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Level – Continuous: Mechanical, pneumatic, hydrostatic Level – Switches: Float


Universal withdrawing system with level sensor chain for battery tank facilities, PTC thermistor level sensors for indoor tanks, PTC thermistor level sensors for outdoor tanks, EX-protected PTC thermistor level sensors, level sensor testers, overfill prevention systems with EX and WHG approval, level controllers


Leak detectors – sight glass principle, liquid-based leak detectors, vacuum/pressure type leak detectors, tank protection packages, inner linings for fuel oil, diesel, AdBlue® and rainwater, tank room linings


WATCHDOG LINE alarm units, leak detectors with probes (PTC thermistor, photoelectric, conductivity), drip pans, gas alarm units for households, domestic/building applications, signalling devices, additional alarm units, gas sensors, test gas units, gas detectors


Water valve, water sensors, temperature and pressure measuring instruments, temperature controllers, room temperature sensors, wireless transmitters (temperature/humidity), actuators for radiators, CO2 sensors, rocker switches, door/window contacts, ­wireless gateways, mobile apps


Mounting accessories, tank fittings, overpressure devices, tank withdrawal systems, anti-siphon valves, tester for anti-siphon valves, pull cord, screw connections, fuel oil filters, filter inserts, automatic fuel oil de-aerators


Motorised boiler room vents, draft stabilisers, boiler water low level alarms, thermal safety valves, boiler safety group assemblies, safety valves, connection assemblies for expansion vessels, anti-tamper cap valves, flow meters, mixing valves, heating and solar pump assemblies, bypass valves, air/sludge separators, filling fittings, quick air vents, heating controllers, manifold systems for heating systems, thermal actuators


Valves and control technology for hydraulic balancing: Valve bodies with measuring/adjustment function, adjustable dynamic valve bodies, lockshield valves, combination blocks, screw fittings with measuring function, fittings with measuring function, handheld measuring instrument, calculation software, Valves and control technology for radiators: Valve bodies, lockshield valves, combination blocks, thermostat control head


Water filters, domestic water system centre, check valves, strainers, boiler safety group assemblies, safety valves, signal anodes, sacrificial anodes, hot water circulation system, circulation lances and controllers, thermal mixing valves, oil tank conversion kits, ­inner ­linings for rainwater tanks, rainwater filters, accessories for rainwater harvesting, backup controller kit for rainwater storage tanks


Bourdon tube pressure gauges with plastic or copper capillary tube, capsule pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, accessories for pressure gauges Combined thermometers/pressure gauges with plastic or copper capillary tube, bimetal, standard, air duct, industrial and stainless steel thermometers and gas filled thermometers, combined thermometer/pressure gauges, industrial thermometers, thermostats, ­safety ­temperature cut outs, thermostats with housing, resistance thermometers AFRISO service, training, specialised company search, checklists for enquiries, test reports, conversion table for pressure units, ­information on the Pressure Equipment Directive, certificates, Terms of Delivery

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AFRISO Catalogue Domestic Technology 2019/20  

AFRISO Catalogue Domestic Technology 2019/20  

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