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My Idea Hello, my name is Troy Reid and I am just an ordinary kid with a dream; and that dream is to heal the world and make it a better place for the new born babies born into this war struck, desperate and greedy world that we have created as a people. I have chosen to call my campaign First Aid because that’s basically what we’ll be giving out. My main intent is to go to countries where there’re health problems, famine, sanitary problems and casualties of war to relinquish them of these problems the best that we can whilst dealing with the psychological aspect at the same time. But how can you save the world without any money? Superpowers? No, we aren’t there in genetic modification yet. The government? No, it seems that what they’re doing isn’t working. Let me tell you how. Generosity and good will, that’s how. We plan to start in spring of 2014 and go right until it is complete or at least world hunger and sanitary problems are resolved because lets face it, war is part of human nature. Our HQ would be located in Essex but we would have bases everywhere so we can get to problems as quick as possible. However, we need YOU to do whatever you can to spread awareness by spreading the word and donating as much as you can. You can join our fun run and charity party to help us financially. Anything you can do helps us; help the people in the countries we’re helping dramatically.

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