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A DA Notice is a request that government and other high up political parties give to newspapers and other types of media to stop sensitive material being published and broadcasted. • • • •

DA-Notice 01: Military Operations, Plans & Capabilities DA-Notice 02: Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Weapons and Equipment DA-Notice 03: Ciphers and Secure Communications DA-Notice 04: Sensitive Installations and Home Addresses DA-Notice 05: United Kingdom Security & Intelligence Special Services Bob Quick, the then assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, inadvertently showed secret counter-terrorism documents to the world's press as he entered 10 Downing Street. When Mr Assange first published his Afghanistan war logs he did not black out any sensitive details - something which Amnesty International later said could have put the lives of intelligence sources at risk. "A huge window-shaking bang here in Abbottabad," tweeted one resident of a Pakistani town as he unwittingly commentated on the raid by US Navy Seals to kill Osama Bin Laden.

DA Notices  
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