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Table of Contents Our product range covers measuring, control and monitoring technology for domestic, industrial and environmental applications. This includes products for groundwater protection, flue gas monitoring, efficient use of energy, use of the sun, geothermal and rain as well as a complete range of pressure, temperature and level instruments. In addition to the products presented in the catalogues, we manufacture special versions to customer specifications. Please enquire. Finding information The catalogue DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY is divided into 12 chapters. A chapter overview is provided on pages II and III. The blue chapter tabs on the side of the page let you easily find the desired chapter. Each chapter contains a detailed table of contents as well as an overview table and the main features of the products in that chapter to help you find the product page you need fast. To find products, you can also use the comprehensive index in the appendix. Usually, all information on a product is contained on one page and cross references guide you to other pages for fast and easy access to additional information such as fact sheets. Enquiries To make enquiries as simple as possible and to assist you in gathering all the necessary information, the appendix contains a number of checklists for enquiries, e.g. for pressure gauges, thermometers and level indicators. Contact persons Our sales department is divided into three industry-specific sales groups. Please visit or see the second page of this catalogue for further information on your specific contact person. Delivery times / stock items All stock items have part numbers printed in blue in the price lists. Please enquire for the delivery times of non-stock items as they vary greatly depending on the product specifications.

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Minimum order quantities / packing units Many products can be manufactured in small quantities – in many cases, you may even order a single piece. However, for some items there are minimum ordering quantities or packing units. The price list sections provide the appropriate information.  The product package contains the specified number of products or can be delivered in the specified order quantity An additional package contains the specified number of products Small order handling fee / minimum order value For very small orders with net values below € 100 a handling fee of € 15 will be charged. No other minimum order conditions apply. Return of goods Goods can only be returned with return note and only up to 3 months after delivery, minimum value of goods for return is € 100,–. Please enquire for a return note at Please note that only standard stock items can be returned; products not available from stock and devices with ATEX approval cannot be returned. For returned stock items we charge 30 % of the price for testing and handling or at least € 40. Shipping costs for returns are to be borne by the customer. Prices / terms of delivery Please refer to your local AFRISO representation or get in touch with the AFRISO headquarters for detailed price information and conditions. We will charge a fee of € 10,– per shipment for drop shipping. Our Terms of Delivery apply (see or appendix). This catalogue supersedes all previous versions, including previous prices. All prices subject to change; the catalogue may contain printing errors. Technical modifications As we are constantly improving our products, we reserve the right to technical modifications without prior notice.


AFRISO Catalogue Domestic Technology 2019/20  

AFRISO Catalogue Domestic Technology 2019/20  

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