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By Robert Morris - Laptops have become fairly common these days. Almost every grad has his or her own laptop with which they use to conduct their work and also keep connected with friends and family. Laptops are carried around in specially created laptop bags. Although laptop bags are an essential accessory for anyone who owns a laptop, they have become a means of making a fashion statement. What Is Cool Laptop Bags

The market today is loaded with umpteenth varieties of incredibly stylish laptop bags. You will be able to find laptop bags specifically catering to both sexes and different age groups as well. One of the best places to find the ultimate laptop bag of your choice is on the internet where you can browse through online catalogues of various different styles giving you a unique combination of function and style. Amongst the best selling laptop bags for men is the Solo At Ease Laptop Messenger Bag. This is the ideal alternative to the conventional black laptop case. The casual looking bag in green and grey has a special padded laptop security section. It is also embedded with anti-scratch corduroy lining that is stretched to fit the detailing. A smart organization system helps you to keep everything in order and ready to use. The bag features an additional audio pocket with the same anti-scratch lining. The hefty webbed straps add style and allow you to lift heavy loads with ease. They can be adjusted according to your preference. What makes this laptop bag special is the military inspired hardware that has been given an old gold

finish along with branded dog tags. The bag also features a zipped organizer at the rear. Made using brushed polycanvas this special laptop bag is available for a dollar under the ninety mark. Ladies on the other hand will most definitely fall for the Ice Red Designs. The design features incredibly shine glossy laptop bags that fit the ladies who want to flash their accessories. This particular bag hardly looks or feels like a laptop bag. With its sleek and stylish look it is more of a high end fashion accessory. You will definitely have heads turning with this new age bag.

The ingenious design of the bag is a unique mix of a futuristic look and a classic design. The bag has multiple compartments with the capacity to hold up to a 17" laptop. A special easy access organizer has also been incorporated into the design which can be used for cell phones and other important things. The bag is safe, stylish and secure giving you everything that you could want. This particular laptop bag can be purchased for around $80. If you want something totally unconventional then go for the Alti-Pac Notebook Roller laptop backpack. Yes, as the name suggests this laptop back is all those things. This is not a side strap bag, it's a back pack, and that too on wheels. The unique features of the bag make it an excellent choice for business officials as well as students. Although this one is a bit expensive at $250 it is still worth it when you consider the style and features it has to offer.

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Cool laptop bags  

Cool laptop bags

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