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The Right Way To Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree Best Artificial Christmas Trees _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Peter Roscoe - For the millions of U.S. families who display artificial Christmas trees every holiday season, the same plaguing question must be answered every year: What do I do with this thing now that the holidays are over? For most people, an artificial Christmas tree is the largest of all the holiday decorations that has to be stored. Concurrently, it is also typically the most expensive item, as well. What Is Best Artificial Christmas Trees

With that in mind, the way that we store artificial trees is a topic that deserves some attention. In this article, we will explain the right way-as well as some of the wrong ways-to store your artificial Christmas tree. For many people, the easiest and most obvious choice for artificial tree storage is to simply put it back in its original box. Unfortunately, this is often times easier said than done. Trying to stuff an artificial Christmas tree back into its original box is a lot like buying a king size sheet set, removing it from its zippered pouch and completely unfolding it, and then later trying to get it back into the original packaging. In short, it's nearly impossible. The other problem with storing your tree in its original box is that the

cardboard does little to nothing to protect the tree from getting dusty and dirty. Cardboard can also attract insects and vermin, and in the event that it gets wet, will quickly be destroyed. Another potential option for artificial tree storage is to wrap the tree in plastic or sheets. To some extent, this can be a good idea, though it does depend how your tree disassembles. Most artificial trees on the market today feature hinged branches, meaning that each section can be compressed down to a fairly narrow diameter.

If this is the case, it may be possible for you to carefully wrap each section in a piece of plastic drop cloth or an old sheet, and tie with some string or twine. However, if you have an older artificial tree with fixed branches that don't compress, storing in a sheet probably won't do much good. At best, you'll just be draping the sheet over the tree, and this doesn't do much to keep out dust, moisture, or pests. By far, the best options for artificial Christmas tree storage are to purchase a plastic bin or a bag that is specifically designed for that purpose. Such products are readily available through discount stores, specialty catalogs, and online retail outlets. Specifically, you should look for a bag with a zipper or a container with a tight fitting lid, to keep out dust and dirt. Furthermore, if you have an especially large or heavy tree, it might also be a good idea to look for a storage container with wheels for easy mobility.

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