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World Cup or The Mundial 2014





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AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013


DEC 01 - 15 2013





Villagers have fled Gorsi Tourou in northern Cameroon after more than 300 heavily armed men, suspected to be members of the radical Nigerian group, Boko Haram, reportedly attacked and began looting and burning down houses.

A great leader of the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) and perhaps South Africa’s most influential and radical student leader in the decade after the Rivonia trials. A law student, denied of his fundamental right of freedom, Steve


Bantu Biko who was a political prisoner

The President of Chad, Idriss Deby Into, highlighted on Friday in Luanda the importance of the African states to work concertedly for the resolution of situation in the Central African Republic (CAR).

and later killed in detention, will be the topic of this year’s lecture.

The yearly pan-African lecture started in 2012, and seek to open up new vista

AfricaWorld is the newspaper of African immigrants in Ireland. We cover all frontiers of the world starting from Dublin, where publish Africa’s most interesting issues related to politics, economy , environment, human rights, culture, social trends, science...

of knowledge and awareness of Africa’s history particularly struggles and future.


As convention demands, each year’s

The oil company Soco International PLC will end its operations in Africa’s oldest national park, known as Virunga National Park, and also is committing to remain out of all other UNESCO World Heritage Sites after WWF campaign.

lecture takes a topic from a particular region in Africa, and so does the guest lecturer. The inaugural lecture was on Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s contributions to pan-Africanism, and had Adekunle Thompson as the maiden lecturer. In 2013, we talked of the role of Julius


Nyerere to the progress of Africa today,

The United States Department of State issued a warning to its citizens about “potential terrorist threats” against Western and Djiboutian interests in Djibouti following an al-Shabaab suicide attack in the capital city last month.

having Dr. David Nyaluke as the lecturer.

This year lecture will be on Steve Biko. There will be recognition of those who have distinguished themselves in our




community, plus other activities. The pan-African lecture series shall continue


to seek support from all on the positives

President Obama called Egyptian President Abdelfattah al-Sisi to congratulate him on his inauguration and to convey his commitment to working together to advance the shared interests of both countries.

of Africa

Come in.







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The Editorial team at AfricaWorld would like to point out that it is aware of the Millennium Development Goals and seeks to

synergise its work in accordance with those aims wherever possible. Those goals are to improve issues of Education,

Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equalit y, Environmental Sustainability and Global Partnerships.

Liberian Oil Tanker Disappears in Ghanaian Waters. The oil tanker MT Fair Artemis was reported missing while he was attending a Maritime meeting in the Ghanaian capital Accra.


•  E   very second Wednesday of the month. Doors open 1:00pm. •   All medical treatment and medications for HIV and STI’s are free. •   The outcome of a HIV and STI test does not affect a person’s   legal status in Ireland. 

Published by Nguma Worldwide Ltd. 46 Parnel Square West 3rd Floor Dublin 1, Dublin City Republic of Ireland

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AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013

DEC 01 - 15 2013


GUINEA An IMF mission led by Harry Snoek visited Conakry during May 22 - June 6, 2014 to conduct discussions on the fourth review of a program supported by an arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF),



The Chairman of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, Mohammed Idris, has been shot dead in Likoni, Mombasa county. The sheikh had been accused of being against Jihad and a government sympathiser.

MADAGASCAR The EU is supported the Madagascan education system. “Emergency support to the Malagasy national education” (€15 million) and “Support Programme for Basic Social Services (PASSOBA) Education” (€32 million) are the two programs.

MOZAMBIQUE Deadlock in the dialogue between the Mozambican government and the former rebel movement Renamo continue as the two delegations met for yet another session at Maputo’s Joaquim Chissano Conference Centre.

NIGERIA The kidnapping of schoolgirls from the small town of Chibok in Borno state, northeastern Nigeria, close to two months ago has caused an international uproar in condemnation of the slow response by Nigerian authorities.


The police has dismissed allegations by Human Rights Watch that a number of people have gone missing or are victims of forcible disappearances in the north and west of the country.

By Femi Oyebade


t’s that time again where one sport will bring the whole world together, it’s the game we all love. 32 countries fighting for one trophy, it’s time for the world to see football at its best. The debate for the greatest player to ever grace a football pitch starts again. Will Messi shut all doubters up or is it time for a new King? Will Neymar leave his mark on the biggest stage of all or will Ronaldo remind us why he’s currently the world’s best player? Wondering if England will flatter to deceive again or will they finally get it together? So many questions to be answered over the next few weeks as hearts will be broken, teams will return home disappointed but who could be more disappointed than 32 year old Zlatan who couldn’t even make it or drag Sweden to the world cup even with his best efforts. Shakira is trying to own the world cup with another amazing theme song like 4 years ago when she

gave us ‘Waka Waka’, and now she’s back with ‘La La La’. Wonder if her husband Pique and the rest of the Spanish tiki-taka football team can make it major titles in a row after showing they could be beaten at the confederations cup. Settled in Brazil, a country where the basic necessities of life isn’t available to everyone, filled with poverty with its government eyes closed to the struggle and pain of

It’s sometimes assumed that the world cup is all about football but it is bigger than just being a game. It reunites countries, restores hope and gives a stronger bond. So who will come out on top?

its people. The leaders have soon forgotten who put them into power making empty promises and snatching away hope and faith from the eyes of parents leaving them to wonder if there’s any light at the end of the tunnel they feel caged in for their children.

A project aimed at protecting forests in Senegal’s Casamance region has helped locals lay aside their political differences, writes Louise Hunt for The Guardian.


With 22.6% or 34.9 million Brazilians living below the poverty line, over half living in urban areas, 52% without canalized water, 68% without garbage collection, 78% without proper sewage connections or septic tanks and 25% without electricity it makes me wonder how much love there really is in a country that’s opening its arms to embrace and accept everyone else from all over the world….

Will it be the lightening pace and skills of Ronaldo, or the quick feet and trickery of Messi or the dazzling skills of Neymar and how can we forget the most complete team… Germany, always so close but yet so far away. So who are you supporting? Who is your heart with, and what does your head think? Miracles do happen!





World Cup or The Mundial 2014


eaders of the rival factions in the conflict have agreed to a sixty-day deadline within which they will negotiate to reach a peace agreement and a government of national unity within two months.


Voicing deep concern that outbreaks of measles have left thousands of children in Somalia at risk of disability or death, United Nations agencies today has called urgent vaccination to tackle the highly contagious disease.

SOUTH AFRICA Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will assume control of some of President Jacob Zuma’s duties, including attending the funeral of Epainette Mbeki, while he recuperates after his stay in hospital.


Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa was on Wednesday June 11th elected unanimously as the president of UN General Assembly despite controversy over his stand on gay rights.


Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi has reportedly emerged as the front-runner in the race to succeed President Robert Mugabe, ahead of Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Joyce Mujuru.

By Cristina Casabon


he signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was scheduled for October 1, 2014, but African ministers of trade and experts in trade and regional integration met in a special session on 27th April, in Addis Abeba, and agreed to boycott. After a decade of EPA negotiations, the process has not produced the desired results due to the lack of progress in resolving the differences between the parties on a number of contentious issues. Although the EPA aims ’to facilitate the A C P ’ s integration into the world economy through gradual t r a d e liberalisation and improved trade-related cooperation’, there are fears they may be a c t u a l l y undermining the sustainable and long-term development of these countries and their regional integration processes. In Addis Abeba, the Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment Olusegun Aganga, and the Zambian Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Robert Sichinga agreed that rather than entering into the agreement, African countries should develop industries and create jobs for their people, working towards regional integration and intra-African Trade. The Commissioner for Trade and Industry H.E. Mrs. Fatima Haram Acy outlined that the

EPA. In East Africa there appears to be two main camps: exportoriented business sectors that are relatively well-organised with considerable influence on local policy makers and other businesses in EAC that are more regionally oriented such as small farmers which are adamantly opposed to African, Caribbean and Pacific the EPA.’ (ACP) countries’ positions on Economic Partnership Agreements Before the Extraordinary Session, (EPA), an European Parliament the High Level African Trade study administrated by Manuel Committee Meeting (HATC) Manrique Gil and published warmed that the EU is adopting during the negotiations, pointed the tactic of divide and rule; for out that several countries are ‘the Economic Partnership unlikely to sign an EPA by the Agreements’ different treatment October 2014 deadline, as major of countries within the same contentious issues remained regional economic communities was a risk to the African economic integration agenda’. The EU should not turn a blind eye to the challenge or be perceived to foster division, for many European companies implanted in African countries and exporting to the European market, as well as many European importers, pending in these agreements. The will be hurt by the loss of EU trade report said that ’most African preferences. countries have not been convinced by the implications of widespread On the other hand, African leaders tariff elimination and other should more seriously consider conditionalities that would be the political implications and imposed on them. economic consequences if EPA are boycotted. As H.E Mr.Aziz EPA are perceived as somewhat Mahamat Saleh, the Chair of the wrong in some African countries. Meeting said, ‘it is important for The differences between regions’ Africa to strengthen the integration perceptions are analysed in the of its regional and continental EP study. ‘In West Africa as well market if it wants to make trade as Central Africa, the private the engine of growth and sector is not clamouring for the development.’ In other words, EPA, with the exception of the African products won’t have pineapple and banana growers. In access to the EU market after 1st Nigeria, the export-oriented October if the agreements are not sectors are not very vocal in signed. pushing the country to sign an intra African trade agenda is the only way to give African countries control over their economic destinies. She declared that “the time has come to take the bold but necessary step to explore and put forward alternatives to EPAs that work for Africa.”


AFRICAWORLD JUN 01 - 15 2013

DEC 01 - 15 2013



of Africa





Bombs going off every week, the government saying they’re doing something but we’re dying slowly and decreasing in veryone saying “Bring numbers. ouR girls back”, I’m Our families walking around here screaming “Bring my heart back.” Rihanna’s outfit is in fear, we’re left living to saying “Where did your dignity survive like we’re been documented for the African go?” HUNGER GAMES. Approximately 276 female The president says “We can’t students kidnapped from their kill our girls in the name of school, over 250 families in trying to get them back” but tears, mothers left in pain like going through labour all over how come it took the awareness again. It could have been your of the world to bring about some action? People living on sister or mine. their knees in fear, the green What happened to the country colour that represents our we were told would get better, country is turning red and our what happened to the hope they girls aren’t still back. gave us, what happened to the So somewhere tonight, a prayers we said, how come we mother is in tears and someone have been left feeling like my age will go to bed not citizens of a forgotten place? knowing when next or if he’ll


the reflection you see in the ever see his sister again. When mirror. did we let one man, with blood flowing through his veins become God, taking lives like We’re told the devil will come he could give one. to “kill, steal and destroy”. You have destroyed our land, killed our people and stolen our To Boko Haram: girls… You claim to fight for God but Allah preaches love not hate. Allahu Akbar means “Allah is the greatest”, he doesn’t need you to fight his battles. Your God must be weak to need you to fight for him, your God must be

Our families walking around in fear, we’re left living to survive like we’re been documented for the African HUNGER GAMES

Mother Earth Rain falling to the ground I hear it pounding loud In my head In my bed As I watch the sky cry. Hail, hail the stones that fall That keep striking us all Till we have fled Till we have said That we have heard the sky cry Trees falling all around Moaning before they hit the ground The globe is warming cant you feel A heat so dangerous, it makes you want to keel But life is not fair and you don’t care What you want is what you get And what you get is what you deserve The wrath of a broken hearted mother earth Samantha Sello


You’ve abused our girls and made them give birth to choices they never made. You have taken away their independence and their voices as if they are fertile pieces of land with no army to defend it. A woman was made out of a man’s rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved. Bring Back Our Girls, their mothers are waiting to smile again!



AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013

DEC 01 - 15 2013



MOHAMED USMAN MARRY FATIYAA AHMED On Saturday 14th June, Mohamed marry Fatiyaa in an Ethiopian style cultural wedding in Dublin



10 AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013



t was dark outside, and I was looking trough the window. The train was empty, for was very late. The skyline show the shadows of Dublin, a beautiful, ancient city, where I moved one year ago. I had finished work and I was on my way back to home... I head the rising wind, for it moaned through the window, and the branches of the pines crashed together as the train passed trough the park. There was a time, when I used to live in Africa, and I left my family there, in order to find a better life. It was in the darkest hour of the twilight, looking through the window, where I was remembering the last time I met my husband.

best weapons then. On the other hand, I also felt the freedom of living in a foreign country, alone, and sometimes, the strength of my character surprised me. I found singular people who had the same strength and that’s why we became friends, lovers. I have to make an effort to avoid thinking in those who I used to love in the past, in my country. I felt that something was inconclused. So, in some way, I won’t never be capable of forget them, as from time to time I still thinking what would had happened if I were in Ghana.

The first time we met each other he confessed me that he wanted to become a successful writer. He wanted to be an African icon... He showed me the stuff of which his dreams were made, and I told him that my dreams were to come to Europe. After two years, I decided to do come here and this was the hardest decision of my life. During my time in Dublin, I expanded my own horizons, and I helped others to do the same, as I found some spontaneous, motivated, active, pioneer-spirit African people, who feel sometimes loneliness, isolation, feelings of separation, when they saw themselves so far away from their countries. I had made some good Irish friends, but my relationships in general weren’t deep enough, and sometimes I had felt lonely in my workplace. My rich fantasy life and my perseverance were my

year in Dublin, quite far away from him. What the hell I was doing, leaving everything? That was an inevitable and necessary step in order to move towards a better future… I guess. A blue moon was appearing behind the dark clouds and she followed me til the end of my trip. Last station. Taking my luggage, I crossed the station in a hurry, for it was a cold night. Europe, with its multicultural and charming cities, can be really cold during the night. I was at the end of my trip. I want to come back and I am sure it’s the right choice! No, wait, I can always spend a few months more in Ireland and then, let’s see... Is this my idea of happiness? Not conventional life stories always were my favourites. I enjoyed living here for one year, but I had realised that I didn’t want to spent the rest of my life in Ireland. When I see my life, I have the idea of a challenging life. There are not conventional obligations in my plans.

As I crossed the streets, I remembered the time I used to live there, even if in the latest years I used to spent more time in the down town, studying and working hard, I always kept in touch with some old friends from my village.

In my opinion, there are two conceptions of life, to ways of looking life: the first one looks life as a discipline, while the second one looks it as an opportunity. I want to see life as an opportunity for living.

The dearest friend I had, was also my husband... Should I come back? I was really worried, wondering how my life will be after spending one

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DEC 01 - 15 2013





nited Nations, Amnesty International and some media have been warming about what it has been described as a ‘religious conflict’ in Central African Republic (CAR). But the armed conflict is not based on theological differences, even if civilians are being targeted along religious lines. Before the coup, Muslims used to live in peace with Christians, and communal violence of this nature is unprecedented in the country.

The crisis began after the Séléka carried out a coup on 24 March 2013, claiming that President Bozizé had heaped benefits on the Christian group to the detriment of others. Sectarian violence followed the change in government as militias supporting Bozizé and militias from the Séléka clashed. Bozizé fled to neighbouring Cameroon and leader Michel Djotodia declared

‘Some groups or wily individuals may in fact be benefiting (…) from the chaotic and ungoverned CAR’. Stephanie Buchard, researcher of Think Africa Press pointed out that ‘describing the conflict as sectarian or based purely on ideological divisions between non-state actors obscures the fact that some groups or wily individuals may in fact be benefiting (…) from the chaotic and ungoverned CAR’.

In fact, the ‘Christian vs Muslim narrative’ is distracting from the political and economic instability and other institutional problems, such as the widespread of corruption and official impunity, poor infrastructures, and the low social mobility. The conflict is far more complex than just a Christian-Muslim enmity.

The institutional discrimination is in fact one of the key factors of this armed conflict

himself the first Muslim president. Over the following ten months the violence was exacerbated by Séléka coalition, engaged in looting, rape, and murder of civilians.

The militias in Central African Republic trace their origins to the muslim minority, who formed a coalition known as Séléka in order to struggle against discrimination by the government and the institutions. Ahmet Adam, brother of a rebel commander and son of the Miskine mosque’s imam assured that “Muslims were viewed as foreigners here in the capital”.

Seleka abuses spurred the emergence of the anti-balaka brigades (“machete proof ” in Sango), made up of Christians and anti Séléka insurgents. In the last four months of 2013, anti-balaka fighters took revenge, carrying out massive attacks on Muslim minority, particularly in CAR’s northwest. International peacekeeping forces were slow to deploy across the country, and as Amnesty International has recently reported, ‘the field was open to the anti-balaka to assert their power and authority.’

The current government, lead by President Catherine Samba-Panza, includes some representatives of the Séléka and anti-balaka militias. Negotiations are ongoing between the government and militia leaders. The resolution of the conflict in CAR must be multidimensional; the UN peacekeeping operation must ensure effective and coordinated measures are taken with the government and militia to solve the crisis with the help of the African Union and French military forces, which are due to be joined in September by up to 1,000 European Union troops.

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12 AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013

DEC 01 - 15 2013




AFRICANS & THE IRISH LABOUR MARKET There are common integration challenges that confront many African immigrants in their endeavour to access the Irish labour market


igration has been and will continue to be a key element in the economic and social transformation of Ireland, and African migration plays a special role in it. While many African immigrants might have found the economic security in Ireland, others have big difficulties to integrate in the labour market.

There are common integration challenges that confront many African immigrants in their endeavour to access the labour market, such as the lack of recognition of overseas professional qualifications; lack of work experience in Ireland; lack of Irish references while applying for work… and also they have to face in occasions multiple discrimination for causes of race, reli-

Only migrants from the European Union, the EEA (European Economic Area) or Swiss nationals can work without a work permit in Ireland. Migrants from ‘the rest of the world’ need a work permit – in order to get it, they need a job with an annual remuneration of €30,000 or more, so the most viable option for Africans in Ireland is the student visa. In order to get the student visa migrants must be enrolled in a full-time course on the Internationalisation Register, so they will be allowed to take up casual employment of up to 20 hours part-time work per week in term time or up to 40 hours per week during normal college vacation periods.

Accessing and participating in the Irish labour market is not an easy task This permission only remain until they have finished the course, so in fact they are working to pay these studies, and may find financial pressures difficult to bear.

But sometimes Africans reporting racial abuse are asked to provide evidence or witnesses, and they find difficulties in reporting or complaining about passive or active discrimination at work, for the feeling of not being valued in your workplace for causes of race is something that you can not always prove. Better access to information would help here but many people also report on unsatisfactory interactions or difficulties they had while trying to report a discrimination case. There have been reported cases of discrimination because of skin colour, race or religion. Even if this discrimination is in most cases passive, and the incidents had occurred on a few occasions, there are cases when migrants said that it was frequent and with serious effects, leading them to leave the job.

Africans must be aware of their rights under the Irish Equality Law gion, etc. The Employment Equality Act in Ireland contemplates race discrimination in relation to access to employment, conditions of employment, equal pay for work of equal value, promotion, training and work experience.

The feeling of not being valued in your workplace for causes of race is something that you can not always prove

Even if the Employment Equality Act ensure that the discrimination of migrants is not too perceptible in the workplace, the specific personal incidents associated with the process of immigration in the labour market are difficult to solve and sometimes are not taken seriously, so Africans must be aware of their rights under the Irish Equality Law and the Employment Equality Act in accessing and participating in the Irish labour market in order to deal with this problems.

14 AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013

DEC 01 - 15 2013



The Price of Success T

he rich get richer and majority of the world’s population are struggling to meet the daily basic necessities of life. Why is that I ask, is it because a few wise women and men have encaged all the sources of wealth and none is left for the rest of the general populace? I do not think so. We will become rich if we open our eyes to realize that there is always destruction before construction, out of the ruins emerges a new nation, from misery and misfortunes new opportunities, from the rough diamonds are found, and gold from the trenches. In most cases, achieving your income and or business goal is just as simple as getting the right information, making the right decision, meeting the right contact, or just being in the right place at the right time. There are always opportunities for the men or women that create solutions from every problem. See the cup as half full and not half empty and as sure as the sun will rise again after it sets, from depression or recession must emerge millionaires or billionaires in this generation and generations to come. Rewind to the beginning, knowing what you know now, would you have loved to be part financial owner of social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, MySpace, Google, Yahoo and or YouTube? What about owning a piece of the DOW Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100 or S&P fortune 500 companies? Regardless of your current financial status, with or without experience, education, employed or unemployed, is it possible to retire in a specified projected future date with

a monthly residual income befitting an upper class entrepreneur? It behoves me to let you know that poverty is a sickness, and like most sicknesses it has a cure; although there is a miracle cure for financial instability, if you do nothing that is exactly what you will get, nothing. In order to accumulate wealth there must be an investment of time and or money. Wealth Accumulation is a matter of time and timing. It is about knowing what to do and taking action. It is more about following simple guidelines, than it is about how much money you have. Money + Return + Time + Com-

pound Interest = Wealth. Anybody who applies this formula will ultimately generate annual income of a million euro or more. Can you become a millionaire if all you have to invest is only €45? The answer is a definite yes; it is a matter of time and timing. With a conservative annual return of 30%, compounded annually for sixty years, you will retire a millionaire

before the official retirement age of sixty five. Where do you see yourself financially in three, six, nine, and twelve or fifteen years from today; will your current plan generate a six figure annual residual income within any of the time frame mentioned? Any amount of money with a suitable investment strategy and rate of return will generate millions in revenue. It is just a matter of coordinating time and risk in a workable business environment, to synchronize in perfect harmony. Resource Box My business plan is designed to organize a cooperative society that will enable cooperators generate a capital base of one million dollar or more in fifteen years or less working one hour per day Monday through Friday while earning at least $45 per hour. To receive a free copy of my CONTROVERSIAL TRADING SEQUENCE, over 50,000 downloadable online resource materials that can be use for startup and or improve any existing business and one issue per week of EdwinBest free Newsletter, visit http://bzymarket-

Ukachukwu Okorie. Editor at The African International


ith a deep sense of pleasure and fulfilment, I welcome you to the readership club of this wonderful pan-African website. In this age of rapid globalisation, especially now that Africa and its resources are becoming increasingly more important in oiling the wheels of global economy, we are compelled to follow up. Why do we follow up and what is the vision of ‘The African International’?

progress on the Millennium Development Goals. Being aware of the role Africa plays especially in this age, we intend to help spread an ideology that spur self confidence and unity among Africans, particularly black people throughout the world.

around the world. No community of African descent will be left out, whether they are in Iran, Andaman island, Turkey, Colombia or here in Europe.

Finally, we intend to help bridge the gap created by colonialism and continuos Our website and our stereotypical reports of Africa international magazine shall champion the interest of all black people all around the world, aiming to bring together through political and socioIt is crystal clear that Sub- economic reports, the vitality Saharan Africa’s economic and indispensability of the stability, combined with a African continent. favourable global growth climate, offers opportunities We do have the desire to cover that the region has begun to all frontiers of the world exploit. Although there are starting from Dublin, where more work to do to match the we will be publishing all gain in macro growth at the reports from our media contacts micro level to accelerate in the African continent and

and its people. We shall also exhibit an editorial policy that is Africa driven, supporting through media reports those who love our motherland and informing the world about those interested in our retrogression. and subscribe now.

The Success Series is a collection of articles from the Scientific Approach to Sustainable Global Economy by Anthony Steven.


16 AFRICAWORLD DEC 01 - 15 2013

AfricaWorld Newspaper 16-30 June 2014  

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