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Silage Covering

Tested. Trusted. Proven.

19 years of proven durability!

Over 200 million square feet in use!

“I was having issues with raccoons getting into my high moisture corn bunker in late summer and digging holes in the plastic. I purchased two Secure Covers and covered the back half of the bunker and the problem has been solved!” Tom Roth Banner Ridge Farm LLC Platteville, WI

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Since the first bagger left the driveway in 1991, Bag Man has been a leader in providing customers with high quality, cutting edge products. Our size allows us to provide a personal sales experience while still offering you the most competitive pricing on high quality equipment and supplies. From machinery to waterproof gear, we offer many interesting and unique products for those in agribusiness and beyond. Our product catalog shows only a portion of the products we have available. Please follow up on our website, social media or just give us a call and chat about all that Bag Man has to offer. Thank you for your business!

Table of Contents Up North Plastics .................................... 3 Secure Cover Products

Feed Storage Protection .......... 4-7

Windbreaks ................................ 8

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Footwear ............................. 16-23

Slippers ..................................... 21

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Paisley Cow .............................. 23

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Silage Covering

Over 30 Years of Ag Plastic Experience! • Superior strength from 100% premium virgin resins • Industry leading quality control on every lot of plastic manufactured • Twice the puncture and tear resistance of the competition • Triple layer-black and white plastic that maximizes sun reflectivity while reducing opacity for the optimum silage environment • 24 Month UV protection • Recyclable

Silage bags Grain Bags bunker covers silage shield*

Call for quantity discounts!

*Silage Shield is a 2 mil plastic sheeting used under your standard Up North bunker cover.

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Tested. Trusted. Proven.

19 years of proven durability! • Cover your feed in half the time • Reusable, easy to store sheets with an unmatched 10 year UV warranty • Helps prevent plastic damage from hail, birds, deer, and many other animals - including cows! • Reduce spoilage with increased plastic contact and a tighter bunker edge seal • Eliminate unsightly, vermin infested tires • Sizes to cover any size bunker, pile, and pit

Secure CoversTM are a uniquely designed woven, polyethylene fabric that eliminates the need for tires by reducing wind turbulence over the surface. This creates more plastic contact with the silage all while preventing plastic damage.

Over 200 million square feet in use!

“I was having issues with raccoons getting into my high moisture corn bunker in late summer and digging holes in the plastic. I purchased two Secure Covers and covered the back half of the bunker and the problem has been solved!” Tom Roth Banner Ridge Farm LLC Platteville, WI

Silage Covering Secure Gravel Bags are made from the same woven polyethylene material as Secure Covers. They are perfect for securing Secure Cover, Bag Armour and Bale Armour sheets and as weight for so many other uses! Designed for easy handling, they are approximately 3’ long, and come in two handle styles to suit your carrying style. Secure Gravel Bags are easy to stack and they freely drain water when filled with the recommended 3/4” pea gravel or stone. Filled weight is 30-35 pounds. Heavy duty zip tie included.

Standard End Handle

Double Side Handle

“We tried the gravel bags and they worked so well sealing along the bunker walls and went down so fast, we decided to try the Secure Covers on one of our bunkers to see how well they worked. They worked so well that we purchased enough Secure Covers to cover our other two bunkers.” Dennis Draeger ~ Mt Horeb, WI

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Silage and grain bag protection for just pennies a bushel and as little as 25 cents a ton! Leaving your plastic exposed to birds, deer, animals and hail can be costly to your bottom line. Any damage to your plastic can spoil feed not to mention the time lost repairing damage. • Bag Armour guards against plastic damage from hail, birds, deer, animals, and much more • Easy to apply any time of the year • Offers immediate protection • Reusable with an unmatched 10 year UV warranty • Available in Ground to Ground or Crown Coverage to suit your specific protection needs “The Bag Armour is working awesome! We had crow and raccoon damage before and have had no problems after using the covers!” Corey Bauer ~ Durand, WI

Tested. Trusted. Proven.

19 years of proven durability!

Animal damage to a silage bag

Silage Covering Faster covering and they stay put! Cover your bale stacks and in-line wrapped bales with Bale Armour - the easiest to use product out there! Bale Armour is made from the same wind-reducing material as Secure Covers slashing the time needed to cover!

• Bale Armour helps prevent birds, deer, pets, and other animals from puncturing holes on in-line wrapped bale tubes and bale stacks • Can improve long-term quality of feed stored outdoors • Easy to apply any time of the year • Offers immediate protection • Reusable with an unmatched 10 year UV warranty • Available in sizes to fit any round or square bale tube or stack

“I’m impressed with how the wind doesn’t lift or move the Secure Covers. Amazing!” Nathan Hege ~ Utah

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Secure Building Protection! Secure Cover material makes great permanent or temporary weather protection for nearly any building. Whether you need a windbreak for a livestock barn, storage building, indoor arena or an accessible doorway, the uniquely designed interlocking weave provides a tough, UV stable weather protection for any application! Reduction of wind speed by 75% while allowing adequate natural ventilation for optimum animal health 75% shade with excellent light transmission

Secure Windbreaks feature a ratchet tensioning system for quick and easy installation and removal. Leave them up permanently or use seasonally as needed.

Secure Econoblinds are a cost effective alternative to curtains. Secure Econoblind uses a simple track and trolley system to give quick and easy access to buildings while protecting them from the elements.

Wind, Rain, Snow....We’ve Got You Covered!

Building Accessories They are the future of your Herd. Start them out right! Building or remodeling? An RSI Calf Pen will meet the needs of any new building or existing retrofit. The pens are made from high density polyethylene using rotational mold construction. Rotational molding ensures a consistent plastic thickness throughout the product so it can withstand the daily abuse from active calves. RSI products are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Customizable arrangements

• Front panels adjust to grow with your calves and bedding packs • Escape proof, one hand open/close latch • Easy to clean and disinfect • One person set up and tear-down

Open metal pen backs for increase ventilation! The RSI Calf Pens are working excellent. We had more calves than we had room for and needed a better nursery set up in our existing building. The pens are fast and easy to tear down, sanitize and set back up. Best of all our calves are staying healthy!” Theo Scholze Humbird, WI

Front panel includes 2-10 quart buckets and holders, bottle holder, splash guard divider 5’ and 7’ side panels Vented, solid or full vent backs

Indoor Pens, Hutches & Super Hutches

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Bunker Cover Roll Stand

Fits on a skidloader!

The customized roll stand features two roll shafts for your bunker cover and silage shield, one with a bearing for easy unrolling. When you are done covering, simply move the stand to storage with the skidloader until the next crop!

Unroll and store your master bunker cover rolls with ease!

Skidloader Attachments A skidsteer is one of the most versatile tools on your operation. Choose from over 40 high-quality attachments to get the job done right.

Buckets Grapples Hay Spears Pallet Forks Tree Shears and much more!

Equipment The Bunning Spreader Difference! • No broken chain or gearbox in over 10 years on the market.

Lovejoy Coupler

• Rubber isolator blocks between beaters and gearbox eliminate gearbox damage. • Unique design allows for consistent, wide spread pattern and eliminates clumping through the entire load. • Grade 80, heavy-duty floor chains drawn by fitted, high tensile sprockets to ensure perfect alignment and timing. Each chain has a breaking load of 55 ton! • Unmatched warranty and service in the business • Heavy-duty, fully welded construction throughout from the frame to the box, strongest in the industry • Removable beaters make it a versatile piece of equipment that can be used to haul silage and grain

Perfect for: Pen Pack, Compost, Lime , Slurry & Sludge

Grade 80 floor chains We purchased our Bunning 105 spreader mostly because of it’s spread pattern. It leaves a nice, level and even spread pattern compared to other spreaders that we demo’d. A lot of our manure is spread on hay fields in the summer so a fine, even pattern is our number one priority. The Bunning apron chain is built like no other and seems indestructible. We are totally pleased with the Bunning!” Don Weiss ~ Wisconsin

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Silage Baggers Kelly Ryan has become a proven leader with the Centerline Silage Bagger. Center packing requires less horsepower and achieves a more even pack than a bottom packed bag. The Big Bagger is available in multiple tunnel sizes ranging from 7’ up to 12’. Bag fast and efficient with truck dump baggers in 10’ or 12’ tunnel sizes.

New & Used Sales, Rentals & Parts

Your home for Kelly Ryan Baggers since 1991!

“I started renting a Kelly Ryan silage bagger and roller mill from Bag Man and have always been pleased with the company’s products, as well as their service (they deliver and set-up in a timely manner). I still rent the bagger but decided to buy a Renn Roller Mill. I’ve not had a problem with any of the equipment (rented or purchased) and have always been treated politely and with respect by the staff at Bag Man. Ken Nelson Nelmeier Dairy, Inc Balsam Lake, WI


Roller Mills

• Renn Roller Mills 16” diameter rolls give you more production with less horsepower than the competition • Direct drive auxiliary PTO or detach and run independently • Hydraulic drive feed auger for maximum efficiency • Process into a bag or bunker Hammer Mills also available!

Grain Baggers

Bag up to 23,600 bu of corn an hour!

Richiger offers a full line of grain bagging equipment. Baggers feature a compression screw and hydraulic brakes.

Grain Bagger/Roller Mill Combo One machine does it all! Roll and bag up to 3,250 bu of corn in an hour.

Grain Bag Unloader Fills a semi trailer in 5-10 minutes!

Bag whole or rolled grain!

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Bale Wrappers Feed costs account for 70% of the cost of running a livestock operation. Bale wrapping can help reduce those costs and stress by harvesting with less weather dependence and with little overhead costs. Wrapping allows producers to store feed closer to livestock as well as feed specifically for the animal’s needs. Wrapping your hay also allows you to improve the nutritional value of your feed by reducing leaf loss in the harvest process because of the higher moisture level. “I have been really happy with the InLine Wrapper Feature: Anderson Hybrid X. • Patented X-Tractor push off system for We have rented other quick, easy push off of the last bale brands before and like • Mechanical linkage this one a lot better - it is • Honda engine simpler to use and • Hydraulic brakes haven’t had any • Flexibility to wrap round or square bales problems I really like that you can drive it Wraps square or round around and the push off is really handy.” bales at a rate of 180 bales Doug Filkens an hour! Prescott, WI


Improve Forage Palatability And Chop Bedding With One Machine! Bale Processors

The Teagle Tomahawk bale processors are capable of handling nearly any size bale. The optional weigh cells take bale processing to the next step of commodity input and cost control recording. Processors can be used to mix commodities, concentrates and high moisture forage to make them versatile feeding wagons. As an added bonus, the same machine can be used to process your bedding!

TuB Grinders

Minimal maintenance with only three moving parts! • No screens to change, simply adjust the shear plates for different size cuts • Versatile discharge options • Spout design results in less waste • Grinds traditionally ground materials as well as wet hay, stalks, straw and wood chips

“My Teagle 1005 single chop is a lot more versatile than the other processors I have used. The adjustable spout lets me blow the bedding exactly where I want it in my cattle sheds. I can also reach further into the sheds with the 2 speed gearbox and it does a really nice job of cutting compared to others.” Downing Dairy Downing, WI

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We Know Happy Feet!

The Quatro® Series

Tiny details make a great hand-built rubber boot! Backed by over 70 years of footwear manufacturing expertise, you can trust your feet to Quatro. With the ideal combination of comfort, protection and durability, Quatro delivers precision-made superiority for a variety of specific footwear needs. Try a pair for yourself and you will soon find out why they are called

The World’s Most Comfortable Rubber Boots! • Rubber formulations developed specifically for agricultural conditions with a fully clad, UV resistant natural rubber upper • Hardened rubber toe cap and heel stiffener • High abrasion, cupped rubber outsole designed to cushion and spread load • Quatro Comfort System® Insole has Polyiou Opencell Foam with shock absorbing Politec Pads and odor resistant, moisture wicking antibacterial lining • Tapered, mud-release cleats • Cushioned rubber midsole • Ergonomically designed to support the foot and prevent heel slip

“You guys have a great product, they are fabulous. I’d recommend Quatro Boots to anybody.” Ace ~ Greenbush, WI

Quatro Original Now Available in sizes 3 & 4! Insulated and Non-Insulated Calf (13”) and Knee (16”) Heights

Chore Boot Central -60°F


Adjustable gusset 16” Height

Safety Toe

Insulated/Non-Insulated 13” and 16” Heights

Comfort Plus Great for larger calves! 13” Height


Camo Mossy Oak Break Up 16” Height



Stirrup tested & approved! Lightweight EVA Foam 16” Height from the Makers of Quatro!

www.ChoreBootCentral.com ● 800-796-5333 17

We Know Happy Feet! Reed Footwear is quickly becoming a name in the boot industry. Known for it’s outstanding Gel Coosh insole and “higher rubber” neoprene boots. There is sure to be something for everyone in the family!

Glacier Series


Warmth, Comfort, Waterproof. Look no further! The Glacier Series features the Gel Coosh Insole and a higher rubber overlay for protection and ease of cleaning. • Wrap around toe insulation • Barnyard tested durability • Available in 12” and 16”

New in 2018 The Glacier Camo!

Youth Trail The newly designed Youth Trail boot features a new aggressive tread pattern to give your little ones the traction they need! • Insulated & waterproof • Higher rubber overlay • Graduated heights

New Sole!

Chore Boot Central

Romeo and Juliet

Women’s Sizes

Trail Series Neoprene flexibility now with a durable, aggressive tread pattern! The newly designed Trail features:

What is Romeo without Juliet? The new Juliet is here for all those ladies wanting a Romeo of their own! • 6” slip on boot with ankle lock • 100% waterproof with neoprene in all the right places • Non-slip rubber outsole • Pull on tab

New Sole!

• 100% waterproof with neoprene in all the right places • X Country non-slip rubber outsole • Rated -40°F to 70°F

New in 2018 The Trail Camo!

“I have worn several winter time boots in my time. This is my first pair of Reeds. The Glacier is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. I have been wearing them everyday for almost 3 months in some extreme weather (mud to below zero), taking care of cattle. I like them better than other similar brands.” Max Coon ~ Coon Farm

www.ChoreBootCentral.com ● 800-796-5333 19

We Know Happy Feet!

The World’s Longest Lasting Boots! Dunlop Protective Footwear has met the challenge of designing a boot that can withstand life on a farm. From innovative Purofort technology to durable PVC boots Dunlop has a boot for you. Years of proven experience in European markets means you can trust your feet to Dunlop!


Purofort THermo + Full Safety Cold weather rated to -58°F Lightweight Purofort design Steel Toe and shank Dunlop’s rocker style sole for the ultimate in durability

Purofort +

Safety & Soft Toe Lightweight Purofort design


Safety-loc outsole for easy cleaning

Chesapeake 25% lighter than traditional PVC boots

Chore Boot Central After Chore Comfort

Genuine Sheepskin Slippers Sheepskin is a unique material that can absorb moisture twice as well as cotton. Once moisture is absorbed it will circulate through the wool, eventually evaporating completely. Genuine sheepskin is the ultimate in foot comfort keeping your warm and dry! Available in mens and womens sizes. Insoles also available.

When you think of rubber over-shoes most people think of low quality rubber boots that you need to stomp your feet into just to get them on. Throw that image aside and try a pair of Treds® Over-the-Shoe Rubber Boots! Made in the USA from super tough and stretchy rubber, Treds will easily become your go-to waterproof overshoes. Available in 6”, 12” and 17”, sizes up to Men’s 19

www.ChoreBootCentral.com ● 800-796-5333 21

The Clean, Efficient Way to Dairy At Udder Tech, inspiration comes from hands-on work on real farms. They understand where you need ventilation and pockets in your clothing, when you need a pouch to be hands-free, and what makes a really great calf blanket!

Waterproof CLothing Aprons & Sleeves Totes & Pouches AI & Vet Gear Calf Blankets

Unconditionally Guaranteed For Life!

s Fabulou! Socks

Tired of holey socks, Darn Tough socks live up to their name and back it up with a lifetime warranty! Darn Tough socks feature seamless toes, breathable fibers to keep your feet comfortable and fun colors and patterns to fit everyone’s taste.

Chore Boot Central Visit Our Sister Store In Baldwin!

An eclectic mix of New, Pre-Owned, Vintage, Antique, Crafted & The Unique! Paisley Cow is a fun, one of a kind shop located along Highway 12 in beautiful Baldwin, Wisconsin. The shop is home to an outstanding set of unique gift ideas from home decor, clothing, accessories and more. Whether you are looking for something new, used, vintage or antique, chances are good you will find it here! The Paisley Cow crew consists of a number of local crafty folks who love to recreate and re-imagine nearly anything. We also have a large selection of new items like handbags and footwear and take items in on consignment too!

Open Tues-Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5 ~If the lights are on-Stop In!~

2168 Hwy 12 E Baldwin, WI 54002 715-977-2035

Crafting, rearranging, downsizing, estate divestment... We consign it all!

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PO Box 162 Hammond, WI 54015

Featuring Chore Boot Central and More! See page 23 for more information.

Consign and shop Paisley Cow, our sister store, for a variety of unique, handcrafted, vintage items!

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