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Alarm units

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Alarm units with EnOcean ® wireless at a glance With the proven WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units, AFRISO has been offering devices for reducing a vast array of risks in buildings and homes for many years. The WATCHDOG alarm units will now successively be EnOcean®-enabled so that an EnOcean® wireless module can be retrofitted. Whether or not an alarm unit already features this technology is indicated by the labels "EnOcean-ready" on the nameplate. All devices of the WATCHDOG-LINE are compact units in wall mounting housings for professional and safe installation. Visual alarm and audible alarm that can be acknowledged ensure that the persons in a building are notified of the alarm condition. Residents with or ­without mobile devices can immediately take appropriate action. The AFRISOhome gateway in conjunction with additional AFRISO products with EnOcean® wireless technology allows the user to configure a whole range of fully customisable, extensible applications.

Typical application areas Collection facilities below oil and water consuming equipment ■■ Drip pans below storage tanks, burners or motors in buildings or outdoors ■■ Containers, barrels and tanks/ double-walled tanks ■■ Sewage tanks ■■ Cisterns and water storage tanks ■■ Oil depots, boiler rooms and rooms with mains water connection ■■ Heating systems ■■ Cable and pipe ducts ■■ Canal shafts, manholes and inspection ducts ■■ Pipes and hoses ■■


EnOcean-ready The label "EnOcean-ready" indicates that the PCB of the device features a slot for the EnOcean® wireless module. It is sufficient to plug in the TCM 320 wireless module to integrate the device into an EnOcean® wireless building automation system. Pluggable EnOcean® wireless module TCM 320 Part no. 78082

Alarm unit



Wall mounting rail probe WSS or


■■ Water ■■ Conductive


mixtures ■■ Electrically


WWG water alarm unit


conductive liquids

1 channel Suitable for water, but also for electrically conductive liquids, emulsions and conductive water mixtures.

■■ Emulsions

Floor water probe BWS 10-1

i ■■ Oil

+ water

siehe Seite 75

1 channel ÖWU distinguishes oil alarms and water alarms and indicates the appropriate alarm condition.

Wall mounting rail combination probe

Oil/water alarm unit ÖWU



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AFRISO Catalogue Domestic Technology 2019/20  

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