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An Enduring Heart Afro Food & Wine Sensation

Can’t beat the African Rhythm In the Ring With Ghana’s Boxing Professor

Afro-Aussie Diamond

TEN out of ‘TeHN’

L FINA TARY N E .. OW!. PLIM COM BSCRIBE N“A DREAM IN AL L E . SU ISSU COULD WER WITH e U H e YO UC ID. S AND DAY” VO N PA O I or I f T L DA HO om MMO times.c O C C s n A a n ditio .afriq www ms & con r te



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Editor’s Piece Etched within our community and flourishing It’s safe to say that the Afro-Aussie has firmly been

and reduces their risk of perpetual under-performance.

If you missed it the last time, here is it again – The

entrenched in the psyche of members of our Australian

Lone-rangers, whether in the animal or human kingdoms,

AFRO-AUSSIE – ‘an ambitious, driven and inspired


are virtually consigned to perpetual under-performance.

individual, unafraid to step out of the box and make a

From Cairns to Melbourne and to the red sands of the

By virtue of their lonesome status, invariably characterised

significant difference within the community.’

Nullarbor desert, no task is left undone and no feat is too

by limited abilities, they under-deliver and eventually die

I will not seize your read any further, turn to the next

difficult – for the determination and drive of the

somewhat prematurely. Now, get this – the Afro-Aussie

page– it is riveting stuff, and visit,

Afro-Aussie, who transcends all expectations to become a

has a firm grasp and understanding on how to co-exist

your platform for Afro-Aussie news.

significant member of the community.

with an already established society and tap into niche

I touched briefly on the plight of the Afro-Aussie in

markets, where their abilities, talents and strong character

previous editions of the AfriQan Times - this will blow your

base allows for an affirmative and, in most cases, more

mind. Groundbreaking, maybe, but a true reflection! That,

than expected positive outcome.

it is indeed.

Trying to understand the Afro-Aussie is a fruitless exercise,

The true African mentality addresses family and friendship

but realising that their potential and undying

as the basis of sustained success and no individual can

determination is inextricably linked, will leave you in good

accredit their achievements to a single effort.I believe what

stead for any future interaction.

will epitomise the growth and continued accomplishment

I truly believe that the term Afro-Aussie will be in our

of the Afro-Aussie - Teamwork, as opposed to a

dictionaries before we know it, as it resonates through

lone-ranger approach, improves their capacity to deliver

hallways, office blocks and school across the country.

Eshmael Mpabanga | Editor

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In This Issue 10. ZIM DIAMOND. 10 out of Tehn 5. Applause - Africa Down Under Cocktail 6. Applause - Ministerial Dinner


7. WA Youth Award + Millennium Development Goals 8. My Africa - Cameroon 9. Hope For The Deprived 14. Channelling the Right Energies 15. In The Ring With Ghana’s Boxing Professor 16. An Enduring Heart 18. Yes, I am AfroAussie 19. Burning The Qur’an Doesn’t Illuminate The Bible 20. Goal Setting - Effective Training Principles 21. Next steps in ethical supermarket shopping. 22. Kids OWN 23. Steak and Afro Wine Sensation 25. Head for the Hills 26. Can’t Beat African Rhythm 27. Music Review & Top Radio Afriq 28. Basketball Fever Grips The City 29. AfroAussie Calendar 30. African friendly Biz Directory





2010 Africa Down Under Conference Sheraton Hotel / Perth Photography by Elle Hobson




1. Lisa Millman & Colleagues 2. Tammy Caldwell &


Colleague 3. Valentine Babera (Vital Metal -L) , Peter Gowin (Interra- R) & Colleague 4. 5. Mike Ivey (Castle Mineral) & Jacqueline Zwambila (Zimbabwean Ambassador) 6. Gabriel (GM Afriqan Times) & Collegue Australian investors in the African mining industry gathered from the 1st – 3rd of September 2010 in Perth, WA to discuss Africa’s current and prospective copious mineral resources. The conference was hosted by Paydirt Media Pty Ltd, in attendance were African mines ministers, Australian mining executives, government officials and financiers.

2010 African Dream Benefit Ball Sheraton Hotel / Perth Photography by Simba Mashanyare

The African Dream Benefit ball held on September 12, 2010 was a fundraising dinner ball with a fusion of African entertainment. Stylishly dressed guests came to support the cause and included Max de Vietri- Consular of Mali, and Bill Repard-Paydirt Media Pty Ltd. The African Dream Benefit has a vision to see disadvantaged African children empowered through education nd become as asset to society. To purchase images or to enquire, please visit or email:



Aqua Viva on the Swan-Jojo Jetty / Perth 2









1. Ambassador Tonata Itenge-Emvula (Ministry of Gender Equity, Namibia) Mr Andrew Drummond (Managing Director, Minemakers Ltd) Hon Esperanca Bias (Minister for Mineral Resources, Mozambique) 2: Mr Gabaake G. Gabaake (Perm. Secretary, Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Botswana) Mr Gordon Chakaodza (Senior Resources Development Advisor, Department of Primary Industries) Ms Fadzai Matambanadzo (Director, The African Dream Benefit) 3: HE Dr James Lukabyo (Ugandan High Commissioner to Australia) Mr Stephen Smith MP (Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Aust) 4: Dr Moussa Sylla (Director of Mines and Geology, Senegal) Mr Mamadou Simpara (Director General AUREP, Mali) 5: Mr Mark McGeough (General Manager Exploration, Toro Energy) Mr Frazer Tabeart (Managing Director, African Energy Resources) Mr Eric Ripper MLA (WA Leader of the Opposition) Mr Besher I. Nur Omer (Head of Consular Affairs Eritrea) 6. Mr Peter Hutchison (Managing Director, Forge Group



Mr Ross Jerrard (Partner Audit, Deloitte) 7. Mr Eduardo Alexandre (National Director Ministry of Mines, Mozambique) Mr Garth Reardon (Account Director, Deloitte) 8. Dr Luis Jossene (Advisor to the Minister for Mineral Resources - Mozambique) Mr Matthew Painter (General Manager Exploration, Sabre Resources) 9. Mr Michael McNulty (Partner - Consulting and Risk Management, Deloitte) Mr Stephen Stone (Managing Director, Azumah Resources) 10. Mr Jacques Van Rhyn (Partner - International Tax and Transfer Pricing, Deloitte)

The Ministerial Dinner celebrating the opening of the 2010 Africa DownUnder Conference on Wednesday 1 September 2010 at Acqua Viva on the Swan, JoJo’s Jetty, Perth.



Photography by Emily Dimozantos

Ministerial Dinner


PHOTO: Jeremiah Wordsworth

Liberian Born Wins WA Youth Award MIRRABOOKA resident 22-year-old Jeremiah Wordsworth has won the 2010 Youth of the Year Award for encouraging the integration of young refugees into the WA community through art and art therapy


he WA Youth Award is given to young people who have contributed in diverse ways to the development of their communities in WA and across Australia as a whole. Jeremiah said he was thrilled to receive the award and looked forward to making a difference within the community by supporting other young Africans. African Australians are making tremendous contributions into the community, delivering a more productive and conducive place for positive community action, with several initiatives being implemented across the board. This year’s WA Youth Award ceremony was one of the most memorable as the awards recognised and highlighted the achievements of young Australians in their communities. For the first time in the award’s

history there was a category acknowledging youth workers who had demonstrated passion and commitment to improving conditions for young people in their communities. Youth Minister Donna Faragher was deeply moved by the achievements of the young winners. “This year’s finalists are particularly impressive and the nominations we received indicate that WA has an abundance of talented young people making achievements every day,” she said. “Young people who have overcome adversity, dedicated themselves to preserving the environment, educated their peers through art and inspired others to achieve their full potential were among the finalists for this year’s WA Youth Awards.” There were eight award categories including sport and recreation, mentoring others in the arts, participating in and

building strong and vibrant communities and educating others by displaying excellent leadership skills. Radio Afriq interviewed Jeremiah and he expressed his readiness to work more in community development for the integration of people, and he encouraged other young people to take youth work seriously. “This year’s finalists are particularly impressive and the nominations we received indicate that WA has an abundance of talented young people making achievements every day,” Mrs Faragher said. Ms Faragher congratulated the finalists and said the awards acknowledged young West Australians for their outstanding achievements and contributions to their local communities.

Millennium Development Goals UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Heads of State

from pneumonia and 88 million children from stunting,

and Government, along with the private sector,

advancing the control of deadly diseases such as malaria

foundations, international organizations, civil society and

and HIV/AIDS, and ensuring access for women and children

research organizations, kicked off a major concerted

to quality facilities and skilled health workers.

worldwide effort to accelerate progress on women’s and children’s health.

The AT will be taking a comprehensive look at Africa’s

With pledges of more than $40 billion over the next five

progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

years, the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health has the potential of saving the lives of more than 16 million women and children, preventing 33 million unwanted pregnancies, protecting 120 millions of children



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Hope for the Deprived By Rumbi Chekeche


overty is one of the greatest epidemics Africa faces today, with its crippling effects escalating the rate of deaths and uneducated children. These children face peril times, and Not-For-Profit organizations like The African Dream Benefit are aimed at rectifying this, and bringing sustained hope to young Africans. The benefit raises the funds in Australia which are then used to commence and maintain the various projects in Africa. For this purpose on September 4, 2010, the second African Dream Benefit ball was successfully held in Perth,WA. It was a flamboyant event with a mixture of African dance, modeling, auctions and fundraising. Guests arrived exquisitely dressed in African apparel, ball dresses and fine suits. Guests included supporters,

consulate delegates, sponsors and members of Afro-Aussie associations. Guest speaker Ambassador to Zimbabwe Jacqueline Zwambila challenged the benefit to be a voice for children in Africa. African Dream Benefit director Fadzai Matambanadzo says it was set up to give children from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities. “It’s a chance for them to attend university and become more accomplished global citizens.” she said. The benefit was awarded with the Belmont Small Business Award. It has partnered with Akili Dada a Kenyan charity organization and granted two scholarships. This year in Zimbabwe it is working with the Child Protection Society and has supplied Chinyaradzo Children’s Village, an orphanage in Zimbabwe with text books.

The ultimate vision of the benefit is to award scholarships for primary, secondary and tertiary education, elevating children in poverty through education. To donate email and visit to stay updated.

Strange Wilderness By Valerie Birkholtz


oving to Perth two years ago and having to

have some fun. Camping or Backpacking are highly

start afresh was a difficult decision. What


does a person do in this strange wilderness?

Recently, I had the opportunity to explore this new land

Helpful tip #2: Make Reservations

that I now call home and have some helpful tips on what

If you decide to head south for the weekend and feel like

to do when starting life all over again.It is common for all

some good old South African food, call the Spur in

migrants to feel homesick at some stage. Do yourself a

Mandurah, WA and make a reservation. Once you arrive

favour and get out there and experience what Australia has

there, the nostalgic smell of flame grilled ribs will take over

to offer.

senses. There is nothing more disappointing than being

Smiths. These are some of the best surf spots in WA and

turned away, because there are no available tables. So,

for those who are not keen surfers, take a book to read and

make sure you make a reservation.

enjoy the beautiful rustic location. There are cafes along

Helpful tip #1: Plan a Road Trip

the beach front and quaint little pubs and stores in and

Round up the crew and hit the road. A spontaneous road trip is the perfect opportunity to escape your everyday

Helpful tip#3: Embrace it

around the town that allow you to sit back and relax.

routine. Take a trip to Dunsborough for the weekend,

When you are in Dunsborough, head towards the town

I can assure you, after a weekend away with some friends,

South of WA. Invite one or two friends and ask them invite

centre and grab a coffee from the Yullingup coffee shop.

it will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This

a friend that you have never met. That way you expand

Afterwards, you can visit Bunker Bay and soak up the

adventure will help you get to know a new found home.

your friendship group. If there is a group of people the

sunshine. The Surf breaks are great - huge crashing waves

There is so much to do and much more to see. All you have

costs should be decreased and everyone can chip in to

with various places available such as, Bone yards, Inji and

to do is embrace it; make it an adventure. AFRIQAN TIMES MAGAZINE 2010 September



PHOTO: Tehndaimond



ZimDiamond out of

Ten “Tehn” By Mukuka Makuya

It is clear that TehN Diamond is more than just another young Zimbabwean rapper with big dreams and lofty aspirations. He is eloquent, passionate, a hard worker and most of all, proud of his heritage. He is the epitome of a young, new and exciting Africa, hence his return to his country of birth.



PHOTO: TehN Diamond

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PHOTO 1: Camfed supported children. PHOTO 2: Sue Murray before crossing the channel for a good cause.

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PHOTO: Photography by Elle Hobson


In the Ring with Ghana’s Boxing Professor by Gabriel Gomado PHOTO: Azumah Nelson

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An Enduring Heart


By Rumbidzai Chekeche




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YES I AM Afro-Aussie

name : Hakeem |meaning of name: Wise, country of origin: Nigeria / Australia | ethnicity: African | state of residence: Victoria |

profession: Grade 1 Primary School Student | 3 words to describe Africa: Dry land, Elephants and lots of trees and farms | 3 words to describe Australia: Its a big island, lots of sport and its busy. Submit Your “I AM AFRICAN” profile picture at to be featured.




WAHALA Talk: Confronting Africa’s Developmental Issues By Jonas Adusei

Welcome to ‘Wahala’ Talk! This column will discuss issues on the development in Africa’s sub Sahara, from democracy, poverty alleviation, foreign aid, church matters and other cultural issues. Wondering what Wahala means? It is a West African rendition of PROBLEMS.


ften credited as the cradle of creation, and the home of a quarter of the earth’s population, Africa is rarely in the news for positive reasons. Apart from sport, religion, colourful cultural attire and rhythmic music and dance, the continent has become synonymous with HIV/AIDS, abject poverty and civil war. Since the 1950s foreign aid worth $1 trillion has been invested in Africa, yet the continent is still helmed in ‘poverty’. It is the only continent that has been steadily retrogressing since the 1970s. Wahala Talk’s philosophy is that, the blame game is over! Africans must rebuild Africa! Drawing on resources ranging from academic literature to anecdotes, the column is a departure from the political correctness and ‘anodyne-ness’ that have characterized most discourses on Africa’s developmental issues. Even so, intermittently, it will be allured with mild humour and jargon. But who said everybody wishes away Africa’s numerous Wahalas? Through Africa’s poverty, many are enjoying fat incomes either as businessmen or development experts. Some of the latter are noted as creating more problems. It is no secret that their monthly salaries could solve the water Wahalas of thousands on the continent. Like manufacturers of coffins, some of these opportunistic connoisseurs pray for more ‘deaths’. Many of them inflicted by the ‘Saul-to-Paul syndrome’ only become ‘wiser’ after they resign or have accumulated enough money. The international media has not helped either but can you blame them? Bad news sells. Thus Africa’s Wahalas employs and puts food on the tables of ‘many’, while her children continue to live on less than $2 per day. The average African would blame God, the Devil, the Whiteman, Politicians or even fate for the state of the continent. Africans would feel insulted, shocked and even embarrassed by some of the statistical revelations. Most importantly however, they would be challenged to do more for the continent. Non-Africans would have a lot to learn about the continent and if they could offer genuine assistance knowing that ‘no country’ can develop independently. Visit to comment on the issues discussed and receive timely feedback. Stay tuned for more Wahala Talk.


the Qur’an does not illuminate the Bible By Emmanuel Solomon


e are living in interesting times. It is said that when America sneezes Australia catches a cold. It’s also said that at high noon, shadows disappear yet we witness the opposite in our time. At the peak of knowledge, science and technology we are still grappling with simple issues of ‘loving your neighbour’s as yourself.’ The Bible says pray for your enemies. A New York Times advertisement stated, “burning the Qur’an does not illuminate the Bible.” Many of today’s most prominent Christian leaders from different denominations agree. Apologist Ravi Zacharais said “to destroy a religion’s ‘sacred book’ is a disservice to the Gospel; it is an obnoxious way of communicating to those with other faith.” Mr Zacharais noted, “having traveled a lot and returning from an Islamic country, I know how acts such as burning the Qur’an put missionaries, fellow workers and their families in untold danger.” The advertisement was intended to communicate the true Biblical response to those of other faiths - or no faith - to respect the civility of other religious discussions, disagreements, and debates. Acts of such deliberate provocation in the name of Christianity are antiethical to the good news of the Christian Gospel that portrays a message of grace and beauty in a world so bereft of both. What message do we deduce when the Taliban stormed through Kabul and blew up statues and carvings of Buddha. Were there any riots or killings or any behavior that was violent and vitriolic? You decide if such acts and beliefs have a place in our modern world today. PEACE! Visit and have your say. AFRIQAN TIMES MAGAZINE 2010 September


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Next Steps in Ethical Supermarket Shopping... By Von Hobson

Give yourself a healthy hug if you are one of the many who use reusable shopping bags.


aking informed decisions z which supermarkets to support is another aspect which poses a challenge when trying to do the right thing for mother earth and the environment. Once inside the supermarket, remember every purchase makes an impact. While cost and convenience generally colour our shopping choices they don’t necessarily reflect the cost of our purchases to the environment and people. My best buy for 2010 has to be a little pocket size book - ‘The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2010’. This awesome little guide covers label reading (made easy!), supermarket lines, alcohol and office supplies are listed using brands, related company of manufacture, best buy, compound rating and outstanding product features. In addition, your attention is drawn to any concerns about the entire industry. The guide also informs the reader of any boycott calls, criticisms, praises, Australian owned. The guide challenges beyond the supermarket and asks you, the reader if you really need to make every purchase – given that 80% of all saleable products end up as waste. This super little guide – not so little given that it covers over 200 product areas

– is

produced by Ethical Consumer Group Inc and is priced @ $6.00. An excellent Christmas gift. The products we buy and use in Australia do affect people in other countries. We can all take action towards ending modern slavery by staying aware of how we can continue to make ethical choices.

Every Purchase makes an Impact

Ref: The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2010 –



Kids Own By Von Hobson


By now all schools will be on holiday. Enjoy them, stay safe and spend a little time planning to make Term 4 the best term this year. October 15 is International Teachers Day. If you would like to nominate your teacher (class teacher, music teacher, sporting coach, etc.) into the AfriQan Times Teacher of the Year 2010 competition please write away, right now!

Top 10 things to do in the holidays 10. Check out your local library for free events, DVD, CD and book loans – there’s always lots going on!

Nominations should be longer than 250 words, pictures, photos or sketches.

9. Build a cubby house in your garden.

Whatever helps your entry to tell us more about your teacher and why they are

8. Take an adult to the museum.

the vey best.

7. Make a picnic and head off to the beach.

6. Treat your pet to a shampoo and

WIN! WIN! WIN! Lunch for you, your teacher and your whole class at

McDonalds!Send entries to: AT Teacher of the Year Competition, PO Box 445, South Perth, WA, 6951 before October 13, 2010.

pamper session. 5. Check out odd socks and recycle goods and make some puppets – have a show!

Word Hunt How many words made of 4 letters or more can you make from the letters shown in the grid. You can only use each letter once! Each word must contain the centre letter (E). There must be at least one 9 letter word in your list. Only proper words should be used. No verbs, plurals, swearwords, proper nouns or hyphenated words should be used.

4. Create a vegetable / herb patch in your garden or planter box. 3. Zoom off to the zoo – take your camera and a friend. 2. Start to investigate your family tree – ask your parents / go online. Record some stories told by visiting family. 1. Visit a country show – go online and check out events (cooking, painting,

If an adult can help you your chances of winning will be increased! The prize this month is a selection of great DVDs for all the family – perfect for the holidays!

craft, etc) that YOU can enter – or just go and have fun!

RIDDLES : What runs but never walks? Water • Why was the broom late? It over swept. • Why did the child study in the airplane? He wanted to get a higher education. • What’s smarter than a talking horse? A spelling bee. • What do you call an elephant that flies? A jumbo jet.

Congratulations to Scarlet from Hamilton Hill, WA – winner of 3 music sessions with FORTÉ School of Music! 22


Photography by Elle Hobson



Steak By Tony Morrone

Guests for dinner? Or perhaps just you and the love of your life – here’s a recipe from AfriQan Times resident Chef Tony Morrone that stands alone among the rest and delivers a sumptuous cracked black peppered fillet of steak – taste satisfaction guaranteed! Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes + 5 minutes resting time

Steak and Wine Sensations

Serves: 4

South African wines are made for food. Red wines in particular tend to be robust fruity and full of character, ideally suited for pairing with Tony’s Peppered Steak. South African wines are made for food. Red wines in particular tend to be robust fruity and full of character, ideally suited for pairing with Tony’s Peppered Steak. A pleasant Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz would be sure to appeal to Africans and Australians alike. For surprise and delightful dinner, try a wine that is rapidly gaining international acceptance and accreditation - South Africa’s signature red wine, the Pinotage. In this case we suggest the Tukulu Pinotage. The Tukulu winery is a joint venture between Nederburg and the local community to formally train the art winemaking as part of a skills-transfer programme. This has been highly successful with Tukulu receiving global recognition for the outstanding wines that it produces. The Tukulu Pinotage is intense dark red in colour with a purple hue. The bouquet offers penetrating aromas of raspberry, strawberry and ripe banana against a smoky oak backdrop. The complex, full palate is layered with delicious chocolate, wild brambles and plums. Firm but fine mouth-coating tannins are enhanced by excellent fruity persistence. This is a well structured wine and will improve over 5 or more years from vintage or enjoy it now with friends and Tony’s Peppered Steak. By Von Hobson All wines featured in The Afriqan Times are available online at South African Wines

4x 800g Eye of the Fillet Steak ¼ cup black cracked pepper 2 tbsp vegetable oil 125ml whipping cream ¼ cup brandy Flour for dusting Garlic salt / or salt to season (optional) Chips and tossed salad to serve

1. TIP cracked black pepper onto a small plate and press each piece of steak gently into the pepper to form coating. Next sprinkle the flour onto a small plate and press the same side of the steak into the flour. 2. COOK in the fry pan in vegetable oil on a high heat. Very quickly the steak will seal pepper and flour, cook to form a golden crust. Turn the steak as soon as it appears ‘sealed’. 3. RETURN frying pan to the stove reheating it quickly. Add brandy. Shake the pan. Flame will ignite from the fumes in the brandy. When this occurs add the cream. Cream will thicken and change to the colour of a ‘chamois’. Return the steak to the fry pan, allowing the cream to bubble for a few minutes 4. SERVE with tossed salad and oven fries. Written by Von Hobson.



Afro Aussies in Picures 24



Photography By Elle Hobson PHOTO: Vivienne Ishak

Head for the Hills By Von Hobson


refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Royal Show is a return to the Country Fairs and Shows – some celebrating over 100 years of festivities and fun. Through the next month, we will all be enjoying the Royal Show and while this annual event is strategically placed in the calendar to coincide with half-term school holidays, it is not always met with a positive response. Cost alone can easily outweigh the fun and pleasure to be experienced at The Royal Show. Soon after The Royal Show, the country shows take their turn on the calendar – usually running over a six week period. By the end of November, all the shows are done and dusted. So be sure to check out what’s happening in your state. We checked out the Kelmscott (WA) Programme. A good example of the fun and diversity to be experienced at a country show…

A refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Royal Show is a return to the Country Fairs and Shows – some celebrating over 100 years of festivities and fun. Celebrating the ‘Year of Biodiversity’, the 112th Kelmscott Annual Show will be held on Friday, 15th October and Saturday, 16th October 2010. A show-schedule, which is 78 pages in length outlines dates and guidelines for exhibitions of dairy produce, jams, honey, preserves, wine and home brews, cooking, knitting, crocheting, crafts, needlework, china painting, photography, poultry, cattle, sheep…. and the list goes on! Country Shows are a great place to learn about different clubs and groups that support hobbies and craft interests. Hours can be spent viewing exhibitions, talking with exhibitors and visiting livestock and demonstrations. A little further down the track, the country shows go out in the wheat belt and include rodeo events, welly throwing and the usual sausage sizzle. Get ready for the Showtime with a difference! Dust off the cobwebs – grab your hat and sunnies and head for the hills! AFRIQAN TIMES MAGAZINE 2010 September


Photography by Medhat PHOTO: Jean Jacque - behind and drumming collegues

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Basketball Fever Grips the City By Dylan Davies


ustralia played the two of their most talented Australian squads - the new and improved Sydney Kings and the defending champions, Perth Wildcats. The buzz around the new WA Basketball Centre was energetic, but most attention was being paid to the man in the Beijing Ducks huddle, towering over his fellow teammates. Sun Ming Ming, stood at an enormous 7’9 (236cms), he is the tallest player in basketball till date. Over three nights, each team had the opportunity to play one another, and Friday night certainly wasn’t a letdown. The first game was between the Beijing Ducks and the Sydney Kings. The crowd was amused, by the fact that Sun Ming Ming could dunk with literally an inch of vertical leap. At three-quarter-time, the mighty Ducks

looked like the better team and the scoreboard definitely showed the imbalance with a 20-point lead. Nonetheless, an uplifting effort from Kings star Ben Magden sparked a run and Sydney won the game by four points. The Perth Wildcats, on the other hand smashed the Shanghai Sharks by 43 points, who were rumoured to have two of their American imports out with injury. Saturday Night was full of easy wins for the Australian Teams. The Chinese teams were heavily criticized as they turned the ball over, missed easy shots and did not capitalize on their defensive opportunities. The Australians took control and the Perth Wildcats romped home by 43 points, as African player Everett Bartlett dominated for the Cats, and the Kings thumped the Sharks by a massive 59 points. On Sunday Night, the stadium was

In just one weekend, International sport in Australia was changed forever. Three months ago, the Chinese Basketball Association and the Australian National Basketball League came to an agreement for China to bring two of their finest teams, the Shanghai Sharks and the Beijing Ducks, to Perth. packed as the two Chinese teams played each other and the two Australian Teams faced off. Both games were thrilling. Sun Ming Ming towered over the tallest player for Shanghai, while Beijing dominated early on with some great passes from the big man to lead by 15 points by quarter time. Shanghai chipped away at the lead, and halfway through the last quarter, to everyone’s surprise the game was tied. It went down to Shanghai having the last shot, which Xi Gen missed and sent the game into overtime. With 11 lead changes through the overtime period, Beijing managed to hold their own and win by four points as both teams departed to huge standing ovation. Let this weekend go down as one of the greatest International events in Perth’s history, hopefully, it will happen more often.

September Football Round Up ENGLAND Tall Congo defender Christopher Samba on target for the first time this season as his Blackburn side drew 1-1 at home to Fulham. Nigeria striker Peter Odemwingie scored his second goal in four games for West Bromwich Albion as they beat Birmingham City 3-1.

games and Salomon Kalou was also on target with his fourth goal as he played his first full 90 minutes this season.

ITALY Cameroon star Samuel Eto’o scored both goals for Inter Milan in the second half as his side triumphed 2-1 at Palermo.

Boudebouz added the second before Malian Modibo Maiga sealed the win Another Malian, Mamadou Samassa, put Valenciennes ahead against Lens who equalised through Togo striker Razak Boukhari as both sides settled for a 1-1 draw. Ghana midfielder Andre Ayew scored a goal in each half for champions Marseille as they beat Arles 3-0.

FRANCE Ivorian Yaya Toure scored a rare goal, and his first for Manchester City, as Roberto Mancini’s men beat Wigan Athletic 2-0. Didier Drogba scored his fifth goal in five

Guinea striker Larsen Toure sealed victory in the last minute for visiting Brest, who beat Nancy 2-0 Nigerian Ideye Brown opened the scoring, Algeria’s Ryad



Senegal striker Moussa Sow netted his second of the season after a last-gasp effort to give his side Lille a lone goal win over Auxerre.?


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Afro Aussies in Picures 32


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October Isuue

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