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Brought to you by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (Int’l) Inc. June 2012 Pre-conference Edition


June 2012

Leading up to our 2012 AGM, our team is:

2012 Committee

Jodi Brunner President

Kerri Rodley Secretary

Gina Clanfield Treasurer

Dr Ana Brandao Membership Secretary

Kylie Egan Edgar Lok Tin Yung Committee Member Committee Member

Welcome to Ana Brandao and Kylie Egan. Thank you to Gina Clanfield, Fen Ingersole, Anthony Ashworth, Suzanne Phoenix and Sally Kelemete. Current vacancies: Vice-President, Treasurer, Education Co-ordinator (new position), Committee Member Working as a volunteer for the AFSC is very rewarding, as we quietly behind the scenes work towards achieving the AFSC goals. So I would like to personally thank those wonderful committee members who have got us to the point where we are now. Since the last AGM we have been working to upgrade and amend all member services. Every decision made on your behalf is ratified by the committee before being implemented; such is the nature of a democracy. We, the committee, decided it was about time to amend the outdated membership levels: - the previous system was not effective, because most members qualified to be Platinum Member; - the new system would be more inclusive of all Feng Shui schools - we can include new Corporate Member levels - we can implement our new Accredited Feng Shui Consultant AFSC Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPD). We welcome on board new committee members: Dr Ana Brandao, our new Membership Secretary will be responsible for new membership submissions, promotion and liasion with members. Kylie Egan, a General Committee Member, will help us in numerous ways, including social networking and meet & greet at our upcoming conference on the Gold Coast. It is a fond farewell we bid to Fen Ingersole and Gina Clanfield as committee title holders. Fen was with us

for a year and a half as Vice President, contributing to discussions and lending her diplomatic hand on occasions when it was needed. Gina has been instrumental in keeping us on track in terms of finances; in bringing the new website up to scratch, thank you to you both. Both Gina and Fen have written lovely letters to you All, please take a moment to read them on the next pages. Anthony Ashworth, Suzanne Phoenix and Sally Kelemete have all made valuable contributions. Anthony brought his perspective on the Feng Shui scene and was our MC at our 2011 conference; Suzanne has been excellently promoting the AFSC on Facebook and Twitter and showed us how to set up a proper fan page and added many of the members there; Sally and Anthony have been the voice of members as we discuss and vote on various changes over the past months. Now we have vacancies for Vice President, Education Co-ordinator, General Committee Members. You are welcome to apply for the positions before our August AGM. The newly created Education Co-ordinator will be responsible for looking after our important Corporate Member: Training Institutes, so experience in the field of Feng Shui training is necessary; the VP will need general experience in FS over a number of years. You do not need to reside in Australia to apply. At first, as your President, I was concerned with the incomings and outgoings of committee members, but now I understand that the universe unfolds the way it should. Looking forward to hearing from you,



June 2012

At the AFSC we strongly believe that with committment to achieving our goals comes success in every aspect to our lives. We have reached out to our Queensland community, taking our conference to the Gold Coast this year because we have a committment to our members in all parts of the globe. “Ask not what your Association can do for you, but for what you can do for your Association.”

Please help your Association to reach out to an ever-expanding audience: Like us on Facebook AssociationofFengShuiConsultants

Share our conference link; join us via webinar and most of all... Come and Join Us in Person!!! (...your friends and colleagues would love to see you there All Welcome!)

Take time out of your busy schedule to develop your career by joining us at the AFSC AGM, Conference and Workshop. Continuing Professional Development is what sets apart Professional Feng Shui Consultants from the rest. When you take time to develop your career further, you are demonstrating to your clients, friends, family and colleagues that you are serious about being a Feng Shui Consultant and supporting the growth of your industry.


June 2012

Special Announcement We were rather ambitious endeavouring to organise an AGM, Conference, Workshop, Website Launch and the brand new AFSC Excellence Awards all within a few short weeks! So in our wisdom, the Committee has decided to defer the Awards until: World Feng Shui Day Tuesday 5th February 2012 Start preparing your submissions now. Go here for more info:

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June 2012


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June 2012 Association of Feng Shui Consultants newsletter  

Important info on our upcoming Feng Shui conference, Excellence Awards and website launch.

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