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January 19, 2013 - January 25, 2013, The Afro-American

Delta Sigma Theta National President Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre, presents seven Past National Presidents with personalized Delta Sigma Theta Past National President’s pendants at the Founder’s Day Dinner.


A Centennial Gala, Rededication Luncheon and Founder’s Dinner Tim and Daphne Reid with their highlighted Delta Sigma Theta (DST)Sorority’s Founder’s weekend escort; they were the MCs. as they celebrated 100 years of sisterhood, scholarship and service at Howard University where the sorority was founded in 1913 and the DC Convention Center. Over 12,000 members and friends rolled into D.C. to the celebration led by the current national president, Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre and the Fox 5 morning news national centennial chair, the Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn anchor, Allison Seymour Boyd. Gala honorees included Bill and Camille and Micheline Bowman, Cynthia M.A. Butler -McIntyre Cosby, Tom and Donna Joyner, the NAACP; the Fox 5 community/news presents award to NCNW; coordinator and news accepting on behalf of the National Urban League and more. NCNW is Ingrid Saunders Jones, chair, NCNW.

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Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre, national president (5th from the left) with executive board members and honorees.

Photos by Rob Roberts and Bernadine Stallings

Honorees; Ingrid Saunders Jones, Ambassador Andrew Young and guest, Dr. Regina Benjamin, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson , guest , Dr. Johnnetta Cole

Mona Humphries Bailey, Honoree Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Dr. Thelma Daly, Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, AME Church Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Honoree Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole and spouse and Dr. Louise Rice

Dr. Andrew Ray, Grand Basileus, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, (2nd from right) with some of his fraternity brothers.

Current national president (center) with former national presidents. 1913 reenactment of the founders at the first meeting of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority performed during the Rededication Luncheon.

National President Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre presents award to Benjamin Jealous, accepting on behalf of the NAACP.

The Duke Ellington School of the Arts dancers perform.

Joi-Marie Murphy McKenzie, Carlita Candace Murphy Jones Perkins, Vashti Murphy McKenzie, the Rev. Frances “Toni” Draper, Rachael Murphy Phillips Humphrey and Marie Murphy Phillips Braxton

The Murphy Legacy which includes family members who are details, are carrying on the legacy of Vashti Turley Murphy, one of the founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

The Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, Chair, Centennial Planning Committee and Terry Spicer, centennial publicity co-chair

Vashti Turley Murphy was one of the 22 founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The Murphy legacy of Delta Sigma Theta, which includes four of her daughters, six granddaughters and seven great-granddaughters, recently hosted a reception at the GoetheInstitute Washington Art Gallery to celebrate their history as well as the contributions of the other founders of the sisterhood. The event produced by The Fab Empire and KNPR + Marketing, featured the music of DJ Heat, celebrity deejay and producer of the Pablo & Free Morning Show on WPGC-FM 95.5.

Mother/daughter: Rev. Frances “Toni” Draper and daughter, Andrea Jamel Draper Evans

Vashti-Jasmine Murphy Saint Jean, GianaMarie Murphy Humphrey with Rachael Murphy Phillips Humphrey looking at “Be Strong”, a book that honors Vashti Turley Murphy written by daughter Elizabeth Murphy Moss.

Vashti Turley Murphy, one of 22 founders who founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Laura Phillips Byrd, Shaiah McLean, Giana-Marie Murphy Humphrey, Leni Murphy Phillips, Joi-Marie Murphy McKenzie, Vashti-Jasmine Murphy Saint Jean, Shannon Braxton, Andrea Evans, Qiana Murphy Gabriel, Renee Peck and Sharetha Crawford

Stan and Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Dr. Julienne Malveaux and Cora Barry

Models pose as living images of the founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority during the Founders Day Weekend Rededication Luncheon.

Renee Peck, Patricia Payne, Rev. Draper, Andrea Jamel Draper Evans and Shiah McLean

Photos by Rob Roberts Photos by Rob Roberts

Leni Phillips , grand-daug​hter; Laura Byrd, god-daught​ er, Shannon Braxton, grand-daug​hter, Marie P. Braxton, daughter, Rachael M Humphrey, daughter, and Giana Humphrey, grand-daug​hter of the author Bettye Murphy Moss who wrote the original book about her mother Delta co-founder Vashti Turley Murphy. Rachael Humphrey spearheade​d the family's efforts with her sister to update and re-publish in honor of the Sorority's Centennial celebratio​n.

Sarah Smalley, Karen Jacocks Thompson, Nancy Cooke

Amber O'Donaghue​, Cheisea Straughn, Alyssa Battle and Giana Humphrey

Sandra Mason, Laura Byrd, Leni Phillips, Johnnie Booker

Rachael Murphy Humphrey hosted a book signing for “Be Strong! The Life and Times of Vashti Turley Murphy,” which details the life of one of the founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The revised edition is in honor of the author, Dr. Elizabeth “Bettye” Murphy Moss, a former AFRO publisher.

Pam Straughn, Chelsea Straughn, Sandra Mason

Proceeds from book sales will go to the Vashti Turley Murphy Scholarship Fund. The Jan. 11 event was held at the Howard University bookstore.

January 19, 2013 - January 25, 2013, The Afro-American

Bert Skinner, Earl Scott and Danny Bell

Marsha and Frank Coakley

Dr. James and Robin Wood, Aileen and Dwight Taylor

Doug and Christina Able, Cheryl and Cecil Flamer Howard and Patricia Jessamy, Kimberly Jenkins Moore and Bryant Jenkins

Tom and Donna Day

Theo Rodgers, Judy and Kevin Johnson

Arnold and Virgie Williams

The Baltimore Chapter of the Guardsmen held its annual New Year’s Eve party at the luxurious Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Members and guests enjoyed a tremendous celebration well into the New Year.

Cathy Bell, Rhonda Smith and Erica Cryor

Robert Wallace, Marcellous and Mya Frye, JP Grant

Lou Hutt, Aileen and Dwight Taylor

Luwanda and Bryant Jenkins

Baltimore Guardsmen Brenda and Bill Jews, Miriam and Argin Hutchins Michelle and Stan Horton, Andrea and Walter Amprey

JP and Judy Grant, Kerry Staton

Tom and Joyce Moorehead

Ken Thompson, Frank Coakley, JoAnn Brandon, Earl Kidwell and Kirsten Kidwell Photos by Glenwood Jackson

Dale Thompson, Christina Able, Blanche Rodgers and Dwight Taylor

Ricardo and Carol Kimbers, Donna and Kerry Staton

Fran Ware, Jeanette Franze, Patricia Jessamy, Nellie Hutt, Maria Burnett, Luwanda Jenkins, Donna Pearson