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WELCOME At Africology, gratitude is central to all we do, we thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you in creating the perfect solution for your retai l outlet, retreat or salon. We offer a range of opening order packages for start-ups through to wellestablished businesses and spas.

“Our product formulations and spa offeringsare inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers, vibrant heritage, communities and plant life. Our aim is to ensure that the body is treated holistically whilst enjoying a truly authentic African offering.”

THE STORY OF AFRICOLOGY For a skincare brand, Africology has unusual roots. From its humble beginnings 15 years ago at the kitchen table of founder Renchia Droganis, Africology has grown into South Africa’s leading natural and ethical skincare brand and is quickly spreading its wings beyond its homeland borders. The concept was a product of Renchia’s work as a counsellor and therapist. She worked for an organisation that not only helped people who had grown up without an education learn to read and write, but also gave them a chance to heal their pain through therapy and to nurture a healthy self- esteem. Renchia focussed on this during her counselling sessions. She began to research plant extracts, aromatherapy and formulations so that she could create bespoke skincare products for her clients—mixing essential oi ls to help them per their physical and emotional needs. Renchia was approached by a spa to create a bespoke aromatherapy ritual that incorporated her knowledge of African ingredients and passion for heal ing. She continued to develop and deliver unique “African rituals” for spas and health retreats across the country. Africology quickly became South Africa’s number one beauty and spa brand. What started as a desire to help people affected by cruelties and injustice, has grown into a successful, ethical and cruelty-free brand that supports fair trade and local communities in Africa while giving the world the benefits of its therapeutic skincare. The brand is now available across the globe and is featured in some of the best hotels and spas in the world, including the Richard Branson Private Collection group.

ABOUT US Africology's offerings include: • • • • •

professional use spa treatment product range bespoke signature face and body treatments retail face and body product range amenities product range gifting and lifestyle product range

Therapeutic in its approach, Africology uses many natural ingredients that are bio- identical to our biology. Each ingredient is chosen for its efficacy in combating premature ageing and improving the skin’s own defences. Our aim is always to ensure that the body and biology are treated in harmony whilst enjoying a truly authentic African offering.

“I wanted to capture the healing essences of Africa,” says Renchia.“It was, and still is, my intention that Africology products should deliver a message of wellbeing—not just on a physical level, but o n a spiritual one too.”

OUR OFFERINGS Retail Product Range Our retail range consists of face, body and hair care products. The skincare range is vast and caters for all skin types whilst the body and hair products gracefully compliment the bathroom routine.

Professional Spa Our extensive range of professional spa products and rituals are suitable for all spas regardless of type, size or demographics. Our Africology treatment rituals offer an unforgettable spa experience. We offer everything a spa will need, from skincare, body care and hands and feet while continually innovating with new products and ingredients. All our packages include first class staff training as we believe this is key to delivering a holistic “African� journey.

Luxury Hotel Amenities For accommodation guests, or spa bath and shower visitors, our luxury amenities range beautifully compliments the spa rituals experienceand home care. Our amenities combinea sensory blend of African plants andoils that perfectly harmonise the mind and rejuvenate tired, travelled skin. Furthermore, our in-room spa products offerguests the opportunity to experience our product offeringsin the comfort of their own private space.

Lifestyle and Gifting Our luxury lifestyle range is designed to uplift and complement any area of your spa, home or retail space. A collection of products that include diffusers, candles, room and linen sprays, and aromatherapy burners. Our gift collection is a great way to introduce a loved one to Africology and is ideal for travelling.

HOW WE FORMULATE We focus on ‘capturing the intelligence of nature’ during our formulation process to bring you a skincare line with the primary goal of inhibiting the ageing proce ss naturally. We believe in responsible formulating practices, and therefore only use safe, non-toxic preservatives and where possible, organic ingredients. Africology has taken much time and carried out extensive research to find powerful natural ingredients that not only indulge the senses but also work actively on the skin to produce effective results. South Africa has many wonderful indigenous medicinal plants and herbs that are beneficial to the skin, body and mind as a whole. We make use of the purifying essence of some of these plants, namely rooibos, aloe ferox, marula and African potato. We macerate our plants in a marula, rosehip and aloe vera oil blend, using a very slow process. We take gre at care not to harm the vital mineral content of the plants. We believe in ingredients that are pure, naturally active and work in harmony with the body.

EARTH COMMITMENT Africology honours the Earth in all we do. We are acutely aware of global and environmental issues impacting our planet today. Bearing this in mind, much consideration is given to the selection of raw materials and their impact on the environment when formulating our products. All our products are perfectlybiodegradable, preventing any contamination of earth or water. We reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can. PET Packaging (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the material of choice for some of our bottles. It has been extensively tested for its safety, is lightweight, shatter-resistant and provides good oxygen and moisture barriers for our formulations. Up to 100% of a PET package can be made from recycled PET, and the material can be recycled agai n and again. We aim to grow more of our own organic produce on our farm. Lavender and roses are grown on the farm, together with ingredients indigenous to Africa, including aloe ferox and African potato. At Africology, we celebrate the important role soil has to play in our food supply, water management, biodiversity and supporting life on earth. We avoid using any chemical fertilisers and pesticides, a policy applied for both our family owned farm as well as for our independent suppliers. Our Africology SOIL project is dedicated to harvesting and planting for the future, and is committed to the principles of fair trade and environmental friendliness.


OUR VALUES Animal Testing Policy Our policy is NO animal testing; not just for final products, but for ingredients as well. We support the values of Cruelty Free International, who are working to create a world where animal testing is no longer done. To ensure their efficacy, all our products are dermatologically tested on consenting humans.

Community Enrichment We support trade that uplifts communities – trade in which fair prices are paid for ingredients to producers in developing countries. A lasting and rewarding contribution to the community - our Skills Transfer project is designed to teach underprivileged men and women Africology therapy and retail protocols enabling them to work in or eventually own their own salon or spa. Since inception, Africology has successfully trained over 100 people in the art of massage and aromatherapy treatments. Spas use a great deal of water in treatments; with showers, saunas, hydrotherapy, cleansing and maintenance. We help readdress this imbalance by supplying water tanks and irrigation tools for those in need. Africology currently help the Nguvi community in Limpopo to buy water tanks ensuring they have water close to home, rather than walking kilometres to the nearest river with five litre drums. Education is vital to South Africa’s development. We help young people through university each year, paying for tuition, books, accommodation and allowance thereby giving them the skills that will contribute to the economy as wel l as the community.

OUR GROWING BRAND We have come a long way since our early days operating from a small Johannesburg kitchen. Our success has gone beyond South Africa’s borde rs and Africology is now featured in some of the world’s most luxurious lodge s, hote ls and spas. In 2008, Africology was invited to cater to Sir Richard Branson’s first African property, Ulusaba. In addition to the professional spa and retail product range s, we delivered an in-room amenities range to compliment the spa experience. The idea was to offer guests sachet samples at turndown. Clients were e ntice d i nto purchasing products and booking spa treatments for the full Africology experience. The initiative was a great success. Richard Branson has since signed Africology on as the Virgin Group’s exclusive spa and bathroom amenity brand for all its African properties, including the recently acquired property Mont Rochelle in Franschoek.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS FROM PLANT TO SKIN Africology has created a powerful skincare range that will help revitalise the skin while slowing down the ageing process and improving the skin’s own defence s. Using many natural ingredients that are bio-identical to our biology, a variety of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients our aim is to e nsure that the body and biology are treated in harmony whilst enjoying a truly authentic African offering. Backed by full toxicology reports and skin-patch testing; Africology products are safe, effective and work in harmony with the body. Backed by full toxicology reports and skin-patch testing; Africology products are safe, effective and work in harmony with the body. We allow nature to contribute its wonderful fragrances to our products by natural means, calming and soothing the senses and creating a relaxed state of mind. We only use unrefined oils in their natural state, with high percentages of vitamin A, B1, B2, and B6, and mono-polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Our preservative system is lactoperioxidase, an enzyme naturally occurring in milk, which functions as a natural antibacterial agent. It helps improve formulation stability and product shelf-life and assists in maintaining the integrity of our products, while fighting infection and degradation.

AFRICA’S BOTANICAL TREASURES Africa has many wonderful indigenous medicinal plants and herbs that are high in hydrating and anti-ageing properties. Through extensive research, Africology harnesses these amazing ingredients, naturally, and formulate the perfect combinations for effective skin and body care. It has become our passion to share these benefits with the rest of the world.

AFRICAN POTATO The African potato is full of sterols and sterolins which are helpful in the treatment of acne, eczema and psoriasis. It helps boosts the immune system and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

MARULA SEED OIL Called “miracle oil,” marula is considered one of Africa’s botanical gems. Rich in antioxidants including vitamin c and e, it helps protect against free radical damage and promotes the production of collagen and elastin. Contains high levels of essential fatty acids that help keep the skin nourished, reduce redness and keeps skin hydrated by preventing transepidermal water loss.

ROOIBOS Naturally contains alpha-hydroxy acid, a compound that is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin, and is rich in iron, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc and sodium. Potent antioxidant, antiinflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is useful in treating skin problems such as eczema and acne.

ALOE FEROX Native to southern Africa, aloe Ferox leaves contain a gel a variety of uses which include calming, soothing and hydrating sunburnt, irritated and sensitised skin. Rich in nutritional and healing compounds and minerals, amino acids, lipids, monosaccharides, phytosterols, vitamins E, B, C & Zinc. Stimulates cell regeneration and helps replenish lost moisture.

AROMATHERAPY Pure distilled plant oils, known as aromatherapy or essential oils, have a gentle yet effective ability to work therapeutically to uplift the mind and balance the body contributing to general well-being. Africology artistically blends combinations of oils to gently fragrance our formulations and to use during our treatment rituals. Aromas have a powerful effect as they go straight to the part of the brain that stores memories and elicits emotions. Africology body and skincare products do more than just feed the skin; through the power of smell they invoke memories that help bring balance to the body and mi nd. Stress negatively impacts the health of the epidermis. Our selected essential oils penetrate the skin, uplift the spirit, and balance emotions. Essential oils enter the blood vi a the capillary network, and circulate throughout the body where they have a systemic effect. That’s why we simply won’t use any fragrances in our products, onl y natural plant essential oils.


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Africology Skincare - Our Story and Ethos  

Africology is a leading luxury natural skincare and lifestyle brand which started at a table in a small Johannesburg kitchen 17 years ago....

Africology Skincare - Our Story and Ethos  

Africology is a leading luxury natural skincare and lifestyle brand which started at a table in a small Johannesburg kitchen 17 years ago....