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Portable service instruments for domestic and industrial technology

AFRISO service instruments

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Selection guide and overview

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Flue gas analysis

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Flue gas analyser BLUELYZER ST, EUROLYZER STx, MULTILYZER STx, dust measuring instrument STM 225, infrared/UV gas analyser MCA 5000, portable gas treatment system TMA 65/75

Pressure measurement / tightness test

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Pressure measuring instruments S2600 and S4600 ST, leak test sets DPK 60 series, gas detectors GSP 1 and GSP 3 Flex

Temperature and humidity/moisture measurement

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Temperature measuring instruments TM 6, TM 7, TMD 7 und TMD 9, infrared temperature measuring instruments TM 8-IR, moisture measuring instrument MFM 22, humidity/air temperature measuring instruments FT series

CAPBs ® sensor module systems/measuring units

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Base handle BG 10, sensor modules for: Pressure PS 10-61, P 70 and FP 10, temperature TK 10-50, humidity/­ temperature RH 80, air ­quality AQ 20, gas leak detection GS 10 and CO 30, flow rate measurement FlowTemp®ST, kits for tightness test, determination of amount of gas leakage, water, heating system check, 4 Pa test

Flow measurement

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Air velocity and air mass flow meter BlueAir-STx, measuring instruments for hydraulic balancing HMG 01 and HMG 10, flow rate measuring instrument Flowtemp

Inspection and testing equipment

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Pressure gauge RF 50 PPS for oil burner pumps, test and refill set PNG, vessel filler for expansion vessels, testers PGA and PGW for pressure tests, universal digital pressure gauge DIM 20, level sensor tester GPR 4, anode tester AT1

Accessories and options for the BlueLine series and CAPBs ®

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Flue gas probes, modular probe system, probe plug-ins, condensate filter cartridges, temperature probe, clamping cones, probes for air velocity/moisture measuring instruments, connection kits, transport systems, printers, soot pumps, memory cards, power supply units, charging cables, accessories for leak test sets, evaluation software EuroSoft mobile and Eurosoft live app, maintenance contracts, warranty extensions


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AFRISO support centres and service points, service offerings, training, specialised company search, downloads, information material, information on EN 50379, AFRISO at a glance, General Terms of ­Delivery, production sites

Notes on the catalogue

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AFRISO Portable Measuring Instruments 2019/20  

AFRISO Portable Measuring Instruments 2019/20  

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