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SZENT ISTVÁN UNIVERSITY Békéscsaba, Hungary 2013/2014


Dear Student, If you are reading this brochure it means that you are just standing at the start line of an amazing adventure called ERASMUS. As we all know selecting the most suitable country and institution is a hard call to make, that’s why we would like to help you a bit by giving some information on our institution and introducing our study programme. Make no mistake: we are obviously here to convince you. Therefore, as you are probably tired of boring marketing lines, let us just get straight to the point: Szent István University in Békéscsaba invites you to an unforgettable and lifechanging ERASMUS experience in Hungary. Obviously, we could list here the main reasons why our institution is worth choosing. If we did so, that would look something like this: •

Personal educational experience

Pleasant friendly community

Ideal student-teacher ratio

Great student living conditions

High quality, low cost education

Of couse, we all know that such a list only convinces teachers and parents, and this is not what you would like to hear. So here is our list for YOU: •

An international group - with students from several European countries

• A study programme that gives you what you need - developed by staff members who used to be ERASMUS students themselves • A well-equiped, modern dormitory at a reasonable price - campus, supermarket and bus stop to city center in a 2-minute-walking distance • A unique travel experience in 4 countries - organised trips to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Austria •

Plenty of freetime activities – with the taste of the real ERASMUS spirit

Now you are interested, right? Ok, then let’s get into details!


LOCATION AND TRAVELLING Our campus is located in Békéscsaba, in southeastern Hungary on the Great Hungarian Plain. With a population of nearly 64,000, Békéscsaba lies along the southeastern border of Hungary, only 40 kilometres from Romania, and about 200 kilometres from Budapest. The city is Békés County’s most important transport hub, accessible by car, train and coach. Historic buildings, a new cityscape, the environmental heritage and an abundance of events and programmes attract many visitors each year. How to get to Békéscsaba? By train Békéscsaba is served by numerous train connections from Budapest, most from Keleti Station. The trains run approximately every hour. Try to take an Intercity train which requires both a ticket and a prepaid reservation but calls at fewer stations than normal trains. Make sure you have a valid ticket before you get on the train. The current single fare from Budapest Keleti to Békéscsaba is approximately 20 EUR. Check out the Hungarian train timetable here: By car From Budapest, travel south on the M5 motorway to Kecskemét. Then follow the signs towards Békéscsaba on Road 44, which goes all the way from Kecskemét to the Romanian border and it leads you into the centre of Békéscsaba.


A CAMPUS FOR THE BEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE Campus buildings In the recent years significant infrastructural improvements have been carried out at the Faculty. In addition to the two old wings, a new building was added, which houses the Main Lecture Hall with seats for 325 people, as well as the modern, well-equipped Library. The Library The Library has 70 thousand books and 60 new computer terminals to assist the students in their studies. In our Main Building there are also two open access computer rooms and free wireless internet is provided for our students. Students Residence Hall Our Student Residence Hall has also been renovated and extended recently, it provides accommodation in 2 and 2x2 bed apartments with internet access. In the building of the Residence Hall there is also a conference room for 40 people, TV-rooms with plasma TV’s and free sunbeds. Sport facilities The Faculty has a Sports Hall which is suitable for housing sports events, training camps, expos, exhibitions, concerts, cultural and social events, balls, receptions, etc. Thanks to continuous developments, besides the traditional sports sessions we can also offer more specialized classes in aerobics and kung-fu to our students. In 2008 the Sports Hall was extended with a warm-up area and a fully equipped gym. All these facilities together with the student-friendly atmosphere that our uni provides make a comfortable, pleasant and ideal environment for students.


BECOME A GLOBAL MINDED EU CITIZEN! Being our ERASMUS student means a unique opportunity for you to become a well-trained and experienced European citizen and a responsible member of our global society. To make this happen, our programme offers you the knowledge and development that are essential for an openminded and qualified graduate who you probably desire to be. This includes both academic courses on the most important aspects of the European Union, as well as practice-oriented sessions on global issues, languages, presentation skills and intercultural learning. To set up the most appropriate study programme for yourself, have a look at our list of courses.




Focus on global issues Intercultural learning

3 credits 3 credits

presentations final report

Introduction to sustainability Information search techniques and project work

3 credits 3 credits

written assignment presentations and report


12 credits




EU and globalization European Finance European Marketing Tendencies European demographical and regional analysis European business cultures EU projects in practice Business English

3 credits 3 credits 3 credits

exam exam. presentation exam

3 credits

written assigment

3 credits 2 credits 3 credits

Presentation skills Negotiation skills Career techniques European Classroom Language courses: German, Russian, English TOTAL

2 credits 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits

written assigment reflective log presentation and exam presentations presentations written assignments written assignment exam

30 credits

min. 18 to choose


A MODERN, WELL-EQUIPPED HOSTEL TO STAY AT As some us were students abroad once, we know that a perfect ERASMUS experience cannot be imagined without a modern, well-equipped place to stay at. This is exactly what our Alma Mater Hostel offers. Are you ready to check-in?


School canteen Bus stop to city center Hostel Library

Campus building

Sports Hall and gym

All weather Football pitch

PERFECT LOCATION The hostel is located in a suburb of BĂŠkĂŠscsaba, surrounded by forest and nature. However, everything that matters is in a 2-minute walking distance. Most importantly: you do not need to spend time on travelling to the campus. You can easily leave home at 7.55, and be at school on time at 8.00. If you need some books or magazines to read, our library is next to the hostel as well. In case you want to do some sport, our sporthall, gym and all weather football pitch are available. If you want to have a walk, the small paths of the nearby forests are waiting for you to discover them. And last, but not least: the bus stop to the center is just in front of the campus, so city life, shopping centers and parties are only a 5-minute-long bus ride away from your apartment.


LIVING LIKE AN ERASMUS FAMILY As we believe in the power of community, our housing policy reflects just that. Therefore, our incoming ERASMUS students are accomodated in 2x2 bed apartments. Ideally, there are 4 students living in each apartment. The apartments have two bedrooms, both for two people and the four of them share a kitchen and a bathroom. In the bedroom you will have your own wardrobe, bed and desk, and also some shelves on the wall. We certainly provide you with bed linen and towels, as well as weekly cleaning service. The rooms also have cable TV and high-speed, unlimited internet connection. Living this way makes sure that you are not spending a significant amount of your ERASMUS time alone, or wasting it on Facebook, chatting with friends. Living together creates a really strong bond among students, and undoubtedly makes your ERASMUS experience even more unforgettable. However, if you still prefer to have your own room, it is possible to have one at a higher price. INPUT & OUTPUT ISSUES There are two major questions that every ERASMUS student will definitely face: what will I eat and where will I wash my clothes? Here are our answers: 

COOKING FACILITES: All apartments have well-equiped kitchens with dishes, hot plate, refridgerator, etc. So if you are good at cooking, you may prepare your own dishes for yourself. Of course, you can always cooperate: in case you can’t cook, or you just would like to save on food, discuss it with your flatmates. If people in your apartment decide to cook together, you can spare some money on the ingredients.

LAUNDRY: When it comes to washing clothes, you don’t need to go far to do it. Our hostel has two laundry rooms with coin operated washing machines on the ground floor, where the job can easily be done. You only need some washing powder and conditioner, plus 100 FT (0,35 EUR) for the machine.

OFFERED FREETIME ACTIVITIES – 2013/14 – 1st semester

TRAVEL EXPERIENCE IN FOUR COUNTRIES We know it as well as you do, that ERASMUS is much more than a simple study programme: it is also a great possibility to discover some unknown parts of EUROPE. HUNGARY – HIDDEN TREASURES: To ensure that you will not leave Hungary without discovering it, we organise low-cost domestic trips to the following places:





CENTRAL-EUROTRIP: Due to the fact that Hungary is situated in the heart of Central-Europe, we have the unique opportunity to offer you some low-cost trips to the Czech Republic, Austria and Romania as well. Here are our planned destinations:







So, if you decide to apply, you’d better take your backpack. Also, make sure, you don’t to forget your swimming suit or trunks, especially if you do not want to miss the chance to visit the Castle Bath and Spa of Gyula, just 15 kilometres from our Campus:

EXCITED ENOUGH? Then check out the next pages for more details!

OFFERED FREETIME ACTIVITIES – 2013/14 – 1st semester

A QUALITY FREETIME DURING THE SEMESTER INFO DAY AND WELCOME PARTY: Learn everything about our faculty, dormitory, library and computer rooms, and have an unforgettable welcome party in the first week. COMPETITIONS AND CONTESTS: 

Make a report and a presentation in English on a topic you are particularly interested in, and present it in front of a jury at the Student Research Competition of our Faculty.

Take pictures during your stay and participate in our ERASMUS Photo Contest.

WEEKEND TRIPS: You can sign up and purchase your ticket for our weekend trips organised during the semester.    

Visit the beautiful Votive Church and city centre of Szeged Discover the Parliament and the most remarkable landmarks of Budapest Take a walk in the fabulous city park of Debrecen. Have a swim and sunbathe at Lake Balaton

You can also join us on an excursion to the Boga Valley (Romania), Prague (Czech Republic) during the semester, and to Vienna (Austria) just prior to the Holidays, where you can take care of your Christmas shopping at the famous Advent Market as well. If all of this is not enough, then you will be able to get a taste of Hungarian lifestyle: 

Join our ERASMUS grape harvesting team, and learn how wine is made. Take part in the work, and get a bottle of wine at the end of the day as a reward.

“Law and sausage are two things you do not want to see being made.” Disagree? Then just be a part of our team at the internationally known “Sausage Festival of Békéscsaba”, help us make the “ERASMUS sausage” and win the competition.

Are you interested in how Hungarian family life usually goes on? Then join our “Adopt an ERASMUS student for a weekend” programme after your arrival, and spend a whole weekend with a Hungarian family to find out.


LET’S TALK ABOUT MONEY Now, after reading what we have to offer you, let’s see how your future ERASMUS programme in Békéscsaba looks like from a financial point of view. PAYMENTS - AS SIMPLY AS POSSIBLE It is hard to find students who like paperwork, administration, money transfer forms and such things. We assume you are no different. Therefore, we have made our payment system as simple as possible. You can pay all the emerging compulsary fees of your ERASMUS programme in one, during the first month of your semester. ACCOMODATION AND STUDENT SERVICES FEE Our incoming ERASMUS students only pay an accomodation and student services fee, which is 750 € for the whole semester in 2013. This includes: -

accomodation in a 2 bed room, bed linen – no extra cost for utilities high-speed internet connection cutlery, crockery, dishes, hot plate, microwave oven and fridge for each apartment (2x2 people) weekly cleaning service in every room, bathroom and kitchen

If you’d prefer a single room, it is also possible to request one. However, in this case the fee goes up to 1120 euro/semester, which is still absolutely reasonable and lower than the fee of a similar service in Western-Europe. THIS MEANS: A LOT MORE MONEY FOR TRAVELLING AND FREETIME Suppose, you have an ERASMUS grant of 350 €/month, and your ERASMUS semester is planned to be 5 months long. This means that your ERASMUS BUDGET is 1750 € in total. Now let’s see what would happen with your grant in Hungary and in Western Europe. COST CATEGORIES – BÉKÉSCSABA, HUNGARY Accomodation with internet, bed linen and cleaning Food and daily products

PAID/SEMESTER 750 € approx. 500 €

BALANCE 1000 € 500 €

Travelling to destination and back home Money left for trips, gifts, parties, other activities

approx. 100 €

400 €

COST CATEGORIES – WESTERN EUROPE Accomodation with internet, bed linen (no cleaning service) Food and daily products

PAID/SEMESTER 1250 € approx. 625 €

BALANCE 750 € 125 €

Travelling to destination and back home Money left for trips, gifts, parties, other activities

approx. 100 €

25 €

400 €

25 €


THE FIRST STEP Similarly to our payment system, our application process is student-friendly as well. You do not need to attach tons of documents: there is only a single application form to fill out. DOWNLOAD OUR APPLICATION FORM From 1st February 2013, you can access our updated website at Go to the section for incoming students, and download the application form. Then: -

Fill it out digitally Print out two copies Sign it Get the signature of your sending coordinator and a stamp of your insitution Send the original ones by post Send a scanned copy by e-mail to:

Once we have received your application, we will confirm it via e-mail, and we will issue an official invitation letter afterwards. As soon as you have it, your unforgettable mobility adventure will literally start.


FIND US ONLINE If you have any further questions concerning your future ERASMUS programme here in Békéscsaba, we are always ready to help you. There are several ways to contact us:







Szent István University – Faculty of Economics, Agricultural and Health Sciences International Office Békéscsaba, Bajta utca 33. 5600 Hungary Tel: +36-66-524-700 (ext. 1044) Website:

Fax: +36-66-447-002 E-mail:


Check our brochure for all the things you need to know about our ERASMUS programme.

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