dress Express pure femininity and grace with this sheer, layered v-neck dress. Tie dye adds an exotic touch to this breezy dress. 100% rayon. Fits up to a 55” bust and 56” length. Made in India. C-WF116 $14.95



Biggest $$$ $aver Baby Doll Spring Dress 65% silk/35% polyester. Small fits up to 36” bust, 36” length; Medium fits up to 38” bust, 38” length; Large fits up to 39” bust, 38” length; Extra-Large fits up to 41” bust, 40” length. Made in China. C-WS281 $5.95

Black & White Circle Design Sundress 100% cotton. Fits up to a 88” bust and 44” length. Made in India. C-WS258 $5.95

Black & White Small Design Sundress 100% cotton. Fits up to a 88” bust and 44” length. Made in India. C-WS259 $5.95

Baby Doll Dress Fun and comfy, 100% Rayon. Small fits up to 32” bust, 28” empire waist x 34” long; Medium fits up to 34” bust, 30” empire waist x 35” long; Large fits up to 38” bust, 35” empire waist x 36” long. Made in Indonesia. C-WS261 $7.95



C-W008 C-W012



Turquoise/Rust Green





Tie Dye Parachute Dress Fits up to 60” bust, 45” long. Hand wash separately, cold water. Made in India. C-WS338 $11.95

Brown Tie Dye

Burnt Orange

Navy Tie Dye

Rust Tie Dye

Brown Sheer Sleeveless Dress Sheer, soft, and extra comfy makes this the perfect dress all summer long. 100% rayon. One size fits up to 49” bust, 55 1/2 long. Made in India. C-WS299 $13.95

Purple Tie Dye

C-W015 Brown/ White

Set of 4 C-W004

Tie Dye Skirt Set 100% rayon. Fits up to a 46” bust, 28” shirt length, 48” elastic waist and 38” skirt length. Made in India. C-WS231 $19.95

Less than $4.99 each!

Tie Dye Butterfly-Cut Tops 100% rayon. Fits up to a 44” bust and 35” length. Made in India. (All sets vary. Colors and designs may not be identical to those shown above) C-W004 $19.95

Sleeveless Full-Length Tunic Dress 97% polyester; 3% spandex. Medium fits up to a 40” bust and 48” length. Large fits up to a 44” bust and 48” length. 1X fits up to a 48” bust and 50” length. 2X fits up to a 54” bust and 50” length. 3X fits up to a 58” bust and 50” length. Made in China. C-WS249 $7.95

Open-Side Kurta Pant Set: Yellow Turn heads and keep cool in this culturallyappealing solid color pant set. Top has open-sided design for extra style. Matching headwrap is included. 54% linen/45% rayon. One size fits most. Top fits up to 54” bust and is 39” long; Elastic with drawstring pants fit up to 42” waist and is 43” long. Made in China. C-WS280 $19.95

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Easy and Fun Ways to Love your Summer More 13 In Inspired Designs














Coconut Tree Sun Dress 100% rayon. One size fits up to 55” bust, 47” length. Made in India. C-WS292 $11.95

Light Blue

Ethnic Print Sundress 100% cotton. Best if hand washed. Fits up to a 60” bust and 48” in length. Made in Pakistan. C-WS618 $9.95 each






Yellow Palm Tree Sun Dress One size fits up to 55” bust, 47” length. Made in India. C-WS293 $11.95

Brown Shimmering Geometric Halter Dress Have a chic summer look that goes from day to night with supreme elegance. 100% polyester; spot clean. Fits up to a 40” bust and 50” length. Made in India. C-WS251 $13.95



$11.95 for all kaftans on these two pages Black Black

Green Red Navy Turquoise Red Pink

Drawstring Elephant Kaftan Relax in chic style no matter the occasion in this beautiful kaftan with majestic elephant print. Trunk up for good luck. One size fits up to 60” bust, 52” long. 100% polyester. C-WS343 $11.95

Paisley Pull-String Kaftan 100% polyester. One size fits up to 62” bust, 54” long. Made in India. C-WS287 $11.95

Blue Elephant Kaftan Fits up to a 60” bust and 50” length. Made in India. C-WS233 $11.95



Black Giraffe Kaftan One size fits up to 72” bust, 48” long. Made in India. C-WS340 $11.95

Heavy Cotton Cheetah Print Kaftan Embrace your wild side in the softness of 100% cotton. Includes matching head wrap. One size. Fits up to 69” bust, 52” long. Made in India. C-WS297 $11.95

Elephant Kaftan Flatter your feminine shape with this elephant kaftan. Geometrical lines slim your figure while the painted elephants give you an exotic touch. 100% rayon; best if dry cleaned. One size fits all; fitting up to a 80” bust and waist. 52” in length. Made in India. C-WF529 $11.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

15 Pink Blue Black

Abstract India Design Kaftan 100% rayon; best if hand washed. One size fits most; fitting up to a 70" bust. 49" in length. Made in India. C-WS274 $11.95

Floral Pull-String Kaftan 100% polyester. One size fits up to 60” bust, 53” long. Hand wash in cold water with like colors. Made in India. C-WS288 $11.95

Red Mud Print Kaftan One size fits up to 68” bust, 48” long. Made in India. C-WS339 $11.95





Olive Black

African Village Lady Kaftan One size fits most; fitting up to a 71" bust. 43" in length. Made in India. C-WS273 $11.95

Sun Garden Kaftan 100% rayon. One size fits all. Fits up to 68’ bust and is 51’ long. Made in India. C-WF394 $11.95

Summer Kaftan One size. Fits up to 60” bust, 52” long. Made in India. C-WS295 $11.95


16 Black

Red Brown

Blue White

Purple Light Green

Shimmering Giraffe Print Button Kaftan One size fits most; fitting up to a 69" bust. 52" in length. Machine washable in cold water with like colors; tumble dry low. Made in Pakistan. C-WS269 $11.95

Gold Embroidered Cotton Kaftan Matching head wrap included. 100% cotton. One size fits up to 58” bust, 51” length. Made in Pakistan. C-WS294 $14.95



Pull-String Kaftan - Paisley Each tightens easily to any size with drawstring below the bust. Tiny sequine-like embellishments around neckline add a unique decorative touch. One size fits most up to 60” bust x 52” long. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS268 $11.95

Purple/Green Blue Navy/Black Purple Brown/ Turquoise Red




Afrocentric Royalty Kaftan 100% rayon; machine wash. Fits up to a 76” bust and 48” length. Made in India. C-WF131 $11.95

Olive & Black Ethnic Batik Print Kaftan 100% rayon kaftan with head wrap. One size fits all. Fits up to 68” bust and is 51” long. Made in India. C-WF396 $11.95

Emblazoned Pull-String Kaftan 100% polyester. One size fits up to 56” bust, 52” long. Made in India. C-WS289 $11.95

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Extra chances to show off your own styles


Fits Every Size & Budget








Royal Elephant Kaftan Delve into the grace of the African elephant with this seductive elephant kaftan. 100% rayon. Fits up to a 74” bust and 47” long. Made in India. C-WF522 $11.95

Shimmering Paisley Flower Button Kaftan 100% polyester. One size fits up to 69” bust x 52” long. Made in Pakistan. C-WS262 $11.95

Gold Embroidered Polyester Kaftan 100% polyester. Fits up to a 66” bust and 50” long. Made in India. C-WF189 $14.95





Persian Floral Kaftan Slip into the rich colors and designs of floral and leaf prints in regal hues. 100% polyester; 74” bust and 52” length. Made in India. C-WS253 $11.95




Persian Shah Kaftan For a style that surrounds you in elegance and warm hues and designs of Africa, this kaftan is it! 100% polyester. 74” bust and 52” length. Made in India. C-WS255 $11.95

Heavy Cotton Mud Print Kaftan 100% cotton. One size. Fits up to 69” bust, 52” long. Made in India. C-WS298 $13.95


18 Black Orange Blue Lime Burgundy

Dark Brown

Dark Green Red


Royal African Bedrock Kaftan One size fits most; fitting up to a 60” bust. 56” in length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF377 $11.95


Black Sun Kaftan 100% nylon. Fits up to a 70” bust and 48” length. Made in India. C-WS243 $11.95

Traditional Print Kaftan Includes matching head wrap. 100% rayon (may be a different fabric type depending on where we get this item). Fits up to 80” bust, waist, and hips; 55” length. One size fits all. Made in India. C-WF304 $11.95

How to

save the most


Get a set of 12 kaftans for only $8.25 each


Tiger Kaftan For a style that is fierce and eye-catching slip into this tiger kaftan in your favorite shade of blue, green or yellow. 100% rayon. One size fits most; fitting up to a 70" bust. Made in India. C-WS270 $11.95

Get a pre-packaged set of twelve assorted kaftans. Assortments all vary in each package; some kaftans may not be shown in this catalog. C-WF499 $99.

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When you want new glamour everyday




Turquoise/ Yellow

Green Print Kaftan Matching headwrap completes the look. One size fits most. Up to 60” bust, 53” long. 100% polyester. Made in Pakistan. C-WS284 $9.95

Green/Pink Silky Flower Dress Dance and float in the breezy, sleek elegance of this flower design dress. Made of silky 100% polyester. Fits up to a 54” bust and length. Made in China. C-WS191 $19.95

Price Special



Floral and Paisley Jewel Kaftan 100% polyester. Fits up to a 50” bust and 56” length. Made in China. C-WF230 $11.95

Shimmering Silver Paisley/Safari Kaftan 100% polyester. Fits up to a 50” bust and length. Made in China. C-WS242 $17.95

Shimmering Animal Print Kaftan Slip into pure vibrance with this 100% polyester dress. Fits up to a 56” bust and 53” long. Made in China. C-WF181 $19.95



Traditional & Timeless African Style How to


save the most

Purple Yellow





Get 12 traditional print dashikis in assorted colors. Pre-packaged assortments vary. C-U912S $69.


Only $5.75 each (in a set of twelve)







Purple The Best-Selling Dashiki Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 55” bust and 29” length. Hats not always included. Made in India. C-U912 $6.90 each or $69.00/dozen


Black Traditional Print Dress

Put on Afrocentric elegance in this traditional print dress that is sure to urn heads. Empire waist flatters any figure. 96% polyester/4% lycra. Small fits up to 38” bust, 52” long; Medium fits up to 40” bust, 52” long; Large fits up to 42” bust, 52” long; X-Large fits up to 44” bust, 53” long. Made in China. C-WS346 $17.95


Lime Light Blue

why you love it “I just wanted you to know that everything turned out wonderfully. The outfits were great and were the “hit” of the performance. Thank you to your company and for the great customer service.” – Heather from Montgomery, TX


Red Traditional Butterfly Sleeved Dashiki 100% polyester. Fits up to a 56” bust and 40” length. Made in China. C-WS241 $19.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


Thailand Dashikis

Plus Sizes For Him & Her White/ Orange

White/ Yellow

Black/ Orange

Light Blue



White/ Green

Black/ Blue



Black/ Green


White/Blue Black/Red Green

Superior Quality Dashiki For the best fit and highest quality design choose these dashikis. Still at an affordable price for anyone! 100% cotton. Fits up to a 54” chest. Made in Thailand. C-U922 $9.95







White Traditional Print Dress Slip into white and black elegance this summer in this traditional print dress that is sure to turn heads. Empire waist flatters any figure. 96% polyester/4% lycra. Small fits up to 38” bust, 52” long; Medium fits up to 40” bust, 52” long; Large fits up to 42” bust, 52” long; X-Large fits up to 44” bust, 53” long. Made in China. C-WS345 $17.95

Plus Size Roomy Dashikis Choose from 1X, 2X or 3X. Check our website for current stock in all colors. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-U932 $9.95



Catch the excitement With Unforgettable Styles





Floral Sequined Dashiki: Red & Blue One size fits most; fitting up to a 64” bust. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WF379 $9.95

Animal Print Dashiki: Tan One size fits most; fitting up to a 62” bust. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WF380 $9.95

Sequined Batik Dashiki Relaxed and chic, this dashiki is the perfect top. Tiny sequins around the neckline add a touch of glimmer and glamour. 100% polyester. One size. Fits up to 70” bust, 34” long. Made in India. C-WS337 $9.95


Coral Gold/Black Silver


Mint Shimmering ButterflySleeve Tunic One size fits most. Up to 49” bust, 38” length. 100% polyester. Made in China. C-WS278 $7.95

Persian Sequined Dashiki 100% polyester. Fits up to a 60” bust and 35” length. Made in China. C-WF101 $9.95


Shimmer in this Metallic Tunic Top Slip into pure elegance with this 100% polyester tunic top. Hand wash for best results. Fits up to a 50” bust and 40” length. Made in India. C-WS134 $15.95

Gold Design On Black Dashiki 100% polyester. Fits up to a 68” bust and 37” length. Made in India. C-WF228 $9.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

23 Black


Maroon/Mustard Fuchsia

Turquoise Green Purple Dark Brown Elephant

Maroon Elephant

Red Rust

More colors available! African Print Dashiki Choose your favorite color and design online for a look that expresses your elegance and exoticism. 100% brocade. Fits up to a 50” chest and 32” length. Made in The Gambia. C-U123 $17.95

Drawstring Elephant Poncho Comfort and elegance collide in this poncho top. Kaftan design offers roomy feel and sleek style. Beautiful print boasts the magnificent elephant with trunk up for luck. Tiny sequins add some shimmer. One size fits up to 48” bust, 36” long. 100% polyester. Hand wash only cool water, dry with care. Made in India. C-WS344 $9.95




Stretch Top Feel like a diva in this exotic print stretch top with lace-detailed neckline. Perfect for work or play, this is a must for the season. 65% silk/35% polyester. Small fits up to 61” bust; Medium fits up to 63” bust; Large fits up to 65” bust; X-Large fits up to 67” bust; Made in China. C-WS342 $7.95

Rust/ Mustard/ Olive


Red/ Red/White/ Yellow/ Turquoise Blue

Mustard/ Green

Red/ White/ Blue

Blue/ Green

Tie Dye Pocket Shirt and Cap For a free-spirited look that flatters any man or woman, try this tie dye shirt with matching cap. 100% cotton. One size fits most; fitting up to a 48” chest. Shirt is 30” long. Made in Pakistan. C-M067 $5.95

Beige Gold Print Dashiki: Purple Feel African-chic in this bold style dashiki. Gold print adds just the right touch of elegance. One size fits most, up to 67” bust; 35” length. 100% polyester. C-WS277 $9.95

Shimmering Tiger Dashiki

100% polyester. Fits up to a 60” bust and 35” length. Made in China. C-WS235 $9.95



African styles for work or play Anytime or Anywhere

Seven ways to wear. It’s like getting seven garments in one. See how this can work for you at:

Sleeveless Jungle Print Dress Medium fits up to 40” bust, 45” hips, 46” long; Large fits up to 43” bust, 48” hips, 50” long; X-Large fits up to 46” bust, 60” hips, 48” long. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS347 $17.95 Cowry Shell Magic Dress Class & culture come together in this dress with matching head wrap. One size fits most. Up to 54” bust x 51 1/2 long. 100% rayon. Made in Indonesia. C-WF440 $29.95

Ethnic Print Tube Dress Small fits up to 32” bust, 47” long; Medium fits up to 32” bust, 50” long; Large fits up to 34” bust, 50” long; X-Large fits up to 40” bust, 50” long. Made in India. C-WS348 $14.95

Purple Stretch Dress Small fits up to 38” bust, 52” long; Medium fits up to 40” bust, 52” long; Large fits up to 42” bust, 52” long; X-Large fits up to 44” bust, 53” long. Made in China. C-WS359 $14.95

Green Push-Up Top Short Dress Small fits up to 34” bust, 42” long; Medium fits up to 36” bust, 42” long; Large fits up to 39” bust, 42” long; X-Large fits up to 41” bust, 42” long. 96% polyester/4% lycra. Made in China. C-WS349 $9.95

Pink Royalty Print Tube Dress Small fits up to 33” bust, 44” long; Medium fits up to 35” bust, 49” long; Large fits up to 38” bust, 49” long; X-Large fits up to 42” bust, 49” long. Made in India. C-WS354 $14.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at




Lavender Stretch Fabric Pant Set 97% rayon, 3% lycra. Matching head wrap adds the finishing touch to coordinate head to toe! One size fits most. Top fits up to 64” bust, Pants have elastic band and drawstring and fit up to 51” waist x 40” long. \Made in Indonesia. C-WF441 $19.95


Green Cotton Pant Set - Button-Down This crisp pant suit gives you the comfort you want with the elegance you demand. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 64” bust, 36” shirt length, 64” elastic waist, and 42” in length. Made in China. C-WF180 $17.95


Making a Difference


Dark Brown In 2003, Action International was started to help with war-torn, traumatized people, especially children, in the the ‘war zone’ of Gulu, Northern Uganda. They also do Children Worker’s Training and training to meet the plight of AIDS/HIV victims. To read more go to:

Embellished Floral Kurta Dress Comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 1X and 2X. 100% cotton. C-WF374 $7.95

Shear Tie-Dye Skirt Set One size fits most. Top fits up to 54” bust, skirt fits up to 50” waist x 39” long. Skirt has elastic band with drawstring. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WF442 $19.95



One of a kind garments


Own a style that is completely all your own. C-M040: Beige/Brown Indigo Orange



Luxurious Hand-Painted Mudcloth Dashiki For Men Or Women Relax and kick back in these soft, breathable mudcloth dashikis. Made of hand-painted genuine mudcloth. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 50” chest and 32” length. Styles vary. Made in Mali, West Africa. C-M040 $29.95 each

BB-1099: Mustard/Rust/Black Beige Beige/Brown Brown Mustard Orange Rust Indigo Olive White/Black

Boldly Printed Mudcloth Dress Embrace symmetry with this geometrically designed full length dress. Comfortable and feminine, this long A-line dress will keep you noticed anywhere. Fits up to a 58” bust. Made in Mali. C-W201 $49.95


why you love it

Mustard Elegant Hand-Painted Mudcloth Dress Be African chic with these one-of-a-kind mudcloth dresses. Each is hand painted and completely unique. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 46” bust and 53” length. Made in Mali, West Africa. BB-1099 $29.95 each

“I loved it all, especially the mud cloth daishiki. I wore it today to Mother’s Day Brunch and received stares and a compliment.” – Ras from Hawthorne, CA

Four-Color Mudcloth Wrap Skirt Sell what women love: these figure-flattering hand-made mudcloth skirts. Created using natural dyes and muds. Each dress is unique. No two are alike. 100% cotton. One size fits all. Made in Mali. C-W150 $29.95 each

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

27 de

Ma in a







More colors available!

Lilac Baby Blue Million Stone Lace Floral Skirt Set Hand wash for best results. Fits up to a 52” bust, 38” shirt length, 66” wrap skirt, and 47” skirt length. Available in sizes 16-22. Made in India. C-WS187 $59.95




Festival Gown Embroidered Skirt Set Step out in African style in this skirt set with matching head wrap. 100% rayon. One size fits most. Top fits up to 54” bust. Wrap skirt fits up to 63” waist. Made in Pakistan. C-WF435 $19.95

Green Tie Dye Long Dress 100% cotton. Fits up to a 50” bust and 57” length. Made in Senegal. C-W001 $19.95

How to choose the perfect Mudcloth clothing Design


Choose Your Style Here

Designs shown below are just samples, each piece is unique, no two are alike.

Colors shown below will be the color you receive, but the patterns shown on the fabric vary.

Availability Listed by Item or check online at





(These pieces will have an animal print on them.)


(Always 4 colors.)

Cowry Shell

(These will always have a cowry shell pattern.)

Black/ Brown/ Natural



(These pieces will have a consistent pattern on them.)



(An actual picture image (Strips of different fabric as shown above but each are put together.) picture is different.)


White/ Black






Gold-embroidered George fabric fashions


why you love it “I was thrilled with my order, I wore the two piece skirt set to church and received numerous compliments on it.” – True from Pueblo, CO


Black African Queen George Dress Set Women in Africa are known for wearing designs like these to weddings and special events. Comes with a sundress, duster, and crown. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 47” bust and 48” waist. Plus size also available. Made in India. C-W953 $39.95

Graceful George Skirt and Jacket Set Discover a look that works for church, the office, and at home. This george skirt set is a symbol of wealth in Africa due to its hand-embroidered details and golden accents. Comes with matching jacket and crown. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 54” bust, waist, and hips. Plus size also available. Made in India. C-W956 $39.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


White/ White The Poncho George Sensation! Get trendy and chic with this new george poncho skirt set. 55% cotton and 45% rayon. Fits up to a 70” bust, and 51” drawstring waist. Made in India. C-W957 $29.95

Shimmering George Kaftan Have the look that turns heads with this george kaftan. This best-seller flatters any woman and shows off her heritage. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 54” bust and is 53” long. Made in India. C-W952 $19.95

Color Options Availability Changes Ask for any of you favorite colors. Marked colors available at time of printing. (Available colors may change without notice) Color C-W950 C-W951 C-W952 C-W953 C-W956 C-W957 Options X X X X X Beige X X X X X X Black X X X X Blue X Brown X X X Dark Green X X Dark Brown X X X X X X Gold X X Green X X X Light Blue Lilac X X X Lime X X X X Maroon X X X X Mustard X X X X X Orange X Peach X X X Purple X X X X Red X X X X White/Gold X X X X X White/Silver X X White/White




Sophisticated George Pant Suit For the woman headed for success, this George pant set is an essential. Cultural and sophisticated, made with high-style george fabric. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 46” bust and 42” waist. Made in India. C-W951 $24.50

The Best-Selling George Skirt Set You’ll love this elegant george skirt set. Includes button-down blouse, head wrap, and skirt. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 47” bust and 46” drawstring waist. Plus size also available. Made in India. C-W950 $24.50

George Fabric Color Chart Any garment that you purchase will basically be the same as those shown; except gold embroidery, which varies on all George garments. No two are identical.




Dark Brown


Light Blue


Orange Purple


White/ Gold

Brown Burgundy

Dark Green





White/ Silver

White/ White


Answer the call of true African style


In Kente Fashion

Style 1

Style 2

Style 1

Get a Modern African Style With this Kente Umbrella Dress Embroidery around the neckline and a flowing fit make this flattering on any body type. 100% cotton. Available in sizes free, plus. Made in India. C-WF609 $13.95

Kente Dashiki This comfy and cultural kente dashiki is an easy way to show your African pride. Fits up to 48-55” bust/chest measurement. 100% cotton. Dashiki has two front pockets and embroidery along the neckline and pockets. Made in India. C-U920 $9.50

why you love it “I received my order and I have already sold the two dresses I received. I’m looking to open up a nice size store with your products.” – Marilyn from Woodbury, TN

Style 2

Style 2

Style 1 Style 1

Unisex Kente Pant Set For a look that brings African style to any man or woman; this Kente pant set is essential. Soft, roomy feel made with 100% cotton. Fits up to a 54” chest and 56” waist. Made in India. C-U916 $19.95 each

Feminine Kente Print Kaftan This kaftan gives a strong cultural message perfect for Kwanzaa, Black History Month, or any time of year! 100% cotton. Fits up to a 70” bust and 50” length. Made in India. C-U914 $11.50 each

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at



Black Burgundy

Brown White

Embroidered Flora Tie Dye Skirt Set Super comfy and chic best describes this 2pc poncho and skirt set with hand embroidered details. 100% rayon. One size fits most. Poncho/top fits up to 76” bust, 30” poncho length. Skirt fits up to 66” waist. Made in India. C-WS260 $29.95

Royal Kaftan 100% polyester. 100% polyester. Fits up to a 54” bust and 57” length. Made in China. C-WS232 $19.95




Afrocentric Jumpsuit Dress Lightweight, 100% rayon keeps you cool and carefree. Sleeveless design with button-front, side pockets, and attached fabric belt-tie, make this the perfect outfit for just about anything. Small fits up to 40” bust, 33” long; Medium fits up to 41” bust, 33” long; Large fits up to 42” bust, 33” long; X-Large fits up to 44” bust, 35” long. Made in Pakistan. C-WS291 $7.95

Making a Difference Children like Koumou are being fed, housed, and educated with loving caretakers and teachers. These kids deserve all that the world has to offer, and thanks to you they are experiencing the love and care they so greatly deserve.

Purple Gold Embroidered Dashiki/Skirt Set Made in India. C-WF438 $19.95


Culture you can wear anytime


Set of 3 Tie Dye Shirts Each set of tees is completely different. No two sets are alike. 100% cotton. Available in sizes small, medium, large. Made in India. C-WF276 $9.95


Baby Doll Flower Dress Small fits up to 42” bust and 38” long; Medium fits up to 44” bust and 38” length; Large fits up to 47” bust and 39” length; X-Large fits up to 49” bust and 42” length. 65% silk/ 35% polyester. Made in China. C-WS300 $5.95



Tie-Dye Long Skirt Elegance goes a long way with these vibrant tie-dye skirts. Elastic, drawstring waists make these an easy-fitting look that instantly brightens up your entire style and day. Fits up to a 50” drawstring waist and 35” length. Made in India. C-WF275 $9.95 each

White Orange Purple





Summer Dress Stay cool in this flowing, summer white dress with lace embroidered detail around neckline and shoulder straps. 80% polyester/ 20% viscose. One size fits most, up to 60” bust; 50” length. Made in Pakistan. C-WS285 $9.95

Light Blue Island Print Long Skirt Set 100% polyester. Available in sizes small, medium, large. Made in Bangladesh. C-WS257 $9.95

Summer Skirt Turn heads in this bold pattern print. Tiny sequin embellishments adorn the neckline adding a touch of shimmer. 100% polyester. One size fits up to 56” bust, 52” long. Made in India. C-WS290 $7.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

33 Coral

Light Blue

Pink Coral Light Green Silk Scarf Poncho Top - Square-Cut Sheer, soft, and stylish. Dressy or casual, this poncho top with paisley design is perfect for every wardrobe. One size fits most, up to 44” bust; 20” length. 100% silk. Made in India. C-WS282 $5.95


Light Green


Light Blue

Silk Scarf Top - Diamond-Cut Sheer, soft, and stylish. Dressy or casual, this poncho top with paisley design is perfect for every wardrobe. Diamond cut design flatters any figure. One size fits most, up to 44” bust; 32” length at longest point. 100% silk. Made in India. C-WS283 $5.95

Blue-Print Stretch-Fabric Sun-Top Kaftan-style design provides easy Afrocentric comfort. One size fits up to 51” bust, 31” long. 95% polyester/5% spandex. Made in China. C-WS358 $7.95

Orange (Top shown on page 23 C-WS342 $7.95)



(Close up of silver embroidery)

Light Blue



White & Silver Summer Skirt Silver embroidered accents add a touch of elegance. One size fits up to 36” waist, 34” long. Partially lined with elastic/drawstring waist band. Made in India. C-WS355 $11.95

Beaded Long Skirt: Black Beautifully printed design with bead-like embellishments add a sparkly touch. One size fits up to 40”; elastic with drawstring waist and 38” long. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS356 $9.95

Beaded Long Skirt Beautifully printed design with bead-like embellishments add a sparkly touch. One size fits up to 40” elastic with drawstring waist and 38” long. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS357 $9.95


African styles for him



Light Blue (Free only)




Brocade Dashiki Stylish and comfortable 100% cotton dashikis. Hand wash for best results. Free size fits up to a 48” chest and 35” length. Plus size fits up to a 60” chest and 35” length. Made in Gambia. C-M024 $19.95 Brocade Dashiki Get authentic with style by owning this set of six brocade dashikis. C-M024s $107.95 (Other colors available!)






Embroidered Suit and Hat Set



Stand out in sleek style with shimmering embroidery. 100% cotton. Available in sizes S/M, L/XL, and Plus size. Made in India.

C-M051 $19.95


Printed design varies between garments.

Hand-Tailored African Men’s Suiting Suit up in the quality embroidered look of this pant set. 100% cotton brocade. Available in plus size only. Made in Guinea. C-M021 $29.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

35 Dark Green Blue




Dark Brown

Light Blue








Cotton Pant Set - String-Tied Slip into this comfortable cotton pant suit with a lace-up neckline for a look that is contemporary and cultural. 100% cotton. One size fits most; fitting up to a 52” chest, 34” shirt length, 54” drawstring waist, and 28” inseam (42” hip to hem). Made in China. C-WF175 $19.95

White/Gold Hand-Made Brocade Suit This bold, brocade pant set surrounds the modern man with a sense of his African roots. Made with luxurious cotton brocade that has detailed embroidery throughout. Embroidery varies slightly. 100% brocade. Fits up to a 56” chest, 50” drawstring waist, and 25” inseam. Made in Africa. C-M450 $34.95

Making a Difference Lela has been at Bethanie Orphanage since a newborn. She has never known her parents. She can often be found playing with the other children. Despite her beginnings, she is a very welladjusted little girl.


Rasta Mustard Orange (See color chart on page 27) Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe The authentic African Mud cloth makes this handsome and one-of a kind, only a true man will want to be seen in this. Each garment is completely unique and different. No two are alike. One size fits all. Made in Mali. C-M200 $59.50

To read more go to: http://blog.africaimports. com/wordpress/updatefrom-bethanie-orphanage-incongo

Cowry Shell



The ultimate statement for men why you love it “I love the products that your company carries and my customers love them too. Business has been very busy since my grand opening. It seems that I have to call you every other day or everyday just to order more things from you. I’m very glad I decided to use your product only and I could not be happier with everything I have received so far. Everyone at Africa Imports has been extremely helpful in helping me get a good running start.” – Fredia in Aberdeen, NC Blue



Light Blue

Dark Brown



White/White The Ultimate Hand-Made Grand BouBou The grand boubou defines African masculinity. Made by only the most skilled tailors, this four-piece garment displays pure brilliance. Includes top, pants, boubou outer garment and kufi hat. Each boubou takes weeks to create, and each has meticulous gold embroidery. Fits up to a 56” chest, 39” shirt length, 54” drawstring waist, 31” inseam. Kufi fits a 24” circumference. Boubou has a 106” chest and 54” length. Hand-made in Ghana or the Gambia. C-M211 $64.95

Unisex African Brocade Pant Set Includes 52” long top with up to 60” bust or mens(chest measurement). Comfortable and roomy drawstring pants with maximum 58” waist, 44” (women’s) 29.5” (men inner seem) in length. Matching embroidered hat. Made for either men’s or women’s wear. Perfect for matching outfits. 100% cotton. For best results dry clean. Made in Senegal. C-U110 $43.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Traditional styles for the next generation Fuchsia




Style 1


Style 2

Celebrate Africa With The Younger Generation! Comes in sizes Small (4/5), Medium (6/8) and Large (10/12). The model in the photo is 10 years old and wearing a size large. C-C961 $11.95


Yellow Green Also available in White/Orange, White/Pink, White/Red, White/Yellow and White/Blue. Check for availability.

Children’s Traditional Print Dashiki 100% cotton. Unisex. One size fits most up to 36” chest x 19” shirt length. Made in India. C-C001 $7.95


Dark Green Boys Three-piece Pant Set C-C071 $19.95 each

Dark Brown

Girls Three-piece Skirt Set C-C072 $19.95 each

Adorably African Brocade Sets These high-quality brocade sets let our future generation show the pride of their African roots. 100% cotton brocade, with handembroidered details. Comes in sizes 2/4 thru 18+. Color shades and embroidery may vary slightly. Made in The Gambia.









Light Blue








Dark Green

Dark Brown


Neon Green

Royal Blue





Sky Blue Because these outfits come with so many colors and size options, some combinations may go out of stock quickly. Try to have an alternate choice available when you order one of these. For exact measurements, see size chart at


Afrocentric Accessories


For your lifestyle


Orange Leather Elephant Tote Bags 16” X 16”. Made in India. C-A002 $9.95 each


Leather ‘Mini Elephants’ Tote Bag Adjustable straps with an outside zipper on the back. 16” X 16”. Made in India. C-A001 $9.95




Suede/Leather Handbag - Gye Nyame Includes a wallet. 15” X 12”. Made in India. C-A081 $13.95




Suede & Leather Handbag with Zebra Stripes 17” X 12” wallet is 4.5” X 3”. Made in India. C-A115 $13.95 each


Dark Green

Suede & Leather Handbag with Cowrie Shell 17” X 12” wallet is 4.5” X 3”. Made in India. C-A050 $13.95 each

Mud Cloth Tote Bag: Adjustable Strap Mudcloth Beaded Bag Mudcloth Zipper Tote Bag 12” X 10”. Made in Mali. C-A005 $13.95 each 13” X 11”. Made in Mali. C-A008 $13.95 each 15” X 15”. Made in Burkina Faso. C-A016 $17.95

Small Mudcloth Tote Bag 12” X 9”. Made in Mali. C-A004 $13.95 each

Mudcloth & Black Leatherette Bag 17” X 17”. Made in Mali. C-A052 $28.95

Mudcloth Handbag 12” X 13”. Made in Burkina Faso. C-A059 $13.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Leather Bags


Hand-crafted for effortless elegance and exoticism

Medium Patchwork Leather Tote Bags Smaller-sized leather tote bags. 14”-18” of real leather. Black and brown are readily available, while other colors are available as an assortment only. Colors vary. Bags drawstring close but straps may differ. Made in Niger. C-A023 $21.95 each or $219.50/dozen

Black Leather Mask Purse 10”-14” tall. No two are exactly alike. Made of genuine leather. Individually hand-crafted in The Gambia. C-A102 $19.95

Hand-Woven Sisal Bags These hand-woven “Kiondo” or sisal bags are created by the Kikamba women of Kenya. Colors and styles vary. Made in Kenya. C-A612 $5.95

Best-Selling Leather Tote Bag This large 24” leather tote bag is made out of real leather. Black and brown are readily available, while other colors are available as an assortment only. Colors vary. Made from Niger. C-A022 $23.95 each

African Leather Handbag Hand-crafted so they all vary. Fully lined with zipper pocket. 13” tall. Made in Niger. C-A021 $19.95 Patchwork Zebra Tote Bag Made in India. C-A132 $7.95



Endless Combinations

Accessories that give your current wardrobe a whole new look Rust


Fuchsia White


Purple Lime Get Instant Elegance with Pashmina Scarves Pashmina scarves are a great way to add a little color or sophistication to your look. 29” X 69”. 100% viscose. Made in India or China. C-A962 $4.95

Paisley Pashmina Scarves 66” long x 54” wide. Hand wash cold water, line dry. 100% rayon Made in India. C-A118 $4.95

Brown Blue

12 Scarves for $2.08 each



Three-Row Cowry Shell Belt 47” in length. Made in India. C-A931 $5.95

Colors Available (From Left to Right): Pink, Yellow, Orange, Lilac, Blue, Black/White. Pashmina Fashion Scarves 11” X 84”. C-A902 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen.


Sandal w/Multi-Colored Beads Available in sizes 6-9. Made in China. S-W807 $7.95

Leather Concert Purse Place the strap around your head and keep your passports, money and airline tickets safe and secure. 7” X 4.5”. Strap is 18” long. Made in Mali. C-A100 $11.95

Order Individually Individual Satin Scarves C-A952 $2.39 each

Order by the Dozen Set of Twelve Satin Scarves For the best value get a variety of twelve scarves as an assortment and save! 13” X 60.” Polyester with satin finish. Made in Korea. C-A952A $24.90

Black Elephant

C-A952: Black Elephant Gold Zebra Gold Zebra Stripes Green Multi-Striped Green Snake Skin Purple Jaguar/Zebra Red Elephant Red Jaguar/Zebra Red Leopard Spots Sage Leopard Blocks White Elephant White Leopard Spots White Zebra Stripes

Sequined Elastic Belt This shimmering belt livens up any outfit--day or night. Stretches to fit most sizes. Made in China. C-A943 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


6” wide

Scarves have hand-braided fringes accented with West African trade beads.

9” wide How to

How to

save the most

save the most

Scarves have hand-braided fringes accented with West African trade beads.

Only $4.96 each in dozens

Only $8.29 each in dozens

$5.95 for a single scarf.

Hand-Woven, Hand-Painted Mudcloth Scarves These hand-made mudcloth scarves are one of the best-selling items in this catalog. You can own more than one and have a new look every day. Hand-braided ends are decorated with West African trade beads. 6” wide and 50”-60” long. Scarves are hand-painted in Mali, West Africa with designs that symbolize prosperity, royalty, and more. C-A200 $5.95 each or $59.50/dozen

$9.95 for a single scarf.

The Best-Selling Mudcloth Scarves from Mali These table runners or scarves can be used on the table, or as a scarf or belt. Approx 50”-60” long and 9” wide. Available only as an assortment. Made in Mali, West Africa. C-A202 $9.95 each or $99.50/dozen

Biggest Saving! Only 99¢ each (in dozens)! Forest Green

Black/ White/Blue

Fuchsia/ Pink

Pink/Light Blue/Lime




Green/ White

Dark Brown

Velveteen Sash Wrap yourself in lush beauty with this soft velveteen sash. 87” long. Made in China. 70% rayon, 30% nylon. C-A116 $1.18 each or $11.80/dozen.

Blue/ Brown/ Green/Pink Blue/Green Set of 6 Sashes Vibrant and multicolored to add instant dimension to your look. 100% rayon; wash cold and line dry. 5” X 66”. Made in China. C-A882 $5.94 Only 99¢ each in the Set!

Burgundy/ Brown/ White

Brown/White/ Green

Dazzling Sash Accent your look with the shimmering hues of these multi-colored scarves. 73” long. 100% polyester. Made in China. C-A117 $1.18 or $11.80/ dozen.



Transform yourself with African hats For him & her

White Rasta Color Knitted Kufi Cap (G-Y-R) Approx. 16-20” in circumference. Made in Central America. C-A044 $3.45


why you love it

Mixed Choose Your Favorite Men’s Kufi Hat Choose black, white, or an assorted mixture of colors. Approx. 20-22” in circumference. Made in Africa. C-A043 $3.45 each or $34.50/dozen

Fulani Hats

“I received my order of 6 knitted kufi caps yesterday. I liked the way this style of kufi cap fits me. It is very comfortable to wear.” – Ray from Houma, LA

C-A046 $19.95 Fulani hats were originally used for cattle herding or drumming. To find out more go to: The Trademark Hat of the Fulani People Made in Mali. 14” Original Fulani Hat C-A047 $13.95 C-A047 18” Large Fulani Straw Hat C-A046 $19.95


(Hats are compressed for shipping. Uncompressed hats can cost over $40.00 to ship. Please ask for this option if desired.)

Makes a great wall hanging too!





Silver Black/White Black/Gold C-H455 $4.95 or $49.50/dozen C-H452 $4.95 or $49.50/dozen Embroidered Kufi Hat Made in India.

Purple Mudcloth Kufi Hat Approx. 22” in circumference. Made in Mali. C-A045 $6.95

Sequined and Braided Crowns Each crown is accented with rhinestones for that extra sparkle. 100% nylon. One size fits all. Made in the USA. A-04 $14.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


Hand-Crafted Mudcloth Baseball Cap Made with authentic bogalon mudcloth. Specific color selections not possible. Approx. 22” in circumference. Made in Mali. C-H140 $9.95 each or $99.50/dozen Leopard Print Shawl: Brown Reach exotic new heights in fashion with this brown leopard print shawl. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WF370 $13.95

Purple Plush Poncho With Faux Fur Trim Wrap up in sophistication with this lush wrap poncho. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WF367 $13.95

Leopard Print Shawl: Gray Be exotic and classic in this ultracozy leopard print shawl. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WF371 $13.95

Mudcloth Brim Hats Transform yourself into someone that is hip, cultural, and exotic in one easy step! 100% cotton mudcloth, best if hand washed. Made in Mali. C-A034 $11.95 each



Dark Brown Gray Mudcloth Brimmed Hat A hand-made mudcloth hat is a perfect accent of Africa for anytime anywhere! Great adjustable sizes for those with natural hair and dreadlocks. Made in Mali. C-A038 $14.95


Cashmere Flower Shawl Poncho 100% Acrylic. One size fits all. Reversible. Made in China. C-WF227 $13.95

Money $aver$


Pink Thick and Lush Crochet Poncho 60% cotton; 40% Acrylic. 54” wide X 14” long. Made in China. C-WS239 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen

Black Leopard Print Ruana Poncho Soft and chic, wrap yourself up in warmth and style with this animal print poncho. 100% acrylic. Hand wash in cold water, line dry. Made in China. C-WF390 $13.95



Kente Accessories

Instantly transform any outfit to Afrocentric C-A920 Style 1 $4.95

Kente Tie Sets Choose your favorite or get them all. Made in India.

C-A923 Style 2 $4.95

C-A924 Style 3 $4.95

C-A919 Style 4 $4.95

ALL Bow ties $3.95 each Cumberbunds $9.95 each

Kente Bow Tie Style 3 C-A921 $3.95

Kente Cumberbund Style 3 C-A922 $9.95

C-A825 Style 1 Kente Tote Bags 100% cotton. 17” X 11”. Made in India. $9.95 each.

For Formal Occasions Transform a plain suit into an attractive reflection of African culture. Adjustable belt strap. Cumberbund fits up to a 52” waist. Made in India. More Bow Ties and Cumberbunds! Transform that plain suit into an attractive reflection of African culture with this authentic Kente bow tie. Made in the USA.

C-A826 Style 2

C-A827 Style 3

C-A828 Style 4

save the most

Set of 4 Kente Tote Bags C-A829 $31.95 ($7.99 each)

Kente Bow Tie Style 1 C-A916

Kente Cumberbund Style 1 C-A911

Kente Bow Tie Style 2 C-A917

Kente Cumberbund Style 2 C-A912

Kente Bow Tie Style 4 C-A918

Kente Cumberbund Style 4 C-A913

why you love it “Here are a couple of photos to give you a visual of how adorable the Kente cloth bow-tie and sash looked on the children at The Garvey School graduation ceremony. Thank you for providing us with a quality, affordable product. Also, thank you for your professional service.”

– Mrs. Singleton at Kedar Productions from Bronx, NY Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


Style 1 C-A925

Style 2 C-A926

Style 3 C-A927

Style 4 C-A928

Kente Scarves Wonderful table runners to add an African flavor to any environment. Also commonly used as scarves and sashes. Approx. 12” X 44”. Made in India. $4.95 each

Kente Scarves $4.95 each or $49.50/dozen ($4.13 each) How to

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C-A930 Style 1

Get a set of twelve Kente sashes (three of each design). All Kente scarves are approximately 12” X 44” long. Made in India. Kente Sashes C-A929 $49.50

C-A934 Style 2

C-A935 Style 3

why you love it

C-A937 Style 4

“Everything was great! I placed an additional order for Kente cloth scarves. I can’t wait for them to arrive.”

Kente Duffle Bags Celebrate the culture Africa is famous for with this kente handbag in vibrant hues. Approx. 20” long. Made in India. Drawstring closure. $9.95 each

– Tracey from Charlotte, NC Kente is considered a royal and sacred cloth in Ghana, and is often called ‘the cloth of Kings’.

Style 2 C-A900

Style 1 C-A899 Kente Kufi Hat $3.45 each or $34.50/dozen Approx. 22” in circumference. Made in India.

Blue/White with White Crest True African Woven Kente Sash Make a bold statement in this hand-woven kente scarf. 60” X 4.5”. Made in Ghana for the authentic look of Africa. C-A125 $9.95

Style 3 C-A897

Style 4 C-A898


Authentic African


Everything on this page is made in Africa


Six Lustrous Agate Earrings You can’t get more authentic than wearing agate earrings made out of volcanic rock from Africa. Made in Mali. Set of Six Agate Earrings J-SET4 $15.95





J-E329 NEW!

Choose the perfect size below.


XXX-Large Silver 2¼” J-E328 $29.95 J-E330

XXL Silver 2” J-E326 $19.95 Medium Silver 1” J-E331 $12.95 XXX-Large Gold 2¼” J-E329 $19.95 (Pictured Above) XX-Large Gold 2” J-E325 $17.95


Massai Beaded Earrings Made in Kenya. Each pair is totally hand-made and unique; no two are identical. J-E601 Small 1-2” $3.95/pair Large 2”-3” $4.95/pair

Saber Tooth Necklace 12 1/2” long. Pendant is approx 3 1/2” at widest point. Made in Kenya. J-N014 $8.95

Medium Gold 1” J-E330 $6.45 Large Gold 1½” J-E300 $7.95 X-Large Gold 1¾” J-E320 $11.95

Bone Pendant & Saber Tooth Necklace Made in Kenya. J-N016 $8.95

J-E331 J-E300 Authentic Fulani Earrings Be recognized with these hand-made Fulani earrings with unique African hooks. Available in different sizes and two colors. Use caution when handling. Made in Mali, West Africa.

Saber Tooth On Bone Pendant Necklace Made in Kenya. J-N015 $8.95

Tuareg Silver Earrings Red Jewel 2” long. Made in Mali. J-TE040 $6.95 Golden Tuareg Spiral Earrings 1-2” Made in Mali. J-TE056 $6.95

Traditional Massai Wedding Necklace 23” long and 5” in diameter. Cowrie shells are attached to the end of each beaded strand. Made in Kenya. J-N610 $17.95



Exotic Necklace 24” long. Made in Kenya. Animal Wood Necklace Brown J-N670 $1.95 Dark Brown J-N671 $1.95 or $19.50/dozen

Massai Beaded Necklace 30” circumference. J-N663 $2.95 or $29.50/ dozen

Set of 4 Beaded Kenyan Necklaces Set of 4. Overall length approx 11”-11 1/2”. Made in Kenya. J-Set148 $7.95

Set Of 3 African Seed Necklaces Set of 3 different designs. Approximately 9” long. Designs may vary slightly. Made in Kenya. J-SET149 $4.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


African Seed Jewelry Sets $4.95 each





Necklaces are 21” long. Earrings are 2” large. Bracelet is adjustable. Hand-crafted in Kenya.


Ultra-long African Festival Necklace Unbelievably crafted from recycled glossy paper. So solid you would never know. Made in Kenya. 44” circumference. J-N665 $2.95 or $29.50/dozen

Colors of beads vary slightly.

D’Jembe Drum Necklaces Made in Senegal.

Massai Beaded Choker Necklace Made in Kenya. J-N660 $1.95 each or $19.50/ dozen

Set Of 12 African Necklaces With cowry shells and leather. Made in Senegal. J-SET50 $17.95

Clay Terra Cotta Beaded Disc Necklace Made in Nigeria. Colors vary J-N926 $1.95 or $19.50/dozen African Bone Beaded Disc Necklace Colors vary. Made in Nigeria. J-N927 $2.49 each


1.5” Large J-N001 $1.95 each or $19.50/dozen 2” Large J-N0015 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen

Porcupine Quill Beaded Necklace 20” circumference. Made in Kenya. J-N602 $2.99

African Coconut Disc Beaded Necklace Made in Kenya. J-N601 $3.95

Hematite Necklace Set Made in the Philippines. Hematite Twelve-Piece Necklace Set J-SET12 $21.95

$2.19 Each or $21.90/dozen. J-N977


Beaded Brass Dangle Necklace Handcrafted in Kenya. J-N603 $2.99

Set of 12 Tiger Shell Tear Drop Earrings Made in the Philippines. J-SET141 $9.95

Cowrie Shells

3” Large Cut & Polished


Large Wooden Symbol Necklaces Made in the Philippines. Black Wood Ankh Necklace J-N977 $2.95 or $29.50/ dozen Black Wood Peace Necklace J-N976 $1.99 or $19.90/ dozen

Cut & Polished Wooden Cross Necklace Made in India. J-N915

Hematite Cross Necklace Made in the Philippines. J-N967

Wooden Ankh Necklace J-N956

Hematite Ankh Necklace J-N965

100 Shells M-B402 $7.50 1 Kilo M-B405 $39.95

Uncut & Cut & Polished Tiger Shells Polished 100 Shells 1 Lb. M-B403 M-B407 $7.50 $27.95 1 Kilo M-B406 $39.95

Set of 3 Shells M-B409 $5.95



Save the most with variety sets As low as 66¢ per pair Earrings in this set change continually so you will always have something new and different. Sets shown here are representative only.

Necklaces vary in each set. Sets shown are representative only.

Twelve Necklaces – Twelve Ways to Inspire. Set of twelve handmade necklaces that are each unique. Each set will be one-of-akind. Made in India. Set of Twelve Necklaces J-SET8 $13.95

Set of Twelve Peacock Earrings 2” large. Made in the Philippines. J-Set14 $14.95

Set of 12 Iridescent Hoop Earrings Made in China. J-SET118 $7.95

Set of 12 Glimmering Round Earrings 3 different color tones. Made in China. J-SET128 $7.95

Set of 12 Glimmering Earrings: Diamonds Made in China. J-SET121 $7.95

Set Of 12 Spiky Gold & Silver Earrings. Made in China. J-SET153 $9.95

Twelve Earrings - Twelve New Looks Each set of twelve earrings is different. Current combinations will be similar to styles shown, but never exactly the same. Made in India. J-SET9 $13.95

Set Of 4 Agate Crystal Earrings 1” large. Made in China. J-SET101 $4.95

Set Of 12 Large Spear Head Hoop Earrings Made in China. J-SET139 $9.95

Set of 12 Tear Drop Earrings Made in China. J-SET127 $9.95

Set of 12 Glimmering Earrings: Triangle 2” long. Made in China. J-SET122 $7.95

Set Of 12 Cowrie Shell & Stone Earrings 2” large. Made in India. J-SET110 $13.95

Set Of 12 Assorted Cowrie Shell Made in China. J-SET55 $13.95

Set Of 12 Peacock Fashion Earrings 3” large. Made in China. J-SET73 $9.95

12 Metal Gemstone Earrings Varying colored beads. Six silver and six gold earrings. Made in China. J-SET133 $9.95

Set of 12 Silver Filigree Stone Earrings 3” long. Made in China. J-SET108 $9.95

Set of 12 Metal Precious Stone Earrings Made in China. J-SET119 $9.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

The newest designs


Prices anyone can afford!

Set of 6 Wooden Earrings Approx. 1”-3.5” each. Made in India. J-SET37 $7.95

Set Of 12 Dazzling Feather Earrings Made in China. J-SET152 $9.95

Set of Twelve Small Brass Earrings Made in India. J-SET40 $13.95

Set Of 12 Assorted Brass Spiral Earrings 2” large. Made in India. J-SET54 $17.95

Set Of 12 Silver & Gold Disc Earrings Made in China. J-Set155 $9.95

Set Of 12 Gold & Silver Chain Dangle Earrings Made in China. J-SET158 $9.95

Set of 12 Animal Chic Earrings 3” large. Made in China. J-SET99 $9.95

Set Of 12 Cowrie Shell Tooth Necklaces Made in Philippines. J-SET150 $14.95

Set Of 12 Oversized Spiky Hoop Earrings Made in China. J-Set156 $9.95

Set Of 12 Spiky Dangle Earrings Made in China J-Set157 $9.95

Set of Twelve Brass, Copper, and Silver Earrings Made in India. J-SET18 $24.95

Set of 12 Wooden Africa Necklaces Necklace bands are approx. 26”-30” circumference and pendants are 2” large. Made in China. J-SET84 $9.95

Feather Earrings and Hair Accessories Set of 12 Triple Feather Flower Earrings Made in China. J-SET135 $9.95

Set of 12 Long Feather Dangle Earrings Set of 12. Made in China. J-SET136 $9.95

Set of 12 Feather Short Earrings Made in China. J-SET134 $9.95

Set of 12 Feather Extensions Made in China.

Short - 13”

Long - 15”

Long 15” Extensions H-W012 $9.95 Short 13” Extensions H-W013 $9.95


Vibrant and Impressive


Brass Studded Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S241 $7.95

Silver Studded Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S240 $7.95

3-Tone Elephant Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S261 $5.95

Studded Oval 3-Tone Necklace & Earrings Made in India. J-S245 $7.95

Brass and Copper Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S962 $7.95

Brass and Copper Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S964 $7.95

Brass and Copper Elephant Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S963 $7.95

Round Brass/Copper/Silver Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S839 $7.95

How to

save the most Brilliant Copper Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S940 $7.95

Two-Tone Silver Choker Set Made in India. J-S950 $7.95

Own all 7 Sets and Save $$$ Get one set free when you order the other six. Get seven sets shown here (J-S962, J-S963, J-S950, J-S261, J-S940, J-S240, J-S964). Set of Seven Brass Jewelry Sets J-SET16 $47.70

Rasta Jewelry

Only $6.81 each!

Real Leather Bracelets!

Set of 12 Rasta Cord Bracelets Made in China. J-SET06 $7.95 Set of Twelve Rasta Bracelets Made with elastic to fit any wrist. Designs may vary slightly. Made in the Philippines. J-SET11 $12.95

Rasta Beaded Earrings - Set of Six 1�-1.5� large. Made in the Philippines. J-SET10 $7.95

Rasta Beaded Necklaces 12 rasta necklaces give you a new look each day. Made in the Philippines. Set of Twelve Rasta Necklaces J-SET15 $13.95

Set Of 12 Rasta Fashion Bracelets Made in China. J-SET02 $7.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Jewelry that gets noticed Black




Dark Brown


Red Beaded Breastplate Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S247 $7.95


Yellow Black Beaded Breastplate Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S248 $7.95




Cowry Shell Necklace & Earring Set Made in India. J-S832 $4.95 each.

Turquoise/ Silver/Wood Jewelry Set Made in the

Over-Size Pendant Turquoise Jewelry Set Made in China. J-S265 $7.95


J-S249 $7.95 Tribal Shells: Metal Necklace Set Made in China. J-S291 $7.95

Brass Elephant and Stone Pendant Necklace Made in India. J-N018 $4.95

Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry Set Made in China. J-S223 $3.95

Oval Umber Bone Necklace & Earring Set Made with smooth bone beads. Crafted in India. J-N604 $5.95

Magnetic Jewelry - Only 99¢ each (in a dozen). One jewelry piece - limitless options

Bronze Quartz Beaded Necklace Set Made in India. J-S284 $4.95

Beaded Wood & Brass Pendant Necklace J-N604 $2.95

Beaded Wood & Brass Dangle Necklace J-N605 $2.95

Find dozens of uses. See the video at

All Adjustable Elastic. Made in China.

Bracelet with Pearl Stones Assorted colors. J-B063 $1.18 or $11.80/dozen

Magnetic Hermatite Bracelet J-B064 $1.18 or $11.80/dozen

Magnetic Bracelet with Mini Blue Stones J-B065 $1.18 or $11.80/dozen

Convertible Magnetic Jewelry Just wrap this magnetic jewelry around your wrist or ankle or waist and the pieces will ‘cling’ together magnetically. Made in China.

J-B056 $1.18 or $11.80/dozen

J-B997 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen



Bold elegance

Impressive sized jewelry that won’t be lost in your clothing

Antique Gold Black Stone Pendant Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S294 $7.95

Antique Silver Black Stone Pendant Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S295 $7.95

Black Pearl Disc Necklace Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S298 $9.95

White Pearl Silver Disc Necklace Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S299 $9.95

Gold Stone Chain Necklace Secure clasp, 20” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-N024 $9.95

Silver Stone Chain Necklace Secure clasp, 20” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-N025 $9.95

Black Diamond Necklace Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S296 $9.95

Antique Gold Black Gem Necklace Set Secure clasp, 17” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S300 $7.95

Gold Casting White Stone Necklace Secure clasp, 21” circumference. Made in China. J-N028 $7.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Create a new you

Antique Gold Necklace Set: Crystal Secure clasp, 17” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S282 $9.95

Gold Necklace Set: Black Diamonds Necklace is 19” circumference, secure clasp, adjustable. Earrings are 1 1/4” long. Made in China. J-S281 $11.95

Layered Wooden Bead Necklace Necklace has secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Earrings are 3/4” long. Made in China. J-S279 $11.95

Natural Cluster Pendant Jewelry Set Necklace is 16” in circumference, 5.5” pendant, 2” earrings. Made in India. J-S266 $11.95

Handmade Gold & Turquoise Necklace Set Necklace features secure clasp, 20” circumference and adjustable. Earrings are 2” long. Made in China. J-S301 $9.95


Turquoise Stone Metal

Golden Brass Gem Stone Chain Necklace 20” circumference. Made in China. J-N027 $5.95

Antique Gold Black Diamond Necklace Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Earrings are about 2” long. Made in China. J-S280 $11.95

Antique Silver Clear Stone Necklace Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Earrings are about 2” long. Made in China. J-S293 $11.95

Jewelry Set 20” circumference and 1” long earrings. Made in China. J-S244 $11.95

Copper Disc Gem Necklace Set Secure clasp, 19” circumference. Adjustable. Made in China. J-S297 $7.95

Antique Gold Floral Gem Crest Necklace Secure clasp, adjustable length. Made in China. J-N026 $7.95


54 Brass Ankh Necklaces: Features detailed engravings. Leather necklace is adjustable. Made in India.

Ankh Cuff : Silver Made in India. J-B071 $6.95

Hinge Bracelets Open and Close to Fit Any Size Wrist! Ankh Cuff : Gold Made in India. J-B070 $6.95

X-Large Pendant is nearly 4” long. J-N022 $5.95

Large Pendant is nearly 3” long. J-N023 $4.95

Small Pendant is 1” long. J-N019 $1.95

Medium Pendant is 2" long. J-N021 $3.95

Ankh Cuff : Brass Made in India. J-B072 $6.95

Set of 12 Metallic Ankh Earrings Made in India. 4 brass, 4 silver and 4 gold-colored earrings. J-SET115 $24.95

Cuffs are perfect for men or women

Brass and Copper Wrist Cuff Made in India. J-B922 $5.95

Silver Wrist Cuff Made in India. J-B923 $5.95

3-Tone Studded Long Cuff - 5” 5” large. Made in India. J-B053 $9.95

Elephant Engraved Gold Cuff 3.5” large and 8” circumference with a 1.5” gap to put onto you wrist. Made in India. J-B017 $5.95

Money $aver$ Set of 12 Gem Stone Velveteen Bracelets Adjustable Sizes. Made in China. J-SET105 $7.95

White Opal Stone Precious Bracelet Turquoise Evening Bracelet Made in China.

J-B023 $2.95

J-B037 $3.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Lustrous bracelets and cuffs


Gold Engraved/Hammered Elephant Cuff 3.75 in long. Made in India. J-B139 $4.95

Wide Band Silver Cowrie Shell Bracelet Made in India. J-B960 $4.39 or $43.90/dozen

Painted Brass Cuff: Animal Print Made in India. J-B143 $7.95

Painted Brass Cuff: Elephants Made in India. J-B142 $7.95

3-Tone Woven Wrist Cuff Take your elegance up a level with this interwoven gold, silver and copper-colored cuff. Made in India. J-B135 $4.95

Golden Leaf Bracelet Unique textured leaf design and chunky feel give this hinged metal bracelet chic style on any wrist. Perfect dressy or casual. 8” circumference. Made in China. J-B146 $5.95

Silver Hinged Bracelet: Black & White Add a touch of extreme classic sophistication in this black and white hinged bracelet. 8” circumference. Made in China. J-B144 $5.95

Silver Hinged Bracelet: Black & Purple Rich in color and style, this hinged bracelet is perfect on any wrist. 8” circumference. Made in China. J-B145 $5.95

Metal Supermodel Cuff: Steel/Gray J-B119 $7.95

Metal Supermodel Cuff : Gold/ Silver J-B118 $7.95

Embellished Long Silver Cuff Made in India. J-B018 $5.95

Gold 3-Tone Elephant Engraved Long Cuff Made in India. J-B138 $9.95 Gold Elephant Long Cuff Made in India J-B129 $5.95

Copper 3-Tone Elephant Long Cuff Made in India J-B061 $4.95

Gold 3-Tone Long Elephant Cuff Made in India. J-B128 $5.95


Exciting and elegant bracelets


Modern Diva Bracelet Made in China. J-B136 $5.95

Black Diamond Snake Bangle Made in China. J-B148 $6.95

White Snake Jeweled Bangle Made in China. J-B147 $6.95

Black Snake Jeweled Bangle Made in China J-B120 $6.95

Black Beaded Hinge Bracelet in Gold Made in India. J-B066 $5.95

Black Beaded Hinge Bracelet in Silver Made in India. J-B067 $5.95

Embellished Brass Cuff Made in India. J-B016 $3.95 or $39.50/dozen

Silver/Brass/Copper 3-Tone Cuff Made in India. J-B028 $4.95

Silver Hammered Cuff Made in India. J-B974 $3.95 or $39.50/dozen

Gold Hammered Cuff Made in India. J-B975 $3.95 or $39.50/dozen

Brass and Copper Elephant Bracelet Made in India. J-B957 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

Silver Cuff Made in India. J-B011 $3.95 or $39.50/ dozen

Gold Tone Elephant Cuff 2” large. Made in India. J-B055 $3.95

Coiled Snake Gemstone Bracelet Made in China. J-B137 $9.95

Gold Engraved Floral Cuff 2.75” wide. Made in India. J-B140 $3.95

Antique Flower Engraved Brass Cuff Made in India. J-B051 $6.95

Get all six cuffs below for only 99¢ each! When you order the set of six J-SET114 $5.95

Only 99¢ each

$1.18 individually



(in sets of 12 each)

Three cuffs below only $1.18 each or $11.80/dozen! Made in China








Gold V.I.P. Bracelet Made in China. J-B050 $1.18 or $11.80/dozen

Wire Bracelet Silver Made in China. J-B084 $1.18 each or $11.80/dozen.

Wire Bracelet - Steel Made in China. J-B085 $1.18 each or $11.80/dozen.

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

57 Antique Gold Bracelet: Black Diamond Add some glitz to your wrist with this fabulous bracelet. Size is semiadjustable. Made in China. J-B094 $9.95

Silver/Gold Cable Bracelet 1/2” wide, 8” circumference. Made in China. J-B121 $4.95

Gold Engraved Convex Cuff Made in China. J-B104 $2.95

Glamour Bracelet: Black Made in China. J-B115 $2.39

Silver Cable Bracelet 1/2” wide, 8” circumference. Made in China. J-B122 $4.95

Silver Bangle: Black Diamond and Hematite 8” circumference. Easy-on, easy-off hinge makes it a favorite in any collection! Made in China. J-B086 $7.95

Gold Bangle: Amber Diamond & Cat’s Eye 8” circumference. Hingedclosure makes for easy-on, easy-off. Made in China. J-B088 $7.95

Silver Cuff: Black Stone & Crystal Made in China. 2” wide, 8” circumference, 1 1/4” gap to slide on wrist. J-B092 $9.95

Gold Cuff: Brown Stone & Crystal 2” wide, 8” circumference, 1 1/4” gap to slide on wrist. Made in China. J-B093 $9.95

Cowrie Shell Bracelet: Rasta Made in India. J-B073 $1.79 or Set of 12 I Love Jesus Bracelets $17.90/dozen Adjustable. Made in China. J-SET68 $7.95

Glamour Bracelet: Purple Made in China. J-B116 $2.39

Glamour Bracelet: Silver Made in China. J-B117 $2.39

Brass Elephant Bracelet Made in India. J-B069 $2.49 or $24.90/dozen.

Cowrie Shell Bracelet: Black Made in India. J-B074 $1.79 or $17.90/dozen

Gold Engraved Concave Floral Cuff Made in China. J-B114 $2.95

Oversized Bone Bangles

Elephant Design Bone Bracelet Made in India. J-B126 $4.95

Ivory Elephant Bone Bracelet Made in India. J-B123 $4.95

Spiral Design Bone Bracelet Made in India. J-B127 $4.95

Square Design Bone Bracelet Made in India. J-B125 $4.95

Triangle Design Bone Bracelet Made in India. J-B124 $4.95


Elephant Hair Bracelets 58 Originated Over 1200 Years Ago.

Find out more at Kid’s Elephant Hair Plant Fiber Bracelet Made with plant fibers. 6 1/4” circumference. Made in Kenya. J-B619 $1.49 or $14.90/dozen

Black Elephant Hair Plant Fiber Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B610 $1.97 or $19.90/dozen

Copper Elephant Fiber Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B615 $5.95

Cow Horn jewelry is a sign of wealth and prosperity in Africa. Made from genuine cow horn, these bracelets are hand-dyed and designed. Each bracelet is different; and colors will be assorted, no one color can be chosen. Only 99¢ each in a dozen

Cow Horn Bangle : Full-Size Approx. 8” circumference. Each bracelet is different; and colors will be assorted, no one color can be chosen. Made in Kenya. J-B606 $1.19 or $11.90/dozen

Woven Tuareg BraceletChildren’s size Approx. 5” in diameter. Made in Mali. BB-443 $0.29 each or $2.90/dozen Kenyan Cow Horn Bracelet Approx. 1” - 2” wide. Made in Kenya. J-B604 $3.39 each

Woven Tuareg Bracelet Made in Mali. J-B260 29¢ each or $2.90/dozen

Set of 12 Beaded Bracelets - Full-Size Made in Mali. J-SET124 $9.95 Child size also available! J-SET125 $9.95

Culture Woven Bracelets Made in Mali. J-B263 29¢ each $2.90 per dozen

Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelet 9.5” circumference. Made in Kenya.


Over-Sized Cow Horn Cuff - Assorted Approximately 2” - 3” wide. Made in Kenya. J-B605 $3.95 each

Adult J-B618 99¢ or $9.90/dozen Children’s BB-763 79¢ or $7.90/dozen

Horn Bracelets Sizes, colors and designs all vary. Made in Kenya. J-B331 $1.95 or $19.50/dozen

Kenyan Cow Horn Bracelet Each bracelet is different; and colors will be assorted, no one color can be chosen. Approx. 2.5” - 3.5” wide. Made in Kenya. J-B602 $3.99 each or $39.90/dozen

Kenyan Cow Horn Bracelet: Assorted small Approx. 2” - 2.5” wide. Made in Kenya. J-B603 $2.99

Wide Horn Bracelets Made in Senegal. J-B334 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Authentic African originals for everyday


All Jewelry Shown on These Two Pages is Hand-Crafted in Africa

Massai Beaded Bracelets Assorted Made in Kenya. J-B635 $2.45 each or $24.50/dozen Massai beadwork tells a story about the wearer. Colors represent marriage, children, and more! (All bracelets come with different colors and designs of beaded work.)

Massai Beaded Bracelets - Flat Clip-On Made in Kenya. J-B636 $1.95 each or $19.50/dozen

Child Size BB-674 $1.95 each or $19.50/dozen

Beaded Bracelets Assorted Each bracelet comes with different colors of beading. No two are alike. Made in Kenya. J-B637 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen

Large Tuareg Bracelet Made in Mali. J-B270 $1.39 or $13.90/dozen

Round Rasta Massai Beaded Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B634 $2.45 each or $24.50/dozen

Beaded Leather Nigerian Bracelet Made in Nigeria. J-B294 $1.95 each or $19.95/dozen

White Bone Bracelet J-B601 $2.45 or $24.50/dozen

Beaded Leather Kenyan Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B293 $2.39

Made with hand-carved animal bone.

Genuine Bone Adjustable Bracelets Bracelet stretches to fit any wrist. Exact designs all vary slightly. Made in Kenya. Black/Brown J-B600 $2.45 each $24.50/dozen.

Nigerian Leather Bracelets

Fulani Gold Twist Bracelet Made in Mali, West Africa. J-B090 $4.95

Polished Bronze Bracelet : Etched Oval Made in Mali. J-B426 $3.95

$1.79 each or $17.90/dozen. Made in Burkina Faso.

Cream-Colored J-B212 Yellow


Black Bracelet J-B290 Red Bracelet


Single Cowrie Shell Leather Bracelet J-B315


Hand Spun Hand Painted Hand Woven Mudcloth


Use mudcloth for an area rug, a garment, a blanket, table cloth, scarf or more! Find out the meanings of the designs used in mudcloth at Full-Sized Authentic Mudcloth Full size pieces are 45” x 70.” Each piece is made from nine individual hand-woven strips making each piece one-of-a-kind. Made in Mali, West Africa. M-F050 $19.95 each or $199.50 for 12 pieces

Other Mudcloth choices are below.

Mudcloth Choices for M-F050 Choose by Color

Choose by Design

Colors shown below will be the color you receive, but the patterns shown on the fabric vary.

Designs shown below are just samples, each piece is unique, no two are alike.


Beige/ Brown

Black/ White

Plain Mustard Pattern


(These pieces will have a consistent pattern on them.)



(Strips of different fabric are put together.)

Plain White Plain Rust

Free Learn more about the making and unique history behind African fabrics. Find out how customers can use these fabrics. Free with any fabric purchase. Just ask for V-120

Kuba Cloth - long skirts See individual pieces with sizes and prices at Made in Congo. M-F150 All pieces are currently $159 To find out the making and significance of kuba cloth go to


(Always 4 colors.)

Cowry Shell

(These will always have a cowry shell pattern.)

Four Feet Long!

Styles Vary Round Kuba Cloth Approx 80” to 90” in circumference. Made in Congo. M-F152 $119.00

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


George Fabric Authentic George Fabric This stunning gold-embroidered fabric originates in India, but is popular throughout Africa. Each panel is 36” wide. Only sold in 8 yards. Made in India. M-F400 $39.95 per 8 yard piece ($4.99 per yard) Check online for more colors.

M-F400: Beige Black Gold Green Maroon Mustard Navy Orange Pink Purple Red White/Gold White/Silver











African Brocade Fabric Most brocade is produced in Guinea. Brocade fabric comes in 30 yard pieces only. 45” wide M-F105 $159.00 per bolt

Giant-Size Mudcloth

Each painting has a different scene. No two are alike. Giant Size Mud Cloth Painting These X-Large paintings are a dramatic accent to your wall. Handcrafted with stunning scenes from African life. 45”x72” Choose from dozens of hand-painted cloth paintings from Mali West Africa. AC-M520 $24.95

Each piece is different - Mudcloth pictures are representative only. Pick out your own piece of mudcloth at

Giant-Size Authentic Mudcloth Approx. 5’ x 7.’ Made in Mali, West Africa. M-F130 $59.00



African Print Fabrics $33.95 per 12 yard bolt

T-2068 White





T-2093 Orange






T-2131 White



T-2145 Purple





T-2151 Red

T-2151 Yellow

T-2153 Green

T-2154 Orange




T-2176 White


T-2178 Blue

T-2178 Purple


T-2180 Lime


T-2183 Light

T-2183 Purple


T-2185 Blue






T-2180 Mustard T-2180 Orange


T-2188 Blue



T-2190 Lime


New designs arriving soon. See everything available at T-2197



Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Kente Print Fabric



Nothing says Africa More Clearly

Kente Cloth Fabric Print Get the most stand-out patterns of kente in a bright, outstanding color. Available in 12-yard bolts. Made in India. $33.95 per bolt ($2.83 per yard.)


T-1509 T-1609 T-1709



Higher Quality Fabric

Fabric Sample Swatches

$49.95 per 12 yard bolt Solid, heavy fabric with silver metal stencils





Perfect for Quilting!!

6 Yard Pieces $19.95 per bolt (45” wide)


Fat Quarter Yard Fabric 5 Pack You get 5 different African prints in each pack. Perfect for crafts and 100 different ways. Exact fabrics in each pack vary. 22” X 18” pieces. T-2000 $7.95


Each piece is almost 3.59 Sq. Feet!




Making a Difference This is Heritier, he is between 4 or 5 years of age in this photo. Here is an update about how he’s doing at Mpila Orphanage “When there was unrest in northern Congo there were villages that people fled and Heritier was found in one of these villages and brought to Brazza hoping that one day his parents could be found. He has been here at Mpila for over 8 months now.” To read more go to: wordpress/little-heritier-finds-a-home-at-mpilaorphanage

why you love it “Yes, everything was great. I enjoyed the fabric and I made five African dance garments! Thank you very much.” – Jeanie from Stafford, VA



Fast Start-Up Kit

why you love it “Everything was better than what I expected; I made two sales the very first day that I received my kit and placed my first order the next day. I am reading up on and trying to get familiar with the products. My customers knew more about the products then I do.”

$120 Products

worth of

only $49

Ask for item # X-100

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Premium Starter Kit

Only $99.

If you already have a store this product is perfect for you! You get the best selling products from each category available. Includes (also FREE business kit list below): • 4 oz. Jar 100% Pure Shea Butter • Dudu-Osun African Black Soap • D’Jembe Drum (X-small) • Set of Twelve Necklaces • Banana Leaf Painting • Traditional Print Dashiki Lots lots more!

• You get $250. of products. • You also get all of the printed materials on page 62 with the fast start up kit.

And You Get

FREE Shipping with your first order of this kit.

27 Tools You Get with This Starter Kit: • Top 12 Favorite Soaps • Top 12 Favorite Fragrance Oils • 13 Sample Jars of Raw Unrefined Shea Butter • Sample Jar of Mango Butter • Sample Jar of Pure Refined Shea Butter • Sample Jar of Neem Oil • Sample Jar of Virgin Coconut Oil • Sample Jar of Shealoe Butter • Sample Jar of Cocoa Butter • Sample Jar of Dudu Osum Herbal Shampoo • Sample Jar of Liquid Black Soap • Sample Bar of Natural Black Soap • Sherpa Pink Himalayan Rock Salt • 2 Bags of South African Red Tea • Instructions on How to Make Incense

Get your fast start-up kit now! Item X-100

Booth in a Box

Only $299.

Get Over $600 worth of products for only $299

Ask for item #M-STARTER African Skin & Body Care : Sampler Set

X-025 $9.95

• Instructions on How to Make Soap • Instructions on How to Make Body Mists • The History and Meaning of African Fabrics and Clothing • “ Fast-Start Method” Instructions for GettingNew Customers • Flags of Africa Flier • Brochures  on How to Care for African Fabrics and Wood Products • Set of 10 Business Cards • RETAIL African Clothing & Art Catalog • RETAIL Personal Care Catalog • X-007 • X-017 • X-054

Ask for item Get all the best-selling # X-110 products along with a poster, advertising materials, and more. Some of the things you will get: • Small D’Jembe Drum • Start Up Kit X-100 • Many more items, to find out more go to:

Booth in a Box Refill Kit Only $249.

Never be empty-handed or have an empty wallet with this booth re-fill kit. This kit gives you extras of your booth products. When customers buy, your booth stays filled, and you are better prepared for more customers.

Ask for item # X-111

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


Personal Care Volume 9 64 Pages X-003 $0.59 African Clothing & Artwork Volume 2 • 96 Pages X-006 $0.69 Download copies for free at Catalog covers change as catalogs are updated.

why you love it

“The personal care catalog is one of the best tools I use to gain customers. Since I’ve been giving out this catalog my sales have greatly improved.” X-003


FREE Stuff Free helps you can get at

Get your own Website Have your own African website! Africa Imports offers you a complete African website for just $5.95 per month for hosting. You will get all of the basics without any technical skills. You can build it even more on your own.

Free African Skin and Hair Care Guide Downloadable Catalogs African Life and People Groups Success Stories The Meanings Behind African Products African Home Party Instructions Advertise for Free Email your information to Festivals and Flea Markets Six Lesson E-Mail Course Business Building Tool Book /revisedbusinessbrochure.pdf How to Make Incense African Proverbs

– Wanda from Newbern, AL

Basic web site. Website1 $19.95 Premium Website with Shopping Cart. Website2 $99.95

Make your products worth more - Help your products to sell faster Professional packaging is crucial to showing customers the value of what they are buying. Find some simple and low cost ways to package your products better at www. packaging

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Business Cards African Business Cards 20 X-081 $3.95 500 X-082 $29.95

Find out how business cards can help your business, just go to

Jewelry Displays


Free Business Growing Tool Kit Ask for item # X-040

Get This Complete Information Pack with Any Order! Here's What You Get with Your Kit:

Black “T” Bar Display 7.25” X 5”. P-J320 $12.95

Jewelry Display 8.5” X 13”. P-J310 $4.95

Black Velour Necklace Display 7.5” X 14”.Holds twelve necklaces. P-J312 $4.95

• RETAIL African Clothing Catalog. • RETAIL Personal Care Catalog. • How to Make Incense Instructions. • Mudcloth and African Fabrics Flier. • Business Start-Up Flier. • Flags of Africa Flier. • Care of Handmade Fabrics and Wood Products Flier.

• How to Make Body Mists Flier. • Out of Africa Book. • Make Your Own Soap Flier • Festival Flier • 18” X 24” African Arts Poster.



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Africa D’Jembe Drums The Biggest Selection anywhere!

Full Size D’Jembe $99.00

Our Biggest D’Jembe (Pronounced Jem’Bay) drums in all sizes. Easy for anyone to learn. Hand-carved and hand-strung for quality and the real African experience. Approx. 23” tall. Check online to see what countries our D’Jembe drums are available in: Full-Sized D’Jembe Drum M-M010:Ghana $99. M-M010:Senegal $99. M-M010:Mali $125.

M-M010: Ghana

(Oversized shipping costs are approx. $35.00 per fullsized drum.) Sometimes damaged drums are available to purchase for repair. M-M010DAMAGED


M-M010: Senegal

Pick Your Perfect D’Jembe (Senegal Drums Only) Specific drums are now shown online. See every angle of your drum - it’s almost as good as shopping in the African marketplace! M-M011 $99.

Choose your own full-sized drum at

Quality Assurance Drums are made in remote bush areas of Africa. Each drum is a unique creation with unique qualities. No drum is totally perfect, but your drum is checked for: • Head ring tightness • String tightness • Level and even head • Sound quality • No holes in heads • No imperfections in wood base and bowl • Fist-size sound openings between base and bowl

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

The Perfect Size for... Any Sound Any Age


why you love it M-M010: Senegal

Medium Size Small D’Jembe /Med. Size Small Size M-M014 D’Jembe D’Jembe M-M015 M-M016

“I had “downplayed” the drum to my son, thinking we would receive some cheap toy, and I didn’t want him to be disappointed. To my surprise, I am truly impressed with the quality and my son is elated with it. Thank you very much for marketing such a fine product!!!!!!!” – Rita in VT

X-Small Size D’Jembe M-M018

Medium Size D’Jembe $49.

The Most Affordable D’Jembe These are exceptional home decorations and great for kids as well! 6.5”-8” tall. Miniature D’Jembe drums from Burkina Faso and Senegal. X-Small D’Jembe M-M018 $11.95 each or $119.50/dozen

Small Size D’Jembe $24.50

D’Jembe Drum Medium Still large enough for an adult to play. Approx. 16”-18” tall, 10” diameter. Made in Mali and Senegal. M-M014 $49.00

Small/Medium Size D’Jembe $39.95


Small D’Jembe Drum Approx. 10-12” tall. Made all over West Africa. M-M016 $24.50

D’Jembe Drum Small/Medium Approx. 14”-15” tall, 8.5” diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M015 $39.95

Don’t Know How to Play? No Problem! Learning the D’Jembe was never so easy! Instructor Mark Wood gives you all the basics to becoming a pro! Order today. Free with any drum purchase. Just ask for: D’Jembe Instructional DVD Item # V-140 Learn how to play a D’Jembe drum by going to



Unbelievable and Exotic Feelings Easy-to-Play Instruments that Give You African Artwork at the Same Time

Durable Fabric Drum Bags from Africa Each drum is carved from a solid Dembu log

Get a bag all your own. All bag designs vary. Specific patterns cannot be guaranteed.

Attractive Large D’Jembe Drum Carrying Bags Carry your drums in style and safety with these hand-sewn D’Jembe bags. All styles vary. 26” tall and between. 10”-19” wide. Made in Senegal. M-M005 $19.95 Vinyl Djembe Bags Also Available! Black 25”x16.5”x10.5”. Made in China. M-M007 $29.95 Black 25”x16.5”x10.5” with mudcloth patchwork. Made in Mali. M-M009 $29.95

Add the Soul of Africa to Your Music Three drum set gives you the full range of tones for a great range of music. Large size drum is 25.5” in height and 15.5” in diameter. Medium size is 22” in height and 12” in diameter. Small drum is 18” high and 11” diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M030 $395.

Goatskin Drum Heads True goatskin drum heads with fur to make or repair your own drums! 27” X 27.” Made in Senegal. M-M001 $19.95

(Oversized shipping costs are approx. $72.00 for a set of three Djun Djuns.)

D’Jembe Tsink Tsink Shakers Slip the rod of the shaker between the strings and the head of a D’Jembe drum to add a musical element to your playing. 13.5” long and up to 6” wide. Made in Senegal. M-M003 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

A Complete Senegalese Drum Set of Three BougaraBou drums produce a deep, resonant bass and crisp highs. Large drum is approx. 12” in diameter. Medium drum is approx 10.5” in diameter. Small drum is approx 9” in diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M060 $290. (Oversized shipping averages $100. for set of 3 drums.)

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Kalimba Gourd Thumb Piano

African Thumb Piano This Kalimba gourd thumb piano is made from a calabash with burned designs on front and back. For kids or adults. 3” x 7.” Made in Burkina Faso. M-M142 $7.95

Balafons Hand made from Lenke wood and calabashes in West Africa.

Medium: 19”-24” long M-M210 $34.50 Small: 13”-18” long M-M215 $19.95

Making a Difference

Yanice weight 2 kilos 750 grams when brought to Bethany. She was abandonned. Read more at Yanice

Balafons may need tuning to have accurate tones on all keys.

Large: 30”-34” long M-M205 $89. (Oversized shipping costs are approx. $40. for a large balafon.)


Only 99¢ - When you order 12 Mali Rattles Each is unique. 5” tall. Made in Mali. M-W090 $1.19 each or $11.90/dozen

why you love it “Yes, the kids were very excited to add the shakers to their musical collection, and they are being used on a daily basis ! I was very happy with the whole order process and delivery, and will be sure to shop with you again!” – Ken from Hinesville, GA

Full Size: 39” long 21 Keys M-M200 $159.

(Oversized shipping costs are approx. $40. for a large balafon.)

Tic Toc Drum Children and adults alike love these hand-made tic toc drums. A fun and easy way to enjoy African music. 13” High and 3-4” Diameter. Made in Kenya. M-M120 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen Mother of Pearl Tambourine – X-Large Made in Egypt. 10.5” in diameter M-M731 $19.50 Egyptian Mother of Pearl Tambourine – Large Approximately 8.5” in diameter. Made in Egypt. M-M730 $14.50

Talking Drum 11” tall 5” diameter. Traditionally most popular with African hunting to chase animals from the bush. Made in Mali. M-M024 $23.95


Hand Carved African Authenticities


The Signature Artwork of Africa

Almost 2 feet tall.



Ghana Family Carving $7.95 each Approx. 20” tall. Hand-made in Ghana.

Ebony Figures with Children Impressive size ebony art from Kenya. Carvings all vary slightly, and come assorted with male and with female figures. Each is between 17” and 20” tall. A-E628 $17.95

Ebony Raised Trunk Elephant Approx. 6-7½” tall. Made in Kenya. A-E045 $9.50

A-WC330 Black African Thinker Statues 12” 12” tall. Color varies from black or brown. Made in Senegal. A-WC333 $19.95 each

Senegal Miniature Mask These miniature mahogany masks give a distinguished look to any room. 7-8” tall. Handcarved in Senegal. A-WC102 7-8” $3.99 A-WC107 9-10” $4.49

Miniature Guro Mask Made in the Ivory Coast. A-WC101 6” tall $3.99 or $39.90/doz. BB-656 7”-8” tall $2.79 or $27.90/doz.

Pregnant Lady Wood Sculpture Stands 10” tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC616 $2.95 or $29.50/doz.

A-WC331 Dark Brown

A-WC332 Brown

African Thinker Statues 9-12” 9-12” tall. your choice of colors. Made in Senegal. $9.95 each

Fertility Statues 3” X 8”. Hand carved in Kenya. A-E022 $5.95/pair or $59.50 for 12 pairs

Guinea Miniature Marka Mask Hand-carved and each unique with slightly different but similar designs. Made in Guinea. 7”-9” A-WC103 $6.95 or $69.50/doz.

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Elegant African Soapstone


Feels like Marble

Sets of assorted soapstone carvings. Each carving varies slightly in color and design; but each has the same basic look and size as shown here. Each statue is individually hand carved.

Set of 3 Kenyan Soapstone Figurines 6” to 7” tall each. A-S603 $9.95 per set of 3

Soapstone Family: Black Display the warmth and love of family so evident in this hand carved soapstone sculpture. Made in Kenya. 10” tall. A-S605 $7.95

Soapstone Family: Natural Connect to the love and joy of family bonds as displayed by this beautifully hand carved natural soapstone sculpture. Made in Kenya, 9-10”. A-S606 $7.95

Soapstone Thinker: Natural Genuine African carving of the much adored “Thinker” image. Hand carved in soapstone, 6”. Made in Kenya. A-S615 $3.95

Soapstone Thinker: Black Genuine African carving of the much adored “Thinker” image. Hand carved in soapstone, 6”. Made in Kenya. A-S614 $3.95

{ {

Set of 6 Kenyan Soapstone Figures 4” tall. A-S604 $9.95 per Set of 6

One Pair

One Pair

Soapstone Candle Holders All styles vary, no two are alike. Approx. 6”-7” tall. Made in Kenya. A-S624 $2.95/pair

Soapstone Elephant: Black Enjoy the magnificence of the gentle and wise elephant in this gorgeous hand carved soapstone sculpture. Trunk up for good luck. Made in Kenya, 10”. A-S612 $7.95

Abstract Soapstone Dancers: Natural Made in Kenya, 11-12”. A-S608 $9.95

Soapstone Kissing Elephant: Black Discover romance in the wild. Marvel at these passionate mates hand carved in beautiful soapstone. Made in Kenya, 10”. A-S613 $9.95


African Masks


8” Massai Mask Explore your exotic side. This 8” Massai Mask gives your home that touch of mystery and ethnicity that you’ve always wanted. Completely hand-carved in Kenya, and hand-painted. Color varies slightly on each mask. A-WC600A $4.95 each

Zebra Mask 14” Made in Kenya. A-WC602 $11.95 Zebra Mask 8” Made in Kenya. A-WC602S $5.95

African Tribal Spirit Mask: Protection Hand-carved in Kenya, this African tribal mask beckons the spirit of protection to the holder or place it is held. Hand painted details add to the symbolism, 14”. BB-864 $9.95

African Tribal Spirit Mask: Beauty Invite the spirit of beauty into your home or any space with this hand-carved African tribal mask. Hand-painted details add color to the ancient symbolic image, 14”. BB-865 $9.95

African Tribal Spirit Mask: Pride Capture the sense of African tribal pride with this hand-carved mask made in Kenya. Handpainted details add color to the powerful and symbolic image, 14”. BB-866 $9.95

African Tribal Spirit Mask: Youth Evoke the spirit of youth in your home or any space with this beautifully hand-carved tribal mask. Made in Kenya, 14”. BB-867 $9.95

African Tribal Spirit Mask: Strength Summon the mighty spirit of strength by displaying this handcarved African tribal mask, 14”. Made in Kenya. BB-868 $9.95

African Tribal Spirit Mask: Fertility Add a sense of honored tradition in your home or any space with this hand-carved tribal mask, 14”. Made in Kenya. BB-869 $9.95

Giraffe Mask 14” Made in Kenya. A-WC604 $11.95 Giraffe Mask 8” Made in Kenya. A-WC604S $5.95

14” Massai Mask A-WC609 $9.95

Making a Difference

When children like Esther’s parents die, they often end up on the dangerous streets; without food, adequate shelter, and are often abused. Esther was fortunate enough to be found and brought to Moukondo Orphanage. To read more go to http://

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Ideas for your Home


Includes velvet-covered carrying case! Hand-Carved Mother of Pearl Chess Set Add museum-quality artwork and fun to your store with this chess set. Made with real mother of pearl, known for its rarity and luminescence. Comes with its own velvet carrying case. 14” x 14” board. Made in Egypt. M-154 $69.00

Egyptian Chess Set Embrace the mystical spirit of Egyptian artwork with this new chess set. Features famous Egyptian symbols on the board, an Egyptian pharoah for the king, along with Egyptian snake and lion figures. Board is 13.5” X 13.5”. A-M152 $69.95

See Lots More Chess Sets Online At Black Panther Area Rug 3’7”X5’2”. Made in Turkey. F-905 $21.95

Massai Warriors Chess Set Using Massai warriors adds a whole new dimension to playing chess. The set includes a 14” X 14” solid wood board with poly-resin pieces. Made in China. M-151 $59.00

Giant-Sized Elephant Rug Make the biggest statement possible with this 3’ X 7’ X 52” area rug. 100% polypropylene. Stain and fade resistant. Surged all around to protect the edges. Made in Turkey. F-906 $21.95

30“ F-102

5 Feet F-101 Goatskin Patchwork Throw Rug An astounding quilt work of goatskin and leather that creates an aura of Africa in any home environment that is unmatched by any other mass produced piece. Each piece varies slightly. Made in Burkina Faso. 5 Feet in Diameter F-101 $69.50 30 Inches in Diameter F-102 $39.95

African Dancers Rug This rug has earth-tone colorings displaying silhouettes of people enjoying life and dancing to great tunes. 100% polypropylene. Stain and fade resistant. Surged all around to protect edges. 3’ X 7’ X5’2. Made in Turkey. F-901 $21.95



Gifts that Give the Most

Gift Baskets

Women’s Top Fragrance Oils

Fulani Basket

Tea Candles

Oil Burner Kit Flower Family T-Shirt

Hand-Crafted Senegalese Dolls Each come dressed in authentic African clothing made from African fabrics. Stands 10” tall. Made in Senegal. M-D010 $4.95 or $49.50/dozen

Dudu-Osun Black Soap Gift Basket - For Her This gift basket contains everything the special lady in your life needs to pamper herself. M-394 $19.99

Bible/Book Organizers 8”X10” Made in China $9.95 each

I Have Faith C-A009 I Will Sing C-A010 I Will Praise You C-A013 The Lord’s Prayer C-A015

Dashiki Liquid Black Soap

Men’s Top Fragrance Oils

Tender Moments C-A030

Last Supper Statue Made from poly-resin. 8” X 4”. Made in China. A-M924 $13.95

Postcards Obama Lighter Key Chain

Fulani Basket Shea Lip Balm

Dudu-Osun Black Soap Senegal Mask

Gift Basket - For Him This gift basket contains authentic products for every man. M-395 $29.95

African Movies

Find many more online at

For the True Movie Buff Set of 36 Assorted African DVD’s V-SET36 $99.95 - Savings $52.25

Find Bargains Here

Less than $2.78 each!

Set of 12 DVD’s Movie Sale V-300 $34.99 - Savings $12.41

Less than $2.92 each!

Wings Like The Eagle Open Book Sculpture 7.5” X 5”. Made in China. A-M905 $2.95

Praying Hands Statue 4” X 6”. Made in China. A-M914 $2.95

Find Even More Bargains at

Large framed prints just $2.95 each!

Strong Love Statue 2” X 8”. Made in China. A-M915 $5.95

Find more Obama products at barackobama



Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


Massai Tripod & Bowl Set: Natural 8” tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC704 $9.95 Set of 12 Bookmarks Glossy bookmarks with the stories and meanings behind mudcloth, kente cloth, cowrie shells, and chiwaras. 2” X 7”. Made in the USA. M-960 $3.95

You get: 60 cards and envelopes


tha per c n 17¢ ard

Set of Sixty Cards Anytime you send one of these colorful cards you give a piece of African inspired beauty. 6” X 4.25”. M-965A $9.95

Wooden Gazelle Hand carved, made in Kenya. 8” tall. A-WC634 $2.95

Wooden Elephant Experience the majestic beauty of the African elephant with this detailed carving. Sizes vary around 6” long. A-WC651 $4.95

Wooden Zebra Approximately 4” tall and 8” long. Made in Kenya. A-WC633 $2.95

Safari Letter Opener Approx. 10” in length. Made in Kenya. A-WC690 $1.79 each or $17.90/dozen

African Letter Opener Approx. 10” in length. Made in Kenya. A-WC691 $1.95 each or $19.50/dozen

M-637 3” tall. Made in Kenya. $1.99 or $19.90/ dozen.

Key Chains

Wooden Cheetah 4” tall and 8” long. Hand carved in Kenya. A-WC619 $2.95

12” Giraffe Made in Kenya. A-WC621 $5.95

How to

save the most Only $1.49 each

M-633 3” tall. Made in Kenya. $1.49 or $14.90/dozen.

M-638 3” tall. Made in Kenya. $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen

M-L013 2” tall. Made in Senegal. $1.49 each or $14.90/dozen

Set of 6 Key Chains 1.5”-3” tall. Made in Africa. M-099 $8.99 M-630 4” long. Made in Kenya. $1.99 or $19.90/dozen.

Key ring combinations vary in this set.



Experience the Sensation of Africa in Your Home

Regular Size

16x10 12x10


Genuine Banana Leaf Paintings These unframed banana leaf paintings have been a hit since they appeared on the scene years ago. Available in assorted designs unframed as shown. Approx. 12” x 10.” Hand-made in Kenya. A-P200 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen.

Choose from: Antelope Elephant Giraffe Lion People Village Water Buffalo Cheetah Rhinoceros Zebra

Extra Large (and impressive)


Giant Size Banana leaf paintings Unframed paintings from Kenya are available in assorted designs unframed as shown. Each banana leaf painting is a collage of individual banana leaves, each work is individually created. Specific paintings cannot be selected. Approx. 16” x 10”. A-P210 $3.95 or $39.50/dozen.

African Coloring Book Fun for education or Sunday school. Makes a great giveaway for kids and parents to remember you by. 34 pages. X-060 $1.95 each or $19.50/dozen Bone Napkin Ring Hand-carved in Kenya. M-620 $1.25 each

Dark Giraffe

Light Giraffe Safari Salad Sets 11”-12” long. A-WC671 $3.95

Wooden Animal Napkin Ring These are carved from the Jacaranda tree making each one unique. Approx. 3-4” tall and 3-5” wide. Made in Mali. A-WC660 $1.49 or $14.90/ dozen

“Braiding Hair” Batik Gives an illustrious display of African culture and atmosphere. Hand-made in Burkina Faso. 27”X38” AC-B015 $18.95 Find many more cloth batik paintings at

3 X 5 Foot Flags Each flag is 3’ X 5’ and priced at just $9.95 Get Any African Country Flag! each. Visit our website or ask for any country Choose from 54 counties Item # FLAG $9.95 each you want. African American Flag FL-A035 $9.95

Flag of the African Nation - Or Choose From 54 African Country Flags Combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. You can use this as a wall hanging, or for a porch display. It is durable, but it is not intended for long term use in wind or on a flag pole. All other flags: item# FLAG + Country Name

African Print Flowers These lovely flowers are made out of gold and wax print fabrics. Made in the U.S. M-901 $2.50 each or $25./dozen

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


M-W082 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

Round Multicolored Fans These hand-woven fans are dyed in the bright colors that have become traditional in many African cultures. Made in Nigeria. Each is approx. 13” long. M-W083 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen.

Burkina Faso’s Answer to Decor Styles vary. Each is hand made in Burkina Faso or Ghana. 16” Hand-Woven Fans M-W082 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

Dance to The Beat AC-M604

Lady Dancer AC-M603

Gourd Musician AC-M601

Water Woman AC-M602

Set of Four African Mud Paintings Display the authentic art of Africa and the beauty of African life with these mud paintings. Each one is 20.75” X 12.5” except for the water woman painting, which is 25.5” X 14.5”. AC-M600 $31.95 for the set of four. Get them individually for $9.95 each.

8” Fulani Basket Made in Mali. M-W050 $2.95 The Lullaby of Africa You’ll love these completely hand made banana leaf fibre mobiles. 11” and 12” across (diameter). Made in Kenya. Banana Fiber Mobile A-BL620 $3.95

Blue Beaded Basket Bowl 5½” diameter. Made in Kenya. A-M602 $4.95 Awale Game 1 foot long and 2” wide when closed. Made in Mali, Senegal, and Gambia. M-150 $11.90

Kenyan Massai Shield The Massai warriors are renowned for their bravery, ferocity and hunting skills. These hand-crafted shields are approximately 24” long. Made in Kenya. W-121 $27.95

Kenyan Massai Spear 38” long. Assembled from three pieces. Made in Kenya. W-S063 $15.95 each


78 80 78 80

Package your products in top quality And always look your best

1 oz. 16 oz. Set of Twelve 16 oz. Plastic Containers P-400 $2.90

Set of Twelve Plastic Double Wall Jars 4 oz. with Black Lids P-440 $15.95

8 oz. Set of Twelve 8 oz. Plastic Containers P-401 $2.79

Set of Twelve 4 oz. Jars and Lids M-183J $9.95

Set of 100 1 oz. Plastic Containers P-402 $3.99

8 oz.

2 Oz. White Plastic Jars Set of Twelve P-441 $5.95

Set of Twelve 4 oz. Plastic Spray Bottles with atomizers for body mists and more. P-420 $14.95

4 oz.

High Quality Thank You Bags 1,000 bags P-130 $35.00 100 bags P-131 $7.95

Set of Twelve 4 oz. Clear Jars P-445 $9.95 Set of Twelve 8 oz. Clear Jars P-446 $11.95

Set of Twelve 8 oz. Plastic Bottles with black disc caps. P-421 $9.95

Set of Twelve 4 oz. Cobalt Blue Bottles with Disc Caps O-230 $7.95

Metallic Gold Labels $9.90 for 10 sheets!


B. C.

63 per sheet

12 per sheet 80 per sheet A. Rectangular Labels 0.5” X 1.75” P-105 B. Large Strip Labels 4” X 1.5” P-107 C. Circle Labels 1” in diameter P-106 Set of Twelve 1/2 oz. Sample Jars. P-410 $3.95

Why Re-Bottling Oils Makes You More $$$

How MucH You Get From 1 Lb. Of Oil!

How Much You Pay To Fill Your Own when you order a pound of oil for $28.95

16 1 oz. bottles OR - 32 1/2 oz. bottles OR - 48 1/3 oz. bottles OR - 64 1/4 oz. bottles OR - 128 1/8 oz. dram bottles

Includes the price for bottles. 1/8 oz. - You pay only - 0.39 each 1/4 oz. - You pay only - 0.70 each 1/3 oz. - You pay only - 0.91 each 1/2 oz. - You pay only - 1.23 each 1 oz. - You pay only - $2.20 each

White Rectangular Labels 0.5” X 1.75” P-108 $4.99 per pack of 10 sheets.

What You can charge to re-sell your oils:

The average retail prices of fragrance oil. Many people sell these for more, but our suggested retail prices are below: 1/8 oz. Dram - $1. Average Retail Price 1/3 oz. Roll-On Bottles - $3.95 Average Retail Price 1 oz. Bottles - $7.95 Average Retail Price

Re-bottling your favorite oils can make you a huge profit! Just look at the charts to the left to see how much you can make!

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Want to make more $$$?

1/3 oz.

Bottle your own oils and save!

More Roll-On Bottles

A. B.

A. 1 oz. Roll-On Bottles with Caps Set of 12 - O-207 $7.95 Case of 288 - O-207CASE $130. (0.45 each)


The #1 Best-Selling Oil Bottle 1/3 oz. Roll-On Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-202 $3.90 Set of 144 O-202G $39. Set of 864 O-202CASE $195.

B. 1/8 oz. Dram Bottles with Roll-On Tops Set of 12 - O-208 $3.95 Set of 144 - O-208G $33.95

Oils are a customer favorite around the globe. The question that might be on your mind is ‘What makes oil different from colognes or perfumes?’ the answer is simple:

1/8 oz. Dram Fancy Roll-On Bottles Set of 12 - O-211 $3.95 Set of 144 - O-211G $33.95

Perfumes are composed of about 90% alcohol and 10% oil. Oil is the fragrance, and alcohol is what is used to cut it down. By cutting it down the fragrance companies can make more money! The normal wearing time for perfumes is just a few hours. Oils continue to give their aroma 24 hours later.

Specialty Bottles D.

The 1/3 oz. bottle shown above is the most popular bottle choice. One pound of oil can fill 48 1/3 oz. bottles, and if you sell them for $3.95 each you could make $189.60 per pound!

Boston Round Bottles

E. F.

D. 1/3 oz. Textured Roll On Bottles with Caps Set of 12 - O-201 $4. Set of 144 - O-201G $40.




E. 1/4 oz.Tall Square Bottles with Caps Set of 12 - O-205 $3.90 Set of 144 - O-205G $39. F. 1/8 oz. Dram Bottles Set of 144 - O-210 $26.

Colored Bottles


G. 4 oz. Boston Round Bottles with Caps Set of 12 - O-206 $8.90 Case of 128 - O-206CASE $70. H. 2 oz. Clear Glass Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-212 $6.90 ($0.57 each) I. 1 oz. Clear Glass Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-203 $4.90 ($0.40 each) Set of 144 - O-203G $49. ($0.34 each) Case of 288 - O-203CASE $89. ($0.30 each) J. 1/2 oz. Bottles with Caps Set of 12 - O-204 $4.40 Set of 144 - O-204G $44.

See More Online!

Pink Blue Green Purple Black Yellow Set of 30 Assorted Glass Roll-On Bottles with Lids • 1 Dram Colored Roll-On Set includes: • 12 1/3 oz. Clear Glass Roll-On Bottles Bottles in Black, Blue and Red. • 1/3 oz. Colored Roll-On Bottles in Black, • 3 1 oz. Clear Roll-On Bottles • 1 oz. Colored Roll-On Bottles in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow Black, Blue and Green. • 3 1 Dram Clear Roll-On Bottles O-231 $13.95

Colored Glass Oil Bottles 1/3 oz. With Roll-On Tops O-232 $4.95 per dozen

Find different sizes of bottles, colored bottles and more online at www.africaimports. com/oilbottles



Rich Scents - Hand-Crafted Incense Scented Incense Bundles

Only $11.95 for 180 Sticks!

Less than 2 cents per stick!

Sets of 6 Set of Six Original Incense Bundles You’ll get African Musk, Cherry, Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Vanilla, Kush, and Sex on the Beach. M-890 $9.95

Nag Champa Incense Fifteen gram size. Twelve sleeves per box, 15 sticks per sleeve. 180 sticks total. Made in India. 180 Sticks Nag Champa M-932 $11.95 per box

Get the 6 Newest Incense Bundles You’ll get Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Frankincense, Jamaican Fruit, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. M-880 $9.95

Set of 12 Get 12 packs of incense bundles for only $19.89! This includes one bundle of each fragrance except vanilla musk. You’ll get 12 bundles for the price of 10! M-900 $19.89

“The incense bundles were a great purchase! The cherry scent does remind you of freshly picked cherries, and it is hard to decide which we like the best.” – Martha from Spring Valley, NY For a Botanical Experience A fragrant blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins, oils, and forest products. Free from toxic materials which brings you a safe and natural experience. 168 sticks per box. Made in India. Goloka Nag Champa Incense M-936 $9.95

Want the individual Fragrances? Choose your favorite for only $1.99 per bundle (85-100 sticks per bundle). Individual Choices: African Musk, Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Cherry, Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Vanilla, Frankincense, Jamaican Fruit, Kush, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Sex on the Beach.

Wood Incense Burners Incense burner with a storage compartment and fragrance cups. 12” X 2.5”. Made in India. Vented Wood Incense Burner M-912 $4.95 each or $49.50/dozen

Wood Plate Incense Burners 12” long. Made in India. M-911 $6 for the set of 12.

Make Your Own Incense Supplies Here! Get the DPG

Get Incense Sticks Unscented Incense Sticks High-quality plain incense sticks. Made in India. M-902 Get 100 sticks for $1. Get 1000 sticks for $5. Get 10,000 sticks for $43.95

Get The Fragrance Soak unscented incense sticks in your favorite fragrance oils (See pages 86-96)

Mix 2 parts DPG with 1 part fragrance oil before soaking the sticks. DPG - Di Propylene Glycol Cutting Oil. Petroleum based cutting oil for incense and oil making. One Pound (16 oz.) DPG O-DPG $4.49 per lb.

Get Incense Bags After incense is dry, package it in incense bags

Incense Bags. Zip lock. 3” X 12” 100 bags P-116 $2.95 2” X 12” 1,000 bags P-115 $23.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Complete Oil Burner Sets Only $1.95 each

12 sets for just $1.63 each



(set of 12 is $19.50)

You get it all! Candle and 1/2 bottle of oil and oil burner (With this set only)

The #1 Best-Selling Oil Burner! No more confusion, this set includes a burner, oil and candle. Colors and exact designs vary. Size and basic appearance match those shown. 4” tall. Made in China. Porcelain Oil Burner Set O-116 $1.95 each or $19.50/dozen Each set comes individually boxed and wrapped

Oil burners combine sight and fragrance to add your own unique ambiance


Yellow Black

Illuminate the Season Hand-blown glass oil burners in a variety of tranquil colors for a serene atmosphere. Each one is 5” tall and decorated with 14K gold. Made in Egypt in assorted colors. Egyptian Glass Oil Burner O-119 $9.95 each or $99.50/dozen

Red Electric Night Light Oil Burners Get ambiance and a soothing glow with this electric night light oil burner. Just plug it in and enjoy the fragrance of your choice. 5” tall. Made in China. Night Light Oil Burner O-143 $9.95 each

Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles These delicate bottles are individually mouth-blown of Pyrex glass. Each bottle is hand-colored and decorated with 24 kt. gold. All styles vary. 3.5”-4” tall. Made in Egypt. Add Some Ambiance Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle to the Night O-120 $2.95 each or $29.50/dozen Create a soothing glow in your home Only 8 cents each! Replacement Parts with an electric oil Electric Oil Burner Light Bulbs burner night light. Easy snap-in bulbs. Set of Three Simply pour a few Light Bulbs O-102 $4.99 drops of oil into the top of the oil burner, Set of 3 Aroma Night Light plug it in and you can Lightbulbs. O-110 $3.95 enjoy the aroma and Replacement Glass Dish for Oil Tea Light Candles for Burners beauty. 5” tall. Made Set of 10 (Shown) O-100 $1.49 per box Burners O-101 $2. each in China. O-142 $7.95 Replacement Glass Dish for Night Or Get 12 boxes for just $14.90 Light Oil Burners O-104 $2. each




Oils and Incense


Plug In Instant Beauty and Fragrance With electric oil burners - Easier, safer, with adjustable light for adjustable fragrance!

Get the Fragrance Without the Candle! Get customers to buy more oil burners and more oils by using these electric oil burners! Laws don’t allow you to burn candles in most shops, so you can use these electric burners as a great sales motivator. Beautiful etched glass make these oil burners stand out and draw customer attention. 5” tall. Made in China. Electric Oil Burner O-145 $6.95

The Best Selling

electric oil burners!

Get 12 for $5.79 each! ($69.50 per dozen)









The Biggest Oil Burner

Orange Blue Electric Tulip Oil Burner

This elegant oil burner can give you a soothing glimmer or a bright, beautiful light with a simple turn of the dial. Adjustable light and plug-in ease make this the most convenient way to burn oils. 5” tall. Made in China. O-141 $11.95 each.

Nearly 7” Tall! Large Glass and Wood Oil Burner Fern designs along the sides of the burner fill your home with splashes of dazzling light. 6.75” tall. Made in China. O-154 $17.95

Close-up view of glass Dial on the cord elephant

Cheetah O-147

makes the light adjustable

Red O-151

High-Style Meets Aromatherapy For the fashionista and the wellness lover, this high-heel oil burner is a must-have! 4.5” tall. Made in China. All High Heel Oil Burners $17.95

Textured Glass Oil Burner Green 5” tall O-152 $6.95

Elephant Mirror Electric Oil Burner This mirrored oil burner sets off a labyrinth of color and stunning art with a glass elephant in the center. 5” tall. Made in China. Emerald Green Elephant Oil Burner O-148 $13.95 each

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

85 83

Touch Lamp Oil Burners

Electric Rose: Touch Lamp Oil Burner Set your room aglow with brilliant lights and artistry. Adjust the brightness of the light with a simple turn of the dial for a subtle glimmer or a bright glow. 5" tall. Made in China. O-140 $12.95

Electric Lily: Touch Lamp Oil Burner Set your room aglow with brilliant lights and artistry. Adjust the brightness of the light with a simple turn of the dial for a subtle glimmer or a bright glow. 5” tall. Made in China. O-164 $13.95

Fragrant Healing Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil Lavender has an instantly calming effect on nerves, relieving tension depression, and even headaches! For skin care lavender oil can help to tone and improve the complexion. It is a great anti-acne treatment as well! 1 oz. O-L181-E $7.95 4 oz. O-L184-E $15.95

Bouquet: Touch Lamp Oil Burner Set your room aglow with brilliant lights and artistry. Adjust the brightness of the light with a simple turn of the dial for a subtle glimmer or a bright glow. 5” tall. Made in China. O-163 $13.95

Body Mists

Try Lavender Essential Oil For the Following Benefits:

• You want to calm your senses and ease anxiety • You want to relieve headaches or migraines • Add 1 drop to your lotion to tone and improve your complexion • Add 1 drop to your lotion or cleanser to clear signs of acne. • Use in a vaporizer to clear your sinuses and relieve the effects of cold, laryngitis, and flu. Cedarwood Essential Oil 1 oz. O-C501-E $6.95 4 oz. O-C504-E $11.95 Dark Patchouli Essential Oil 1 oz. - O-P511-E $8.95 4 oz. - O-P514-E $23.95

4 oz. Body Mists Surround your senses with the light, sweet fragrances of body mists. Set of 12 Body Mists M-270 $19.50

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil 1 oz. - O-P501-E $6.95 4 oz. - O-P504-E $11.95 Lemongrass Essential Oil 1 oz. - O-L191-E $6.95 4 oz. - O-L194=-E $11.95 Lime Essential Oil 1 oz. - O-L281-E $4.95 4 oz. - O-L284-E $11.95

Find out how to make your own These oils are 100% steam-distilled fragrances that take body mists online! Baby Powder, Blue Nile, Cool Water, Egyptian Musk, Visit days of impeccable work to create. To enjoy just one drop Escape, Heaven, Jamaican Fruit, Lavender, of lavender essential oil, you would have to steam distill 20 /article41.asp Pleasures, Romance, Vanilla, Wet Kisses Your Set Includes:

lavender flower heads.

Oils and Incense


Choose From 1/8 oz. Sample Size Bottles... 12 oils only $9.95 1/8 oz. Dram Bottles

The Top 12 Best-Selling Oils

1/8 oz. Dram Bottles O-12dramtop12 $9.95

Top 12 Best-selling Oils

Barack Obama (M), Black Woman, Beyonce Heat (W) Type Egyptian Musk, Ed Hardy (M) Type, Ed Hardy (W) Type, Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers (M), Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers (W), Halle Berry (W), Michelle Obama (W), Mary J Blige My Life (W) Type Patti Labelle (W). 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramtop12 $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12 $19.95 1 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12oz. $39.95

The 24 Newest Oils!

Get 12 Of The Newest Oils!


Set of 24 Newest Oils

Armani : Black Carat Diamonds (M) Type, Armani : Black Carat Diamonds (W) Type, Baby Phat : Seductive Goddess (W) Type, Black Butter, Bobbi Brown : Bath #IV (W) Type, Burberry : Body (W) Type, Chanel : Chance Eau Tendre (W) Type, Coach : Poppy Flower (W) Type, Curve : Chill (M) Type, Curve : Chill (W) Type, Dolce & Gabbana : Gentleman (M) Type, Ed Hardy : Love & Luck (M) Type, Heavenly Shine : Victoria’s Secret Type, I Am King Of Miami (M) : Sean John Type, Issey Miyake : A Scent (W) Type, Jennifer Lopez : Still (W) Type, Jimmy Choo (W) Type, Joop : Splash (M) Type, Jordin Sparks : Because Of You (W) Type, Lady Million (W) : Paco Rabanne Type, Mariah Carey : Vision Of Love (W) Type, Paris Hilton : Passport Paris (W) Type, Rihanna : Rebelle (W) Type, Vera Wang : Love Struck (W) Type 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramnew $19.90 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE24B $39.95

1/3 oz only

Set of 126 Dram Oils

Set of 96 Oils

Don’t miss out on anything when you get 1/3 oz. Oils O-SE96 $159. this set of 126 fragrances. Get a sampling of every fragrance you crave with this fun opportunity! Set of Oils Includes 126 Of Our Best Selling Fragrances! O-126drams $95.

1/3 oz only

Set of 48 Oils

1/3 oz. Oils O-SE48 $79.50

Set of 12 Newest Oils

Black & White, Bump & Grind, Coconut Passion: Victoria’s Secret (W) Type, Ed Hardy: Villain (M) Type, Ed Hardy: Villain (W) Type, Frankincense Patchouli, Love Spell (W): Victoria’s Secret Type, Mystique (W) Type, Midnight Moon, Patchouli Classic, Purple Rain, Sex on the Beach: Sweet.

1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramSample $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12B (Pictured) $19.95

Get All 12 Essential Oils!

Oils in this set are available individually! Just check them out online or call us and ask for more details!

Get All Of The 12 Essential Oils For Less!

Sample all of the essential oils in this complete set. You’ll get a 1/8 oz. dram bottle of the following oils: Cedarwood, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime, Orange Sweet, Patchouli Dark, Peppermint Japanese, Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary Tunisian, Tea Tree. O-12dramessential $13.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

...Or Get Most Popular 1/3 oz.Roll-On Bottles 87 12 oils for $19.95 1/3 oz. Roll-On Bottles

Customer-Picked Top Fragrances!

1/3 oz. Bottles are labeled (labels not shown) and have roll-on tops

1 Pretty Package - 1 Pretty Price

Pre-packaged sets of 12 oils Top 12 Designer Oils

Top 12 Men’s Oils

Top 12 African Oils

Top 12 Black Icons Oils

Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Ed Hardy (M) Type, Ed Hardy (W) Type, Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers (M) Type, Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Issey Miyake (M) Type, I Am King (M) Sean John Type, Mary J Blige : My Life (W) Type, Patti LaBelle (W) Type, Queen Latifah Type, White Diamond (W) Type. 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramDesigner $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12designer $19.95 African Musk Green (M), African Fantasy, African Gold, Blue Nile, Barack Obama (M), Black Woman (W), Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Queen (W), Moroccan Musk, Red Egyptian Musk, Red African Musk, Sandalwood Egyptian. 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramAfrican $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12African $19.95

Top 12 Fruit Oils

Apple Fantasy, Black Coconut, Coco-Mango, Cherry, Cucumber Melon, Jamaican Fruit, Kiwi Strawberry, Mango, Raspberry Fantasy, Strawberry, Strawberry Champagne, Strawberry Butter. 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramfruit $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12fruit $19.95

Top 12 Romance Oils

Be Delicious (W) Type, Black Woman (W) Type, Curve Crush (W) Type, Egyptian Musk, Jasmine, Lick Me All Over, Pink Sugar (W) Type, Romance (M) Type, Rose Red, Romance (W) Type, Very Sexy (W) Type, Very Sexy (M) Type. 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramromance $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12romance $19.95

African Musk Green (M), Bob Marley, Barack Obama (M) Type, Cool Water (M) Type, Dolce & Gabanna (M) Type, Ed Hardy (M) Type, Ed Hardy: Hearts & Daggers (M) Type, Issey Miyake (M) Type, Issey Miyake L’eau Bleue (M) Type, I Am King (M) Sean John Type, Unforgivable (M) Sean John Type, Usher (M) Type. 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramMens $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12men $19.95

Top 12 Women’s Oils

Baby Powder (W) Type, Black Woman, Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Egyptian Musk, Ed Hardy (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Michelle Obama (W), Mary J. Blige: My Life, Patti LaBelle (W) Type, Paris Hilton (W) Type, Rihanna: Reb’l Fleur (W) Type, White Diamonds (W) Type. 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramWomen $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12women $19.95

Bob Marley (M) Type, Barack Obama (M), Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Sean John: I Am King (M) Type, Michelle Obama (W), Mary J. Blige: My Life (W), Nelly: Apple Bottoms (W) Type, Patti Labelle (W) Type, Queen Latifah (W) Type, Rihanna: Reb’l Fleur (W) Type, Usher (M) Type.

Top 12 Holiday Oils

1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramholiday $9.95

Set of 12 House Oils

1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramhouse $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12house $19.95

1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramicons $9.95 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12icons $19.95

Set of 12 Discontinued Oils 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12Discontin $14.95

Top 12 Closeout Oils Full 1 oz. Bottles - Same Low Prices! Almond, Banana, Butt Naked, Cucumber, Roasted Chestnut, Earth, Enchant, Limelight, Orange Lavender, Sex on the Beach, Spice Market, Vanilla Rain. Set of 12 1 oz. Closeout Oils O-SE12Closeout $19.95

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Oils and Incense


Over 330 Oils! Choose Your Favorite


1/3 oz. - $1.95; 1 oz. $3.95; 4 oz. $9.95 - 1 lb. oils

new oils

1/3 oz. - $1.95 • 1 oz. - $3.95 4 oz $9.95 • 1 lb. $28.95 Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M) - O-A38 Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (W) - O-A39 Baby Phat: Seductive Goddess (W) - O-B68 Black Butter - O-B69 Bobbi Brown: Bath #IV (W) Type - O-B70 Burberry: Body (W) Type - O-B71 Coconut Passion: Victoria’s Secret Type (W) - O-C59 Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre (W) Type - O-C60 Coach: Poppy Flower (W) Type - O-C61 Curve: Chill (M) Type - O-C62 Curve: Chill (W) Type - O-C63 Dolce & Gabanna: Gentleman (M) - O-D30 Ed Hardy: Love & Luck (M) Type - O-E40 Frankincense-Patchouli - O-F23 Heavenly Shine: Victoria’s Secret (W) Type - O-H29 I Am King Of Miami (M): Sean John - O-I121 Issey Miyake: A Scent (W) Type - O-I22 Jennifer Lopez: Still (W) Type - O-J29 Jimmy Choo (W) Type - O-J30 Joop: Splash (M) Type - O-J31 Jordin Sparks: Because Of You (W) Type - O-J32 Lady Million (W): Paco Rabanne (W) Type - O-L32 Mariah Carey: Vision of Love (W) - O-M46 Paris Hilton: Passport Paris (W) Type - O-P61 Rihanna: Rebelle (W) Type - O-R39 Sex On The Beach: Sweet - O-S50 Tea Rose - O-T27 - $14.95 for 16 oz. Vera Wang: Love Struck (W) Type - O-V25 White Musk - O-W21LB - $14.95 for 16 oz. A A* Men: Pure Malt (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A363 1 oz. - O-A361 4 oz. - O-A364 1 lb. - O-A36LB $28.95 Acqua di Gio (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A183 1 oz. - O-A181 4 oz. - O-A184 1 lb. - O-A18LB $28.95 Addict (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A263 1 oz. - O-A261 4 oz. - O-A264 1 lb. - O-A26LB $28.95 African Fantasy Type 1/3 oz. - O-A223 1 oz. - O-A221 4 oz. - O-A224 1 lb. - O-A22LB $28.95 African Gold 1/3 oz. - O-A323 1 oz. - O-A321 4 oz. - O-A324 1 lb. - O-A32LB $28.95

African Musk Green (M) 1/3 oz. - O-A103 a top 1 oz. - O-A101 4 oz. - O-A104 best-seller 1 lb. - O-A10LB $28.95


Alfred Sung (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A113 1 oz. - O-A111 4 oz. - O-A114 1 lb. - O-A11LB $28.95 Almond 1/3 oz. - O-A193 1 oz. - O-A191 4 oz. - O-A194 Ambar 1/3 oz. - O-A123 1 oz. - O-A121 4 oz. O-A124 1 lb. - O-A12LB $28.95 Ambar White Type 1/3 oz. - O-A253 1 oz. - O-A251 4 oz. - O-A254 1 lb. - O-A25LB $28.95 Angel (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A303 1 oz. - O-A301

4 oz. - O-A304 1 lb. - O-A30LB $28.95 Angel (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A133 1 oz. - O-A131 4 oz. - O-A134 1 lb. - O-A13LB $28.95

Beyonce: Pulse 1/3 oz. - O-B653 1 oz. - O-B651 are listed with each oil. 4 oz. - O-B654 Baby Phat: Seductive Goddess 1 lb. - O-B65LB $28.95 (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-B683 Beyonce Ultimate Elixir (W) 1 oz. - O-B681 Type 4 oz. - O-B684 1/3 oz. - O-B583 1 lb. - O-B68LB $28.95 1 oz. - O-B581

Apple Fantasy 1/3 oz. - O-A173 1 oz. - O-A171 4 oz. - O-A174 1 lb. - O-A17LB $28.95 Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-A383 1 oz. - O-A381 4 oz. - O-A384 1 lb. - O-A38LB $28.95

4 oz. - O-B584 1 lb. - O-B58LB $28.95

Baby Powder 1/3 oz. - O-B103 1 oz. - O-B101 4 oz - O-B104 1 lb - O-B10LB $28.95

Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type 1/3 oz. - O-B303 1 oz. - O-B301

why you love it “This was my first time trying Black Woman oil and I just love it. I seem to get such nice compliments and lots of smiles. It’s a keeper, Thanks.”

Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-A393 1 oz. - O-A391 4 oz. - O-A394 1 lb. - O-A39LB $28.95

- Torry from Orlando, FL

Banana 1/3 oz. - O-B233 Armani: Diamonds Intense (W) 1 oz. - O-B231 4 oz. - O-B234 Type 1 lb. - O-B23LB $14.95 1/3 oz. - O-A373 1 oz. - O-A371 Barack Obama (M) 4 oz. - O-A374 1/3 oz. - O-B473 1 lb. - O-A37LB $28.95 a top 1 oz. - O-B471 best-seller 4 oz. - O-B474 Aromatics Elixir (W) Clinique 1 lb. - O-B47LB $28.95 Type 1/3 oz. - O-A343 Beautiful (W) Type 1 oz. - O-A341 1/3 oz. - O-B113 4 oz. - O-A344 1 oz. - O-B111 1 lb. - O-A34LB $28.95 4 oz. - O-B114 1 lb. - O-B11LB $28.95 Ashanti Precious Jewels (W) Type Be Delicious (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-A353 1/3 oz. - O-B293 1 oz. - O-A351 1 oz. - O-B291 4 oz. - O-A354 4 oz. - O-B294 1 lb. - O-A35LB $28.95 1 lb. - O-B29LB $28.95 B Believe (W) Britney Spears Type Baby Phat Dare Me (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B403 1/3 oz - O-B573 1 oz. - O-B401 1 oz. - O-B571 4 oz. - O-B404 4 oz. - O-B574 1 lb. - O-B40LB $28.95 1 lb. - O-B57LB $28.95


Baby Phat Fabulosity (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B433 1 oz. - O-B431 4 oz. - O-B434 1 lb. - O-B43LB $28.95

Betsey Johnson (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B533 1 oz. - O-B531 4 oz. - O-B534 1 lb. - O-B53LB $28.95

Baby Phat Goddess (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B203 1 oz. - O-B201 4 oz. - O-B204 1 lb. - O-B20LB $28.95

Beyonce Heat (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B553 a top 1 oz. - O-B551 best-seller 4 oz. - O-B554 1 lb. - O-B55LB $28.95

Baby Phat: Luv Me (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B643 1 oz. - O-B641 4 oz. - O-B644 1 lb. - O-B64LB $28.95

4 oz. - O-B304 1 lb. - O-B30LB $28.95 Black (W) Kenneth Cole Type 1/3 oz. - O-B283 1 oz. - O-B281 4 oz. - O-B284 1 lb. - O-B28LB $28.95 Black Butter NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-B693 1 oz. - O-B691 4 oz. - O-B694 1 lb. - O-B69LB $28.95 Black Coconut 1/3 oz. - O-B153 1 oz. - O-B151 4 oz. - O-B154 1 lb. O-B15LB $28.95 Black Code (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B343 1 oz. - O-B341 4 oz. - O-B344 1 lb. - O-B34LB $28.95 Black Icon 1/3 oz. - O-B633 1 oz. - O-B631 4 oz. - O-B634 1 lb. - O-B63LB $28.95 Black Love (W) 1/3 oz. - O-B133 1 oz. - O-B131 4 oz. - O-B134 1 lb. - O-B13LB $28.95


Black Soul (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B593 1 oz. - O-B591 4 oz. - O-B594 Beyonce: Heat Rush (W) Type 1 lb. - O-B59LB $28.95 1/3 oz. - O-B613 Black Woman 1 oz. - O-B611 1/3 oz. - O-B513 4 oz. - O-B614 a top 1 oz. - O-B511 1 lb. - O-B61LB $28.95 best-seller 4 oz. - O-B514 1 lb. - O-B51LB $28.95

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Black & White 1/3 oz. - O-B663 1 oz. - O-B661 4 oz. - O-B664 1 lb. - O-B66LB $28.95

“African sunset is a nice warm earthy and fruity scent. Haven’t stopped burning it yet!”

Blue Nile 1/3 oz. - O-B123 1 oz. - O-B121 4 oz. - O-B124 1 lb. - O-B12LB $28.95 Blue Seduction (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B483 1 oz. - O-B481 4 oz. - O-B484 1 lb. - O-B48LB $28.95 Blue Seduction (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B493 1 oz. - O-B491 4 oz. - O-B494 1 lb. - O-B49LB $28.95 Blue Sugar (M) Type 1/3 oz. O-B393 1 oz. - O-B391 4 oz. - O-B394 1 lb. - O-B39LB $28.95 Bob Marley (M) 1/3 oz. - O-B363 1 oz. - O-B361 4 oz. - O-B364 1 lb. - O-B36LB $28.95 Bobbi Brown: Bath #IV (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-B703 1 oz. - O-B701 4 oz. - O-B704 1 lb. - O-B70LB $28.95 Body by Victoria’s Secret (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B373 1 oz. - O-B371 4 oz. - O-B374 1 lb. - O-B37LB $28.95 Bora Bora (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B333 1 oz. - O-B331 4 oz. O-B334 1 lb. - O-B33LB $28.95 Boss by Hugo Boss (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B353 1 oz. - O-B351 4 oz. O-B354 1 lb. - O-B35LB $28.95 Boss Intense (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B443 1 oz. - O-B441 4 oz. - O-B444 1 lb. - O-B44LB $28.95 Boucheron (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B183 Bronze Goddess (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B543 1 oz. - O-B541 4 oz. - O-B544 1 lb. - O-B54LB $28.95 Bump & Grind 1/3 oz. - O-B673 1 oz. - O-B671 4 oz. - O-B674


on African sunset

- Melissa in Canton, OH 1 lb. - O-B67LB $28.95

4 oz. - O-C424 1 lb. - O-C42LB $28.95

Burberry: Body (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-B713 1 oz. - O-B711 4 oz. - O-B714 1 lb. - O-B714 $28.95

Casmir (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C123 1 oz. - O-C121 4 oz. - O-C124 1 lb. - O-C12LB $28.95

Burberry Brit (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B563 1 oz. - O-B561 4 oz. - O-B564 1 lb. - O-B56LB $28.95

Chance (W) Chanel Type 1/3 oz. - O-C263 1 oz. - O-C261 4 oz. - O-C264 1 lb. - O-C26LB $28.95

Burberry Brit Sheer (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B623 1 oz. - O-B621 4 oz. - O-B624 1 lb. - O-B62LB $28.95

Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-C603 1 oz. - O-C601 4 oz. - O-C604 1 lb. - O-C60LB $28.95

Burberry the Beat (W) Type 1/3 oz. O-B423 1 oz. - O-B421 4 oz. - O-B424 1 lb. - O-B42LB $28.95 Burberry Sport (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B603 1 oz. - O-B601 4 oz. - O-B604 1 lb. - O-B60LB $28.95 Burberry Sport (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B323 1 oz. - O-B321 4 oz. O-B324 1 lb. - O-B32LB $28.95 Burberry Summer (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-B453 1 oz. - O-B451 4 oz. - O-B454 Butt Naked 1/3 oz. - O-B273 1 oz. - O-B271 4 oz. O-B274 1 lb. - O-B27LB $28.95 Bvlgari Soir Type 1/3 oz. - O-B383 1 oz. - O-B381 4 oz. - O-B384 1 lb. - O-B38LB $28.95 C Calvin Klein Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-C103 1 oz. - O-C101 4 oz. - O-C104 1 lb. - O-C10LB $28.95 Candies (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C113 1 oz. - O-C111 4 oz. - O-C114 1 lb. - O-C11LB $28.95

Chanel N° 5 (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C183 1 oz. - O-C181 4 oz. - O-C184 1 lb. - O-C18LB $28.95 Chanel N° 19 (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C583 1 oz. - O-C581 4 oz. - O-C584 1 lb. - O-C58LB $28.95

Marked Down Money $avers!

Soon-To-Be Discontinued Oils O-A283 O-D18 O-D24 O-G26 O-H24 O-M32 O-M33 O-N16 O-R31 O-T19 O-V20

Atman: Spirit of Man (M) 1/3 oz. Diesel (W) Choose the size you Dazzling Gold (W) want at these low Guess Gold (W) Type prices Hilfiger (M) Type Magnifique (W) Type 1/3 oz. - $1.79 1 oz. - $2.99 Marciano Guess (W) Nautica: My Voyage (W) 4 oz $5.99 Rock Princess (W) Type Tommy Hilfiger: True Star (W) Type Valentino Rock ‘N Rose (W) Type

Get the entire set of discontinued oils for just $14.95! O-SE12discontinued • See page 87

Cherry 1/3 oz. - O-C173 1 oz. - O-C171 4 oz. - O-C174 1lb. - O-C17LB $28.95

1 lb. - O-C61LB $28.95

China Musk 1/3 oz. - O-C133 1 oz. - O-C131 4 oz. - O-C134 1 lb. - O-C13LB $28.95

Coco-Mango 1/3 oz. - O-C163 1 oz. - O-C161 4 oz. - O-C164 1 lb. - O-C16LB $28.95

China Rain 1/3 oz. - O-C543 1 oz. - O-C541 4 oz. - O-C544 1 lb. - O-C54LB $28.95

Coconut Passion: Victoria’s Secret (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-C593 1 oz. - O-C591 4 oz. - O-C594 1 lb. - O-C59LB $28.95

Chrome (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C193 1 oz. - O-C191 4 oz. - O-C194 1 lb. - O-C19LB $28.95 CK IN2U (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C433 1 oz. - O-C431 4 oz. - O-C434 1 lb. - O-C43LB $28.95 Coach Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-C443 1 oz. - O-C441 4 oz. - O-C444 1 lb. - O-C44LB $28.95

Cool Water (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C143 1 oz. - O-C141 4 oz. - O-C144 1 lb. - O-C14LB $28.95 Cool Water (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C453 1 oz. - O-C451 4 oz. - O-C454 1 lb. - O-C45LB $28.95

Egyptian Musk

Cool Water Deep Type (M) 1/3 oz. - O-C513 1 oz. - O-C511 4 oz. - O-C514 1 lb. - O-C51LB $28.95 Cool Water Frozen (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C523 1 oz. - O-C521 4 oz. - O-C524 1 lb. - O-C52LB $28.95

Cucumber Melon 1/3 oz. - O-C303 1 oz. - O-C301 4 oz. - O-C304 1 lb. - O-C30LB $28.95

Curious Britney Spears (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C333 1 oz. - O-C331 4 oz. - O-C334 Cristalle (W) Chanel Type 1 lb. - O-C33LB $28.95 1/3 oz. - O-C533 Curve (M) Type 1 oz. - O-C531 1/3 oz. - O-C153 4 oz. - O-C534 1 oz. - O-C151 1 lb. - O-C53LB $28.95 4 oz. - O-C154 1 lb. - O-C15LB $28.95 Crystal Blue (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C553 Curve: Chill (M) Type 1 oz. - O-C551 NEW! 4 oz. - O-C554 1/3 oz. - O-C623 1 lb. - O-C55LB $28.95 1 oz. - O-C621 4 oz. - O-C624 Cucumber 1 lb. - O-C62LB $28.95 1 lb. - O-C29LB $14.95

Take your soul to the far pavilions of adventure with Egyptian Musk. Imagine the Coach: Poppy Flower pyramids towering above the waves of sand (W) Type NEW! as the wind from the nile cools your body. All 1/3 oz. - O-C613 Carlos Santana Type (M) 1 oz. - O-C611 this in one ravishing fragrance you 1/3 oz. - O-C423 4 oz. - O-C614 can experience yourself! 1 oz. - O-C421

Cucumber Aloe 1 lb. - O-C38LB $14.95

Curve: Chill (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-C633 1 oz. - O-C631 4 oz. - O-C634 1 lb. - O-C63LB $28.95


90 Curve Crush (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C563 1 oz. - O-C561 4 oz. - O-C564 1 lb. - O-C56LB $28.95 Curve Crush (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C573 1 oz. - O-C571 4 oz. - O-C574 1 lb. - O-C57LB $28.95 Curve Kicks: Liz Claiborne (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C413 1 oz. - O-C411 4 oz. - O-C414 1 lb. - O-C41LB $28.95 Curve Soul (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-C403 1 oz. - O-C401 4 oz. - O-C404 1 lb. - O-C40LB $28.95 D Dark Baby Powder 1/3 oz. - O-D253 1 oz. - O-D251 4 oz. - O-D254 1 lb. - O-D25LB $28.95 Dark Kiss (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D293 1 oz. - O-D291 4 oz. - O-D294 1 lb. - O-D29LB $28.95 Delices De Cartier Type 1/3 oz. - O-D153 1 oz. - O-D151 4 oz. - O-D154 1 lb. - O-D15LB $28.95 Deseo Type (W) J. Lo Type 1/3 oz. - O-D203 1 oz. - O-D201 4 oz. - O-D204 1 lb. - O-D20LB $28.95 Desire Type (M) 1/3 oz. - O-D113 1 oz. - O-D111 4 oz. - O-D114 1 lb. - O-D11LB $28.95 Diamond Princess (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D163 1 oz. - O-D161 4 oz. - O-D164 1 lb. - O-D16LB $28.95 Diesel (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D173 1 oz. - O-D171 4 oz. - O-D174 1 lb. - O-D17LB $28.95 Diesel Fuel for Life (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D213 1 oz. - O-D211 4 oz. - O-D214 1 lb. - O-D21LB $28.95 Diesel Fuel for Life Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-D223

Over 330 Oils! Choose Your Favorites

1/3 oz. - $1.95; 1 oz. $3.95; 4 oz. $9.95 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil. 1 oz. - O-D221 4 oz. - O-D224 1 lb. - O-D22LB $28.95 DKNY (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D233 1 oz. - O-D231 4 oz. - O-D234 1 lb. - O-D23LB $28.95 Dolce & Gabanna (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D133 1 oz. - O-D131 4 oz. - O-D134 1 lb. - O-D13LB $28.95 Dolce & Gabanna (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D263 1 oz. - O-D261 4 oz. - O-D264 1 lb. - O-D26LB $28.95 Dolce & Gabnna: Gentleman (M) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-D303 1 oz. - O-D301 4 oz. - O-D304 1 lb. - O-D30LB $28.95 Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D273 1 oz. - O-D271 4 oz. - O-D274 1 lb. - O-D27LB $28.95 Dolce & Gabanna Rose The One (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D283 1 oz. - O-D281 4 oz. - O-D284 1 lb. - O-D28LB $28.95 Double Black (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D193 1 oz. - O-D191 4 oz - O-D194 1 lb. - O-D19LB $28.95 Drakkar Noir (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-D123 1 oz. - O-D121 4 oz. - O-D124 1 lb. - O-D12LB $28.95 E Ed Hardy Type (M) 1/3 oz. - O-E253 1 oz. - O-E251 4 oz. - O-E254 1 lb. - O-E25LB $28.95 Ed Hardy Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-E263 1 oz. - O-E261 4 oz. - O-E264 1 lb. - O-E26LB $28.95 Ed Hardy: Born Wild (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E343 1 oz. - O-E341 4 oz. - O-E344 1 lb. - O-E34LB $28.95

Ed Hardy: Born Wild (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E353 1 oz. - O-E351 4 oz. - O-E354 1 lb. - O-E35LB $28.95 Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers Type (M) 1/3 oz. - O-E313 1 oz. - O-E311 4 oz. - O-E314 1 lb. - O-E31LB $28.95

Escada Ocean Lounge (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E293 1 oz. - O-E291 4 oz. - O-E294 1 lb. - O-E29LB $28.95 Escape (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E113 1 oz. - O-E111 4 oz. - O-E114 1 lb. - O-E11LB $28.95

Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-E323 1 oz. - O-E321 4 oz. - O-E324 1 lb. - O-E32LB $28.95

Escape (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E143 1 oz. - O-E141 4 oz. - O-E144 1 lb. - O-E14LB $28.95

Ed Hardy: Love & Luck (M) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-E403 1 oz. - O-E401 4 oz. - O-E404 1 lb. - O-E40LB $28.95

Estee Lauder (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E243 1 oz. - O-E241 4 oz. - O-E244 1 lb. - O-E24LB $28.95

Ed Hardy Love & Luck (W) 1/3 oz. - O-E283 1 oz. - O-E281 4 oz. - O-E284 1 lb. - O-E28LB $28.95

Eternity (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E123 1 oz. - O-E121 4 oz. - O-E124 1 lb. - O-E12LB $28.95

why you love it on Egyptian Musk

“This is the best seller at my flea market business. I also wear this clean scent everyday and get tons of compliments.most people say a person wearing it is like a breath of fresh air!!” - Donald from Rutherglen, VA

on Michelle Obama (W) “This oil smells so good. I have some on right now. It is so light, but such a beautiful fragrance. I made two large bottles to sell. I was happy when my customer only brought one, because I kept the 2nd bottle for me.”

Ed Hardy: Villain (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E383 1 oz. - O-E381 4 oz. - O-E384 1 lb. - O-E38LB $28.95

Eucalyptus 1/3 oz. - O-E173 1 oz. - O-E171 4 oz. - O-E174 1 lb. - O-E17LB $28.95

4 oz. - O-F134 1 lb. - O-F13LB $28.95

Ed Hardy: Villain (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E393 1 oz. - O-E391 4 oz. - O-E394 1 lb. - O-E39LB $28.95

Euphoria (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E233 1 oz. - O-E231 4 oz. - O-E234 1 lb. - O-E23LB $28.95

Flower (W) Kenzo Type 1/3 oz. - O-F213 1 oz. - O-F211 4 oz. - O-F214 1 lb. - O-F21LB $28.95

Euphoria (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E223 1 oz. - O-E221 4 oz. - O-E224 1 lb. - O-E22LB $28.95

Forbidden Fruit (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-F183 1 oz. - O-F181 4 oz. - O-F184 1 lb. - O-F18LB $28.95

Eva Longoria: Eva (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E333 1 oz. - O-E331 4 oz. - O-E334 1 lb. - O-E33LB $28.95

Frankincense 1/3 oz. - O-F123 1 oz. - O-F121 4 oz. - O-F124 1 lb. - O-F12LB $28.95

Egyptian Musk 1/3 oz. - O-E103 1 oz. - O-E101 4 oz. - O-E104 1 lb. - O-E10LB $28.95 Egyptian Queen 1/3 oz. - O-E163 1 oz. - O-E161 4 oz. - O-E164 1 lb. - O-E16LB $28.95 Ellen Tracy (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E303 1 oz. - O-E301 4 oz. - O-E304 1 lb. - O-E30LB $28.95 Emporio Armani Diamonds (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E273 1 oz. - O-E271 4 oz. - O-E274 1 lb. - O-E27LB $28.95

F Fahrenheit (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-F103 1 oz. - O-F101 4 oz. - O-F104 1 lb. - O-F10LB $28.95

Enchant 1 lb. - O-E37LB $14.95

Fancy (W) Jessica Simpson Type 1/3 oz. - O-F203 1 oz. - O-F201 4 oz. - O-F204 1 lb. - O-F20LB $28.95

Envy (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-E213 1 oz. - O-E211 4 oz. - O-E214 1 lb. - O-E21LB $28.95

Fantasy Type (W) Britney Spears 1/3oz. - O-F163 1oz. - O-F161 4oz. - O-F164 1lb. - O-F16LB $28.95 Fire & Ice (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-F133 1 oz. - O-F131

- Habiba from Antioch, CA

Frankincense-Patchouli NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-F233 1 oz. - O-F231 4 oz. - O-F234 1 lb. - O-F23LB $28.95 Frank & Myrrh 1/3 oz. - O-F113 1 oz. - O-F111 4 oz. - O-F114 1 lb. - O-F11LB $28.95 Frankincense & Myrrh: Spirit and Soul 1/3 oz. - O-F223 1 oz. - O-F221 4 oz. - O-F224 1 lb. - O-F22LB $28.95 Fubu (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-F173 1 oz. - O-F171 4 oz. - O-F174 1 lb. - O-F17LB $28.95

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Issey Miyake: A Scent (W) Type This soft, delicate scent gives you that a completely refreshing feeling all day long. Lightly sweet with citrus-verbena on a fresh, musky backdrop tinged with the lactonic greenness of grass. See on this page.

More Issey Miyake Fragrances! Giorgio 273 (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G103 1 oz. - O-G101 4 oz. - O-G104 1 lb. - O-G10LB $28.95 Girlfriend (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G203 1 oz. - O-G201 4 oz. - O-G204 1 lb. - O-G20LB $28.95 Glow - J. Lo (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G183 1 oz. - O-G181 4 oz. - O-G184 1 lb - O-G18LB $28.95 Good Life (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G113 1 oz. - O-G111 4 oz. - O-G114 1 lb. - O-G11LB $28.95 Green Tea 1/3 oz. - O-G223 1 oz. - O-G221 4 oz. - O-G224 1 lb. - O-G22LB $28.95 Grey Flannel (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G123 1 oz. - O-G121 4 oz. - O-G124 1 lb. - O-G12LB $28.95 Gucci (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G243 1 oz. - O-G241 4 oz. - O-G244 1 lb. - O-G24LB $28.95 Gucci II Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-G253 1 oz. - O-G251 4 oz. - O-G254 1 lb. - O-G25LB $28.95 Gucci: Guilty (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-G283 1 oz. - O-G281 4 oz. - O-G284 1 lb. - O-G28LB $28.95 H Halle Berry (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H253 1 oz. - O-H251 4 oz. - O-H254 1 lb. - O-H25LB $28.95 Halle Berry Pure Orchid (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H263 1 oz. - O-H261



NEW! Fragrance Spotlight!

Miyake A Scent

Issey Miyake (M) Type - O-I10 Issey Miyake Bleue (M) Type - O-I13 Issey Miyake Summer (W) Type - O-I16

4 oz. - O-H264 1 lb. - O-H26LB $28.95 Halle Berry Reveal (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H273 1 oz. - O-H271 4 oz. - O-H274 1 lb. - O-H27LB $28.95 Happy (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H103 1 oz. - O-H101 4 oz. - O-H104 1 lb. - O-H10LB $28.95 Heavenly Shine: Victoria’s Secret (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-H293 1 oz. - O-H291 4 oz. - O-H294 1 lb. - O-H29LB $28.95 Heir Paris Hilton (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H203 1 oz. - O-H201 4 oz. - O-H204 1 lb. - O-H20LB $28.95 Heiress (W) Type Paris Hilton 1/3 oz. - O-H193 1 oz. - O-H191 4 oz. - O-H194 1 lb. - O-H19LB $28.95 Hot Water (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H283 1 oz. - O-H281 4 oz. - O-H284 1 lb. - O-H28LB $28.95 Hugo Boss Dark Blue (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H123 1 oz. - O-H121 4 oz. - O-H124 1 lb. - O-H12LB $28.95 Hugo Boss Deep Red Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-H223 1 oz. - O-H221 4 oz. - O-H224 1 lb. - O-H22LB $28.95 Hypnotic Poison (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-H113 1 oz. - O-H111 4 oz. - O-H114 1 lb. - O-H11LB $28.95 I I Am King (M) Sean John Type 1/3 oz. - O-I193 1 oz. - O-I191 4 oz. - O-I194 1 lb. - O-I19LB $28.95

I Am King Of Miami (M): Sean John NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-I123 1 oz. - O-I121 4 oz. - O-I124 1 lb. - O-I12LB $28.95 I Am King of the NIght (M) Sean John Type 1/3 oz. - O-I203 1 oz. - O-I201 4 oz. - O-I204 1 lb. - O-I20LB $28.95\\ Intimately Beckham (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-I173 1 oz. - O-I171 4 oz. - O-I174 1 lb. - O-I17LB $28.95 Intimately Beckham (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-I183 1 oz. - O-I181 4 oz. - O-I184 1 lb. - O-I18LB $28.95 Island Hawaii: Michael Kors (W) 1/3 oz. - O-I153 1 oz. - O-I151 4 oz. - O-I154 1 lb. - O-I15LB $28.95 Issey Miyake (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-I103 a top 1 oz. - O-I101 best-seller 4 oz. - O-I104 1 lb. - O-I10LB $28.95


Issey Miyake: A Scent (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-I223 1 oz. - O-I221 4 oz. - O-I224 1 lb. - O-I22LB $28.95 Issey Miyake Bleue Type 1/3 oz. - O-I133 1 oz. - O-I131 4 oz. - O-I134 1 lb. - O-I13LB $28.95 Issey Miyake Summer (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-I163 1 oz. - O-I161 4 oz. - O-I164 1 lb. - O-I16LB $28.95 J Jamaican Fruit 1/3 oz. - O-J133 1 oz. - O-J131

Customer Favorite Fragrance Spotlight!

Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers Fragrance Type (Choose from Mens or Womens) Enjoy a tantalizing floral cocktail with this fragrance. Glittering fruits and florals, radiant woods, and sensual musks create an airy and open feeling. Blood orange and juicy Gala apple meet violet leaf while energetic waves of mango, apple blossoms, and pink jasmine join. The alluring background blends cashmere musk, and amber.

More Ed Hardy Fragrances!

Ed Hardy (M) Type Ed Hardy (W) Type Ed Hardy: Born Wild (M) Type Ed Hardy: Born Wild (W) Type Ed Hardy: Love & Luck (M) Type Ed Hardy: Love & Luck (W) Type Ed Hardy: Villain (M) Type Ed Hardy: Villain (W) Type 4 oz. - O-J134 1 lb. - O-J13LB $28.95 Jasmine 1/3 oz. - O-J143 1 oz. - O-J141 4 oz. - O-J144 1 lb. - O-J14LB $28.95 Jay Z 9 IX (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J173 1 oz. - O-J171 4 oz. - O-J174 1 lb. - O-J17LB $28.95

Jay Z X (M) Rocawear Type 1/3 oz. - O-J203 1 oz. - O-J201 4 oz. - O-J204 1 lb. - O-J20LB $28.95 Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J223 1 oz. - O-J221 4 oz. - O-J224 1 lb. - O-J22LB $28.95



Complete List of Oils

1/3 oz. w/ roll on tops $1.95 each or $19.95 for 12 of the same fragrance.

4 oz. $9.95 each. $99.50 for 12 of the same fragrance.

Largest Size!

1 oz. $3.95 each or $39.50 for 12 of the same fragrance.

1 lb. bottles. From $14.95 $28.95 per lb. Jennifer Lopez: Still (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-J293 1 oz. - O-J291 4 oz. - O-J294 1 lb. - O-J29LB $28.95 J. Lo: Glow After Dark (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J253 1 oz. - O-J251 4 oz. - O-J254 1 lb. - O-J25LB $28.95 J. Lo: Love At First Glow (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J273 1 oz. - O-J271 4 oz. - O-J274 1 lb. - O-J27LB $28.95 J. Lo Love & Glamour (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J263 1 oz. - O-J261 4 oz. - O-J264 1 lb. - O-J26LB $28.95 Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow (W) 1/3 oz. - O-J233 1 oz. - O-J231 4 oz. - O-J234 1 lb. - O-J23LB $28.95 Jimmy Choo (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-J303 1 oz. - O-J301 4 oz. - O-J304 1 lb. - O-J30LB $28.95 Joop (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J103 1 oz. - O-J101 4 oz. - O-J104 1 lb. - O-J10LB $28.95 Joop: Splash (M) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-J313 1 oz. - O-J311 4 oz. - O-J314 1 lb. - O-J31LB $28.95 Jordin Sparks: Because Of You (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-J323 1 oz. - O-J321 4 oz. - O-J324 1 lb. - O-J32LB $28.95

JPG (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J113 1 oz. - O-J111 4 oz. - O-J114 1 lb. - O-J11LB $28.95

Kim Kardashian: Gold (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-K213 1 oz. - O-K211 4 oz. - O-K214 1 lb. - O-K21LB $28.95

Lavender 1/3 oz. - O-L103 1 oz. - O-L101 4 oz. - O-L104 1 lb. - O-L10LB $28.95

JPG: Classique X (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J283 1 oz. - O-J281 4 oz. - O-J284 1 lb. - O-J28LB $28.95

Kiss Her Type 1/3 oz. - O-K153 1 oz. - O-K151 4 oz. - O-K154 1 lb. - O-K15LB $28.95

Lemongrass 1/3 oz. - O-L113 1 oz. - O-L111 4 oz. - O-L114 1 lb. - O-L11LB $28.95

JPG LeMale (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J153 1 oz. - O-J151 4 oz. - O-J154 1 lb. - O-J15LB $28.95

Kiwi Strawberry 1/3 oz. - O-K143 1 oz. - O-K141 4 oz. - O-K144 1 lb. - O-K14LB $28.95

Lick Me All Over 1/3 oz. - O-L253 1 oz. - O-L251 4 oz. - O-L254 1 lb. - O-L25LB $28.95

Knowing (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-K103 1 oz. - O-K101 4 oz. - O-K104 1 lb. - O-K10LB $28.95

Live (W) Jennifer Lopez Type 1/3 oz. - O-L233 1 oz. - O-L231 4 oz. - O-L234 1 lb. - O-L23LB $28.95

JPG MaDame Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-J183 1 oz. - O-J181 4 oz. - O-J184 1 lb. - O-J18LB $28.95 Juicy Couture Type 1/3 oz. - O-J163 1 oz. - O-J161 4 oz. - O-J164 1 lb. - O-J16LB $28.95 Jungle (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-J243 1 oz. - O-J241 4 oz. - O-J244 1 lb. - O-J24LB $28.95

Kush 1/3 oz. - O-K113 1 oz. - O-K111 4 oz. - O-K114 1 lb. - O-K11LB $28.95 L L.A.M.B. (W) Gwen Stefani Type 1/3 oz. - O-L223 1 oz. - O-L221 4 oz. - O-L224 1 lb. - O-L22LB $28.95

Liz Claiborne (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-L143 1 oz. - O-L141 4 oz. - O-L144 1 lb. - O-L14LB $28.95 Love in Black (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-L273 1 oz. - O-L271 4 oz. - O-L274 1 lb. - O-L27LB $28.95

4 oz. - O-M294 1 lb. - O-M29LB $28.95 Mambo (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M133 1 oz. - O-M131 4 oz. - O-M134 1 lb. - O-M13LB $28.95 Mambo (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M143 1 oz. - O-M141 4 oz. - O-M144 1 lb. - O-M14LB $28.95 Mango 1/3 oz. - O-M103 1 oz. - O-M101 4 oz. - O-M104 1 lb. - O-M10LB $28.95 Mania - Armani (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M193 1 oz. - O-M191 4 oz. - O-M194 1 lb. - O-M19LB $28.95 Marc Jacobs - Essence (W) Type 1/3 oz. -O-M183 1 oz. - O-M181 4 oz. - O-M184 1 lb. - O-M18LB $28.95

Mariah Carey Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-M253 K 1 oz. - O-M251 Love Spell (W) Victoria’s 4 oz. - O-M254 L’Air Du Temps (W) Type Kenneth Cole Type (M) Secret Type 1/3 oz. - O-L263 1 lb. - O-M25LB $28.95 1/3oz. - O-K133 1/3 oz. - O-L313 1 oz. - O-L261 1oz. - O-K131 1 oz. - O-L311 4 oz. - O-L264 Mariah Carey Forever (W) 4oz. - O-K134 4 oz. - O-L314 1 lb. - O-L26LB $28.95 Type 1 lb. - O-L31LB $28.95 1lb. - O-K13LB $28.95 1/3 oz. - O-M403 Lady Million (W): Paco Rabanne 1 oz. - O-M401 Khloe & Lamar: Unbreakable (U) (W) Type NEW! Lovely Sarah Jessica 4 oz. - O-M404 Type Parker (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-L323 1 lb. - O-M40LB $28.95 1/3 oz. - O-K223 1/3 oz. - O-L173 1 oz. - O-L321 1 oz. - O-K221 1 oz. - O-L171 4 oz. - O-L324 Mariah Carey: Honey Bling 4 oz. - O-K224 4 oz. - O-L174 1 lb. - O-L32LB $28.95 (W) Type 1 lb. - O-K22LB $28.95 1 lb. - O-L17LB $28.95 1/3 oz - O-M434 Lagerfield (M) Type 1 oz. - O-M431 M Kim Kardashian (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-L133 4 oz. - O-M434 1/3 oz. - O-K203 Magic Moon (W) Type 1 oz. - O-L131 1 lb. - O-M43LB $28.95 1 oz. - O-K201 1/3 oz. - O-M293 4 oz. - O-L134 4 oz. - O-K204 1 oz. - O-M291 1lb. - O-L13LB $28.95 1 lb. - O-K20LB $28.95

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Mariah Carey: Vision of Love (W) Type Be your own Vision of Love in this scent filled with fruity notes of mandarin and coconut, mixed with a touch of neroli. The heart of this scent reveals a hint of French macaroon combined with jasmine and peach. The finish unveils sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. On this page. Item O-M46

More Mariah Carey Fragrances! Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M413 1 oz. - O-M411 4 oz. - O-M414 1 lb. - O-M41LB $28.95 Mariah Carey Luscious Pink (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M393 1 oz. - O-M391 4 oz. - O-M394 1 lb. - O-M39LB $28.95 Mariah Carey: Vision of Love (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-M463 1 oz. - O-M461 4 oz. - O-M464 1 lb. - O-M46LB $28.95 Mary J. Blige My Life (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M423 1 oz. - O-M421 4 oz. - O-M424 1 lb. - O-M42LB $28.95 Mary J. Blige: My Life Blossom (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M453 1 oz. - O-M451 4 oz. - O-M454 1 lb. - O-M45LB $28.95 Melon Cucumber 1 lb. - O-M20LB $14.95 Michael Jordan (M) 1/3 oz. - O-M233 1 oz. - O-M231 4 oz. - O-M234 1 lb. - O-M23LB $28.95 Michael Kors Type (W) 1/3 oz. -O-M223 1 oz. - O-M221 4 oz. - O-M224 1 lb. - O-M22LB $28.95

Michelle Obama (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M343 1 oz. - O-M341 4 oz. - O-M344 1 lb. - O-M34LB $28.95 Midnight Fantasy (W) Britney Spears 1/3 oz. - O-M243 1 oz. - O-M241 4 oz. - O-M244 1 lb. - O-M24LB $28.95

Mariah Carey (W) Type - O-M25 Mariah Carey Forever (W) Type - O-M40 Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling (W) Type - O-M41 Mariah Carey Luscious Pink (W) Type - O-M39

Midnight Moon 1/3 oz. - O-M443 1 oz. - O-M441 4 oz. - O-M444 1 lb. - O-M44LB $28.95

Nite Queen (W) 1/3 oz. - O-N153 1 oz. - O-N151 4 oz. - O-N154 1 lb. - O-N15LB $28.95

Paris Hilton Siren (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P543 1 oz. - O-P541 4 oz. - O-P544 1 lb. - O-P54LB $28.95

Mint Julep 1/3 oz. - O-M213 1 oz. - O-M211 4 oz. - O-M214

Nubian Musk 1/3 oz. - O-N123 1 oz. - O-N121 4 oz. - O-N124 1 lb. - O-N12LB $28.95

Paris Hilton: Tease (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P593 1 oz. - O-P591 4 oz. - O-P594 1 lb. - O-P59LB $28.95

Money (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M113 1 oz. - O-M111 4 oz. - O-M114 1 lb. - O-M11LB $28.95 Moon Sparkle (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M263 1 oz. - O-M261 4 oz. - O-M264 1 lb. - O-M26LB $28.95 Moon Sparkle (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-M273 1 oz. - O-M271 4 oz. - O-M274 1 lb. - O-M27LB $28.95 Moroccan Musk 1/3 oz. - O-M123 1 oz. - O-M121 4 oz. - O-M124 1 lb. - O-M12LB $28.95 Myrrh 1/3 oz. - O-M283 1 oz. - O-M281 4 oz. - O-M284 1 lb. - O-M28LB $28.95 N Nag Champa 1/3 oz. - O-N113 1 oz. - O-N111 4 oz. - O-N114 1 lb. - O-N11LB $28.95 Nautica (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-N103 1 oz. - O-N101 4 oz. - O-N104 1lb. - O-N10LB $28.95 Nautica Oceans (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-N173 1 oz. - O-N171 4 oz. - O-N174 1 lb. - O-N17LB $28.95 Nelly Apple Bottoms (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-N183 1 oz. - O-N181 4 oz. - O-N184 1 lb. - O-N18LB $28.95

O Obsession Type (M) 1/3 oz. - O-O103 1 oz. - O-O101 4 oz. - O-O104 1 lb. - O-O10LB $28.95

Patchouli Classic 1/3 oz. - O-P553 1 oz. - O-P551 4 oz. - O-P554 1 lb. - O-P55LB $28.95

Ocean Dream (W) LTD Type 1/3 oz. - O-O163 1 oz. - O-O161 4 oz. - O-O164 1 lb. - O-O16LB $28.95

Patchouli Natural 1/3 oz. - O-P103 $3.90 1 oz. - O-P101 $7.90 4 oz. - O-P104 $24.95 1 lb. - O-P10LB $89.50

Only the Brave (M) Diesel Type 1/3 oz. - O-O203 1 oz. - O-O201 4 oz. - O-O204 1 lb. - O-O20LB $28.95 Opium (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-O113 1 oz. - O-O111 4 oz. - O-O114 1 lb. - O-O11LB $28.95 Oxygene (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-O123 1 oz. - O-O121 4 oz. - O-O124 1 lb. - O-O12LB $28.95 P Paris Hilton (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P393 1 oz. - O-P391 4 oz. - O-P394 1 lb. - O-P39LB $28.95 Paris Hilton (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P383 1 oz. - O-P381 4 oz. - O-P384 1 lb. - O-P38LB $28.95 Paris Hilton Can Can (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P493 1 oz. - O-P491 4 oz. - O-P494 1 lb. - O-P49LB $28.95 Paris Hilton: Passport Paris (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-P613 1 oz. - O-P611 4 oz. - O-P614 1 lb. - O-P61LB $28.95

Patchouli Sweet 1/3 oz. - O-P523 1 oz. - O-P521 4 oz. - O-P524 1 lb. - O-P52LB $28.95 Patti Labelle (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P173 1 oz. - O-P171 4 oz. - O-P174 1 lb. - O-P17LB $28.95 Paul Sebastian Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-P223 1 oz. - O-P221 4 oz. - O-P224 1lb. - O-P22LB $28.95 Perry Ellis (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P483 1 oz. - O-P481 4 oz. - O-P484 1 lb. - O-P48LB $28.95 Perry Ellis 360 (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P163 1 oz. - O-P161 4 oz. - O-P164 1 lb. - O-P16LB $28.95 Perry Ellis 360 (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P153 1 oz. - O-P151 4 oz. - O-P154 1lb. - O-P15LB $28.95 Phat Farm Premium (M) Type 1/3oz. - O-P373 1oz. - O-P371 4oz. - O-P374 1lb. - O-P37LB $28.95



Not Sure Where to Start? Oil Display Starter Kit Makes It Easy! Oil Display Starter Kit Have all you need to sell right away! • Top 12 Best Selling Oils (1/3 oz.) • 48 1/3 oz. Glass Roll-On Bottles • 4 oz. Bottles of Barack Obama (M), Egyptian Musk, Michelle Obama (W), Patti Labelle (W) • Oil Display (Holds 100 1/3 oz. bottles) •1 Custom Sheet Of 80 White Labels. O-403 $99. 1/3 oz. - $1.95; 1 oz. $3.95; 4 oz. $9.95 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil.

Pink by Victoria’s Secret Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-P213 1 oz. - O-P211 4 oz. - O-P214 1 lb. - O-P21LB $28.95 Pink Sugar (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P423 1 oz. - O-P421 4 oz. - O-P424 1 lb. - O-P42LB $28.95 Pink Sugar: Sensual (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P563 1 oz. - O-P561 4 oz. - O-P564 1 lb. - O-P56LB $28.95 Platinum (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P203 1 oz. - O-P201 4 oz. - O-P204 1 lb. - O-P20LB $28.95 Pleasures (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P113 1 oz. - O-P111 4 oz. - O-P114 1 lb. - O-P11LB $28.95 Polo Ralph Lauren (M) Type 1/3oz. - O-P133 1oz. - O-P131 4oz. - O-P134 1lb. - O-P13LB $28.95 Polo Black (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P293 1 oz. O-P291 4 oz. O-P294 1 lb. - O-P29LB $28.95

Polo Blue (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P303 1 oz. - O-P301 4 oz. - O-P304 1 lb. - O-P30LB $28.95 Polo Sport (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P123 1 oz. - O-P121 4 oz. - O-P124 1 lb. - O-P12LB $28.95 Power 50 Cent (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P533 1 oz. - O-P531 4 oz. - O-P534 1 lb. - O-P53LB $28.95 Prada (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P453 1 oz. - O-P451 4 oz. - O-P454 1 lb. - O-P45LB $28.95 President Obama (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P573 1 oz. - O-P571 4 oz. - O-P574 1 lb. - O-P57LB $28.95 Prince 3121 Revelations (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P583 1 oz. - O-P581 4 oz. - O-P584 1 lb. - O-P58LB $28.95 Princess: Vera Wang (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-P463 1 oz. - O-P461 4 oz. - O-P464 1 lb. - O-P46LB $28.95

NEW! Fragrance Spotlight! Rihanna Rebelle (W) Type Smell delicious enough to eat in this fruity-floral with strong creamy coffee and toasted cocoa mixed in with notes of strawberry, ginger, heliotrope, vanilla and orchid. Finishes with a trail of musk, patchouli, and amber. See Rebelle fragrance oil on page 95.

Purple Rain NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-P603 1 oz. - O-P601 4 oz. - O-P604 1 lb. - O-P60LB $28.95 Q Queen Latifah (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-Q103 1 oz. - O-Q101 4 oz. - O-Q104 1 lb. - O-Q10LB $28.95 Queen Latifah Queen Of Hearts (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-Q113 1 oz. - O-Q111 4 oz. - O-Q114 1 lb. - O-Q11LB $28.95 R Rain Type 1/3 oz. - O-R163 1 oz. - O-R161 4 oz. - O-R164 1 lb. - O-R16LB $28.95 Ralph - Ralph Lauren Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-R213 1 oz. - O-R211 4 oz. - O-R214 1 lb. - O-R21LB $28.95 Ralph Lauren Blue (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R343 1 oz. - O-R341 4 oz. - O-R344 1 lb. - O-R34LB $28.95 Ralph Rocks: Ralph Lauren (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R283 1 oz. - O-R281

4 oz. - O-R284 1 lb. - O-R28LB $28.95 Rapture Victoria’s Secret (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R303 1 oz. - O-R301 4 oz. - O-R304 1 lb. - O-R30LB $28.95 Raspberry Fantasy (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R153 1 oz. - O-R151 4 oz. - O-R154 1 lb. - O-R15LB $28.95 Red African Musk 1/3 oz. - O-R353 1 oz. - O-R351 4 oz. - O-R354 1 lb. - O-R35LB $28.95 Red Door Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-R123 1 oz. - O-R121 4 oz. - O-R124 1 lb. - O-R12LB $28.95 Red Egyptian Musk 1/3 oz. - O-R323 1 oz. - O-R321 4 oz. - O-R324 1 lb. - O-R32LB $28.95 Red Musk 1/3 oz. - O-R173 1 oz. - O-R171 4 oz. - O-R174 Rihanna: Reb’l Fleur (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R373 1 oz. - O-R371 4 oz. - O-R374 1 lb. - O-R37LB $28.95

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Save Time and Work Store up to one hundred 1/3 oz. bottles in this convenient and beautiful wooden display stand. You save counter space. Set up and clean up time is easier, And your customers see more choices faster and easier. So you save time and make more money with a display that pays for itself many times over. 12” X 12” X 11” tall. (Note: textured bottles do not fit in the stand.) Wooden Oil Stand P-302 $24.95

Get this display FREE when you order it with the set of 108 1/3 oz. bottles of oil. O-401 $178.95

Rihanna: Rebelle (W) Type NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-R393 1 oz. - O-R391 4 oz. - O-R394 1 lb. - O-R39LB $28.95 Rocawear: Evolution (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R383 1 oz. - O-R381 4 oz. - O-R384 1 lb. - O-R38LB $28.95 Romance (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R113 1 oz. - O-R111 4 oz. - O-R114 1 lb. - O-R11LB $28.95 Romance (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R253 1 oz. - O-R251 4 oz. - O-R254 1 lb. - O-R25LB $28.95 Rose Red 1/3 oz. - O-R133 1 oz. - O-R131 4 oz. - O-R134 1lb. - O-R13LB $28.95 RSVP: Kenneth Cole (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-R293 1 oz. - O-R291 4 oz. - O-R294 1 lb. - O-R29LB $28.95 Rush by Gucci Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-R243 1 oz. - O-R241 4 oz. - O-R244 1 lb. - O-R24LB $28.95

S Sandalwood Egyptian 1/3 oz. - O-S103 1 oz. - O-S101 4 oz. - O-S104 1 lb. - O-S10LB $28.95 Sean John: Empress (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S483 1 oz. - O-S481 4 oz. - O-S484 1 lb. - O-S48LB $28.95 Seduction in Black (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S473 1 oz. - O-S471 4 oz. - O-S474 1 lb. - O-S47LB $28.95 Sex on the Beach (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S243 1 oz. - O-S241 4 oz. - O-S244 1 lb. - O-S24LB $28.95 Sex on the Beach: Sweet NEW! 1/3 oz. - O-S503 1 oz. - O-S501 4 oz. - O-S504 1 lb. - O-S50LB $28.95 Sexy Little Thing (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S403 1 oz. - O-S401 4 oz. - O-S404 1 lb. - O-S40LB $28.95 Signature (M) David Beckham Type 1/3 oz. - O-S373 1 oz. - O-S371 4 oz. - O-S374 1 lb. - O-S37LB $28.95

Signature (W) Victoria Beckham Type 1/3 oz. - O-S383 1 oz. - O-S381 4 oz. - O-S384 1 lb. - O-S38LB $28.95 Somali Rose French (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S123 1 oz. - O-S121 4 oz. - O-S124 1 lb. - O-S12LB $28.95 Stella McCartney 1/3 oz. - O-S353 1 oz. - O-S351 4 oz. - O-S354 1 lb. - O-S35LB $28.95 Strawberry 1/3 oz. - O-S153 1 oz. - O-S151 4 oz. - O-S154 1 lb. - O-S15LB $28.95 Strawberry Butter 1/3 oz. - O-S363 1 oz. - O-S361 4 oz. - O-S364 1 lb. - O-S36LB $28.95 Strawberry Champagne 1/3 oz. - O-S213 1 oz. - O-S211 4 oz. - O-S214 1 lb. - O-S21LB $28.95 Sunkissed Glow Type (W) Jennifer Lopez 1/3 oz. - O-S413 1 oz. - O-S411 4 oz. - O-S414 1 lb. - O-S41LB $28.95

Sunset Heat (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S343 1 oz. - O-S341 4 oz. - O-S344 1 lb. - O-S34LB $28.95 Sunset Heat (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-S333 1 oz. - O-S331 4 oz. - O-S334 1 lb. - O-S33LB $28.95 Super Model (W) Victoria’s Secret Type 1/3 oz. - O-S453 1 oz. - O-S451 4 oz. - O-S454 1 lb. - O-S45LB $28.95 Sweet Temptation (W) Victoria’s Secret Type 1/3 oz. - O-S393 1 oz. - O-S391 4 oz. - O-S394 1 lb. - O-S39LB $28.95 T Tea Rose NEW! 1 lb. - O-T27LB $14.95 The One (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T253 1 oz. - O-T251 4 oz. - O-T254 1 lb. - O-T25LB $28.95 The One (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T233 1 oz. - O-T231 4 oz. - O-T234 1 lb. - O-T23LB $28.95



Over 330 Choices Available! Choose Your Favorite

Tobacco Vanilla 1/3 oz. - O-T223 1 oz. - O-T221 4 oz. - O-T224 1 lb. - O-T22LB $28.95

1/3 oz. - $1.95; 1 oz. $3.95; 4 oz. $9.95 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil.

Tommy Girl (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T113 1 oz. - O-T111 4 oz. - O-T114 1 lb. - O-T11LB $28.95 Tommy Hillfiger (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T103 1 oz. - O-T101 4 oz. - O-T104 1 lb. - O-T10LB $28.95 Truly Pink - Vera Wang (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T213 1 oz. - O-T211 4 oz. - O-T214 1 lb. - O-T21LB $28.95 Truth CK (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T183 1 oz. - O-T181 4 oz. - O-T184 1 lb. - O-T18LB $28.95 Tupac (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-T263 1 oz. - O-T261 4 oz. - O-T264 1 lb. - O-T26LB $28.95 U Unforgivable (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U103 1 oz. - O-U101 4 oz. - O-U104 1 lb. - O-U10LB $28.95 Unforgivable (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U123 1 oz. - O-U121 4 oz. - O-U124 1 lb. - O-U12LB $28.95 Unforgivable Black (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U153 1 oz. - O-U151 4 oz. - O-U154 1 lb. - O-U15LB $28.95 Unforgivable Black (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U203 1 oz. - O-U201 4 oz. - O-U204 1 lb. - O-U20LB $28.95 Unforgivable Multi-Platinum (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U143 1 oz. - O-U141 4 oz. - O-U144 1 lb. - O-U14LB $28.95

Unforgivable Night (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U193 1 oz. - O-U191 4 oz. - O-U194 1 lb. - O-U19LB $28.95

Versace (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-V133 1 oz. - O-V131 4 oz. - O-V134 1 lb. - O-V13LB $28.95

UR Usher (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U163 1 oz. - O-U161 4 oz. - O-U164 1 lb. - O-U16LB $28.95

Very Sexy (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-V173 1 oz. - O-V171 4 oz. - O-V174 1 lb. - O-V17LB $28.95

UR Usher (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U173 1 oz. - O-U171 4 oz. - O-U174 1 lb. - O-U17LB $28.95

Very Sexy (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-V163 1 oz. - O-V161 4 oz. - O-V164 1 lb. - O-V16LB $28.95

Usher (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U113 1 oz. - O-U111 4 oz. - O-U114 1 lb. - O-U1LB $28.95

Vintage Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type 1/3 oz. - O-V233 1 oz. - O-V231 4 oz. - O-V234 1 lb. - O-V23LB $28.95

Usher (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U133 1 oz. - O-U131 4 oz. - O-U134 1 lb. - O-U13LB $28.95 Usher V.I.P. (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-U183 1 oz. - O-U181 4 oz. - O-U184 1 lb. - O-U18LB $28.95 V Vanilla 1/3 oz. - O-V113 1 oz. - O-V111 4 oz. - O-V114 1 lb. - O-V11LB $28.95 Vanilla Rain 1 lb. - O-V24LB $14.95 Vera Wang (M) Type 1/3 oz. - O-V193 1 oz. - O-V191 4 oz. - O-V194 1 lb. - O-V19LB $28.95 Vera Wang (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-V183 1 oz. - O-V181 4 oz. - O-V184 1 lb. - O-V18LB $28.95 Vera Wang: Love Struck (W) Type


1/3 oz. - O-V253 1 oz. - O-V251 4 oz. - O-V254 1 lb. - O-V25LB $28.95

Wet Kisses Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-W163 1 oz. - O-W161 4 oz. - O-W164 1 lb. - O-W16LB $28.95 White Diamond Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-W103 a top 12 1 oz. - O-W101 best-seller 4 oz. - O-W104 1 lb. - O-W10LB $28.95 White Linen Type (W) 1/3 oz. - O-W113 1 oz. - O-W111 4 oz. - O-W114 1 lb. - O-W11LB $28.95 White Musk NEW! 1 lb. - O-W21LB $14.95 White Patchouli (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-W203 1 oz. - O-W201 4 oz. - O-W204 1 lb. - O-W20LB $28.95

Violet 1/3 oz. - O-V223 1 oz. - O-V221 4 oz. - O-V224 1 lb. - O-V22LB $28.95

Wings (W) Type 1/3 oz. - O-W133 1 oz. - O-W131 4 oz. - O-W134 1 lb. - O-W13LB $28.95

Virgin Island Water 1/3 oz. - O-V123 1 oz. - O-V121 4 oz. - O-V124 1 lb. - O-V12LB $28.95

Ylang Ylang 1/3 oz. - O-Y103 1 oz. - O-Y101 4 oz. - O-Y104 1 lb. - O-Y10LB $28.95

W Watermelon Swirl 1/3 oz. - O-W153 1 oz. - O-W151 4 oz. - O-W154 1 lb. - O-W15LB $28.95

How to

save the most Closeout oils only per pound (16 oz. bottles)

O-B23LB Banana O-C48LB Chestnut Roast O-C29LB Cucumber O-C38LB Cucumber Aloe O-E37LB Enchant O-M20LB Melon Cucumber

$14.95 O-S49LB Spice Market O-T27LB Tea Rose O-T28LB Tropical Getaway O-V24LB Vanilla Rain O-W21LB White Musk O-Y10LB Ylang Ylang

Oils shown here cannot be re-stocked. High-quality and at the biggest price cuts anywhere.

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Africa’s Most 97 Powerful Healing Soap


Best Selling Soap

Dudu-Osun Healing Soap When Dudu-Osun was first introduced to the US we were overwhelmed by the response! We had hundreds of customers telling us how this soap had healed their psoriasis, their eczema, or their stretch marks! Since then it’s become our bestselling soap and the people who use it swear by it! Made with a unique blend of shea butter, tropical herbs, and native honey for the best in skin care. It’s the natural solution to all your skin care needs! 150 grams (approx. 6.5 oz.) Made in Nigeria. Dudu-Osun Black Soap M-S501 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen ($1.66 each) M-S501C a case of 48 for $72. ($1.50 each) No dozens discounts for cases of soap.

Enriched with Shea Butter

All-Natural • Hand-Made The Famous African Recipe

why you love it

4 Reasons Dudu-Osun Sells the Best #1 - All Natural Ingredients Made with cocoa pod powder and honey that works to renew your skin. #2 - Intense Moisture Dudu-Osun is made with a rare blend of tropical honey that heals and moisturizes like no other soap.

#3 - Hand-Made in Nigeria Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients for the finest quality. #4 - Anti-Aging Power Rare tropical herbs work to tighten, moisturize, and firm your skin.

“I just recently ordered a case of dudu osun and all I can say is it one of the best things I ever did. I mean the soap itself just smells like nature and you can literally wash from head to toe . Leaving your skin feeling refreshing not drying your skin out like other soaps I’ve used in the past. So I would highly recommend this soap to anybody ..”

Amonche Skin Care from Ghana The Newest Best Seller!

– Sedric from Spartanburg, SC

why you love it

“My customers and I are in love with the Amonche Black Soap! I can hardly keep up with my orders!” – Michele from Oakland, CA

The Newest Hand-Made Soap from Ghana Get the proven results that hand-made, natural African soap is famous for with this Natural Amonche Black Soap. Made from tropical honey, shea butter, cocoa pod, aloe vera, and other all-natural ingredients. Everything works together to soften skin, heal signs of aging or Amonche Shea Butter Cream Moisturize your skin with shea butter, pure honey, aloe vera, scarring, and purify your skin from the inside lime juice, and lemon juice. These ingredients are known to out. 150 grams. Made in Ghana. Natural help relieve skin problems such as eczema, acne, fine line Amonche Black Soap M-S507 wrinkles, stretch marks, and more. 4 oz jar. M-P174 $2.95 $1.99 or 12 for $19.90 ($1.66 each)

Liquid Amonche African Black Soap Step into soft, clear, happy skin! This amazing body wash leaves skin soothed, less irritated, and can also reduce the appearance of acne scars. 8 oz. M-S111 $3.95



Natural and Pure African Soap For the purest, cleanest skin

Scented Natural Black Soap Tropical Mango Natural Black Soap 5 oz. M-S484 $2.99 or $29.90/ dozen.

Unscented Natural Black Soap 5 oz. M-S483 $2.99

Natural African Black Soap for Face, Body and Hair This natural black soap is hand-crafted in West from palm oil and plantain leaves. It is famous for relieving the effects of acne and removing blemishes. It is also an effective hair shampoo, preventing dry, itching scalp and dandruff. 8 oz. African Black Soap Natural M-S492 $3.95

Cucumber Melon Natural Black Soap 5 oz. M-S481 $2.99

West African Shea Butter Soap This hand-crafted soap combines the benefits of shea butter with the natural power of black soap. Helps heal acne, dry skin, and keeps your skin clean the natural way. 8 oz. West African Shea Butter Soap M-190 $2.95 Lavender Natural Black Soap 5 oz. M-S482 $2.99

Refreshing Lemongrass Black Soap 5 oz. M-S485 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen.

Get the healing power of natural black soap with the extra luxury of essential oil fragrances. Made with pure honey shea butter, osun (carmwood), cocoa pod powder, plantain peel powder, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, water, aloe vera.

Rectangular Soap Tray 4.75� X 3.25�. Made from juniper wood. M-404 $2.49 or $24.90/dozen.

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

3 Ways to Sell More Soap! #1 • Cut a few bars of soaps into sample-sized pieces and place each piece in a small plastic bag. Attach the bag to a catalog with your business card. This is a really effective way to get people to order from you! #2 • Have your customer use the soap at your store. Keep little samples of the soap at your cash register that they can try! #3 • Make a ‘smelling station’ at your store - Cut pieces of each soap you sell and then attach them to a decorative board. Customers can come along and smell all the soaps! They smell so good it’s hard for someone to walk away without buying at least one!

why you love it “I love the natural black soap! It smells heavenly and it is great for my skin, which is very sensitive and prone to painful allergic break outs! I gave out samples & the word spread like wild FIRE! I can’t keep up with my orders! People see my skin and say how beautiful it looks & I tell them this soap is THE BEST!”


Hand-Crafted Natural Black Soap The traditional recipe, made using cocoa pod powder, plantain skins, tropical honey and shea butter. M-S520 Available in all these sizes: 1/2 lb. (8 oz.) - $3.95 1 lb. - $6.95 1 1/2 lbs. - $9.95 2 lbs. - $11.95 2 1/2 lbs. - $14.95 3 lbs. - $16.95 3 1/2 lbs. - $19.75 4 lbs. - $20.95 4 1/2 lbs. - $23.50 7 lbs. - $34.65 8 lbs. - $38.

Save more with larger sizes!

8 lb. size

Soap does not come pre-sliced

– Ms. Shelly from West Chester, PA

Making a Difference

Premium Raw Black Soap This soft black soap does wonders for irritated, sensitive skin that is in need of gentle natural healing. The soap deeply cleanses while providing skin with a protective layer of moisture and vitamins. Perfect for face, body, and hair. 8 oz. Premium Raw Black Soap. M-S217 $3.95

Every purchase you make helps to provide meals, education, housing and more to orphans in Congo, Uganda and Zambia. To find out more go to:






why you love it “The customer who I drop shipped this to told me she fell in love with the black soap body wash after receiving samples from me. She ordered six bottles and said this is the only soap she’ll be using from now on!” – Carla from Katy, TX A. Shea Butter and Honey Black Soap Body Wash and Shampoo This hand-crafted liquid soap is made from pure honey, shea butter, osun extract, aloe and other natural ingredients to gently cleanse and nourish dry skin, making it soft, smooth and clear. It can also be sued to soften and cleanse hair as a shampoo. Its natural ingredients work to fight away dandruff and strengthen locks. 8 oz. M-S114 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen. B. Black Soap Body Wash Enjoy a brand new shower experience. This vitamin E enhanced formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and purified. cocoa butter moisturizes while Shea Butter heals worn-out skin keeping you refreshed and ready to face each day. 8 oz. M-S110 $3.49 each or $34.90/dozen C. Shea Butter and Black Soap Body Wash and Shampoo Give your skin the rich nutrients of shea butter and honey with this natural black soap. Hand-made in Ghana, this soaps ingredients work to improve your skin tone, moisturize, and heal scars or stretch marks. It also makes a gentle, nourishing shampoo from all-natural ingredients. A great way to get a natural makeover! M-S112 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen



trade up



D. Dudu-Osum Oil Moisturizer This natural treatment is enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil to soothe and heal hair, scalp, skin and nails. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S119 $3.95 each or $39.50/ dozen E. Dudu-Osum Natural Moist Conditioner After using Dudu-Osum shampoo, condition your hair with this for added moisture, stronger hair, and no tangles! Made with shea butter and other natural ingredients. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S116 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen F. Dudu-Osum Healing Raw Shea Butter Lotion Soften up with 100% natural shea butter, aloe vera, ginseng and therapeutic herbs, botanical oils and more! 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S117 $3.95 each or $39.50/ dozen G. Dudu-Osum Virgin Coconut Oil Hair-Gro Cream Condition and stimulate hair growth with this herbal blend that repairs damaged hair, softens, and revives. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S118 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen


Dudu-Osum Anti-Itching Braiding Spray No build up residue. Braided styles last longer. Conditions, moisturizes, eliminates itchy dry scalp, reduces breakage, and provides healthy sheen. Made in Nigeria M-S120 $3.95 each.

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Liquid African Soaps and Shampoos


Natural Benefits to Soften Dry Skin and Hair

How to

save the most

Get 12 of any soap for the price of 10 (Must be 12 of the same soap).

why you love it

Dudu-Osum Softening Shampoo Get Dudu-Osum shampoo for Africa’s alternative to hair care! Enriched with softening honey, shea butter, and botanical ingredients. Heals irritated scalp, rids scalp of dandruff, cleanses, and gives hair an intense sheen. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. Dudu-Osum Shampoo M-314 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

Dudu-Osum Liquid Soap Get natural cleansing with the power of natural Nigerian ingredients including aloe, shea butter, honey, Osun (Camwood), and fragrant essential oils. Dudu-Osum Liquid Black Soap M-S506 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

“The dudu-osum shampoo has improved my eczema and helped my scalp heal with just 2 uses!!! It’s great! It smells wonderful and it leaves my scalp squeaky clean without drying it or my hair out!This shampoo got rid of the itch and flakes that come with this skin condition! I won’t use anything else ever again!.” – Martha from Spring Valley, NY



Discover the radiance you’ve always wanted with Soaps by Madina

Butter Up for Beautiful Skin Made with shea, mango, and cocoa butter. 3.5 oz. Three in One Body Butter Soap M-S206 $1.99 each or $19.90/ dozen.

Heal and Moisturize The clean of African black soap meets the rich moisture of shea butter and the healing power of aloe vera. 3.5 oz. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Soap M-S202 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen.

Full case prices (72 bars) shown at

Black Soap with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E Beneficial skin-enriching vitamins and cocoa butter create this miracle soap. Soothes and moisturizes, leaving you touchably soft and smooth. Helps clear marks and blemishes, leaving you acne-free for good. Excellent for face, hands, and the whole body. Comes in a box, normal bath size bar.3.5 oz. M-S201 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen.

Find Bargains Here Papaya Shower Gel Contains multivitamins and beta-carotene to rejuvenate the skin. 250 ml. (8.1 oz). M-P138 $2.39

Papaya Soap Our special formula captures the goodness of Papaya and Green Tea together with shea butter to give your skin the nourishment it deserves 3.5 oz. M-S215 $1.99 each

Cocoa Butter Shower Gel Cocoa butter helps soften and soothe dry skin. 250 ml (8.1 oz.) M-P136 $2.39 Jamaica Island Shower Gel (Pictured) Enjoy the sensual pleasures of aroma oil while bathing. 250 ml (8.1 oz.) M-P137 $2.39

Green Tea Soap 3.5 oz. M-S218 $1.99

Neem Advanced Soap This disease-fighting natural soap contains neem form India. Neem Madina Osun Black Soap fights infection and impurities, while Deeply cleanses while simultaneously warding off eczema. 4.4 oz. M-S214 moisturizing your skin and healing $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen discoloration and scarring. 5.25 oz. (150gm) M-S216 $1.99 each Case of 48 for $72. ($1.50 each).

Liquid Soap : Shea Butter & Aloe Vera This liquid soap is specially formulated with shea butter and aloe vera extract which provide long lasting moisturization and soothing effects on dry damaged skin. 12 oz. M-P176 $2.95

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Discover Healing And Aromatherapy In One - Sunaroma Soaps

why you love it

The BestSelling Soap On This Page


“This is my favorite!! I started using this on my baby for his dry skin, and I liked it so much I started using it on myself. But there’s a problem... I have to buy more because my husband started using it too!” - Lavenia from Saginaw, MI Oatmeal and Vitamin E Moisturizes your skin with natural anti-aging properties. 4.25 oz. M-S414 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen. Rose and Jasmine Soap 4.25 oz. M-S415 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen.

Honey and Almond Soap 4.25 oz. M-S404 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen.

Aromatherapeutic Natural Soap Papaya Soap with Sweet Almond Oil Bathe in the tropical scents of papaya with this new fragrant soap made with natural extracts. Sweet almond oil helps to soften and gently cleanse skin leaving it fresh and renewed. 5 oz. M-S417 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen. Eucalyptus Soap with Lemongrass This ultra rich body bar clarifies and conditions your skin with its aromatherapeutic combination. Eucalyptus and lemongrass help to clear the mind and relieve stress. 5 oz. M-S418 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen.

Grapefruit and Ginger Soap 4.25 oz. M-S413 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen.

Olive Butter and Grape Seed Soap This nutrient rich combination regenerates and softens damaged skin cells. Carefully blended with aromatherapeutic oils to balance your senses. 5 oz. M-S419 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen. Soy Milk Black Soap 4.25 oz. M-S402 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen.

Strawberry Soap with Jojoba Butter Natural strawberry extract gives you a fragrant shower. Enriched with jojoba butter for moisturizing and skin-clearing properties. 5 oz. M-S416 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen.


104 Healing Secrets From Natures Purest Ingredients Made with a fragrant blend of natural aromas and healing African ingredients

Great for Oily or Acne Prone Skin!

Lemongrass and Tea Tree Soap Invigorate your senses with the crisp smell of lemongrass and the healing properties of tea tree oil. 5 oz. M-S309 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen

with Shea Butter for Extra Softness Frankincense and Myrrh Shea Soap Surround yourself with the seductive aroma of frankincense and myrrh. This soap conditions your skin with an all-natural blend of African shea butter, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, and a healing essential oil bouquet. M-S307 $2.99 • $29.90 per dozen. ($2.49 each)

why you love it

“I bought the raw shea butter and frankincense soap on a whim because I love the frankincense smell. I love this soap. I will be ordering more for the business ...... and myself!” – Heather from Apopka, FL

Olive Butter Soap with Avocado A great way to heal stretch marks! 5 oz. M-S304 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen

Coconut and Papaya Soap This coconut and papaya soap will soothe and renew your skin with its high vitamin and mineral content. All-natural. 5 oz. M-S310 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen.

Goats Milk and Chai Soap Warmly scented and incredibly softening. 5 oz. M-S311 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen.

Shea Butter Soap with Lavender and Wildflowers Revel in the delicate scent, while giving your skin moisture and nutrition. 5 oz. M-S302 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen

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105 Black Soap with Shea Butter This all natural African black soap will cleanse and nourish your skin with the healing powers of shea butter and black soap. This soap is famous for healing worn-out skin and making it touchably soft and smooth! Added vitamin E promotes skin elasticity while nutrients from oats help to reverse the aging process. Aloe comforts tired skin, leaving you refreshed and energized. 5 oz. M-S301 $2.99 each or $29.90/doz.

why you love it “I gave a sample bar of the black soap with shea butter to a customer who said it cleared up all her liver spots in only one week. She really loved it and ordered 3 more bars.” – Eglarine from Loxahatchee, FL

Mango Butter Soap This mango butter soap smells so good you’ll want to eat it! 5 oz. M-S303 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen.

Cocoa Butter Soap with Chocolate Enriched with shea butter, milk chocolate and hazelnuts. 5 oz. M-S308 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen

Peppermint Soap with Baking Soda Gently exfoliates while moisturizing. 5 oz. M-S305 $2.99 or $29.90/dozen.

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Soap An exotic scented, skin healing soap 5 oz. M-S313 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen.

Full case prices (72 bars) shown at

Honey and Black Seed Soap Honey and ground black seeds were combined with a touch of Apricot Oil (great for moisture) for one of the most gentle yet deep-cleansing soaps on the market. Your skin will thank you. 5 oz. M-S306 $2.99 each or $29.90 per dozen.

Carrot and Pomegranate Soap Rich in beta-carotene, which removes toxins and gives skin a firmer, healthier appearance. 5 oz. M-S312 $2.99 each or $29.90/dozen.



Reveal smoother, softer skin this summer

Egyptian Musk Black Soap 4.25 oz. M-S401 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen.

African Black Soap with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E 4.25 oz. M-S406 $1.99 $19.90/dozen.

Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Soap 4.25 oz. M-S405 $1.99 $19.90/dozen.

Shea Butter Enriched Scented Black Soaps

Get Silky-Smooth with Aloe Butter Soap Lather up in this creamy soap made with concentrated aloe vera and shea butter. 5.5 oz. Aloe Butter Soap M-S459 $1.99 each $19.90/dozen.

$1.99 each Olive Butter Soap Olive butter helps guard your skin against pollution and harsh weather. 5.5 oz. Olive Butter Soap M-S460 $1.99 each $19.90/dozen

White Diamond Baby Powder All soaps have a uniform color and packaging style. Choose your favorite fragrances! #1 Baby Powder M-S451 #2 White Diamond M-S452

All Original African Black Soaps are large 5 oz. bars.

Avocado Butter Soap Made with fresh avocado butter famous for clearing discoloration and liver marks. 5.5 oz. Avocado Butter Soap M-S458 $1.99 each. $19.90/dozen

All Soaps Shown Below are 3.5 oz. $1.99 each $19.90/dozen.

Sandalwood Soap M-S611

Lavender Soap Patchouli Soap M-S606 M-S612

Aphrodesia Soap M-S601

Blue Nile Beauty Soap 3.5 oz. M-S205

Black Seed Soap M-S213

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Wash Your Way to Luminous Skin


With Healing, Natural Soaps

Why to Use Shea Butter In Your Soap: • Shea butter evens the skin tone and returns luster to skin & hair. • Shea butter doesn’t clog pores and block hair shaft. • Shea butter revitalizes, softens and maintains skin moisture.

• Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin to help restore elasticity. • Shea Butter is naturally rich in a number of vitamins such as Vitamins A, E, & F.

why you love it “I love the shea butter soap. Not only does it improve the quality of your skin but I found another benefit. I live in the Delta in Mississippi and the mosquitoes are very bad here..I started using the Shea soap and the mosquitoes stopped biting as often. As a matter of fact, the only time I get bit is when I stop using the raw Shea butter soap. This I found out when I ran out. Trust me, I ordered more and once again the mosquitoes have stopped biting! If you are like me and it seems the mosquitoes use you for meals...try this soap. For me it works!” – Sheila from Greenwood, MS

African clays are famous for healing discoloration and improving skin tone


All-Natural Clay Soap This soap is made with African clays that are filled with minerals that firm, tone, and renew skin. Enriched with olive oil to soothe and soften dry skin and “ash”. 4 oz. M-S531 $2.49 each or $24.90 per dozen

Best Selling Soap

As Buttery As You Can Get Shea butter beats out the competition with this huge 5 oz. bar of buttery, skin-softening soap. You’ll feel instantly soft and smooth in the shower when you use this soap. Shea Butter Soap Bar M-S455 $1.99 • Heals stretch marks $19.90/dozen ($1.66 each) • Heals chapped, dry skin $108.99 for 72 ($1.52 each) • Fights away aging and scarring


Body Washes

Heal with the power of African nature



Certified Organic Lotions, Body Washes and Hand Creams Raw Shea Butter Lotion & Body Wash and Hand Cream (Pictured) For centuries, Africans have used shea butter to effectively moisturize and protect their skin from severe dryness, eczema, psoriasis, and aging. This lotion gives you these benefits and more! Lotion 8 oz. M-331 $7.95 13 oz. Lotion Size M-131 $9.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-531 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-731 $5.39 Honey and Black Seed Lotion & Body Wash & Hand Cream Take control of your skin with the healing power of black seed oil, and the skin-softening qualities of honey and apricot oil. Lotion 8 oz. M-336 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-536 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-736 $5.39 Mango Body Butter Lotion & Body Wash & Hand Cream Formulated with super-hydrating nutrients, this lotion softens and smells good enough to eat! 8 oz. Lotion 8 oz. M-333 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-533 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-733 $5.39


African Black Soap Lotion & Body Wash & Hand Cream This therapeutic body moisturizer actively treats body breakouts using black soap extracts. Lotion 8 oz. M-337 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-537 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-737 $5.39

why you love it

Lavender and Wild Flowers Lotion & Body Wash & Hand Cream Revel in the delicate scent of lavender and wildflowers. Lotion 8 oz. M-332 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-532 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-732 $5.39 Coconut and Papaya Lotion & Body Wash Soften your skin with pure virgin coconut oil and papaya, famous for clearing pores and renewing skin. Lotion 8 oz. M-328 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-528 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-728 $5.39 Lemongrass and Tea Tree Lotion & Body Wash & Hand Cream Heal and energize with the refreshing blend of lemongrass and the healing power of tea tree oil. Lotion 8 oz. M-329 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-529 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-729 $5.39 Olive Butter Lotion & Body Wash & Hand Cream Olive butter softens skin. This lotion is enriched with shea butter, green tea, and avocado. Lotion 8 oz. M-334 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-534 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-734 $5.39

$7.95 Hand Creams

Goats Milk and Chai Body Wash This gentle lotion comforts and makes sensitive skin radiant and soft. Lotion 8 oz. M-327 $7.95 Body Wash 13 oz. M-527 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-727 $5.39

Indian Hemp and Hatian Vetiver

“The raw shea lotion is thick and Lotion This deep-healing lotion nourishes creamy. A nice lotion dry, scaly, damaged skin, refreshing and renewing. that goes on smooth, Lotion 8 oz. M-326 $7.95 brightens the complexion Body Wash 13 oz. M-526 $7.95 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-726 $5.39 and smells heavenly!�


- Sauda from Tampa, FL

Super Value Packs - Get Them All and Save The Most!

Set of 10 Nubian Heritage Body Lotions

Set of 10 Nubian Heritage Hand Creams

only $5.99 each (in set of 10) M-339 $59.95 Only $5.39 Each (in set of 10) M-730 $53.90

Set of 10 Nubian Heritage Body Washes only $6.49 each (in set of 10) M-530 $64.90

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All the Variety You Crave The Ultimate Wholesale Soap Collection Get the top twelve best-selling soaps of all time in this all-inclusive set.

At Savings You Can’t Afford to Miss!

109 Top 12 Most Popular Soaps

Soaps included in this set change regularly

Includes the following:

Twelve best-selling soaps M-S002 $23.95

$23.95 for the set ($1.95 per bar)

why you love it “Loved having the variety to sell! Once I put them where customers could smell them, they have been going crazy over them!” – Tracy from Lugoff, SC Individual soaps in sets change regularly.

Top 30 Most Popular Soaps Nubian Heritage Complete Set 13 ge l l f a erita o t Se an H ps bi Soa u N

$54.95 for the set ($1.83 per bar)

$29.95 for the set ($2.49 per bar) $38.87 value

Get all Thirteen Nubian Heritage Soaps and Save! Enjoy thirteen all-natural nubian heritage soaps; each one is made with all-natural ingredients and essential oil aroma blends. Set of Thirteen Nubian Heritage Soaps M-S300S $29.95

The All-Inclusive Set! Win over new customers with this set of only the best-selling soaps. This kit gives you all you need to attract more customers and make more sales instantly by selling high-quality, African-Inspired soaps. M-S001 $54.95



Improve your life with nature’s power The Safe Slimming Solution

Nigell Lean: Metabolic Fat Burner Effectively and naturally accelerate your body’s natural fat burning processes with this healing supplement. 60 tablets. • Helps Increase Metabolism to Burn More Calories • Reduces Bloating and Water Retention • Helps Convert Stored Fat to Energy • Accelerates Conversion of Food to Energy • Helps Control Carbohydrate Cravings M-561 $14.95

African Mango Metabolism Booster

African Mango Fusion Dietary Supplement This is advanced natural weight loss! The African Mango fruit, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, wild mango, and bush mango, has been proven to be a very effective natural weight loss aid. This all-natural diet formula increases metabolism, fights fatigue, increases energy, and suppresses the appetite. 60 capsules. M-P182 $14.99

The Natural Aphrodisiac

Strong Horse: Herbal Aphrodisiac (30 capsules) Strong Horse aphrodisiac supports healthy libido and sexual function. This capsule acts to support healthy blood flow to the genital area and deliver corresponding support for a healthy sex drive. Strong horse also delivers a sustained and massive energy rush. 30 tablets. M-560 $14.95

why you love it

“My customers really like the strong horse. I like your service very much.”

Black Seed Oil For Beauty and Health

Improve Your Health with Black Seed Oil Capsules Black seed oil is full of antioxidants, which help to keep your skin youthful and clear. Black seed oil can also be helpful for the following conditions: • Skin and intestinal fungus • Bronchitis • Frequent colds • Headaches • Eczema and dry skin disorders It has also been reported to lower blood pressure and to improve the immune system. Includes 90 capsules. M-558 $11.95

– Donald from Baltimore, MD

Hawaiian Noni For All-Over Health

100% Noni Powder Capsules Hawaiian Noni is considered a strong blood purifier, and cleanses the body of harmful bacteria, Studies show Noni’s potential to stimulate the immune system, inhibit the growth of tumors, regulate proper cell function and actually regenerate damaged cells. 50 capsules. 517 mg. M-559 $13.95

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Herbal African Pain Relief Spray

Muscle Building Aid Achieve the muscle mass you crave. This supplement is made with Kigelia Africana, an African flower that is famous for building up muscle mass and helping those with an overactive thyroid. 30 ml. H-013 $7.95

Digestive Tonic Supplement This natural supplement helps to improve digestion, promote healing of liver deficiencies, and cleanse the body, thereby increasing energy, vitality and stamina. High in vitamins. 60 capsules. H-014 $11.95

Hypertenless Dietary Supplement A blend of African herbs used to reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure and to be a heart tonic. Made with natural herbs tested and proven to improve blood circulation, improve African Herbal Pain Relief Spray blood quality, and more. 60 capsules. Get fast, effective pain relief with Hypertenless H-004 $11.95 this herbal spray made with African cucumis. This herb is used to rapidly alleviate pain, inflammations, swellings and improve circulation. Simply spray and rub over affected areas as often as necessary. 50 ml. Herbal 4 Pain Spray H-003 $8.95

why you love it

Piles Away Supplement This herbal blend helps to heal haemorrhoids, and reduce itching. It also helps to reduce constipation, and benefit the liver and digestive system. 60 capsules. H-001 $11.95

Baobab Vitamin Supplement Baobab is a fruit full of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6; healing minerals and more. It is filled with antioxidants to nourish your body, your skin, and improve your health and overall appearance. 60 capsules. H-012 $11.95

Bio Energy Herbal Supplement This herbal supplement promotes mental alertness, vitality and concentration while healing your body with vitamins and minerals. 30 ml. H-010 $7.95

No Stress Supplement Used for people suffering with emotional stress, trauma, lack of confidence, fear or anxiety. 30 ml. H-005 $7.95

Devil’s Claw Healing Supplement Famous for healing arthritis pain, back pain, headaches, heartburn, and upset stomach. 30 ml. H-007 $7.95

Pelargonium Antibiotic Supplement Used for ear, nose and throat infections, bronchitis, fever, cold & flu, fatigue, respiratory infections and mild asthma. 30 ml. H-006 $7.95

Hair and Nail Strengthening Formula Quickly strengthens hair and nails while simultaneously reducing risk of osteoporosis, by building up bone mass and density. 30 ml. H-011 $7.95

Arth-Right Herbal Supplement A blend of African herbs used to rapidly alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, reduce pain, inflammation, and improve mobility. 50 ml. H-008 $8.95

Immunity Building Sutherlandia Strengthens the liver, digestive system and more while helping patients with cancer and viral infections. 60 capsules. H-009 $11.95

“The Herbal Pain Spray and Arth-Right Spray really work! I will be ordering again.” - Gabriella from Lamar, SC

Glucorite Supplement The safe herbal way to maintain healthy blood glucose. It is also known to help heal osteoporisis and strengthen hair and nails. 30 ml. H-002 $7.95 Herbal Africa Starter Kit Get all the remedies for less! Kit contains 6 each of 11 different herbal supplements. This kit contains 6 each of: • Sutherlandia • No Stress • Hypertenless • Pelargonium • Piles Away • Bio Energy • 4 Pain Spray • Hair and Nail • Glucorite X-121 $449.



16 oz. Bottle

Hawaiian Healing Noni Juice

In addition to taking Noni juice orally, it can be applied topically for many skin conditions. Many have successfully used noni juice topically to treat acne, herpes, burns and sunburn and many other skin conditions.

32 oz. Bottle

The Benefits of Noni Juice: • Immune booster: Noni is considered one of the most nutritious fruits. Many of its nutrients are known to stimulate the immune system. • Digestive stimulant: Noni juice has been used to reduce constipation and increase digestive health. • Anti-Oxidants: Rich in antioxidants, noni juice also increases enzyme activity to reduce toxins in the body. •Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal: Noni juice has several active compounds that are effective against bacteria and fungus. • Repairs Cellular Damage and Aging: Noni juice possesses numerous phytonutrients and antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, which cause cellular damage and aging.

Detoxifying Noni Goji Juice

Stamina Boosting Goji Juice

100% Noni Goji Juice Get all the benefits of noni juice with the added nutrients of Goji berries. Goji juice is treasured by the Himalayan and Chinese as a great source of antioxidant vitamins, enriched minerals and nutrients that combined with noni help to detoxify the body, build up your immune system, increase energy and stamina, vitality, and improve blood health. 32 oz. M-544 $23.95

100% Hawaiian Goji Juice Goji berries have been treasured by the Himalayan people and used in Chinese medicine for centuries. They are a great source of antioxidant vitamins, enriched minerals, and phytonutrients. Together they work to improve your immune system, increase cell generation, and improve all-over health and stamina. 32 oz. M-543 $19.95

Show Your Brightest Smile With Help From African Nature

When Africans came to the US, they brought the tradition of using chew sticks with them. Many older people are finding themselves in their 80’s with healthy gums and cavity free teeth, and they are using nothing but chew sticks to take care of them!

Choose your favorite flavors: • Cherry • Grape • Peppermint • Strawberry • Vanilla • Plain

Get six pounds for the cost of five. One pound of each flavor. M-170A $49.75

Get a sample bag with two of each flavor! 12 sticks total. M-171 $5.99

“I love this toothpaste!! I have been looking for an affordable natural toothpaste for a long time. I looked up the ingredients on a cosmetics database, and they are ALL safe! Thank you. I hope you never stop selling this!” – Dianne from Omaha, NE

Find All-Over Healing with 100% Pure Noni Grown in the lush, tropical jungles of Hawaii, Noni juice has been used for centuries for its far-reaching health benefits. M-541 $17.95 for a 16 oz. Bottle (Pictured Right.) M-542 $23.95 for a 32 oz. Bottle (Pictured Left.)

For that White Smile You’ve Always Wanted Used as a substitute for the toothbrush in Africa. The chewing action keeps gums healthy, cleans food from the teeth and freshens the breath. Comes in popular flavors: Cherry, Peppermint, Grape, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Plain. Approximately 50 sticks per bag. African Chew Sticks M-170 $11.95

Neem Advance Toothpaste Get beautiful, healthy teeth with this all-natural neem leaf toothpaste. Neem leaf, a natural antibacterial has been combined with herbs to give you complete natural oral hygiene. Has a fresh mint taste. 6.42 oz. Fluoride free. Neem Advance Toothpaste M-P129 $1.95 each

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

113 3 African Honey Healers with Black Seed Oil Her Honey This potent blend of orange blossom honey and all-natural ingredients is recommended by physicians as a safe way to increase female sexual function. This blend is a natural mood-lifter and is also known to ease menopause. 12 oz. Her Honey M-551 $11.95

His Honey Let orange blossom honey and black seed oil naturally arouse the senses. The herbal ingredients used are recommended by physicians as a safe solution for increasing sexual function. Gingko biloba helps ease depression and fatigue. 12 oz. His Honey M-552 $11.95

African Rooibos Tea

African Honey for All-Over Health Black seed honey booster is made from a powerful blend of African manuka honey, royal jelly, black seed oil, and other all-natural herbs. Take this daily to optimize your health and boost your immune system. This honey blend helps with: Depression • Hormonal Imbalances • High Cholesterol • Immune System Problems • Fatigue • Menopause • Anxiety • Wrinkles • Weight Control • Black Seed Honey Booster M-550 $11.95

for All-Over Health

You Need Rooibos Tea If...

• You want healthy, youthful skin • You want a peaceful, restful sleep • You want to strengthen bones and teeth • You want to regulate your metabolism • You want to control your appetite • You want to relieve itchy, irritated skin • You want smoother, clearer skin

Soothing to drink Soothing to bathe in African Red Bush Rooibos Tea for Your Skin and Senses Get the benefits of rooibos in a teacup or in a bathtub! Not only does it taste warm and sweet, it has a number of health and skin care benefits. Rooibos has natural antioxidants that help delay the aging process, and drinking a cup of rooibos before bed can ensure a restful sleep, and cure headaches. It contains no caffeine. South African Rooibos Tea 20 bag pack. M-480 $3.95 100 bags for the most savings! M-487 $11.95


Black Seed Cleansing Tea

Rooibos contains two bioflavonoids—Rutin and Quercetin—that can be almost magical for allergy sufferers. Consuming these particular bioflavonoids can help reduce inflammation and allergy symptoms.

Premium Rooibos Tea Flavors Madagascar Vanilla M-482 Moroccan Pomegranate M-483 Orange Mango M-486 Safari Spice M-481 Each box holds 20 tea bags. $4.49 each Get the Set of Four (Everything except orange mango). M-484 $15.99

Herbal Lozenges : Honey Ginger Ginseng Get the healing power of black seed with the delicious flavor of honey and ginger. Stimulates the immune system, while soothing your throat and improving all-over health. M-P175 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen bags.

Cleanse Your Body With Healing From Nature This tea combines a combination of 12 specially selected herbs to assist the body in the detoxification process while helping to restore normal bowel function and regularity. A delicious lemon-herbal taste makes it a delicious Herbal Lozenges : Honey Tangerine These losenges give you the healing power of black seed with way to improve your health! the delicious flavor of tangerine. Improves immune health and This tea also helps to soothe the senses, making it an ideal before-bedtime soothes the throat. M-P178 $1.99 or $19.90/dozen bags. treat! Made with natural herbs. Includes 30 tea bags. Cleansing Black Seed Herbal Tea M-485 $11.95



Africa’s Anti-Aging Favorites Don’t Forget Your Eyes!

Moisturizing and Firming Your most intensive wrinkle-fighting formula

Get Clear, Firm Skin with Black Seed Cream This all-natural cream made with essential black seed oil leaves your skin toned, firm and smooth. Enhanced with shea butter to soften skin, while black seed oil controls excess oils and ensures an even skin tone. Fades dark spots and age spots, while firming loose, sagging skin. 2.82 oz. Black Seed Cream M-269 $2.99 or


Brightening and De-Puffing Coffee Eye Butter Brighten the area around your eyes with this caffeine-rich coffee butter, green and white tea, seaweed and vitamin E. This butter is anti-inflammatory and instantly cools, calms and soothes tired eyes. The butter works to eliminate dark circles while seaweed tones and revitalizes. The teas are rich in polyphenols which reduce signs of aging. You can also use this on your face and neck as a night cream. 2 oz. M-P135 $7.95

Purifying White Ceremonial Sage Leaf

Burn the tips of the leaves to purify White Ceremonial Sage Use fragrant sage leaves to the air, heal illness and repel insects purify the air in your home, ward off illness, headaches, fever and toxins. You can put the leaves in your bathtub to help heal stress, congestion, rashes, and illness. 4 oz. Bag M-P146 $9.95 How to Sage Your House: Light the tips of the leaves in a heat-proof bowl. Pass through your house spreading the white smoke into every corner. Keep your windows open! Your house will get very smoky. You can also ‘sage’ a person by tracing their outline with the smoke of the sage.

NEW! Reduced Price

Shea Anti-Aging Wonder This nutrient-rich, age-fighting formula for your face and eyes helps repair visible lines and wrinkles, and softens skin. Made with a precise blend of healing ‘Oma’ (super grade of Shea). A constant customer favorite that keeps skin looking soft, young, and luminous. 4 oz. Anti-Aging Wonder M-310 $11.95


Egyptian Musk

Lavender Shea Butter Scented Body Butters Includes three 8 oz jars of body butter. You get Egyptian Musk, Frankincense, and Lavender. Enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and more. Softens skin while effectively healing stretch marks and scarring. 8 oz. M-144S $19.95

4 oz. Bag

Organic Shea Butter and Honey Indulgence Cream Transform your skin with this aromatic shea honey butter. All-natural and organic. Deeply moisturizes the skin while healing stretch marks, scarring, and leaving you youthful and radiant. For face or body. 4 oz. M-189 $5.95

Eczema Fighting Black Seed Ultra Rich Hand and Body Cream When you need soft skin fast, get the results you want with this black seed organic body cream. Made with an all-natural blend of shea butter, jojoba, black seed oil and more. Thick and creamy with an herbaceous scent, this butter will help to quickly soften even the driest and most damaged skin! 6 oz. M-P162 $8.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at


NEW! African Republic Favorites Go to to see more!

Black Love Men’s Shea Butter Heal and nourish your skin with this extra creamy shea butter enriched with black seed oil, jojoba oil and an intoxicating black love fragrance.4 oz. M-P183 $7.95






A. Golden Creamy Shea Butter 16 oz. M-P917 $9.95 B. Golden Creamy Shea Butter 8 oz. M-P918 $5.95 C. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 4 oz. M-P909 $8.95 D. Shea Butter Lip Balm: Coconut M-P914 $1.49 E. Creamy Shea Butter - Pachouli: 1 oz. M-P911 $2.95 1 oz. creamy shea butters are also available in Vanilla Ylang Ylang (M-P913), Lavender (M-P912), Lavender Vanilla (M-P910).

Moroccan mud minerals brighten the skin, giving it a smoother and more toned look.

Firming Moroccan Mud This rare mineral clay moisturizes skin while drawing out impurities for an instant skin makeover. It tightens skin, helping to reduce cellulite and sagging skin. Its unique mineral content displaces toxic build up within the skin, and instantly improves skin tone and texture. Shades of mud vary. 4 oz. M-360 $6.95 1 lb. M-361 $15.95

Collagen Care Anti-Aging Gel Erase fine lines and aging signs with this new collagen care gel. It a botanical wrinkle fighter; especially beneficial for removing bags or puffiness under the eye, facial wrinkles, stretch marks, and dry skin. Apply liberally as needed. 7.5 oz. Made in the USA. M-346 $5.95

Green Tea and Tea Tree Face Cream For a tighter, toner, more even complexion, this cream is bursting with face-friendly ingredients. Contains ECGC a powerful antioxidant 200 times more potent than vitamin E. Tea tree oil helps reduce irritations and blemishes. M-P181 $5.95 Skin Toning Coffee Butter The caffeine content in this butter works to minimize cellulite, and reduce puffiness in the skin. This moisturizing butter smells like a mocha latte and feels even better on your skin! 4 oz. M-365 $8.95 1 Lb. Size M-366 $25.95

1 lb. (16 oz.)

4 oz.

Wrinkle-Reducing Pure Jojoba Butter 4 oz. Smooth and soften your skin with the healing qualities of jojoba butter. This butter actually has cleansing and antibacterial properties, so that it purifies the skin while it moisturizes. Its gentle ingredients dissolve clogged pores and returns the skin to a natural pH balance. It is famous for reducing wrinkles and lightening Jojoba Butter scars. From Mexico. 4 oz. M-P170 $7.95 1 lb. M-P171 $27.95 Want Softer, More Youthful Skin? This super moisturizing face cream contains properties of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a natural product that our body produces an abundance of when young, but after 18 years of age gradually diminishes. This ingredient makes the face soft and youthful. Age-Reversing Mango Face Cream M-380 $7.95

1 lb.

Personal Care


Capture All-Over Softness

With Healing Butters and Treatments for Body and Hair

Jojoba Butter Balm For Thinning Hair Get fuller hair with this all natural balm composed of jojoba oil, olive butter, black seed oil, shea butter and more! Increases hair growth, softens hair, while reducing itchiness and irritation. You can use this on your skin too for softer, clearer skin! All natural. 4 oz. M-P130 $7.95

100% Natural. 100% Healing. This potent moisturizer deeply penetrates to heal dry, brittle hair and dry, damaged skin. You'll get shiny hair, a clearer complexion, and say goodbye to itchiness and irritation on the scalp and skin. Great for diaper rash too! Made with all-natural ingredients. Black Seed and Shea Butter Moisture Therapy 2 oz. M-265 $6.95

Herbal Hair Tonic Nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth while reducing hair loss. This tonic also strengthens the hair with Pro-Vitamin B5 and natural ingredients. 2.64 fl. oz. Herbal Hair Tonic M-P106 $4.99

Dr. Natural’s Shampoo and Conditioner in One! This natural shampoo and conditioner is enhanced with coconut oil, avocado oil and aloe to nourish the scalp, stimulate hair growth, and reduce hair loss. 8 oz. M-P121 $3.95

Sore Relief Muscle Butter Soothing relief for arthritis, sore muscles and carpal tunnel. This healing blend of organic essential oils, black seed oil, and shea butter work to relieve tension in stiff, sore muscles while softening and soothing skin with shea butter and fragrant essential oils of rosemary, lavender, ginger, peppermint and wintergreen. 6 oz. M-P161 $8.95

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

116 117

Get Lustrous, Healthy Hair With Africa’s Natural Remedies

Indian Hemp Hair Pomade Restore natural sheen, heal dryness, and prevent breakage of hair with this natural blend moisturizing formula for hair and scalp. Indian Hemp is superb at repairing split ends while other natural organic herb and botanical properties bring your hair back to life. 3.5 oz. M-P180 $3.95

Dr. Natural’s Ultimate Hair Grow This shea butter enriched treatment strengthens roots, promotes hair growth, conditions and restores. Enriched with avocado oil. 4 oz M-P122 $3.95

Dandruff Fighting Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

Tea Tree Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner Tea tree oil cleanses and has a natural cooling effect with a refreshing aroma. Natural vitamins smooth dry ends, making hair soft and lustrous with natural ingredients. 12 oz. each. Tea Tree Naturals Shampoo M-957 $8.99 Tea Tree Naturals Conditioner M-959 $8.99

Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer Enriched with herbs, shea butter and vitamins. Cures split ends, and gives you soft, shiny hair. 12 oz. Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer M-951 $4.39 Herbal Shampoo this great smelling herbal shampoo. Chamomile Extract soothes and calms an irritated scalp and Vitamin E nourishes, heals, and softens. Both tea tree and geranium oils help to balance and sooth an itchy and irritated scalp. 8 fl. oz. M-P179 $2.90

Pure Tea Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment Heals and soothes the hair and scalp while repairing damage and brittleness. Simply massage into your hair to bring life to dull or lifeless hair. Helps to encourage growth, radiance, and all-over hair health. 5 oz. M-955 $5.95 100% Natural Wosa’s Loc Butter Made with aloe, herbal tea, shea butter, and essential oils. Leaves hair softly scented and healthy and shiny. A fast way to repair split ends. 4 oz. Wosa’s Loc Butter M-343 $3.95

Indian Hemp Hair Grease A natural styling balm enriched with Indian hemp, jojoba oil, and aloe. Softens hair while defending against pollution and styling. All natural. 4 oz. M-P134 $4.95

Shea Butter Sheen Spray For intense sheen and softness. M-952 $3.95

Dr. Natural’s Superior Locking Gel For centuries, the Massai have used natural ingredients to lock their hair. Use these same natural ingredients to maintain your locks naturally. 8 oz. Superior Locking Gel M-P147 $4.95

Wheat Protein Hair Serum Repairs damaged hair and give it a soft, healthy shine. Wheat protein extract, rice milk extract and butterfly pea extract are the three power ingredients in this serum that heal split ends and protect your hair from environmental stressors, chemicals, and heat. 4.66 fl. oz. Hair Serum M-P105 $4.99 Dr. Natural’s Healthy Hair Pomade Made with natural herbs, oils, and vitamins that nourish your hair to a healthy and natural shine. Enriched with coconut oil and shea oil. 3.5 oz. Healthy Hair Pomade M-P148 $4.95

Black Seed Herbal Hair Pomade All-natural hair pomade enriched with black seed and jojoba oil to soften and strengthen hair while making it sleek and shiny. 2.5 oz. M-264 $3.95 or $39.50/dozen

6 Dilemmas - 6 Solutions


For Rapid Healing

Dilemma: Acne, Insect Bites, and Eczema Solution: Black Seed Oil

Dilemma: Weak, Dull hair, Puffy Eyes, and Dry Skin Solution: Jojoba Oil South Africa’s Rare Skin Healer Gently softens and heals skin and hair without a greasy residue. Heals lines, wrinkles, and irritations. This can also clear oily or acne-prone skin, or relieve dry scalp. Jojoba Oil 4 oz. M-230 $9.95 1 Lb. (16 oz.) M-231 $37.95

100% Pure Black Seed Oil Discover the 2000-year-old skin care secret of black seed oil. This oil softens skin and is very effective in clearing acne-prone skin and soothing irritated skin. Black seed oil contains a high vitamin and mineral content, which make it an amazing skin treat. Heals dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Black Seed Oil 1 oz. M-266 $4.95 4 oz. M-267 $11.95 1 lb. M-268 $34.95

Dilemma: Acne, Blisters, Cold Sores, Dandruff, Rash Solution: Tea Tree Oil

Dilemma: Scars, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles Solution: Vitamin E Oil

Nature’s Pathway to Clear Skin Fight away acne, irritation, and enjoy clear skin with Tea tree oil. Full of organic nutrients that fight harmful bacterial and prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, and insect bites. From Australia. Tea Tree Oil 4 oz. M-263 $19.95

Let the Benefits Begin Get soft, glowing skin with this pure vitamin E oil. Full of natural antioxidants that work to restore, heal, and moisturize your skin. Vitamin E Oil 4 oz. M-321 $15.95 1 lb. M-322 $39.95

Grape Seed Oil

Improve Your Skin and Hair with Grapeseed Oil! Full of natural vitamins and antioxidants, this oil softens hair and leaves it shiny. It also softens and repairs skin. Can be used as a cutting oil for fragrance oils or in incense making. Made in South Africa. Grape Seed Oil 1 lb. O-510 $8.95

Dilemma: Dry Skin and Hair Solution: Grape Seed Oil

Neem Oil

Dilemma: Sagging Skin, Dark Spots Solution: Neem Oil

4 oz.

You Need Neem Oil If...

• You crave soft, smooth skin • You want to heal the effects of chicken pox, warts, or age spots • You want clear, acne-free skin • You want to heal scarring or stretch marks • You want a natural insect repellent

4 oz. M-316 $4.95 1 lb. M-317 $14.95

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Luxurious De-Wrinkling Baobab Oil Africa’s Secret Treasure

Experience the healing of Zambia, where this oil is pressed from the fruit of the baobab tree. The oil is considered so valuable, that people from across the globe will travel to Zambia to get it. In fact, the baobab tree is often called ‘The Tree of Life’. Baobab oil is endowed with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E, and F that work to dramatically improve your skin.

You Need Baobab Oil If...

M-357 4 oz. $27.95 M-356 1 oz. $9.95

• You want super-soft, moisturized skin • You want to reduce aging signs • You want to heal acne, and acne scarring • You want healing from eczema • You want an intensive hot oil treatment

Healing, Soothing Emu Oil This famous Aboriginal medicinal oil contains large amounts of Vitamin E and A which soften and heal skin. Linoleic acid helps to ease muscle aches and joint pain; Oleic acid is a famous anti-wrinkle agent. One of Australia’s most famous healers. 4 oz. M-P163 $17.95 1 lb. - M-P164 $49.95

• Heals scarring and stretch marks. • Alleviates the discomfort of eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash and shingles • Reduces pain and infection from insect bites stings • Assists in the repair of skin damage, including scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. • Softens dry, damaged skin.

Deep Healing Pomegranate Seed Oil

Healing, Nutritious Pomegranate Seed Oil Pomegranate seed oil is bursting with nutrients that can be used internally or externally for health and beauty. It is commonly used to revitalize dull or aging skin, assist in healing wrinkles, and to soothe irritations. Medicinally pomegranate seed oil is full of phytoestrogens, which helps to ease symptoms associated with menopause. Ask your health professional before taking pomegranate seed oil medicinally. 4 oz. M-P167 $17.95


“The first time I used argan oil, my hair felt much softer and was so shiny and healthy looking! A must-have item for anyone who does a lot of coloring, processing, drying, etc to their hair!” – Brenna from Belleville, NJ Beautifying Moroccan Argan Oil This rare Moroccan oil regenerates and renews skin cells making your skin softer and more supple, more toned, and more resistant to pollution. Argan oil also repairs, hydrates, moisturizes and adds shine to your hair. It is non-greasy and instantly conditions while eliminating frizz. 4 oz. M-P166 $14.95

Natural Line Healing Moringa Oil

Repairing Emu Oil

You Need This Product If...

Skin and Hair Revitalizing Argan Oil

Egypt’s #1 Skin and Haircare Solution Bursting with over 46 antioxidants, plus vitamin C and vitamin A, moringa oil is a skin and hair care essential. Famous for relieving chronic dry skin, moringa oil soothes and softens while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used as a leave-in conditioner or hot oil treatment and does wonders for itchy, irritated scalp or damaged hair. From Egypt. 1 oz. M-P116 $5.95 4 oz. M-P117 $19.95

You Need Moringa Oil If...

• You want to soften severely dry skin •You want to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles • You want a hot-oil treatment that will soften and heal hair. • You want a healthier cooking oil full of vitamins A, C and radiance-boosting ingredients. • You want to tighten the pores and remove blackheads and pimples.

Hair Stimulating Passion Flower Oil

Refreshing Healing for Hair and Skin

Passion Flower oil soothes stressed skin and is high in healing essential fatty acids that workto improve dry, aging skin. It also helps to ease the symptoms of eczema. This oil is most famous for increasing hair growth and softening dry, damaged hair. 1 oz. M-P114 $6.95 4 oz. M-P115 $19.95

Skin-Softening Sweet Almond Oil

4 oz.

Pure Healing for Skin and Hair A rich source of vitamins and minerals that work to heal and nourish skin and hair. It’s suitable for any skin type, no matter how sensitive and can be used alone or mixed with fragrance. 4 oz. M-P108 $3.95 •1 lb. M-P109 $11.95

Personal Care

Nourishing Natural Facial Treatments


Brightening Complexion Mud Mask Deep clean and purify your skin with the healing power of kaolin clay, natural minerals, rosemary leaf extract and aloe. This mineral-rich black mud helps cleanse away excess oils, blackheads, and bacteria. It also helps tighten pores and keeps the skin young and fresh. 120 ml. (4 oz.) M-P126 $3.95

Experience 100% Clear, Toned Skin This fade-out cream is made with all-natural ingredients to make dark spots, liver spots, or age spots disappear quickly and easily. Made with aloe vera, ginseng extract, vitamin E and mineral water to gently heal discoloration and firm skin. 30 ml. (1 oz.) Fade Out Cream M-P102 $3.49

Beta-Carotene Butter Beta-Carotene helps prevent skin disorders, enhance Beta-Carotene Butter 4 oz. immunity, protects against toxins and cancer formations, M-P153 $4.95 colds, flu, and infections. It is an antioxidant and protector of the 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-P154 $13.95 cells while slowing the aging process. Natural Neroli Butter Neroli is famous for its power in Neroli Butter healing insomnia and panic 4 oz. M-P157 attacks. It is most commonly $5.95 used to treat mature or sensitive skin and heal broken capillaries. 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-P158 $14.95 It is intensely sweet, rich, and floral. Natural Rose Butter Soften your skin and enjoy the beautiful scent of rose. Rose fragrance is a natural antidepressant and is also known to increase alertness and give pleasant dreams. Soothing Chamomile Butter Nourish your skin and your spirit. Chamomile calms the mind and eases fear, anxiety, anger, worries and tension during times of physical and emotional stress.

Rose Butter 4 oz. M-P155 $4.95 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-P156 $13.95 Chamomile Butter 4 oz. M-P159 $4.95 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-P160 $13.95

African Natural Deodorant Mist Eliminate body and foot odor with this natural deodorant made from deodorizing mineral salts. 100% pure and natural. Good for you and the environment. 8 oz. M-P184 $3.49

Foot Cream with Cucumber Extract This moisturizing balm nourishes and shields the skin with a non-greasy protective barrier. Enriched with Vitamin E, C. Eliminates rough, dead skin cells. M-P177 $2.95 Avoid the cancer-causing ingredients in aluminum-based deodorants

Antioxidant Vitamin E Gel Enhanced with beta-carotene, and chamomile to soften and restore your skin tone. Helps to fade imperfections, scarring, and blotchy skin. 8.5 Oz. Vitamin E Antioxidant Gel M-323 $5.95

Effective, Herbal Deodorant Stop odors on contact with this all-natural, conditioning deodorant. Gives you reliable protection that lasts all day with the healing qualities of vitamin E and chamomile extract. M-P165 $3.95

Dead Sea Healing Mud Dead sea mud is overflowing with essential minerals which nourishes your skin while making it firmer. This mud tightens up skin \tissue, thus clearing aging signs. Dead sea mud also moisturizes your skin, tones, exfoliates, and heals symptoms of psoriasis, acne, and arthritis. M-157 $9.95 each

Find Bargains Here Soothing Milk Face Wash M-P141 $2.79

Green Tea Cooling Face Wash M-P140 $2.79

Plus over a 100 closeout specials at

Coconut Moisturizing Oil Made with virgin coconut oil, this softens your body while protecting it from wind, heat, and pollution for hours. Has a soft coconut scent. 9 oz. Coconut Moisturizing Oil M-223 $5.95

Africa’s Instant Fix 8.5 oz. Made in the US. Kosher 100% Glycerin M-411 $4.95

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100% Virgin Coconut Oil


“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Virgin Coconut Oil! I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I already see a difference in my skin. I also use it on my son’s skin and hair. This is a MUST for any beauty regimen!” – Shirley from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4 oz. size

100% Virgin Coconut Oil 4 oz. jar. M-220 $5.95 each or $59.50 /dozen 1 lb. M-221 $14.95

Give Samples for More Sales! 1 lb. size

Set of Twelve 1/2 oz. Coconut Oil Jars - M-222 $9.95

You Need This Product If........ • You want soft, silky smooth skin • You want to regulate your metabolism to encourage weight loss • You want clear, luminous skin • You want a healthy alternative to fatty cooking oils • You want to age-proof your skin • You want to heal stretch marks and scarring • You want a beneficial massage oil

NOTICE: Virgin coconut oil is different from hydrogenated coconut oil. Hydrogenated coconut oils are deodorized and diluted with harsh chemicals and bleaches. Only pure virgin coconut oil gives you the benefits listed.

From the Fiji Islands.

Aloe Healers

Find out more online! Visit /article49.asp

Heart Healthy Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia Nut Oil The antioxidant properties of macadamia nut oil help decrease your risk for prostate, cervical, breast, lung and stomach cancer. It can also be applied to the skin to soften and reduce inflammation and irritation. This oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6. 4 oz. M-P111 $3.95 16 oz. (1 lb.) M-P112 $11.95

4 oz. size

Aloe Butter 4 oz. M-233 $6.95 1 lb. M-234 $17.95 1 lb. size Nature’s Quick Pick-Me-Up Quickly heal dry skin, irritation and eczema with aloe butter and gel. Has over 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, and 12 vitamins for a skin treat you’ll never forget. • Relieves itching, swelling • Heals and softens skin •R  elieves scratches, stings, bites, and burns • Improves complexion and tone • Helps heal rosacea & eczema • Helps kill fungus and bacteria

4 oz. size

Aloe Vera Gel 4 oz. bottle. 4 oz. M-235 $4.95. 1 lb. M-236 $11.95 1 lb. size

Personal Care

Healing Salts


Scented Dead Sea Salts

Egyptian Lavender Ocean Mist Tranquility Musk Fields

Only $2.48 each! in the set of four

Dead Sea Salts

Also Available in 5 lb. Bags. 5 Pound Bag. M-152 $27.95

Healthy Himalayan Salt In Shaker Jar Himalayan salt, when left raw and in its natural state, is rich in nutrients and minerals. Pink Himalayan Salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well being. Himalayan salt optimizes the flavor of food, allowing you to experience the real, full-taste of food. It doesn’t taint food with an acrid, salty bitterness like more standard salts. 4 oz. Shaker Jar M-P169 $4.95

1 lb. M-165 Healing Dead Sea Salts BEST SELLER! Enriched with beneficial minerals and vitamins to give you fresh, radiant skin. Famous for its effectiveness in healing acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis and muscular pain. Made in Israel. 1 lb. M-165 $4.95 10 Lb. Bag M-166 $29. ($2.90 per lb.) 55 Lb. Bag M-167 $109.50 ($1.99 per lb.)

Dead Sea Salts

Taking Bathing to a Whole New Level Sink into a nice hot, therapeutic bath with these dead sea scented bath salts. Scented with essential oils that are made to soothe, revive, and relieve stress. Set of Four Scented Dead Sea Salts M-153S $9.95 (Only $2.48 each!)

Cold and Flu Bath Soak


A. C.

Find More Online!

Go to to Pink find out more ways these Himalayan bath salts can help you!

African Pearl Salts

Bath Salts A. South African Pearl Sea Salt Soothe muscle aches and pains and detoxify your skin with these beautiful pearl salts from Lake Assal, Djibouti. Extreme heat and other conditions of Lake Assal create Salt Pearls which form their smooth, round shape naturally as they tumble on the water’s edge in a variety of different sizes. Great for those with arthritis and joint pain. 1 lb. M-P168 $8.95

B. Soak Away Sickness and Stress Boost your immune system with the healing power of nature with these bath salts. Vitamin C, Lemon, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil & more help to clear your sinuses while herbal extracts of echinacea, ginseng and hibiscus help to ease symptoms of cold and flu. 100% natural. 1 lb. (16 oz.). M-P119 $7.95

C. The Purest Bath Crystals for the Purest Cleansing Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals that balance and detoxify the body. They are much healthier than regular salt, as they are more mineral rich and cleansing. When you bathe in the salts these minerals are absorbed through the skin and can help to improve immunity, reduce stress, improve heart health, relieve headaches and depression. For Skincare: Himalayan salts have been used to treat dry skin, acne, psoriasis; insect bites or blisters; joint diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism; water retention and PMS symptoms; stress and insomnia. One Pound Coarse Grain Himalayan Rock Salts M-P107 $6.95 One Pound Fine Grain Himalayan Rock Salts M-P133 $6.95

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South African Olive Butter

African Cocoa Butter

South African Mango Butter

Avocado Butter

For All-over Softness, Wrinkle Reduction, and Decreased Signs of Aging.

For Stretch Mark and Scar Healing and Relief from Eczema and Psoriasis

Mango Butter 4 oz. M-240 $6.95 1 Lb. (16 oz.) M-241 $17.50



Body Beautifying Natural Butters

Olive Butter 4 oz. M-238 $4.95 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-239 $13.95

Cocoa Butter 4 oz. M-245 $5.95 1 Pound (16 oz.) M-246 $13.95


Shea Butter Lip Balm Made with a soothing blend of shea butter and lanolin. 0.25 oz. $0.99 for one tube $9.90 per dozen M-199 $75.84 for a case of 96 ($0.79 each) M-199C

Making a


Everyday, children are getting the meals and care they need as a direct result of your purchases. By selling these products, you are not only helping folks work but also helping feed these beautiful and innocent children. I am sure these kids want you to know how much it means to them to be eating decent food and able to live in a safe and nurturing environment. Find out more at wordpress/category/orphanage-work/

For Softening and Calming Severely Dry, Irritated, and Sensitive Skin.

For healing and softening damaged hair and split ends. Full of antioxidants that fight aging signs.


Avocado Butter 4oz. M-350 $5.95 1lb. M-351 $14.95

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm A drink of moisture for your lips. 0.25 oz. Cocoa Butter Lip Balm M-249 $0.99 for one tube $9.90 per dozen $75.84 for a case of 96 ($0.79 each!) M-249C


A. Shea and Mango Butter Lotion This sinfully rich shea butter formula also includes nourishing jojoba oil and vitamin E to leave your skin outrageously silky and toned. 8 oz. Shea Butter Lotion M-345 $4.95 B. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Lotion A rich, moisturizing body butter lotion enriched with aloe for healing and skin perfection. 12 oz. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Lotion M-163 $4.95 or $49.50/dozen

Personal Care


Money Saving Sets! Three Healing Oils for Total Skin Renewal

Shea Butter Lotions and Creams

Set includes: • 4 oz. Shea Nut Oil • 4 oz. Jojoba Oil • 4 oz. Virgin Coconut Oil

Regular wholesale price $20.85 Yours for only $15.95

Healing Oils Wellness Set Get the most effective skin care oils in this all-inclusive set. Reduce signs of aging, soften your skin, and enjoy clear, radiant skin. Save over 12% on each oil when you purchase this set. Healing Oils Wellness Set X-027 $15.95

Try Out All Of Africa’s Best-Selling Skin Healers

Shea Butter Face and Body Cream Nourish your skin with this creamy shea butter lotion. This cream will moisturize while healing crow’s feet and stretch marks. 4 oz. Shea Butter Face and Body Cream M-342 $2.39 each or $23.90/dozen

African Skin Care Sampler Kit Discover the best of Africa’s natural skin and health products with this sampler kit. This kit lets you sample all the products to find out which products benefit you the most! For business owners, this kit is a great way to attract more customers. Give out samples and you’re bound to get more sales! Your set includes: 1/2 oz. of mango butter, pure refined shea butter, neem oil, yellow shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, shealoe butter, 2 bags of South African red tea, 1 oz. Sherpa pink Himalayan rock salt, 1 oz. natural black soap, 1 oz. liquid black soap, and 1 oz. dudu-osum herbal shampoo. X-025 $9.95

The Best Deal On the Most Popular Butters!

Natural Butters Sampler Kit X-026 $27.90

Set Includes: • 4 oz. Shea Butter • 4 oz. Cocoa Butter

• 4 oz. Mango Butter • 4 oz. Aloe Butter • 4 oz. Olive Butter

Body Butters Sampler Kit Soften, soothe and enjoy Africa’s greatest skin treatments with this body butter set. Includes the very best selling body butters we have, plus you save on each butter when you get this set! X-026 $27.90

Three Healing Butters Cream Get the benefits of Cocoa, Shea, and Mango butter. You’ll feel softer, smoother and notice firmer fresher skin. Three in One Butter Cream. M-341 $2.39 or $23.90/dozen.


Shea and Coconut Hand and Body Cream Enriched with coconut oil for silky smooth skin. 4 oz. Shea and Coconut Hand and Body Cream M-161 $1.99 each or $19.90/dozen.

Africa Imports ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-800-500-6120. Toll Free Fax: 1-866-457-1910. Visit us online at

Shea Nut Oil

SheAloe Lotion

why you love it


“The Shea nut oil is wonderful, just like your ad says it helps clear up acne-prone skin. People think I have had clear skin all my life!” – Sara from Richmond, IN You Need This Product If...

• You want silky soft, shiny hair • You want clear, luminous skin from head to toe • You want clear, acne-free skin • You want to heal scarring or stretch marks • You want to minimize lines and wrinkles • You want to rid scalp of pesky dandruff

4 oz. M-P172 SheAloe Lotion Get the moisturizing benefits of shea butter with the soothing and healing power of aloe with this shealoe lotion. Creamy and soothing on even the most irritated skin. 4 oz. M-P172 $3.95 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-P173 $9.95

1 lb. M-P173

Deeply Moisturizing SheaMango Butter

A #1 Customer Favorite Say goodbye to dull, dry skin with shea nut oil. Extracted directly from the nuts of the shea tree, this oil quickly clears skin of blemishes, reduces fine lines, and softens. Even better, it can be used as a deep cleaning conditioner, hot oil treatment, and as a cooking oil. From Mali. Shea Nut Oil • 1 oz. M-227 $1.59 4oz. M-225 $6.95 1 lb. (16 oz.) Oil M-226 $19.95 12 lbs. or more $14.13 per pound

SheAloe Butter

4 oz. M-372 $4.95

“I had a very dark mark on my leg and started using the shealoe every AM & PM for the last 3 weeks... the mark has lightened up tremendously. This is definitely a miracle cream. I’m going to start my husband on it to clear up the darkness under his eyes.”

16 oz. M-373 $13.95

Healing SheaMango Butter Get the powerful benefits of shea butter and mango butter in one natural blend. Made with 40% shea butter, 40% mango butter, and 20% virgin coconut oil to thoroughly moisturize your skin, hair or nails. You can use this butter as a moisturizer, as a hair conditioner, or on dry, cracked heels, elbows or nails to get quick results. Not only will you notice softer, smoother skin, but you’ll also experience even tone, diminishing of scars and stretch marks, and relief from the effects of psoriasis or eczema. From West Africa. 4 oz. M-372 $4.95 1 lb. (16 oz.) M-373 $13.95

why you love it

– Jordan from Oswego, IL

The Best of Both Worlds - Shea Butter and Aloe • You want smooth, healthy hair Combined! • You want to improve and clear your This butter is 100% pure complexion shea butter and pure aloe • You want softer, more supple skin butter. The perfect combo of • You want to delay the aging process Africa’s finest power healers! • You want to lighten dark circles under the SheAloe Butter eyes 4 oz. M-370 $4.95 • You want to relieve dry, itching skin 1 lb. M-371 $14.95

You Need This Product If...

• You want to cure chapped lips • You want to prevent hair loss

Personal Care


Find Out Why 100% Pure Shea Butter Is The

#1 Best Seller

why you love it “I gave some sample sizes

of shea butter to my family members and I keep one with me at all times. The quality of this Shea butter is just what I have been looking for and I didn’t know if I would ever find it!” - Amanda from Peru, IN

The Best-Selling Size!


Available in • unscented • fruit • floral fragrances.


One Pound Bags of Raw Unmelted Shea Butter Save $8. per lb. when you order shea butter in bulk in these bags. The color of shea butter varies depending on how long it is boiled, but both white and yellow are exactly the same in effectiveness. This shea butter has never been melted. One Pound Bags of Shea Butter M-183 $7.95 per bag, or 12 bags for $79.50 ($6.66 per lb.)

You Need Shea Butter If...

• You want unbelievably soft, smooth skin • You want to rid your skin of ash, chapping, or discoloration • You crave silky, shiny, soft hair • You want to maintain youthful, vibrant skin • You want to clear away stretch marks • You want to rid yourself of pesky dandruff • You want to relieve muscle aches and pains • You want to firm aging or loose skin • You suffer from dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis • You want a natural diaper rash treatment for babies • You want strong, healthy nails and cuticles • You want to prevent thinning or brittleness in the hair • You want to heal scarring or liver spots

Unfiltered, Raw Shea Butter 4 oz. Jar M-182 $3.95 each or $39.50/dozen

Specify white or yellow when you place your order.

8 oz. M-185 $4.95

16 oz. M-186 $7.95

32 oz. M-187 $13.95

The pre-packaged shea butter is in fluid ounces, which is measured by volume instead of by weight. The one pound bags of shea butter are measured by weight, so you get more shea butter in the 1 pound bags than in the 16 fluid oz. containers.

32 oz. M-187 $13.95

16 oz. M-186 $7.95

8 oz. M-185 $4.95 Packed and Labeled Bulk Shea Butter For the easiest way to sell! Simply unpack the box and put on the shelves. This shea butter has been melted and poured into the containers.

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Get Africa’s Most Famous Skin Healer The Best Price On Shea Butter! $3.95 per pound!


Experience Luminous Skin That is Clear, Toned and Makeup-Optional! Reveal the beautiful skin you've always wanted with natural shea butter. This butter quickly and effectively reduces signs of aging, acne, stretch marks, and scarring.



55 Lb. Containers of Raw Shea Butter Get the best price on yellow shea butter anywhere! Only $3.95 per lb. when you order it in this convenient 55 lb. case. Made in Ghana. 25 kg. box of 100% pure African shea butter. Yellow Shea Butter Case M-195 $217.25 White Shea Butter Case M-194 $217.25

Save More On Shea With Free Shipping!

Shea butter is very heavy which causes high shipping costs. When you order over $400. from us, we give you FREE shipping on your whole order. Calabashes come cracked.

$4.90 per pound when you order 50 lbs. or more!

Why is this popular African butter now being used in hundreds of personal care products? Find out for yourself. There is no substitute for pure and natural shea butter. Used for generations in Africa to keep skin young and healthy, remove stretch marks, and even to help babies sleep better. Business owners, don’t let this #1 seller pass you by. Customers everywhere love the benefits and healing power of shea butter that only you can give them. Available in fruit or floral scents as well as unscented.

Pure, Filtered Shea Butter! Shea Butter in a Calabash Order shea butter in a calabash to maintain the freshest shea butter possible. Weights vary from 25 to 70 lbs. per calabash. Call or check online for available sizes. Calabashes are often cracked during shipment from Africa to the states. This is normal and does not effect the freshness of the shea butter. Shea Butter in a Calabash M-183C sold by weight at $5.95 per pound.

Set of 12 Sample Jars of Shea Butter 1/2 oz. Size Jars. M-184 $7.95

why you love it “Shea butter is an excellent product. Great for dry scaly skin especially feet, knees and elbows. Also great for diabetics who suffer from scaly, dry skin on their feet.” - Wanda from Maple Heights, OH

4 oz.

100% Pure Shea Butter - Refined 1 Lb. This shea butter has all the same healing powers of raw shea butter, however it has been put through clay filters to make it smoother, more spreadable, and to remove any natural impurities that sometimes come with raw shea butter. It also gives you a slightly milder smell than raw shea butter. 4 oz. Refined Shea Butter M-192 $5.95 1 Pound Refined Shea Butter M-193 $13.95

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